Broken Halo

Rebekah- Angel with a not so spotless past..who's first assignment is to put wrestler Mark Callaway (The Undertaker) back on the right path after he has become a bitter angry man.

Michael- Archangel who is responsible for Rebekah and gives her her first assignment

Mark Callaway- WWE wrestler who after his last disappointing marriage has become a bitter angry man on a downward spiral in danger of losing his career.

Summary- When fledgling angel Rebekah is given Mark callaway as her first assignment, she begins to wonder if shes up to the job. With her past life as a not so perfect human, she is not the picture of patience. Will these two help each other to move on from both their imperfect past?

Rebekah lay back in the big fluffy cloud.

"Dammit..I'm so sick of white." She said kicking at the fluffy stuff and watching it fly.

She heard a sharp crack of thunder. "Sorrry..old habits and all that." She muttered.

Cussing was a hard one. Her human life had been filled with it.

Up here all she had to do was think and lay around on a bunch of stupid clouds all day.

Her life before she died hadn't been exactly the Brady bunch. Bekka as everyone had called her, had had a strike against her from day one.

She was a unwanted pregnancy, her mother had only kept her out of some fucked up since of obligation.

Dear old mom had loved to slap her around and so did the string of boyfriends and husbands that followed. Bekka had turned into a foul mouthed smoking, drinking little monster before her twelfth birthday, as if things weren't bad enough stepfather number six had decided he wanted to screw around with her.

She was sixteen at the time and had drove a butcher knife in his nasty beer gut. It had been off to juvenile detention for the next two years. Of course when she got out she was even worse than when she went in. She had no where to go, ended up on the streets where she was soon hustled by a pimp.

"JoJo" as he was called didn't take no for a answer and had beat her ass until she cooperated with his plans.

So at the ripe old age of eighteen, she was turning tricks and turning money over to that asshole and getting her ass beat on a regular basis.

Sounds like it couldn't get much worse, but it did.

After a year of tricking she couldn't take it no more, she took all the money she had made one night and ran, of course JoJo found her and shot her up with a overdose of heroin.

Then she woke up here, in one little corner of Heaven. The most boring place in the universe as far as she was concerned.

Bekka knew she shouldn't complain, she had really thought she would end up in hell.

But the thing was she was in isolation, supposedly, that was the norm for new angels. You had time to contemplate your old life as a human and to come to term with mistakes you made in that life. Hell she knew she made a bucketful.

But up here one loses track of time, she could have been here one year or a hundred, she just wasn't sure. Bekka sighed, she was ready for something different. She knew she didn't have to eat or sleep any more, she didn't have physical pain, mental pain was different. The pain of her memories from being human when she was alive was still with her.

She could make anything she wanted appear, TV or things to do, just one thought made it so, but no other person to talk too, except Micheal. At the thought of him a smile appeared on her face.

Michael approached her a smile making his already beautiful face appear even more so. In their sight she was still like a newborn babe. When people died, they just didn't become perfect angels, like humans they had a growing period, they had to learn from there past human life. They had to grow up and become more with each passing phase of their spiritual existence.

Bekki in terms of a angel was still a infant. She was still learning to get over her sad human life, and hers was sad no doubt.

Michael knew if she had been in a different set of circumstances she would have turned out much different in her life back on earth.

But just in the short year she had been dead, he had seen a change in her. When she first awoke here from her violent death she had been hysterical, fighting him and cussing like a sailor.

When she had finally calmed down and listened to Michael and realized she was dead, she had cried like a child while Michael held her. He was sad to know, he was the first person who had ever touched her in love or kindness.

He remembered Bekka looking up at him asking how come angels could cry.

"Little one, of course angels can cry, we feel the same emotions as our human cousins. We weep in joy and sadness..we also are creatures of emotions, we just don't let them rule us as humans do."

He was fond of the little thing, she had come so far, even her cussing was a lot better, not perfect, but she was trying.

Bekka looked up to see Michael and a smile lit her face. "Michael." She said running over to him and hugging him.

Michael wrapped her in his warm presence. "Hello Rebekah..How are you today?"

"Bored, when can I go on to the next level. I'm sick of living in marshmallow land here." She said looking at the big fluffy clouds with disgust.

Michael willed his self not to smile and put a stern look on his face. "Now Rebekah..This is not a bad place and this is not a punishment..this is time to reflect, learn and grow." He said setting down and pulling her down beside him.

Bekka looked at Michael, he was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. He was light personified yet with a human appearance. He had long black hair that was shiny and beautiful. Perfect features with reflective warm brown eyes. His whole being glowed with love and love him she did, Michael was the first person or angel she guessed, she had ever loved, he had already taught her that much.

" I guess I shouldn't complain. I could be down there." She said pointing down.

Michael snorted. "No you couldn't be, you made a few mistakes in your life before, but most things were in not your control , you're not a bad person, you never were, lets not have that kind of talk." He said reaching over to cup her face.

"Sorry." She said smiling at him.

"Now then as I was saying..being here on your own is a time to grow, get past the difficulties of your human existence."

"Wouldn't it just be easier to wipe out my memories of my life on earth and then it wouldn't hurt no more, I could just start out with a clean slate." Bekka asked.

Michael pulled her to sit on his lap. He always marveled how childlike all humans were at first until they were grown. Until they reached the highest level which could sometimes take hundreds or thousands of years depending on the individual.

"Child how could you help humans with their problems if you never experienced their pain or felt the way they do, its empathy. You could never understand them unless you felt the pain they have, been through the things they have. You use your tragedies to help them." Michael said wrapping her in his arms.

"So I'm going to be a guardian angel or something?" she asked.

"Well thats not a term we use. You will be helping people who have become hopeless, get them back on the right track. It's not a glamorous job, but its important all the same."

"Well its got to be better than sitting on a damn cloud all day." She said then popped her hand over her mouth when she heard a loud growl of thunder.

Michael chuckled. She was trying. He patted her back, "Nobody's perfect just keep trying."

"So do I get out of here anytime soon?" Bekka asked.

" have an assignment. Look up there." He said indicating a small cloud. She looked and saw what looked like a window open in it. It was a man, a big man at that. He looked like he was drunk out of his mind. She recognized him instantly, she had once been a fan of wrestling. Been there done that she thought.

"Mark Callaway, professional wrestler, married twice, divorced twice. He always been a little gruff, a tough guy, but he had a good heart, had a lot of friends, helped out a lot of kids starting out in the business. But thats changed. He is on a downward spiral that is not looking like its getting better." Michael said.

"Whats wrong with him? She asked watching the picture play of the man stumbling down a hotel hallway.

"His last marriage was his downfall, he fell in love really for the first time. He worshiped the girl, she was young and probably impressed with his celebrity status."

"I'll say..he is the Undertaker after all." Bekka said.

"You know him?" Michael asked.

"I like wrestling..he is the main man of wrestling." She said shrugging.

"Well at any rate..they married, she became pregnant, he was thrilled. Everything seemed picture perfect. She gave him a beautiful son." Michael said watching the now broken man along with Becca.

"So what made him like this?" Bekka asked.

"A year ago he walked in and caught her in a compromising situation with a co-worker, one Matt Hardy."

" she was hitting the sheets with Matt Hardy, that would be hard to take.

Michael gave her a look. "Language please?"

Bekka sighed. How was you supposed to word that?

Michael smiled to him self. She was such a cute little thing, to bad she hadn't had a chance to live her life down there, he had a feeling she would have become a real interesting person.

"So he is depressed about his wife cheating, I mean I understand that, but that happens a lot, why let it ruin his life?"

"Well thats not all, he left her of course and tried to take custody of his son. When they went to court, she had a paternity test to show that Matt Hardy was the father and not Mark. He loved that child for two years and in one moment had him ripped away forever. A scar like that takes its toll. He hates women now, hates life and he's on the verge of losing his career." Michael said.

Bekka sighed. This didn't sound so easy. "So I just go down there and fly around trying to make things right?"

Michael laughed and he hugged her close. "This isn't a TV show. You will be in human form while you're there. You will tell him who you are and use whatever means you think is necessary to make him start living again, of course you will have a few special powers to convince him who you are, you can use these to help turn him around, but no parlor tricks just for the sake of impressing him or showing off, thats frowned on. Others can see you, you will be in the flesh so to speak, you'll need to eat, sleep, rest, just like you did when you were alive. It will take some getting used to, try not to walk out in front of a car or anything, you'll end up right back here."

""Sounds like its not going to be easy."

"Its not, thats where your human life, will help you. You've been hurt and felt pain, let that guide you in how to help Mark." Michael said.

"I'll do my best." Bekka said not so sure of herself.

"I have faith in you Rebekah." Michael said.

"When do I leave?" She asked.

"Soon..I will let you know." Michael said.

"Do you have to leave?" She asked not wanting him to go.

Michael smiled and hugged her once more. "Yes..I have other angels I have to work with, but I'll be back soon. Use this time to think about how you're going to help Mark." he said setting her on her feet.

Bekka watched him walk off.


"Yes child?"

She ran over to him hugging him. "I love you."

He enveloped her in his light for a moment and took her hand. "Then you have won half the battle Rebekah, you have learned to love in spite of your pain and hurt." he said smiling down at her.

She smiled back. If Michael had faith in her maybe she could do this.