Bekka ran as hard as she could and had no idea where she was going. She groaned when it started pouring down rain. Great now she was going to get soaked, but she kept running, trying to escape the picture that kept playing in her mind of Mark and Torrie gazing at each other, Mark holding her hand.

Tears coursed down her cheeks, she was too late. Bekka felt herself hit something hard and strong arms circled her.
"Whoa there little lady."

Bekka looked up the voice sounding familiar.


Bekka smiled even through her tears and she looked up into the electric blue eyes of Randy Orton.

Dave banged the wheel of the rental. "Where could she be?" He growled frustrated.

Scott shook his head. "Nashville's a big place, anywhere."

Kacy piped up from the back. "She'll be back, she loves daddy." She said with confidence.

Scott peered back at the little girl. Shawn had told him Mark was planning on adopting a child. The little girl was pretty confident about Bekka coming back. "You sound pretty sure." Scott said.

"I am..Bekka's going to be my mommy." She said with a smile.

Scott looked at Dave, who just shrugged. Hell Kacy seemed to know more than he did.

"How did Bekka end up with you?" He asked Scott.

"I about ran her over in my car, in Miami, Asked a few questions, found out she was Shawn's kid, She told me she was there looking for Shawn, and that she had to make peace with him before she could come to Mark. The whole thing was a little weird. When she and Shawn had worked out some things, I told her I would bring her to Mark. The poor kid has worried herself to death, that Mark might not lover her no more or that he had moved on. Then this happens, she must be devastated." Scott said.

Dave just stared straight ahead. This was his fault. He had pushed Mark to date. He should have left it alone. "This is my fault. I pushed Mark to date Torrie, he didn't want to. This is his first date. He still loves Bekka, we just need to find her and get her back to Mark."

Scott was relieved. It was just a misunderstanding. Now to find the kid and get her back to Mark.

"You know, we need to tell Mark, shes here, even if we cant find her, we keep this from him, and well, its not going to be pleasant." Dave said.

"Yea I can imagine." Scott said. Mark had a temper like a rattlesnake, when he was riled.

"Daddy will be happy that Bekka's back." Kacy piped up from the back seat.

Dave and Scott looked at each other, Mark was going to kill both of them for letting Kacy run off. They sighed and both looked out the car windows looking for any sign of Bekka.

Randy hugged Bekka tight. "We missed you girl." He said wrapping her tighter in his big arms.

Bekka hugged him back. It was good to see a friendly face.

"Come on kiddo, you're soaking wet..everyone is in here. They'll be happy to see you." Randy said pulling her along inside the club, they were in front of.

Bekka followed along beside him. He emotions were all over the place, she needed to be able to think straight.

"Look who I found." Randy said presenting Bekka to the table full of people like a present.

Trish squealed and jumped up and hugged Bekka.

Bekka hugged her back. "You're pregnant." She whispered in Trish's ear.

Trish smiled and pulled back to look at Bekka. "Yea three months along."

"Randy go find a towel for Bekka, she's soaked to the bone." Trish ordered and Randy ran off to do just that.

"Baby girl."

Bekka smiled and turned to find herself enfolded in John's warm arms. She was so happy to see her friends.

"Where ya been baby?" John asked.

"Umm I had some things I had to take care of." She said laying her head on John's Chest.

"You been crying." John said wiping a few stray tears from her cheeks.

"Come here Bekka."

Bekka moved from John's arms and Jeff pulled her into a hug. "It's so good to see you." Jeff said kissing her on top of the head.

"It's great to see you guys, I've missed you so much." She said.

Jeff pulled back looking at her.

"Come here doll." Randy said and pulled her in his lap handing her a beer to sip on. He took the towel and tried to at least get her hair dried some and then drapped it over her shoulders."Why are you crying and running around in the rain?" He asked pinning her with his intense blue eyes.

"I came back for Mark, I love him. I went into the restaurant and I seen him with Torrie, He was having dinner with her and he was holding her hand." Bekka's voice cracked as the words came out of her mouth and she burst into tears again.

Randy pulled her head against his chest and wrapped his arms around her. "Bekka, Mark loves you silly, this is the first time he's been out with anyone and he only went cause Dave tricked him into it." Randy said.

"He's right baby girl, Mark loves you, he talks about you all the time." John said reaching over to rub her back.

"Bekka Mark is crazy over you, you need to go back to the hotel and talk to him." Trish said.

"I'm scared." Bekka said.

Bekka was scared what they had wasn't real, that she had romanticized the whole thing in her mind.

After all she had no other relationship to compare it too. She was still filled with too many doubts and seeing Mark with Torrie had made all her doubts seem all to real.

Jeff got up and came over to her and bent down in front of her. " It's real Bekka, you didn't just make up what you and Mark had. He's missing you like crazy. You need to go to him. I want you to come on, we'll all go with you. Okay?"

Bekka lifted her head from Randy's chest and looked at Jeff. "Okay."

Scott, Dave and Kacy walked back through the front door of the hotel.

Dave was plenty upset. He felt responsible, he should have never pushed Mark into a date he didn't want, and then Bekka wouldn't have run off the way she did.

Kacy skipped to the elevators, tapping her foot impatiently.

"Come on, we have to tell daddy, Bekka's back."

Scott and Dave both dreaded this, as they were pretty sure Mark was going to blow up, once he found out they lost her.

Dave had peeked in the restaurant and seen Mark and Torrie was gone, so he figured Mark was back in his room.

"Stop worrying Uncle Dave..Bekka will be back." She said smiling at him.

Scott shook his head, Bekka had been nervous and upset, before she seen Mark with Torrie, he was worried that she might not ever show back up.

They stepped off the elevator and headed won the hall to Mark's room, Kacy running ahead. And banging on the door. "Daddy!"

Mark opened the door and swung Kacy up in his arms and went to speak to Dave, a grin covering his face as he seen Scott. "Hey Scott, great to see you, what are you doing in town?"

They stepped in the room and Scott shut the door.

"Daddy Bekka's back, we seen her, Uncle Scott brought her to you, but she seen you with Torrie and it mad her sad and she ran away." Kacy said.

Mark mouths fell open as he tried to process the information.

He looked at Scott and then Dave and he set Kacy to her feet.

"Somebody better explain what the Hell is going on here." Mark said in a dangersously low tone of voice.

He looked at Kacy. "I want you to go play in the bedroom and shut the door."

"Buttt..." Kacy started.

"Now." Mark said in a tone of voice that had her moving.

Mark waited to the door was shut and looked at the two men.

Scott and Dave sat down.

"Bekka ran out in front of my car in Florida, when she told me her name and that she was looking for her father, and mentioned she was coming back to the man she loved, I pieced two and two together, I thought it was a big coincidence that she ended up with me, and Shawn just happened to be at my house, but she didn't have a real explanation. She said she needed to work things out with Shawn and then asked me to bring her back to you." Scott said.

Mark eyes lit with happiness, he knew it wasn't a coincidence, some of her angel stuff going on, but he couldn't tell Scott that.

Mark jumped up. "Well where is she?"

"Umm thats the problem.

We came to your hotel room, you weren't and then we decided to have a bite to eat while we waited." Scott said getting up to pace.

"Oh God, she seen me with Torrie." Mark groaned.

"Yea, she took off, we just spent the last hour and half looking for her and she is nowhere to found." Dave said.

"What..she just vanished, what if she's gone for good again." Mark was panicked. What if she was pulled back to heaven and he never got to see her again.

"Mark calm down, we'll find her. That little girls loves you so much, you're all she talked about, getting back to the man she loved. No way would she walk away without seeing you." Scott said.

"I have to go look for her." Mark said.

"Believe me we looked everywhere..I think the best thing to do is wait, she'll be back." Scott said.

"You're probably right, but its hard to sit around here and do nothing." Mark said.

Kacy came out of the bedroom and hugged her daddy. "Don't worry, she'll be back daddy, I know Bekka, she loves you."

Mark hugged the little girl., he just hoped she was right.

Just then his cell phone rung. "Hello." Mark said flipping it open."

"Hey the Legend Killer."

Mark rolled his eyes he could here his smirk through the phone. "What do you want Orton?"

"Hey man, just chill, I need you to come down to the lobby, like right now." Randy said.

"Orton, I don't have time for games. You sound drunk." Mark snapped.

"I've had a few, but you really need to come down her right now, its really important." Randy said.

"Okay, give me five." Mark said and hung up the phone.

"Can you guys wait up here in case Bekka comes back, Randy needs something or other." Mark said rolling his eyes.

Dave stood. "Why don't you let me deal with Randy, Kacy you can walk down with me, Mark you wait up here in case Bekka shows up."

"Okay." Mark said. He was getting slightly nuts, it might be a good idea to get Kacy out of here for a while.

Kacy kissed her daddy's cheek and took Dave's hand and they left.

"Scott I hope she is coming back.' Mark said truing to look out at the rain coming down.

"Mark, I truly believe she will, she's just upset."

Dave and Kacy stepped of the elevator looking around for Randy.

All of a sudden Kacy took off.
"Kacy get back here.." Dave started and then stopped mid sentace.

"Bekka!" Kacy yelled flinging her self into the girls arms.

Bekka caught her laughing and crying at the same time.

"Kacy you've gotten so big." Bekka said kissing her.

"I'm so glad you're back Bekka , I knew you would come, I kept telling Daddy and Uncle Dave, but they didn't believe me." Kacy said clinging to Bekka.

Randy walked over. "Wheres Mark, dummy, I told him to come down not you."

Dave was still slightly stunned at seeing Bekka again. "Maybe its better if they do this in private anyway. "I'll send Bekka up to him."

Dave dialed Mark's number. "Hey Mark, I need some help with the guys, there kinda drunk, can you send Scott down here, yea, she's fine, shes with Trish."

Bekka sat Kacy down and Dave walked over and lifted Bekka completely off her her feet and hugged her tight in his huge arms. "Little girl, I missed you so much, just tell me this for good, no leaving again."

Bekka wrapped her arms around Dave. "You're stuck with me dad." She said teasing him.

Dave felt the tears prick his eyes and he blinked them back. He set Bekka on her feet. "Go on to Mark now, he's been waiting long enough and so have you."

Bekka stood on her tiptoes and kissed Dave's cheek. "Love you." She whispered to him.

"I love you too, sweetheart, now get." Dave said.

Scott got off the elevator and grinned when he seen Bekka. "Well little girl, I'm glad to see you're back." He said hugging her.

"Yea, I feel dumb for running off, but I came to my senses, with the help of my friends." She said smiling over at John, Randy, Jeff and Trish.

"Good, I'll see you later then, I'm tired..I going to get me a room and crash."

Bekka nodded and turned to give Kacy one last kiss. "I'll see you in a while."

Dave picked Kacy up. "I have a feeling, you're spending the night with me tonight."

"Why?" Kacy asked.

Randy walked over to them. "Because your dad and Bekka haven't seen each other in a year, they have a lot of catching up to do."

"Oh, do you think daddy will marry her tonight?" Kacy asked.

John laughed. "I'm sure he would if he could, but I'm sure he will as soon as possible."

"Good, cause Bekka is going to be my mommy." She said proudly.

Dave planted a kiss on her cheek. "Its time to get settled in for tonight, lets go munchkin."

Kacy gave everyone a kiss and Dave thanked the guys for finding Bekka and bringing her back.

Randy sighed. "I wonder if I will ever find a woman like that?" He said referring to Bekka.

Dave laughed. "Don't count on it Randy, a angel like Bekka only comes around one in a million."

Bekka stopped in front of Mark's door and took a deep breath and knocked.

Mark opened the door and his breath left his body in shock, and happiness. He grabbed Bekka pulling up in his arms. Bekka wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Bekka buried her face in the crook of his neck breathing in his scent, the one she memorized and dreamed about.

Mark knew she was probably still upset about seeing him with Torrie'. He wanted to sooth her fears. He carried her over to the bed and sat down with her still clinging to him.

Tears rolled down her cheeks, she couldn't believe she was here with Mark, the feel of his body next to hers, just to be able to touch him, was like a dream come true.

"Little angel, look at me." Mark said pushing her back some.

Bekka got caught in his intense gaze.

"I love you..I never stopped, not now not ever. Silly thing, worrying yourself over nothing. You're all I ever want little girl." He said and then he lowered his mouth to hers his lips moving over hers sweetly.

Bekka melted into the kiss and wrapped her arms tighter around his neck. They both finally came up for air and Bekka looked into his eyes seeing the love was still there, just like it had been before.

"How long do we have?" Mark forced the question out of his mouth, not wanting to know, but having to.

Bekka looked at him confused for a moment, then it dawned on her, Mark thought she had to go back again. Tears welled up in her eyes. This man was a miracle and wonderful, the most loving genorous man in the world. Even knowing she could leave at any minute, he was willing to open up his heart again and be hurt again, just because he loved her.

Mark watched the emotions playing over her expressive face. He feared she would say tonight, but he would take whatever he could get.

"We have I would say about the next fifty or sixty years...that is if you don't get tired of me." She said teasing him smiling through her tears.

Mark's heart stopped and his emotions over took him, he didn't have to give her up again. She was his forever.

Bekka watched the relief in his eyes and her heart lurched heavily in her chest as she seen tears run down his cheeks.

"Oh Mark, I love you so much." She said kissing his face gently over and over. Mark crushed her to him

"Little angel, I'm never letting you out of my site again." He whispered in her silky hair.
"Good." She said relief evident in her voice.

Mark pulled back and kissed her gently. "I've got plans tonight angel, but tomorrow we're having a long talk about you running off." He said pinching her bottom making her jump and giggle.

Bekka laid her forehead against his. "I might not have my angel powers no more, but I can still be a handful, Mr. Undertaker."

Mark smiled. "I'm counting on it and lowered his mouth to hers again and kissed her deeply.

Bekka knew she had found her own personal heaven as he lowered her to the bed and lowered himself over her.

He leaned over her. "My own little angel with a broken halo."

Bekka smiled and drew him down to her. "Love me." She whispered and he did that night and the rest of there long life together.

Michael smiled. "This is so beautiful. I knew Bekka would find her way"

Gabriel looked at Michael. "You had every bit of this planned out, didn't you?

Michael just smiled again. "Well not every single detail,Gabriel, its so beautiful when Humans find true love. These two are going to be so happy."

"Yes, it would seem everything worked out. So what about her and Shawn?"

"They have started on the road to acceptance with each other, it will be fine." Michael said.

"So what next?" Gabriel asked.

"I have a few new angels just in. I'll be busy for a while."

Gabriel nodded as Michael walked off. No doubt there would be more matchmaking involved after all Michael was in charge lives cut off too soon.

Gabriel sang as he cut a path through heaven. For one couple everything had been made right and all the angels joined in his song rejoicing at two more souls reunited in love.

I want to thank everyone for the great reviews. I really enjoyed writing this story and Hope you liked it too.