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Chapter 2

Strong as Wood! Hard as Ice!

The last bell of the day finally sounded, signaling the end of class for the day. Tomoki was placing his books back in his backpack, before he left for the day. He glanced to the side to see some of his classmates walking up to him. "Hey Tomoki, doing anything this weekend?" one of the boys asked.

"Why?" Tomoki replied with a question as he placed his big orange hat on his head.

"Because, we are having a party this weekend, its Blain's birthday after all," another kid answered.

"Sorry, I can't make it," Tomoki said.

"Why?" the third kid asked.

"I'm meeting some friends at the harbor," was Tomoki's simple response.

"Who are these friends?" the first kid asked.

"Their just friends, sorry, but I have to get going," Tomoki said as he made his way out of the classroom. His friends sighed and left shortly after he did. Tomoki exited the building and began heading towards his home. Utaka was coming home today, and the whole family would be heading to the park for a picnic, and some relaxation. As Tomoki continued to walk, he remembered what J.P. had said last night. He had told them to meet him at the harbor this weekend, he had something interesting to show them. Tomoki placed his hand on his chin as he thought about what it could be. After a few minutes, he finally reached his house, and quickly got inside. He headed up the stairs to his room and tossed his bag onto his bed, before running back downstairs to see his family.

"Well, if it isn't little Tomoki," Utaka laughed as he walked up to his brother and pat his head.

"I'm not little Utaka, I'm bigger now, and I'm not scared of anything anymore," Tomoki growled.

"Whatever you say little man," Utaka laughed. Tomoki growled slightly before turning to his parents.

"Let's get to the park," Tomoki told them.

"Sure," Tomoki's dad said. He then turned to Utaka, "Care to drive?"

"Sure," Utaka said as he walked outside to his car. He got in the driver's seat, his brother sitting beside him and his parents in the back. "All right, here we go." Utaka then pulled the car out of the driveway and began to the drive towards the park.


Arema entered the park and glanced around slightly. "Wood, good place for spirit, right?" he said slightly as he began to walk around the park. "Can't believe Grumblemon found spirit first, how annoying." He continued to walk until he caught a glimpse of a figure covered in fire entering the park from the far side, away from all the other people that were in the park at the time. "Meramon," Arema said softly. "Can't do anything until I find spirit, so I'll just leave him alone for now." He turned away from the fire digimon and walked towards another part of the park, hoping he would find his spirit soon.


Infernomon stood at the edge of a large drawing which situated in the middle of the room. Above the drawing was a large device that covered the entire ceiling. "Is it almost ready?" the flame digimon asked his subordinates.

"Yes Lord Infernomon, it will be ready in 5 minutes," a Candlemon answered the question.

"Good," Infernomon said. He walked over to a small video screen and began to enter in the place for which he wanted to go. After that was done, he began to scan the surrounding area of Tokyo too find out where his brother was. The screen burst into static when he got towards the ocean, and he wondered if that meant that Drakenmon was somewhere near the ocean.

"Lord, we have finished preparations," Agumon said as he walked up to the flame digimon. Infernomon nodded and turned towards the machine.

"All right, clear away from the drawing," Infernomon ordered. The digimon quickly scattered to the edge of the drawing and watched as Infernomon stepped into the center. He raised his hand and motioned to Agumon, who simply nodded and pressed the button. The gears of the device began to turn, and an electric charged beam shot down and engulfed Infernomon in its blinding light. A few seconds later Infernomon disappeared, heading for Shibuya, and leaving the room in silence.


Tomoki and his family finally reached the park and headed out to find a good spot to lay the blanket for the picnic. Tomoki stood away from the others and began looking around the place. He spotted a boy with brown hair and some muscles adorning his body. "Hey," Tomoki said. The boy turned towards the young boy, and his eyes widened.

"Your young Tomoki, right?" the boy asked.

"Umm…yes, and you sound familiar as well," Tomoki said with confusion.

"Well, I should, I'm Arbormon after all," the boy said.

"What?!" Tomoki exclaimed. "But, you are human."

"Ophanimon said we should be in disguise, and help you guys defeat new threat," Arbormon said. "Oh, and call me Arema while we are in public."

"Uh, sure, but what is this new threat?" Tomoki asked.

"Hell if I know," Arema said shortly. "But it seems that it is scaring Ophanimon and the other angels." Tomoki opened his mouth to ask another question, until a large explosion sounded from somewhere in the park. Tomoki's eyes widened when he noticed that the sound was coming from near where his family was. He quickly turned and began running towards the explosion. "What's wrong?!" Arema called after him. Sighing, he quickly ran after the young boy, hoping it wasn't that Meramon, they couldn't handle him if it was. Tomoki entered the clearing to see a digimon covered in fire standing in front of his family.

"You know where the kid with the spirit is, tell me!" Meramon commanded.

"We don't know what you're talking about," Utaka said as he got in front of his mother and father.

"Fine, I guess I'll just take your fractal code," Meramon snarled. He lifted his hand, forming a fireball in the process. Before he could throw it however, he felt an object hit him, and stop his concentration. Meramon turned to where the object was thrown from, and saw the young boy he was looking for. "Hah, looks like I found you."

"Get away from my family," Tomoki snarled. His parents and Utaka glanced at him and were shocked to see that there little Tomoki was standing up to the monster.

"Make me then shrimp," Meramon laughed. Tomoki jumped forward and punched at the fire digimon who simply dodged it, grabbing the boy's arm as well. "Too slow kid." He then threw the kid into the trunk of a tree. "Now, stay there while I take the fractal code of your family." Meramon turned back to facing the three humans in front of him and began to charge up another fireball attack. Utaka glanced at Tomoki and swallowed hard.

"P-Please…stop this," Utaka begged.

"Sorry, no can do," Meramon laughed. Before he could launch another attack, a muscular boy ran into the fire digimon, knocking him back. "Damn brat," the fire digimon groaned. He took his left leg back and smashed his foot into the boy's head, sending him sprawling into the middle of a group of trees. "Now then, I'll take care of you guys and then take care of the little heroes." Meramon was about to launch another attack, when Tomoki stood in front of him again.

"Over my dead body you stupid hothead," Tomoki growled.

"Very well, that can be arranged," Meramon laughed as he prepared to throw a fireball at the boy. His grin widened when he threw the ball at Tomoki. "Now die! Fireball!" Tomoki shut his eyes ready for the attack, until he felt something lift into his hands. He opened them slowly to see a green light appear and block the attack. He glanced down to see a D-Tector situated in his left hand.

"My D-Tector," Tomoki cried with surprise. He brought it in front of him, and saw the images of his two spirits. "All right hothead, it's time I put out your fire." Meramon stepped back a little, his eyes wide with terror.

"Uh-oh," was all Meramon said as he saw the light cover up Tomoki.

Execute! Beast Spirit Evolution….Korikakumon! Tomoki commanded. In a few seconds, a giant white beast digimon stood in front of the fire digimon. "I won't let you hurt my family," he growled in his beastly voice.

"T-Tomoki," Utaka whispered as he gazed at the monster in front of him. Korikakumon turned slightly, a grin on his face.

"Don't worry brother, I'll take this guy out," the beast digimon said.

"Take me out, just try it!" Meramon roared. Fireball! He threw another fire attack at Korikakumon, who stood his ground as the attack collided with him, not even leaving a scratch. "I'll kill you!" Fire Blast! The flames on Meramon's body increased as he charged straight for Korikakumon.

"Fool," the beast digimon growled. Frozen Arrowheads! Korikakumon shot out his braids and wrapped them around the fire digimon's body, putting out the huge flames in the process. He then lifted up the digimon and threw him through a few trees, which broke on impact and fell on top of the downed digimon. "Takes care of that." Korikakumon turned to his family and walked towards them. Before he got to close to them, he heard the trees break away suddenly. He glanced back to see Meramon with an angry look on his face.

"I'll destroy you!" the flame digimon roared. He was suddenly surrounded by a dome of fractal codes, which began to expand. Meramon, digivolve to…SkullMeramon! When the code disappeared, Meramon was replaced by a bulky digimon covered in blue fire, and wrapped with chains. Metal Fireball! SkullMeramon shot a ball of melted metal at Korikakumon, which hit its mark and knocked the huge digimon across the ground. SkullMeramon then jumped towards the downed beast digimon and began to unravel one of his chains. Flame Chain! The attack smashed against the beast digimon, making it roar in pain.

"Tomoki!" Utaka and his parents called out to the digimon. Arema opened his eyes slightly and saw the downed Korikakumon, and the SkullMeramon that was pounding the beast relentlessly. Korikakumon managed to get a foot under SkullMeramon, and kick him up into the air. He then took his fist back and punched the digimon across the ground. Korikakumon took his head back and called into the air.

Avalanche Axes! Korikakumon commanded. Two axes fell down in front of the beast digimon who lifted them up and began to swing them furiously. The attack shot an arrow made out of ice and snow straight for SkullMeramon. When the attack collided, it dissolved like it was nothing.

"Hahaha!" SkullMeramon laughed evilly. "My body is so hot, that ice attacks don't work at all against me!" Korikakumon growled as he prepared to run straight for the burning digimon. Arema gritted his teeth as he got up and glared at the digimon in front of him.

"I have to help Korikakumon, I just have to," Arema muttered. Two sets of lights shot out from under the trees near him, knocking them over in the process. His eyes widened when he saw his human and beast spirits floating in front of him. Arema then smirked as he grabbed both spirits, which entered into his body. Spirit Evolution! Arema commanded. In a few seconds, he had returned to his digimon form, Arbormon! "Look whose back!" Arbormon opened his mouth slightly, Blockade Seed! A seed type bomb shot out, and once it made contact with SkullMeramon's body, it opened to release a ton of vines, which wrapped around the blue flamed digimon, and began to drain him of energy.

"What the hell, get these off me," SkullMeramon roared. Arbormon then appeared beside Korikakumon.

"Time to slip into something a little more comfortable. Arbormon, slide evolution….Petaldramon!" Arbormon was replaced by a giant wood looking lizard with red petals around his face. "Now, this is more like it," the giant digimon stated. Korikakumon ran forward and took his axes back.

Avalanche Axes! Korikakumon commanded. He began to slash furiously at SkullMeramon, making him growl in pain. He then lifted the axes down and tossed him into the air. "All right Petaldramon, finish this up."

"With pleasure," Petaldramon grinned. Leaf Cyclone! The giant digimon stood on his hind legs, and then launched a cyclone of wind and leaves. The attack connected with SkullMeramon and made his fractal code visible. "All right then kid, you're up."

Korikakumon, slide evolution….Kumamon! the white bear digimon stated as he appeared on the battle field. Utaka and his parents were shocked to see their little Tomoki fighting so bravely. "All right, you have caused enough trouble today. Disappear and be purified evil flame. Fractal Code…digitize!" SkullMeramon's fractal code left his body and entered Kumamon's D-Tector. The little bear digimon then returned back into Tomoki. Petaldramon sighed as he to turned back into his human form.

"Wow Tomoki! I didn't know you could do that!" Utaka exclaimed. Tomoki smiled sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"See Utaka, I'm brave now," Tomoki laughed.

"We can see that," Tomoki's mom said. She then turned to the other boy. "And who are you."

"Oh, I'm an old enemy of Tomoki turned friend, right?" Arema said in his weird sounding way, which confused the three humans.

"He's just a friend, don't mind how he talks," Tomoki laughed. "Mind if he stays with us for a little while?"

"Umm…sure, we have room," Tomoki's dad said.

"All right, let's get home," Tomoki said.

"What about the picnic," Utaka asked.

"Oh, right, care to eat with us as well?" Tomoki asked Arema.

"Sure," the boy said. He got up and followed Tomoki and his family to the picnic spot. Glad to finally be eating something after so long.


Psycomon growled slightly as she slammed her hands on the ground. "Damn kids, they keep finding their spirits." Psycomon got off the ground and headed towards an enclosed place. "And I bet Drakenmon was watching the whole time. He is probably disappointed." Psycomon lifted her head back and gave a loud scream. "Damn, why can't anything go right." She lifted her right hand and snapped her fingers. The "P" on her right gauntlet began to glow, and a dark portal appeared in front of her, I need to go complain to Drakenmon, I need his help." She then stepped through the portal and disappeared from sight.


Drakenmon growled softly as he watched SkullMeramon being defeated. A screen appeared shortly afterwards, which had the images of all ten human spirits and beast spirits. Beetlemon, MetalKabutarimon, Grumblemon, Gigasmon, Kumamon, Korikakumon, Arbormon, and Petaldramon all had huge 'X's marked through their pictures. He glanced back slightly to see Psycomon enter his chamber. "I'm sorry my lord," she quickly apologized. "I failed two times in a row."

"Don't worry my dear Psycomon, I have a little friend that can destroy Kouji and Kouichi easily," Drakenmon laughed.

"Oh, do tell," Psycomon said excitedly. Drakenmon lifted his hand and snapped loudly. In a few seconds, a tall slender digimon with slight muscles on his body appeared in front of Drakenmon. The right half of his body was completely black, and he had eerie red eyes on that side as well. His left half was completely white, and had pure blue eyes on that side.

"What is your bidding my lord," the digimon said in a low and dark sounding tone.

"I have a job for you my dear Liarkmon," Drakenmon told the evil digimon.

"Yes my lord, what is the job?" Liarkmon asked. Drakenmon simply smiled as he pressed a button on his chair. The screen in front of the three digimon showed the images of Kouji and Kouichi.

"I want you to find these two, and destroy them," Drakenmon told the digimon. "Make sure though, that they find their spirits first."

"Why?" Psycomon asked. "Shouldn't he try not too?"

"If he wants some fun, he'll let them find those spirits," Drakenmon replied. "And if you absorb those spirits, your power over darkness and light will be more powerful than ever before."

"I understand," Liarkmon bowed. "I'll destroy those two and absorb their spirits." Liarkmon lifted up his right hand and disappeared in a cloud of dark smoke.

"Are you sure he can handle those two once they get their spirits, they are really powerful after all," Psycomon said.

"Yes, I'm sure," Drakenmon grinned. "Once he uses his special talent, the brothers of light and darkness will be defeated in no time. Liarkmon is one of my most powerful and loyal digimon. So, he won't fail."

"I hope you're right," Psycomon muttered. She then turned and disappeared into the tower, leaving Drakenmon to deal with whatever plans he had left to accomplish.

Kouji: It's time to head back to Shibuya, and while on a the train, something mysterious happens, and we end up running into a digimon who controls both darkness and light.

Kouichi: Can we unite and find our spirits in time to defeat this guy.

Kouji: Even with our spirits this is going to be a tough battle. It's time to spirit evolve and win this battle.

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