Daddy Dearest Part 11 (The Final Chapter)

The next morning Severus awoke with a huge hard-on. His black eyes shifted toward Hermione. She was sleeping on her back, her hair wild all over her head. The sheet was pulled down to her waist, one of her breasts exposed through the side of the wife beater. Severus bit his lip and rolled out of bed and went to use the loo. His erection refused to go down. It was an "I want some trim" erection, not an "I've got to take a piss" erection. The wizard groaned and slapped some water on his face, then went through his morning ablutions quickly. He quietly dressed, retrieved his wand from under the mattress and headed for his classroom, warding his study door as he exited so Hermione couldn't leave if she woke up.

The wizard immediately went to his potions stores and found the extract he was looking for. He had brewed this extract himself, and knew a little went a long way. He put the bottle in his pocket, then grabbed a flask of deflating elixir and drank it down. He sighed as his erection went down, then locked up his stores. He headed back to his rooms.

When he entered the bedroom, Hermione wasn't in the bed. He heard the loo flush, then the water run in the basin. Hermione emerged from the bathroom. She looked much better than yesterday.

"Good morning," the Potions Master said.

Hermione snorted at him, then walked over to the chair. The house elves had provided clothing for her and taken her wet clothes from the shower to be cleaned. Severus watched as she removed his clothing then dressed, his dark eyes on Hermione's ass as she pulled up her knickers. She slipped her robes over her underwear and fastened them. Finally she was dressed.

"I really should go back to the lab," Hermione said to the Potions Master as she followed him into the study.

Severus didn't answer her. Instead he threw some floo powder into the fireplace and contacted the kitchens, ordering a huge breakfast.

He turned back to Hermione.

"The lab is off-limits for the next three days, Hermione. Get used to the idea," the wizard said evenly.

Three house elves appeared, carrying platters of food and drink. Severus transformed two books into a table and chairs, and the elves placed the food on tables and winked out. Hermione looked at the spread.

"Severus, this is too much food. Who is going to eat all of this?" she asked him, sitting down at the table.

"We are, though hopefully you will eat the most," he replied, sliding the pumpkin juice and glasses over. He reached into his pocket without Hermione noticing and added the contents of the bottle to her glass, put it back in his pocket, then filled the glass with pumpkin juice.

Apparently, Hermione was very thirsty and downed half the juice. Severus smirked as he sat down at the table. He watched as Hermione began piling food on her plate. Eggs, bacon, sausage, toast and jam. She went to work on it.

"Mmm, everything tastes soooo good," she gushed, finishing her pumpkin juice and holding out her glass for more. Severus filled it, and went to work on his own breakfast. Hermione was really tucking it away. She finished her first plate, then filled it again.

"Gods, I feel bottomless," she said, "and so relaxed."

Severus quirked an eyebrow at her. She was going to get even more relaxed. The extract he had given her was Cannabis extract, brewed from five of the best and strongest strains of marijuana money could buy. White Widow, Northern Lights, Super Skunk, Big Bud and Purple Haze marijuana.

Hermione had consumed the equivalent of an ounce of very potent weed in her pumpkin juice. She would soon be feeling so mellow she wouldn't want to move, much less work.

"Good," Severus said, "You need to eat and relax."

Hermione nodded and tucked into her plate again, Severus watching her closely. Finally she pushed her plate away and leveled her eyes at him. They were somewhat heated.

"Wow," she said looking at him. "I guess you were right about my needing sleep. I feel so good."

There was an alarming little purr in her voice.

Severus thought about the properties of the extract, then his eyes widened as he looked at the witch. Hermione licked her lips.

Shit. He'd forgotten the extract was also a very powerful aphrodisiac. He had to get out of here. The Potions Master stood up.

"I have class, this morning Hermione and forgot I left some papers in my office that need immediate grading," he said. "You just relax, read a little and lounge about. I will check on you at lunchtime.

Hermione was running her hand over her neck.

"Wow, my hand feels so good on my skin," she purred, looking at the wizard. "I wonder how your hand would feel."

The witch stood up and started walking towards him.

"It would feel like a hand," Severus replied, backing away. "I need to go, Hermione."

The witch sidled up to him, pressing her body against his. Severus felt himself responding. Damn it.

"Touch my neck," Hermione said to him. "I want to know how your hand feels."

"You should know how my hand feels, witch. I've been touching you for five years now," Severus growled at her as she rubbed her body against him. Shit, it had been a month.

"Touch me, Severus," she insisted.

"All right. Then I have to go," he said, letting his pale hand slide across the soft skin of her throat. Hermione let out a very sexy moan. The Potions Master hardened immediately at the husky sound of it.

"I've got to go Hermione," he said hoarsely, but he didn't move. Hermione could feel his erection.

"I don't think you really want to go," she said softly, sliding his hand over her breast. The wizard hissed. Damn, he had really fucked up giving the witch that extract. She was seducing him.

"Yes I do," he lied.

He managed to pull back from the witch, but Hermione just moved forward until she was against him again. Her small hand caressed the telltale bulge tenting his robes. The wizard hissed again, his eyes growing hard.

"Stop that you minx," he growled, pushing her hand away.

"What if I don't?" Hermione asked him, returning her hand to his erection, squeezing it this time.

Severus didn't answer her. He just looked down at her, scowling as she ran her hand over him insistently.

"What if I don't stop, Severus?" she said again, her amber eyes glowing with lust.

Hermione had no idea why she was suddenly so randy, but she was. Her knickers were soaked and Severus' erection made her even randier.

"If I don't stop, are you going to shag me, Mr. 'I've-got-to-go?'"

Severus' nostrils flared as Hermione taunted him.

"Or has going without for a month thrown you off your game?" she purred at the wizard, "Made you develop a hair-trigger and you're afraid your big gun will go off a little too fast, lover?"

Hermione was really lit. If she were herself, she would have never taunted Severus this way. He looked down at her, his eyes hard as gemstones.

Suddenly the Potions Master grabbed the witch and turned her around, pushing her forward with his body towards the table. Holding her by one arm, Severus swept the plates from the table then bent Hermione over it, holding her down with one hand and unfastening the lower part of his robes.

"Hair-trigger? I'll show you hair-trigger, witch," he breathed, opening his trousers then pulling his erection out of his boxers. He pulled up Hermione's robes and pulled down her knickers, then plunged inside her, making the witch shriek.

"You should have known I'd do you," he hissed, gripping the witch by her waist and plowing into her roughly, biting his lip as he jerked her petite body back and forth across the table, Hermione shrieking like a banshee.

Outside their rooms, Slytherin students on their way to breakfast slowed down in the dungeons corridor as they heard what sounded like faint screaming coming from the Potions Master's rooms. Severus hadn't warded his rooms with a silencing spell, Hermione had driven him so wild.

Mathias, Andreas and Jasmine also stopped.

Mathias listened closely.

"That sounds like mum," he said, reddening.

Andreas' brows went up, then he smirked. Jasmine turned crimson.

"It seems as if your father successfully got your mother out of the infirmary," Andreas said as the trio started walking again.

"What in the world is he doing to her?" Jasmine said, looking back toward the room then at Mathias.

"Scenario number two," Mathias replied.

Andreas laughed and Jasmine looked perplexed.

"What's scenario number two?" she asked, her brow furrowed.

"Private joke," Mathias answered as Andreas continued to chuckle.

Severus grasped Hermione's hair in his fist and pulled her head upward as he took her, driving into the witch hard and deep until she gushed around him powerfully, her walls clamping down on his shaft and pulsing tightly. Severus groaned but kept going.

"Who's got the hair-trigger now, witch?" he gasped, his loins slapping against her loudly.

Hermione was in no condition to answer. Gods his sting felt so good.

Severus stopped and turned Hermione around, lifting her to the table, laying the witch on her back, pulling her knickers off and pulling her hips down so he could better access her body. He entered Hermione again, then bent over her, his hands on either side as he held himself up, pumping into the witch, staring down at her contorting face. Hell, he would have waited, but she was begging for this.

"Remember stomping on my foot, Hermione?" he breathed before giving her a series of deep hard strokes that slid her across the table. He dragged her back and did it again, the witch's cries washing over him.

"Yesssss. I'm doing my own stomping now, witch. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!" Severus hissed, slamming into her in time with his taunt. Hermione screamed as she orgasmed again.

"Ooh. You had a better reaction than I did," the Potions Master said, his eyes locked to the incoherent witch's face as her release washed over him.

Suddenly, Severus dropped to Hermione's body, locking his mouth to hers and riding her lustfully, his body rippling as he worked toward his own release. Gods, she felt so good. He could feel her juices soaking the front of his trousers and boxers. He didn't give a damn as he finished the witch, pistoning into her so hard the table started sliding across the study, the wizard following it, groaning as the pressure built. He felt his himself tightening just as the table stopped against the bookshelves.

Severus straightened and let go into Hermione with a roar, his eyes rolling up with bliss as he released, his powerful climax making his legs quake as he arched into the witch, shooting jet after pulsing jet inside the witch's hot body, feeling her arms wrap around him, pulling him closer. Severus shuddered against Hermione before collapsing on top of her, panting.

He turned his head to look at the clock. He had shagged the witch for almost forty-five minutes. He raised himself up on his elbows and looked at Hermione.

She was asleep. The food, sex and Cannabis extract had obviously done her in. Severus brushed her hair out of her face. Well, she needed rest. Most likely she'd be famished when she woke up. Severus straightened, took his wand out of his pocket and scourgified his boxers, trousers and robes. It wouldn't do to go to class smelling like esx. He fixed his clothing, then scourgified Hermione and the broken dishes on the floor. He looked down at the sleeping witch again, then picked her up and carried her into his bedroom, laying her gently in the bed.

Hermione instantly rolled on her side and curled up like a child. Severus smirked at her.

"Cheeky little witch. I hope you remember everything that happened," he said to her before exiting the bedroom.

He then placed a ward on the floo that would allow voice contact, but not allow a solid object to pass through, in case Hermione tried to leave his rooms while he was in class. She would be able to order food however. But he would be back during lunch. Hopefully the Cannabis extract would have worn off by then, or else he could probably expect another seduction. He'd take her too if she took him to the edge like she did earlier. She was quite the yummy little succubus.

Severus checked himself once more, then exited his rooms.

Gods, it had been a good morning.

Andreas and Mathias worked on the Voldemort scenario until they believed they had it down pat. True to his word, Mathias did go back to his mum's house and steal the transfiguration charms. He and Andreas practiced using them until they became proficient.

Hermione's three days with Severus went well. The Potions Master didn't exhaust her this time, keeping in mind the witch was with him to rest after all, and after her short vacation, Hermione returned to her lab refreshed and ready to work on the difficult spell again. But she was worried that a month had gone by without any other breakthroughs than discovering the faint pulse.

Jasmine continued training with Mathias and Andreas, but she couldn't shake the feeling something else was going on with the wizards. They were becoming more focused, more serious about their training, and Jasmine became quite a good little fighter because of it. Mathias really made her work for every hit, kick or punch. It was as if the wizard were training her for some great match. But no matter how well she did, the pale wizard would not praise her.

"He's just like his father," Jasmine seethed to Andreas after she had thrown Mathias over her shoulder, then kicked him in the head so hard the wizard saw stars, even though he had on headgear.

Jasmine felt she deserved a pat on the back at least, but Mathias didn't say a word about it.

"That is a compliment," Andreas said in response. "His father is a great man."

Immediately after Hermione left his rooms, the Dark Lord summoned Severus. He arrived at the throne room to find it filled to the brim with deatheaters. Draco announced that they would be going into intensive training, and that all deatheaters would be required to attend the training sessions. He then introduced Douglas. Voldemort listened for the most part, his red eyes drifting over his minions. This was the twenty-fifth group he had seen today and there were plenty more to come.

Then the Dark Lord spoke and told his deatheaters that any insubordination to the muggle instructions would result in death and that they were to train hard, and the coup would occur at midnight on New Year's Eve, so they had to be prepared by then.

After most of the deatheaters departed, Severus knelt and waited for the Dark Lord to recognize him.

"Arise Severus and approach the throne," Voldemort said, beckoning the wizard forward. "You may look at me."

Severus looked up at Voldemort. He was about to speak when Voldemort waved his hand to silence him.

"Your hour has arrived, Severus, where you prove your loyalty to me. I am not going to require you to train with the rest of my deatheaters. I need you to do something specific for me. I need you to unward the gates of Hogwarts. At midnight, twenty thousand of my DKV members will apparate to the gates and overrun the school. The time of your treachery is at hand," the Dark Lord said. "Can you do this for me, Severus?"

Severus bowed.

"Yes my Lord. It is a simple thing," the Potions Master replied.

"I will be counting on you Severus. Do not fail me or I will track you down and rip the flesh from your bones one strip at a time," Voldemort said with a snarl.

"I will do as you ask, my Lord. I am your most loyal servant," Severus replied.

Voldemort's eyes narrowed.

"We shall see, Severus, we shall see," the Dark Lord replied. "Leave me now."

"Yes my Lord," the Potions Master said, bowing and backing up, then disapparating. He had to see Albus immediately.

Severus informed Albus and Kingsley of the Dark Lord hiring muggle military advisors to train his deatheaters to restore order after he invokes the mark and thousands were killed, as well as the Dark Lord wanting him to open the gates of Hogwarts so his DKV members could overrun the school.

Both Albus and Kingsley looked very grave.

"We have come up with a plan to storm the Dark Lord's stronghold, Severus. We need you to get us in," Albus said to the Potions Master soberly.

Severus knew what this meant immediately. He would have to engage the Dark Lord so the ward would drop. Most likely the wizard would kill him. Ah well, the inevitable moment had arrived.

Severus nodded.

"I will do my very best, Albus," the wizard said.

Albus' blue eyes glistened.

"I know you will do no less," the Headmaster replied.

Severus brought Mathias into his private rooms. Mathias was a little apprehensive about his father's sober demeanor. Severus told him to sit down and launched right into what he needed to tell him.

"Mathias, there is a very good chance that I will not live beyond the night Voldemort intends to invoke the mark," he told his son.

"What? Why dad?" the young wizard said, his heart in his throat.

"Because I am the only one who can enter the Dark Lord's stronghold and distract him enough so he lowers his wards. I cannot win against Voldemort, Mathias. He will kill me," the wizard said. "I just want you to be prepared, and to let you know…that I'm proud of all you've tried to do. You are a fine son."

Mathias looked up at his father.

"Dad…I need to show you something…at Headquarters. I think Andreas and I can help you," he said.

"What do you mean, son?" Severus asked him.

"I'd rather show you than tell you dad. Telling you won't persuade you. Showing you might," the young wizard said.

Severus arched an eyebrow at his son.

"Very well. Show me," he said.

Severus and the boys showed up at Grimmauld Place, surprising both Tonks and Kingsley, who were quite knotted up on the sofa. Fortunately they hadn't gotten much farther than kissing. Tonks popped up and smoothed her spiky hair.

"Hey, I didn't think you were coming," she said looking at Severus and the boys.

"Um, we didn't come for training, Tonks," Mathias said. "We came to show dad our plan for killing Voldemort."

"For killing Voldemort?" Tonks said incredulously.

Both boys nodded.

"We have been working on it for weeks," Andreas said, "We believe we can do it."

The three adults looked at each other, then back at the young wizards.

"Well show us then," Kingsley said.

All of them walked down to the ROR.

"We're going to have a lot of explaining to do, Andreas," Mathias whispered to his brother.

Andreas shrugged.

"Then we will explain. We always knew we would have to one day. But only to your father," the wizard replied. "He can tell who he likes."

They stopped outside the room of requirement. Mathias turned to his father.

"Dad, you are going to see us do some things you don't understand. I will explain them to you later, but just you. You can tell Tonks and Kingsley later on, but I would rather just explain everything to you," Mathias said.

Tonks and Kingsley looked at each other. Mathias must have his reasons for this.

"That's fine with us, Mathias," Kingsley said, Tonks nodding.

"Thanks. Give us about five minutes before you look into the mirror," Mathias said, making the intricate motions that made the ROR door appear. He and Andreas walked inside.

Five minutes later, Severus, Tonks and Kingsley stared into the mirror.

"What's Jasmine Malfoy doing there?" Severus said out loud.

The three adults watched the scene transpire, their eyes wide in disbelief.

The boys exited the room, panting.

All three adults looked at them.

"Where did you get that scenario?" Tonks asked him.

"I'd rather explain everything to dad back at Hogwarts," Mathias said. "But it is the most likely scenario to defeat Voldemort."

Tonks looked at Andreas and shuddered slightly as she remembered his role, and his concentration as he enacted it.

Kingsley looked thoughtful.

"I think we can use them, Severus," he said in his deep, rich voice.

Severus looked from his son to Andreas, and felt his heart swell with pride.

"So do I Kingsley. So do I," the Potions Master said.

Severus listened in awed silence as Mathias and Andreas told him of their escapades since Mathias' first year. Severus knew about the Iboga Elixir, but was still a bit doubtful until Mathias pulled up his shirt and removed the disillusionment spell, revealing the coiled, open-mouthed serpent etched into his chest with a series of scars.

"So you received powers from this inner journey you took?" Severus asked him.

"Some powers. Not like Andreas' powers, though I can do something he can't," Mathias said.

"Show me," Severus asked him.

"All right," Mathias said.

He looked at his father, then suddenly slumped in the chair.

Severus suddenly felt crowded and lost control of his body. He stood up, turned around then sat back down in his chair helplessly. Then the feeling of crowding was gone. He looked at his son as his eyelids fluttered and he sat up in the chair.

"Mathias can soul travel. He can take over another body for a few seconds," Andreas said, looking at Severus soberly.

Severus stared at his son. What an amazing power. Suddenly, Severus thought about the trial, and Umbridge's bizarre behavior that was described in the Prophet. Mathias had skived off school and attended that particular hearing with Jasmine. Suddenly Severus knew his son had possessed the woman for talking bad about Hermione. It also explained what he saw in the ROR.

Severus began to think and think hard.

"Is Jasmine a part of this plan?" he asked Mathias.

"No. I haven't told her about it yet," Mathias said.

"I suggest you tell her. She can play an even bigger role in this," Severus said to his son.

Mathias groaned inwardly. He had planned to wait to almost the last minute to tell Jasmine. But if her knowing could help save his father's life, he would tell her in an instant.

"All right, dad. I will talk to her tomorrow," Mathias said.

Severus nodded.

"Good. I think we may all have a good chance of pulling this off," the Potions Master said. "For now, off to bed with both of you. It's late and you have classes in the morning."

Both Mathias and Andreas wished the Potions Master a good night and exited his rooms.

Severus sat before the fireplace, staring into the flames.

His heart felt tight in his chest as he thought about all Mathias had gone through hoping to save him and his mother from Voldemort. How much that must have weighed on the boy, and how dedicated he was. Now he was going to risk his life to save his father and the wizarding world.

Once again Severus was glad that Hermione was too stubborn to abort his son all those years ago. The Potions Master had given him life…and now the boy was going to return the favor.

Life was truly miraculous.

The next morning on the way to the ROR to weight train, Mathias turned to Jasmine.

"Jasmine, you know how you are always accusing Andreas and I of keeping secrets from you?" he said to the witch, who glowered at him.

"Yes. Leaving me feeling all left out," she responded.

"Well, you were right. We have been keeping a very big secret from you. If you come to my room after supper, I will tell you everything," the wizard said, his dark eyes meeting hers.

"You promise, Mathias?" she asked him, skeptically.

Mathias nodded soberly.

"On my honor as a wizard," he said, placing his hand over his heart as he did so.

Jasmine looked at Mathias closely. He seemed so intense. She believed he would tell her everything.

"All right, I'll come," she said.

Andreas had been listening to them silently. He knew Jasmine would freak out at first, but then she would be with them. She was his little sister after all, and family didn't abandon each other in times of need.

Jasmine's eyes went wide as saucers as Mathias told her he and Andreas had been training in order to kill Voldemort for all these years.

"You're crazy," Jasmine said, looking from Mathias to Andreas. "You're both crazy."

"We are not, crazy Jasmine. We can do this," Andreas said.

"But the Dark Lord is the most powerful wizard in the world. He can do wandless magic. You two wouldn't stand a chance against him," Jasmine said horrified.

"Jasmine, those marks everyone has…he can control people through them. Make them kill. Everyone who has that mark will start killing people at midnight on New Year's Eve. Then the deatheaters will restore order and Voldemort will take over. We have to stop that from happening," Mathias said to her.

"But the Order…the Order can do that. Why you…you're just boys," she said, her voice going a little shrilly as she realized Andreas and Mathias were just crazy enough to attempt this and get themselves killed.

"We're not boys, Jasmine. We are young men, men who have been training for this moment a large part of our lives. We cannot let that evil wizard come into power. If he does, many will suffer and many will die. He will not stop at the magical world. He will go for the muggle world too," Andreas said soberly.

Jasmine froze at this. She thought of Maria, and Anna and the rest of the people on the island. They had no magic. Voldemort could easily enslave them all.

Her eyes began to glisten and Mathias sighed.

"Jasmine, there's a reason we are telling you this. You are the only one who can get us into the stronghold," Mathias said softly.

Jasmine looked at Mathias.

"Me? How can I get you in?" she asked him.

Mathias looked at Jasmine evenly.

"I know you are going to be Voldemort's consort," Mathias said.

Jasmine's eyes widened, then narrowed as she looked at Andreas.

"You said you wouldn't tell him," she hissed at the black wizard, who blinked back at her calmly.

"He didn't tell me, Jasmine. We were looking for the best scenario to kill Voldemort in, and the Room of Requirement gave us the night you are to go to him," Mathias said.

"But I'm not supposed to go to Voldemort until I turn eighteen. It will be too late by then," the witch said, reddening.

Andreas shook his head.

"You don't look any older then you are now, Jasmine. We think he is going to summon you before he invokes the mark," the wizard said.

A look of horror washed across Jasmine's face, and she dropped her head into her hands.

"Oh gods…no," she wept.

Mathias looked at Andreas anxiously. Andreas shook his head slightly. Now wasn't the time to tell Jasmine of the other option. Not yet.

"Jasmine, why are you going to do this?" Mathias asked her.

"Because I don't have a choice, Mathias. I was chosen and my father has told me I have to do this. The Dark Lord is so powerful if I ran, he'd find me eventually and probably torture my father in his rage. My father is an asshole, but he's still my father, Mathias," Jasmine said. "If I cooperate, maybe it won't be so bad."

This is what the witch had been telling herself for the past few weeks. But then it was something years away, possibly Voldemort would be brought down before she had to let him take her. But now…now it seemed as if she only had a few weeks left.

"It will be bad, Jasmine," Andreas said, his dark eyes resting on the witch. "The Dark Lord doesn't care how cooperative you are. He likes causing pain for pain's sake."

"We want to come with you, Jasmine, when he summons you. We'll kill him before he touches you," Mathias said vehemently, his dark eyes glittering. "He'll never touch you."

"But what if he kills you?" Jasmine asked.

"Then…we die," Andreas replied.

"But hopefully we won't Jasmine. We've been practicing the scenario with you in it at Order Headquarters. We kill him every time. We have a plan that slows him down enough to get to him. My dad knows about it and says we have a chance," Mathias said in an effort to make Jasmine see others believed in them.

"Your father knows? And he's not trying to stop you?" Jasmine said.

"He saw for himself what we plan to do to Voldemort. He saw us succeed, Jasmine. Besides, if we don't distract Voldemort, my father will have to…and the Dark Lord will kill him, Jasmine. My father is brave, but he is no match for him," Mathias said earnestly. "So you have to help us."

Jasmine stared at Mathias. His father was in danger of dying if she didn't help. She couldn't let that happen.

"All right. Tell me what I have to do," she said.

"You have to promise not to tell anyone about this, Jasmine. It could mean the end of the wizarding world if you do," Mathias said.

Jasmine frowned at him.

"When the hell are you going to see I don't blab everything, Mathias? I am just as closed-mouth as you and Andreas!" she said angrily.

"All right. All right. I was just saying," Mathias said to the irate witch.

"Saying nothing at all," Jasmine spat. "Now…tell me what I have to do?

Weeks passed. Hermione got no closer to cracking the mark. The witch was bad-tempered and frustrated. She had never failed at anything like this before. It was the most important project she had ever worked on, and she could do nothing.

The witch managed to create a stronger amplification spell, but when she applied it…it seemed as if the pulse recognized it was being divined and ceased to register at all. Obviously the Spells Master who designed it put in protections to keep it from being identified. Whoever he was, he had been brilliant. Hermione had no doubt he was dead. Voldemort would not allow anyone who knew the secret of the mark to live.

Both Mathias and Jasmine's birthdays came and went. Mathias had a very small party in his father's rooms with cake and ice cream.

Jasmine had a fight on her hands when she told her grandmother she didn't want a sweet sixteen party. Narcissa had been livid.

"What do you mean you don't want a sweet sixteen party? It is a pivotal moment in your life, Jasmine. You are officially a young woman now. You can begin to work your wiles and advance yourself. A sweet sixteen will have all the eligible young wizards spread out like a buffet, and you could sink your teeth into each and every one of them," the witch said, frowning at her granddaughter through the mirror.

"I don't want one, Grandmother," Jasmine said stubbornly. "It's not necessary."

Narcissa shook her head.

"I told your father he shouldn't have sent you to those islands with those peons," the witch said, her face contorting with distaste. "They've rubbed off on you. You don't appreciate the privileges life has in store for you, Jasmine. You want to live like a pauper," she said angrily.

"No. I just want to be happy, Grandmother. I don't need a fancy party full of strangers where I'm paraded up and down like a slab of meat for young wizards to ogle," she said. "I just want my birthday to be a regular day. Maybe have some cake and ice cream with my friends."

"Your friends? You mean that half-blood and that black wizard?" Narcissa spat. "Neither of them is suitable, Jasmine. Not for a consort. You hold too much status to be around such riff-raff!"

Jasmine's face went black.

"They are not riff-raff. They are friends, and loyal friends. Either one of them would give his life for me, Grandmother…and I would do the same for them," Jasmine said with conviction.

Narcissa looked at Jasmine with horror.

"Jasmine, you haven't let either of those boys have sex with you, have you?" the witch asked. Narcissa believed a wizard would only be that dedicated to a witch he was sleeping with.

"No!" Jasmine proclaimed with such vehemence, Narcissa sighed in relief.

"Good. Because the Dark Lord wouldn't touch you with a hundred-foot broomstick if you did," the witch said, "You have to save yourself for him. It is a great honor you've been selected. Your connection with him will give you status and clout, Jasmine. Wizards will line up to marry you because of your favor with the Dark Lord. You'll have your pick of the lot."

"Wonderful," Jasmine muttered.

"Yes, it is," Narcissa beamed. "Have you heard from your father lately?"

Jasmine shook her head.

"No, he's tied up in some private project that's taking up all his free time," Jasmine said, her eyes going dark.

She knew her father was off training with the deatheaters. She still couldn't believe he was such a traitor to the wizarding world. But Voldemort had him under his thumb. Draco feared him greatly…and the Dark Lord was known to wipe out entire families in his wrath. Draco was trying to keep them all alive.

"Well it's good he's involved in something. After that mudblood made him lose his position…" Narcissa began.

"Grandmother, he brought that on himself. If he had left Mathias' mum alone, he'd still be on the council," the witch declared.

Narcissa was so outraged she turned all kinds of colors.

"Jasmine, I really don't understand what's gotten into you. Taking a mudblood's side over your own father? You are an ungrateful little twit. Your father was trying to make things better for purebloods!" Narcissa scolded.

"My father was trying to destroy our society," Jasmine said, "It's fine as it is!"

Narcissa's ice-blue eyes became so dark, they almost looked black.

"I don't know what's happened to you, Jasmine…but you need a good dose of re-education. You need to know where your loyalties lie," she said darkly. "I think I will take you this summer and get you back into the right frame of mind. Your grandfather will be delighted to help in this endeavor."

Jasmine paled. Her grandfather, though he doted on Jasmine, he wouldn't hesitate to physically take things in hand.

"I'm going to go, Grandmother. Remember. No party," Jasmine said to the witch.

"Fine," Narcissa snapped.

The mirror went dark. Narcissa hadn't even said goodbye.

Douglas and his team were whipping the deatheaters into shape quickly. With Voldemort's threat of death hanging over their heads, they were quite willing to learn. They were drilled, and drilled and drilled until their actions became second nature, and they learned to work in teams.

One of the main training scenarios, known as the MOUT course, allowed the deatheaters to perform military operations on urban terrain (MOUT). They traveled through several mock wizarding villages, towns and cities filled with artificial improvised obstacles, pretend Order forces and wizarding civilians under the influence of the mark.

At first, Douglas had a time teaching the deatheaters not to kill first and ask questions later.

"You are restoring order. You want to keep as many people alive as possible. Mr. Dark Lord cannot rule a city of corpses!" he yelled in exasperation as deatheaters avada'd at will.

Finally they got the gist of it however, and learned how to move through the buildings and streets, stunning individuals, collecting their wands and restraining them. They were only to kill those who directly defied them as after they identified themselves as "Peacekeepers" three times.

Voldemort came to the camps several times and was quite pleased with the progress. Draco took all the credit.

"Draco, you are redeeming yourself nicely," the Dark Lord said to the wizard as he watched his deatheaters move through the mock streets with skill, searching for individuals and covering each other.

"It is my wish to show you I am still loyal, still worthy to serve, my Lord," Draco said.

Voldemort eyed him.

"You only need do one more thing to please me, Draco," the Dark Lord purred.

"Anything, my Lord," Draco replied.

"I want you to bring Jasmine to me on New Year's Eve. It will be a long time before I can indulge myself again, and your daughter pleases me. Bring her at seven. I should be finished with her before midnight," the Dark Lord said.

Draco went stiff inside, though he fought not to have a reaction.

"You said you would wait until she was eighteen my Lord," Draco said in an attempt to make the wizard wait without getting crucio'd.

"I changed my mind. She is sixteen, is she not?" Voldemort asked.

"Yes, my Lord," Draco replied, his heart sinking.

"At sixteen, witches start having sex. She is of proper age to indulge me. You will bring her to me, Draco. She is to wear a short, Slytherin green nightie under her robes. Nothing else."

"Yes, my Lord," Draco answered the wizard, his heart cold.

Well, Jasmine knew this was coming. Not so soon, but she knew she had to go to the Dark Lord. Draco sighed. He hated telling her, but there was nothing he could do. He hoped that Voldemort wouldn't hurt her too badly. She had to cooperate. Maybe if she cooperated it wouldn't be so bad.

"What? Father…no," Jasmine exclaimed as she looked in the mirror at her father's sober face, which contorted in anger.

"There is no 'no" Jasmine. You are a Malfoy and have your duty. You WILL go to Voldemort and do exactly as he says," the wizard seethed. "You will be obedient!"

Jasmine dropped her head.

"Yes sir," she said, her voice trembling.

Draco's eyes glistened a bit.

"Jasmine, if there were a way I could save you from this, I would. But the Dark Lord is powerful. If you attempt to deny him, he could destroy the entire house of Malfoy. Not only you and me, but your brother, mother and your grandparents. I know he will be taking something dear from you, Jasmine…but nothing is dearer than life and the continuance of our line. I must protect this family," he said softly.

"I know, father," Jasmine said.

"You will be staying at Hogwarts for the holidays. I have some guests I would rather keep you away from. I will retrieve you New Year's Eve and take you to the Dark Lord," he said.

Douglas and his team were staying at the Manor. They were a randy bunch. They would descend on Jasmine like a pack of wolves.

"All right, father," Jasmine replied.

Draco said goodbye and the mirror went dark.

Jasmine fell to her pillow, wrapped both arms around her belly and started to cry. She had to tell Mathias about the date being set for her deflowerment. It was the last week in November. That only gave her one more month before they went before the Dark Lord. The boys still didn't show her the scenario.

"All you need to do Jasmine is get out of the way and let us do what we have to do. I don't want to have to worry about you getting hurt," Mathias said to her evenly.

"I can protect myself," Jasmine snapped at him.

"You still might get in the way," the pale wizard said. "I want you to stay out of it, Jasmine. We have our plan already."

"Fine," she snapped.

But if the boys got in trouble, Jasmine planned to try and save them.

What kind of friend would she be if she didn't?

The month passed quickly. Hermione was no closer to finding out the secret of the Mark then when she first started. Finally, someone had created a spell that thoroughly stumped the witch. Hermione had never failed before, and didn't take it well. She sunk into a very deep depression, sitting in her lab and staring at her blackboard for hours.

The Order was ready for the onslaught. Their only choice was to go at Voldemort like a human wave when they arrived at his stronghold, hoping to overpower the wizard by the force of sheer numbers. Every Order soldier had made his peace with the world. Harry would be in the first wave, carrying the sword of Gryffindor. Hopefully the Prophecy would be proven true, and he would be able to kill the Dark Wizard. Ginny and James were beside themselves with fear, but Harry told them that he had to do it, for all their sakes. He wouldn't be moved about it. He couldn't be. Ginny was doubly upset, because her brother Ron would be by Harry's side. She could lose both of them.

Albus would also be in the first wave. Hopefully he could hold Voldemort long enough for the Order members to wash over him. They would all have weapons as well, and were instructed to kill the wizard in any way they could. Everyone had an individual Track-a Port attuned to Severus. They would watch it carefully until the small indicator light on top flashed, signaling they could port key to him. This would happen when the Dark Lord's wards dropped. At Severus' request the Order soldiers would appear at least one hundred feet from him, so he would have space to maneuver and not suddenly be crowded out if he should manage to survive Voldemort that long.

That wasn't the real reason Severus wanted them some distance from him, but it was believable enough.

Voldemort's deatheaters were ready to assume their peacekeeping role. They would be effective in taking over after the mark was deactivated. The broken shells that wandered the streets would be looking for help and a sense of someone being in control. It would be so simple. Voldemort would go to the Ministry and claim authority.

Two days before New Year's Eve, Douglas and his team stood before Voldemort as he reviewed his troops. Satisfied, the red-eyed wizard turned to the mercenary.

"You and your men have done well, Douglas. You have turned my deatheaters into a skilled and formidable peacekeeping force. You have my gratitude," the wizard said.

"Thank you, Mr. Dark Lord sir," Douglas said, smiling at the scaly wizard.

Voldemort looked at Draco.

"Draco, it is time for their reward," the wizard said.

Draco nodded, and turned to the troops.

"Give Mr. Douglas and his team their reward!" he shouted.

Douglas knew something was wrong when Draco issued that order and drew his Glock as did the other team members. They got off a couple of shots, but the Killing curse came at them from all directions, and the men fell where they stood. But they took about fifty deatheaters with them.

"Clean it up Draco," Voldemort said, waving his hand dismissively and apparating back to his stronghold to go over his plans.

Draco looked at the dead men, then at the troops.

"All right. You heard him. Clean it up," the wizard said.

The deatheaters complied.

On the morning of December thirtieth, Mathias was very quiet during the morning training session. Quiet and deadly as he battled Andreas. Tomorrow night they would meet the Dark Lord. The boys went at it full force, Jasmine watching them quietly.

Tomorrow night they might both be dead.

Jasmine was to be the distraction that would allow the boys to transform, hopefully without Voldemort realizing it until the last moment. The witch was thinking very hard about this…she needed to make his distraction more powerful. If he were angry, it would be easier for Andreas and Mathias to get the drop on him.

"What would make him furious?" Jasmine asked herself as she watched Mathias give Andreas a devastating uppercut that dropped the wizard to the ground.

They weren't wearing protective gear…and Jasmine served as the healer-at-large these past two weeks. She had ceased telling them to stop being so hard on each other. They had to be as hard as possible.

Jasmine herself had become more aggressive and vicious in her training as well, giving as good as she got from the wizards.

"You are a tiger," Andreas panted as he battled the witch.

Mathias sat on the bench and watched Jasmine fight Andreas. He had to admit the witch was fast and strong. She was formidable. The wizard drew in a deep breath.

Tonight he would try to convince the witch to let him deflower her before she went to Voldemort. She might tell him no, but he had to try anyway. His belly was all in knots as he thought about the possibility she would say yes. He hoped everything his father told him wouldn't fly out of his head.

He planned to disillusion himself after curfew, go to her room and convince her to let him in. He would wear his robes over his boxers…that was all.

He hoped this would work out.

Andreas had not yet made headway with Dana. He had told her that he was about to face death, and he didn't want to die a virgin. The witch had laughed at him. She thought he was feeding her a line to get into her knickers.

"Dana, I am telling you the truth. On New Years Eve I am going to try to kill the Dark Lord," the wizard confided in her. Dana wouldn't say anything.

Dana looked at Andreas and collapsed into hysterical laughter.

"Just when I thought I'd heard it all," the witch laughed, looking absolutely beautiful. Andreas felt his heart clutch. She didn't believe him.

"I tell you what, Andreas. You kill the Dark Lord and I will do anything you ask me to do," Dana told the wizard. Andreas' eyes went very hot.

"Anything?" he asked to confirm her statement.

"Anything and everything," she responded.

"Then I guess I cannot die, then," the wizard said to her soberly. "I will come for you on the first of January, Dana. Be prepared."

He gave her a kiss. She did allow him to kiss her…no tongue though. Then the wizard strode away. Dana felt something twinge inside her as he did.

He couldn't be telling the truth, could he?

She shook her head. No, impossible. It had to be a line.

Dana returned to Hufflepuff house, but couldn't shake the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach. Nor the heat.

Mathias retired to his rooms early. Andreas joined him for a bit, telling him what Dana had promised if he survived.

"We must kill him, Mathias," the black wizard said.

Now Andreas had two very good reasons to kill Voldemort. The first, to save the wizarding world, the second, to get into Dana's knickers.

"We will, Andreas," Mathias said, looking distracted.

Andreas eyed him.

"You are nervous about Jasmine," Andreas said to his brother.

Mathias nodded, then looked at his friend evenly.

"Andreas, do you know how tonight will go with Jasmine and me?" he asked the wizard.

Andreas nodded slowly.

"Tell me," Mathias implored him.

Andreas shook his head.

"No, Mathias. This is a life moment. A life moment must be lived as it happens. I cannot tell you," the wizard said.

"Well, what about tomorrow night with Voldemort?" Mathias asked him. "Do you see that?"

"Not entirely. I only know we will get into his bedroom. After that everything goes dark. I think it is because it is my own future. I rarely see everything when I am involved," the black wizard said.

"So you don't know if we win," Mathias said.

Andreas shook his head.

"I'll only know that when it is over, brother," Andreas replied, "But we are strong, fast and have a plan. We must stay focused on the plan. The potion is brewed and my blade is sharpened. The rest will be up to you, my brother."

The boys clasped hands, then Andreas left Mathias to his night.

Jasmine lay in her bed, her ice blue eyes focused on the box on her dresser that her father had delivered to her, with written instructions.

Tomorrow night wear this and only this beneath your robes, Jasmine. I will pick you up at six-thirty. Look your best.

Jasmine opened the box and found a short, semi-transparent Slytherin green nightie. She lifted it out of the box and turned it back and forth in her hands before replacing it. She sat on her bed and stared at the box, before lying down. It was after curfew now.

So tomorrow night was the night. The night Mathias and Andreas would risk their lives to end the horror that was Voldemort. They just had to succeed. If they didn't the wizarding world might be lost. And so would she. No doubt the Dark Lord would kill her too for her treachery. But, it would be worth it. Her father was helping this evil wizard to take over. It was only fitting that she try to correct the wrong he was doing.

Jasmine thought about Mathias. Gods, she didn't want him to die. He was so brave. So strong. What if she couldn't fully distract the Dark Lord, and he caught them mid-transformation?

Jasmine's heart began to pound in her chest at this thought. Again, she wondered what she could do to fully distract him. What would enrage the Dark Lord?

Jasmine's eyes darkened. She knew what would displease him to the point of full distraction. His rage would probably be terrible…but enough to make him unable to focus on anything else.

Jasmine looked at the box again.

She knew what she had to do to make sure Mathias and Andreas had a real chance.

Mathias finished fastening his robes. It was time to go see Jasmine. Hopefully to do more than see her.

"Contraceptive Spell. Arousal. Seduction. Deflowerment. The Close," Mathias said under his breath. He wanted to make sure he didn't miss a step.

The wizard walked over to his mirror, picked up the brush and ran it over his black silky hair. He studied himself. Did Jasmine find him attractive? He knew she did. He cupped his hand over his mouth and breathed into it to smell his breath. He decided to brush his teeth again, just to make sure his mouth tasted good. He entered the bathroom and retrieved his toothbrush and toothpowder.

The young wizard scrubbed his teeth and mouth liberally, making sure to brush his tongue. That's where all the bad tastes clung. He rinsed his mouth out, then cupped his hand again. Yes, better.

Mathias rinsed out his toothbrush, lifted his arms, pulling his robe out a bit and sniffed himself. He had taken a very thorough shower and cast a deodorizing smell on himself. He still smelled fresh. He didn't have any cologne however. Witches liked cologne. Oh well.

The wizard walked back out into his bedroom and took a deep breath. He was just about to cast the disillusionment spell on himself when there was a knock on the door.

Mathias scowled slightly, then his scowl faded. It was probably Andreas come to wish him good luck. He opened the door.

A shimmer stood there. Suddenly it melted away and Jasmine Malfoy stood there in her housecoat. It was tightly closed.

Mathias blinked at her.

"Jasmine," he said in a low voice, "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to…to talk to you, Mathias. About tomorrow. Let me in before someone sees me," she said. The witch looked very nervous.

Mathias stepped aside and let the witch in. He closed the door, pulled out his wand and raised the torches. His black eyes settled on the witch. Her hair was brushed out and fell softly over her shoulders. She sat down on the edge of his bed.

Mathias took the chair, drawing it out in front of the witch and sitting down, his eyes locked to her. He had her in his room. He could do it here as well as in her room.

"What do you want to talk about, Jasmine?" he asked her.

The witch reddened.

"About tomorrow night. I've come up with a way to make Voldemort truly distracted…but…but I need your help, Mathias. I thought about it, and if I have to do this…you're the closest wizard to me…" her voice faltered.

"Do what?" Mathias asked the witch, completely clueless. He was so focused on his own intentions that he wasn't fully absorbing what the witch was insinuating.

"Lose my virginity," Jasmine said softly, reddening again and lowering her eyes.

Mathias stared at Jasmine, unable to believe what the witch had just said. He remained silent.

Jasmine looked up at him.

"Mathias, I have to distract Voldemort so you and Andreas have a chance to get at him. He'll be interested in me, of course, but he still might not be completely distracted. If he finds out I'm not a virgin, he'll be furious. And you know anger throws a person off his game…" she said.

Mathias continued to stare at the witch. She wanted to do this to help him and Andreas.

"Jasmine, he might kill you," Mathias said, his dark eyes fixed on her face.

"No…not if you move the moment I tell him," she said, "I think you'll be fast enough."

She had faith in him. That he would save her. And he would if it were in his power.

"So you want me to be the one to deflower you, Jasmine?" Mathias asked her.

She nodded, not looking at him for a moment, then looked up at the wizard.

"Do you know how to?" she asked him in a tremulous voice.

Mathias could tell the normally unflappable witch was scared. He was a little scared too, to be honest.

He nodded.

"Yes, Jasmine. I know how to deflower a witch. My father told me," he replied, "I think I know how to make it nice too."

Jasmine looked at Mathias. She hadn't thought about it as being nice.

"But it hurts at first," Mathias told her. "'I have to get through your hymen. It's supposed to be painful, but get better afterwards."

Jasmine already knew this, but it was daunting to know that Mathias would have to hurt her. Still, she had to do this. So she nodded, and stood up.

"So you'll do it, Mathias?" she asked him, her eyes focused on his face.

"Yes," the wizard said, standing up.

Jasmine met his eyes once more, then dropped to her sash, which was knotted. She tried to untie it, but her hands were shaking. Mathias saw this, and placed his hands over hers.

"Don't be scared, Jasmine," he said, "I'll do my best to make it easy for you. Here, let me untie that for you."

Mathias gently moved Jasmine's hands away from the sash and untied it. He didn't part her robes however. He stepped back.

Looking toward the corner of the room, a trick she had learned when nervous and facing an audience, Jasmine opened her robes. Mathias let out a hiss…he couldn't help himself. Jasmine was wearing a sheer green nightie. He could see her body through it. The witch was slender, but curvaceous. He could see her breasts and the triangle of her pubic hair, because she wore no knickers.

The wizard immediately hardened.

"Gods, Jasmine. You're so beautiful," Mathias said in awe.

Jasmine gave him a little smile for his reassurance and began to slip out of her robe. Mathias suddenly walked behind her and caught the robes at her shoulders, and slipped it off of her. He caught a whiff of roses.

"This isn't going like my father said it would," he said to her softly as he walked over to the chair and put Jasmine's robe on it. He turned to look at her. Gods.

"What do you mean?" she asked him.

"Well, first I'm supposed to…hold on," he said pulling his wand out of his pocket. He pressed the tip of it to Jasmine's lower belly. The witch gasped as he murmured the contraceptive spell.

"What was that?" she asked him.

"A contraceptive spell so you don't get pregnant," he replied, putting his wand on the chair now.

Jasmine's eyes widened. She was so caught up in what she was going to do with the wizard, she hadn't thought to protect herself. Thank the gods Mathias did.

"Oh," was all she said.

Mathias' black eyes washed over her again. She had very long legs. He wondered if she would wrap them around him.

"What isn't going the way it's supposed to?" Jasmine asked him.

"Well, I am supposed to arouse you before you take off some of your clothes," he said looking at her. "But you took off your clothes first. I don't know if I should deflower you or go back to the arousing part."

"How were you going to arouse me?" Jasmine asked him curiously. Mathias talking to her this way was making her feel less nervous, though she still was.

"Well I was supposed to kiss you until you responded to me, and caress you until you…" he faltered. He didn't want to say what she was supposed to do. "Then I was supposed to take off some of your clothes."

"Well, that sounds kind of nice. We could do that," Jasmine said, remembering when Mathias kissed her months ago.

"Ok," Mathias said, "But since you are only in your nightie…maybe I should take off my robes too, so we'll kind of be even. Both have only one thing to take off."

Jasmine nodded.

"That sounds fair," she said.

Mathias started to unfasten his robes. He got to his lower half and felt the tent in his boxers. Jasmine was going to see it and know he was randy for her. His hands faltered.

"What's wrong?" Jasmine asked him, stepping a little closer.

"I'm…my…you see…well I'm hard," he admitted.

Jasmine raised her eyebrows.

"Oh," she said, "But aren't you supposed to be hard?"

"Yes…it's just that no one has ever seen me hard before…except Andreas. I feel kind of strange letting you see me like this," the wizard admitted.

"This whole thing is strange, Mathias. But I'm going to have to see it sometime," Jasmine said.

The witch moved his hands aside and finished unfastening his robes for him. Knowing Mathias was nervous too made her feel much better about what they were going to do.

She drew his robes open and saw the huge tent. She went a little pale.

"That's pretty big, Mathias," she said, nervous again.

"Yes. I'm kind of large, Jasmine. But my father says a witch's body can accommodate a wizard, no matter his size. I'll fit you," the wizard said.

"Looks like it will be a tight fit," the witch responded, her eyes shifting to his.

When Jasmine said that, Mathias bounced noticeably.

Jasmine started.

"What was that?" she asked him, her eyes wide and focused on his loins.

Mathias reddened.

"I kind of throbbed when you said I'd be a tight fit. It…it…well, I want to be that. It was a physical reaction, Jasmine. I couldn't help it," the wizard said.

Jasmine looked at him a moment.

"You want to deflower me, Mathias? Not just because I asked you to?" she asked the wizard slowly.

"Yes. Very much Jasmine. You're beautiful…and I think you will be even more beautiful when we do this," the wizard admitted. "I'm honored you're going to let me be your first. It's special. You're special."

"You mean that, Mathias? You're not just saying that, are you?" Jasmine asked him, her heart starting to pound, but for a reason other than nervousness.

Mathias scowled at her.

"You know I don't say anything I don't mean, Jasmine," he said tightly. "Well, not to you or Andreas anyway."

Jasmine's eyes moved over the wizard. Then she walked behind Mathias and pulled his robes from his shoulders, and he pulled his arms of out his sleeves, watching the witch as she walked over to the chair and laid his robes on it. He could see her buttocks through the sheer nightie, and felt a pulse again, as well as a bit of anxiety as the witch turned back to him.

She looked at the snake on his chest.

"That snake is so sexy, Mathias," she said to him. This was the second time the witch had told Mathias this. His eyes glinted at her.

"Is it sexy to you?" he asked her. Last time she said no, she didn't think that way of him.

"Yes," the witch replied softly.

Mathias felt his belly tighten again.

Jasmine studied the wizard. Mathias was so handsome in a dark way. His eyes were amazing. The witch felt a pulse in her lower body at the thought that soon he would be inside her. She had no idea what it would be like, but the thought of it made her feel hot all over.

"I think we should kiss now," Jasmine said.

Anxious as he was, Mathias moved into Jasmine and wrapped his arms around her waist gently and pulled her against him, pressing his lips against hers. He mentally told himself not to pull her too tightly, but was having a hard time of it because he could feel the heat of her body through the sheer nightie, and the curve of her breasts resting lightly and softly against his chest.

Jasmine felt the hardness of the wizard's body, her hands moving to his back. She could feel Mathias' musculature beneath her palms. He smelled clean, like soap. Then he pressed into her and for the first time she felt the young wizard's erection against her belly. It felt long and hot. She began to tremble in his arms again.

Mathias looked into her eyes.

"You're trembling," he said to her softly.

"Yes," Jasmine said, blinking at him rapidly.

"Don't be scared, Jasmine. Trust me," he said, kissing her gently on her mouth.

Once again Jasmine responded to his kiss, moving her mouth against his. His mouth was so soft…so heady.

Mathias felt as if he were floating as he kissed Jasmine, and felt her kissing him back. The scent of roses washed over him and her hair fell against his shoulder. It felt so soft, he couldn't help bringing one hand up and burying it in her blonde locks, caressing it.

Their kisses were tentative at first. They would part for a second, then start again, Jasmine feeling a warmth wash over her body, her skin starting to tingle. She pressed closer to the wizard, instinctively moving against his body. Mathias began to caress her carefully, running his pale hands down her sides like his father told him. Her skin was so soft and warm, and her waist flowed to her hips.

Jasmine sighed against his mouth as he moved his hands over her body, then she started moving her hands over his. Gods, they felt good as the witch explored him. Mathias tentatively moved to Jasmine's neck, kissing it gently. She let her head drop back and gave him access. He could feel the pulse of her blood beneath her skin, and she tasted so good, he sucked on her throat, rewarded with another sigh, Jasmine pressing against him more insistently now, rubbing against his body. It felt so good that Mathias let out a low growl, surprising himself.

Hesitatingly, Mathias let his hands swept around the curves of the witch's breasts, and Jasmine gasped, but didn't pull away.

"Mathias, you…you feel so…so…good. My whole body is tingling," the witch said as the wizard's hands moved over her more confidently.

"Mine too," he murmured against her skin. He was touching every part of Jasmine now, and she didn't pull back from him…well, almost every part. He wanted to kiss her deeper, and ran the tip of his tongue over her lips. Jasmine shuddered, and Mathias gently pushed his tongue between her lips, touching her teeth. He pulled back from her a moment.

"Open your mouth, Jasmine," he said, pulling her tighter against him and beginning to rub his body against her harder. Jasmine let out a moan that shot straight to the wizard's loins as she opened her mouth and let him in.

Gods, her mouth was sweet, wet and warm. She tasted good too, and Mathias explored her mouth hungrily…and Jasmine…all feeling now, explored his as well.

Neither witch nor wizard could say when they ended up in Mathias' bed, but they found themselves there, kissing wildly now, Mathias on top of the witch and nestled between her legs, rubbing against her t unmercifully, Jasmine gasping into his mouth. Experimentally, Mathias slid his hand between their bodies and touched the witch's apex lightly. Jasmine buckled up, her eyes flying open as she felt him touch her most intimate part.

"Mathias, what are you doing?" she gasped, pulling away from his mouth

"There is a button between your legs that will make you meltdown," he said to her, slipping a finger between the witch's folds and locating it. He slid his finger back and forth over it. Gods it was wet down there, and he could smell her heat. It didn't smell bad at all. Musky.

Jasmine let out a little shriek and rolled against his hand uncontrollably.

"Oh my gods, Mathias," the witch gasped, throwing her head from side to side.

Mathias watched her. She was melting down for him.

"Does it feel good?" he asked her.

"It's…it's too good. Please stop, Mathias…I don't think I can take much more of it," the witch responded.

But Mathias didn't stop. Jasmine was bucking beneath him wildly, and he wanted to see what would happen.

"Not yet, Jasmine," he whispered, falling to her mouth again and swallowing down her cries as he continued fingering the witch, her body rolling beneath him.

Suddenly Jasmine stiffened and let out a loud cry, her body shuddering. Mathias felt his hand become very wet and was alarmed to see the witch's eyes roll up into her head. He pulled his hand away and wiped it on the sheets.

"Jasmine, are you all right?" he asked her…beginning to panic as the witch continued to shudder. What had he done wrong? His heart pounding, Mathias rolled off Jasmine and sat up in the bed, pulling her against him so her back rested against his chest.

Severus had told him about witches orgasming, but he hadn't told him exactly what the signs were. Mathias thought the witch was seizuring or something.

"I'm sorry," he said, caressing her hair and trying to comfort the witch. If it wasn't for the intimate situation they were in, he might have gone for help. "I'm so sorry, Jasmine."

Jasmine was coming down from her first orgasm. Gods, she had never felt anything so good. It was as if her insides had just melted, pouring out of her. She leaned her head back against Mathias, perspiration coating her face.

"That was incredible," she panted.

Mathias looked puzzled.

"What was incredible?" he asked the witch, greatly relieved she was talking to him. She seemed to be all right in spite of what happened to her.

"Whatever you did to me. It was like I exploded inside," she gasped.

Suddenly Mathias understood.

"You had an orgasm. A female ejaculation," he explained. "It's proof I know what I'm doing."

Jasmine didn't doubt he did now.

She pulled away from Mathias and lay down on her back, looking up at the wizard.

"Show me what else you can do," she said, her eyes soft.

Mathias arched his eyebrows at her words, then felt the strongest throb in his boxers yet.

"The only other thing I know is how to deflower you," he responded.

"Then deflower me," she replied, pulling him down.

Jasmine wrapped her arms around Mathias' neck and pulled him down into a hungry kiss. The wizard was once again lost to a sweet euphoria as the witch probed his mouth hungrily. He wasn't completely on top of her, and took the opportunity to actually cup one of her breasts this time. Jasmine moaned into his mouth this time. He felt her hard nipple against his palm, and experimentally ran his thumb over it, the witch once again buckling under him. The wzard quickly learned that when Jasmine's body jumped like that, it meant whatever he was doing felt good. Suddenly, he wanted to feel his hands on her naked skin. Mathias pulled away from her mouth.

"Let's take off our clothes," he panted down at her, his black eyes sweeping over the sheer nightie and the treasure beneath it.

Jasmine nodded and Mathias sat back on his heels as the witch lifted her hips, sliding the nightie from under them, then sat up, pulling it over her head, and revealing her body to him. Mathias' eyes dropped to her breasts. They were full and pink tipped, her nipples tight little buds, little whorls around them.

"Do your nipples always look like that?" he asked her.

"No. They're hard," the witch breathed at him.

Once again, Mathias cupped her breast, flicking his thumb over her nipple as he studied her face.

"Gods," the witch hissed in a shuddering voice, falling back to the bed. Mathias picked up her gown and dropped it on the floor, then stood up looking down on the witch. Ok. This was it.

Mathias forced himself to keep his eyes locked to Jasmine's as he pulled his boxers down and revealed himself. Jasmine's eyes widened as they dropped to his loins.

"Mathias…that looks bigger than the ones we saw in the biology books," the witch said, her eyes looking up at him, filled with apprehension again.

The wizard's organ was long, thick and pale, the tip of it rather pinkish and mushroom shaped. There were slight veins pulsing the length of it. Mathias let her take a good, long look at him.

"I don't know, Jasmine. I think the ones in the book are…well…average size. There have to be some bigger and smaller. I just happen to be bigger," he said, trying to ease her nervousness. "I think it feels better when it's bigger."

"It looks like it's going to hurt, Mathias," Jasmine replied.

Mathias climbed into the bed and lay down, facing the witch. He needed to arouse her again so she would forget she was afraid. Then he thought of something.

"Maybe if you touch it, you won't be so scared," he suggested.

Jasmine looked at Mathias' member.

"Touch it?" she asked him, looking skeptical.

"It's going to be inside of you, Jasmine. I think that is much more intimate then you touching it," Mathias said, "It might make you less nervous if you knew what it felt like first."

Jasmine looked at him, then slowly moved her hand downward. It brushed against him and Mathias hissed, his body jerking in reaction at the slight contact. No one had ever handled him before…well maybe his mum when he was a baby, but he didn't remember it, and he was sure that kind of handling was nothing compared to this.

Jasmine looked at Mathias' face as she gently wrapped her hand around his girth. The wizard's face contorted and he bit his lip, closing his eyes as her fingers curled around him. Gods, he looked so…sexy.

Mathias' reaction emboldened Jasmine. She was making him react like this, and it gave her a sense of power. She slid her hand down the length of him, and Mathias groaned, his eyes snapping open, his nostrils flaring. His tool was hard, but the skin over it was soft and moved with her hand. Jasmine slid her hand back up and Mathias groaned again, looking as if he wanted to devour her. The hungry look on the wizard's face made Jasmine's belly heat up and there was a sweet ache starting between her legs. She started running her hand back and forth over Mathias' organ purposefully, and the wizard began to shudder with pleasure and he dropped to her mouth again, claiming it hungrily, his hand massaging her breast roughly now in reaction to her ministrations.

Suddenly he felt himself tightening and Mathias pulled his hips away from her, breaking the kiss, his eyes fluttering as he felt pleasure building.

"What's wrong? Why did you make me stop?" she said to him brokenly.

Mathias desperately thought of something disturbing, Voldemort whipping Jasmine. The tightness loosened up. He looked down at the witch. Damn she had made him feel good. Then he realized she wanted an answer.

"You were going to make me come, and then we would have to wait to do it," he breathed at her.

Jasmine looked down at Mathias' organ. It looked even more swollen and was now a deeper, redder color.

"It looks like it is going to blow up," she said.

"That's how it feels too," the wizard replied, looking at her. Gods he wanted to feel himself inside her.

"I want to fuck you so badly, Jasmine."

The words came out before he could stop them and Mathias winced a little as the witch stared at him.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to talk like that…use those kind of words…" he said to the witch, slightly embarrassed. "It's just…gods…I want to do this, Jasmine. I want to know what you feel like…it just came out," Mathias said.

Actually, Mathias had said what he did with such passion and hunger, that it shot right through the witch's body. It was nasty what he said, but…it turned her on too. Somehow, since they were like this, naked, what he said didn't seem far out of line.

"That's all right Mathias," she said softly, "I want to fuck you too."

Mathias throbbed again and blinked down at Jasmine, thinking she was the kind of witch he could talk dirty to. Not knowing what to say, he kissed her again, pulsing with need now. The wizard slid his body on top of hers, his erection resting between her legs, and he started to move again, groaning as he slid back and forth against the witch.

He pulled away from her mouth, but didn't stop moving against her.

"Do you know the difference between making love and shagging, Jasmine?" he asked her.

"Yes. Making love is tender and gentle. Shagging is kind of fast and hard," she replied breathlessly as the wizard rolled his hips between her thighs. She spread her legs a little wider to give him more access.

"When I deflower you…do you want me to make love to you, or shag you?" he asked the witch softly, stopping his motions. Jasmine arched into him, but he didn't continue. He wanted to know her answer.

"What do you want to do to me, Mathias?" she asked him.

The wizard stared down at her, so hard he was starting to ache.

"Don't answer a question with a question," he replied, kissing Jasmine's mouth lightly. "Tell me, do you want me to make love to you or shag you, Jasmine? I can do either one, I'm sure. I know how it's supposed to go. What I'm supposed to do."

"Isn't there something in the middle?" Jasmine asked him softly.

She didn't want Mathias to be forced to hold back. He never seemed to hold back in anything physical he did. But she didn't want him to hurt her either. He was so big. She was sure he was as big as a full-grown wizard. Bigger even.

"Yes, I think so," Mathias replied, beginning to move against her again. His pelvis was coated with her juices, and the scent was driving him wild.

Mathias understood now what his father meant when he said sex involved all the senses. The sight, sound, feeling, and scent of Jasmine Malfoy made him want to get closer to her, as close as he could possibly get, immerse himself in everything that she was. He began kissing her again, his stomach tightening as he realized it was time for both of them to become adults. This might be the last and only time either he or Jasmine experienced sex. Neither of them might come back tomorrow.

"You might be the only witch I ever do this to, Jasmine," he said against her mouth, slowly reaching down and slipping his arm under her thigh and pulling it forward gently, folding it against her. He was still kissing her, keeping her preoccupied, sliding to her throat for a moment, then raising up and pulling her other thigh forward. He rose up on his arms and looked down at her, the witch's thighs spread beneath him.

Jasmine had never felt so vulnerable as Mathias' dark eyes looked down on her. He was perspiring…she was sure it was nerves. The wizard's black hair swung in a dark curtain around his face. He looked at her somberly, but there was heat and hunger in those eyes. She felt as if he were swallowing her down into their blackness.

Mathias looked down between their bodies and he could see Jasmine's pink core, surrounded by curling blonde hair. It was much prettier than the drawings in the book…and wetter too. He could see droplets glistening in her pubic hair. His organ was hanging a bit further down. It looked very big next to the witch's petite body. Mathias became nervous again. His father said he could fit in any witch, but it sure didn't look like it. But he had to do this. He wanted it and Jasmine wanted it. He'd just have to swallow down his misgivings and trust his father was right. He looked at Jasmine.

"Are you ready?" he asked her, his voice silky but raw.

Jasmine blinked up at him, her hands resting on either side of her head. She nodded, unable to speak she was so scared. Her blue eyes looked very wet, and Mathias' heart went out to her. He'd have to make this quick. Mathias leaned a little to the side and fingered her a little bit. Jasmine squealed.

"I have to make sure you're lubricated," he said, "or it will hurt more."

Mathias then adjusted himself, looking down and watching to make sure he postioned himself in the right place. He hissed when he came in contact with her soft, hot flesh, his body jerking slightly in reaction. Satisfied he was where he should be, he stared down at Jasmine.

"It will only hurt for a little while, Jasmine," he said softly, "Just try to relax."

Jasmine's entire body was tense as she prepared herself.

Mathias tensed himself for a moment. He had to do this hard, quick and fast.

"Hold on to me, Jasmine," he whispered.

The witch reached down and wrapped her arms around his waist…he was too high to hold his neck.

Mathias counted down silently.

"One, two, three."

Mathias thrust his body down as quick and hard as he could. He felt some resistance as Jasmine cried out, but then he was through and buried in the tightest, softest wettest warmth he could ever imagine. He felt Jasmine pulsing around him and was blown away by how good she felt. He wanted to feel more…but he had to remember Jasmine's state.

He dropped on her and kissed her, planted deep in her body, trying to control the rush he felt to talk to the witch.

"Are you all right, Jasmine?" he whispered to her, his black eyes looking into hers. Tears slid from the corner of her eyes into her hair. "I'm sorry it hurt. But you feel so good around me, Jasmine…gods…so good. It will get better. Just tell me when I can move."

Mathias held himself very still inside the witch, but Merlin knows it was a huge effort. Jasmine felt as if she were being stretched over a very large, hot staff, but the pain was starting to fade.

"You can move, Mathias," she whispered up at the wizard.

Mathias gently pulled back, feeling the witch's inner walls caress his length. He shook as he slowly pressed back into her, parting her tightness. The pleasure was indescribable. He made sure to press against her, twisting his body a little so he was sure he stimulated the little button. Jasmine let out a moan as he stroked into her.

"Damn, Jasmine," he breathed, kissing her and stroking in and out of her body a bit deeper now. Jasmine began to move under him, thrusting her hips up and letting him go deeper. She was moaning, and it sounded as if he were doing it right.

"Do you like it?" he breathed at her, not missing one delicious stroke.

"Yessss, Mathias. You feel good," she groaned at him.

"Can I do it faster?" he asked her.

"Yes," Jasmine replied, and Mathias hungrily increased his stroke and his pleasure, pistoning into Jasmine, groaning as he did so, everything in the entire universe focused to where their bodies met. Jasmine's mouth dropped open and her fingers dug into his back, then drifted down and gripped the wizard's flanks. She had no idea she was doing this, she was just feeling him inside her and responding, wanting to feel his strong, young body flexing against hers.

Mathias hitched his hips every time he stroked into Jasmine, bumping against her like his father said to do. The witch's voice was becoming shriller and Mathias began to hit her harder, not knowing it, but driving into the witch with some force, banging against something deep inside her over and over, as he moved faster and faster. Jasmine was calling out his name now, and the way she sounded just made him lose it. She was his now…every inch of her body was his to take, and he took it as completely as he could, raising back up on his hands and driving into her, watching her body and breasts bounce rhythmically, her eyes closed as she cried out under him. Gods, she was so beautiful he couldn't stop doing what he was doing to her.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, a voice was saying, "you are hurting her," but his body didn't respond as he plunged into the witch, his mouth slack as he looked down and saw himself sliding in and out of her body, his length coated with creamy white streaks. His body started slapping against hers rhythmically.

"Jasmine…Jasmine," he hissed as he felt the witch's sleeve suddenly grip him powerfully.

"Shit!" he gasped as she screamed and began to pulse, a gush of boiling juices rolling over him, bathing him in heat as she squeezed him internally.

Suddenly Mathias felt himself tighten and seem to shoot right out of his body as a flood of bliss poured through him and into Jasmine's soft, pulsing warmth. The wizard hissed the witch's name and dropped on her, clutching her as he fired shot after shot into her trembling body, his own body threatening to shake apart as he drifted. He held her so tight, Jasmine found it hard to breathe and struggled. Mathias loosened his hold as sanity returned and his release slowed and ended. Panting, he lay against the witch, his nose buried in her blonde hair, his own hair draped across her face. She panted under him, and he could feel Jasmine's heart racing against his own.

Presently he said softly against her ear, "That was crazy, Jasmine."

"No, that was good, Mathias," she replied, her hand brushing his hair back, her eyes softer than Mathias could ever remember. Jasmine seemed to be glowing, and he felt his chest swell a little with pride that he had made her look like that with his sex.

Mathias lay between Jasmine's open thighs. He had softened inside her, but didn't want to pull out. He wanted to stay inside Jasmine Malfoy forever. Fuck Voldemort. Fuck the wizarding world. He was buried in Paradise, and Paradise was all he wanted. Then he remembered 'the close.' Reluctantly and slowly he roll off her, savoring the sensation of sliding out of her. A very wet sound followed. Gods he was soaked, so was his bed. So was Jasmine. His wand was too far to get. He felt sleepy and comfortable. He pulled Jasmine into the crook of his arm, but the witch struggled away. Mathias scowled at her.

"Too hot," she panted.

Dad had never told him anything about that. But if she didn't want to be held, he wouldn't hold her. Instead he turned toward her, his black eyes sweeping over the body that gave him so much pleasure.

"I didn't know sex would be this good," he said to her, letting his hand fall on her flat belly and rubbing it softly.

"I didn't know you would be this good," the witch replied with a soft smile. Then her eyes clouded.

"What's wrong?" Mathias asked, his brow frowning also.

"I just thought about Voldemort tomorrow," the witch said. Suddenly she sat up.

"I'd better go, Mathias," Jasmine said.

"Go? Why go, Jasmine? Stay with me. I want…I want to do it again," Mathias said.

But the witch climbed over him and picked up her nightie from the floor, slipping it over her body. She pulled her wand out of her housecoat pocket and scourgified herself, then slipped the robe on. Mathias sat up on his elbows, watching her sullenly.

"Why are you leaving?" he asked her.

"I…I just need to go, Mathias," she said, walking to the bed, leaning over it and kissing him sweetly. "I'll never forget tonight. Thank you."

Then she cast a disillusionment spell on herself and exited his room.

Mathias stared after her. He should have grabbed her and thrown her back into his bed. He looked thoughtful. Maybe she had to come to terms with what she'd done…what they'd done. He hoped that she wouldn't regret it. Gods knew he didn't.

Mathias lay back in the bed, stretching out full length and folding his arms behind his head. His sheets smelled of sex and roses. He'd scourgify them in the morning. For now they were like a heady perfume. He hoped Jasmine could deal with what had happened between them. He had no regrets whatsoever. There wasn't anything in this world better than sex as far as Mathias Snape was concerned.

From this day forward, it would always be in the back of his mind.

Jasmine returned to her bedroom and disillusioned herself. She took off her robe and the green nightie, scourgifying it a second time and putting it back in the box for tomorrow, when she would wear it for Voldemort. She climbed into her bed, tired and wrapped her arms around herself as she thought about Mathias.

He had been better, kinder than she thought he would be. He really worked at making her feel good, and he succeeded. When they were finished, and the thought of Voldemort came to mind, the thought of the wizard being killed came to her mind as well, and she couldn't bear it. She didn't want him to see her cry. She wanted Mathias to think she was strong and ok with what he and Andreas were going to do. But she wasn't. She was scared for him. If she had stayed there, she would have told him that…and he would have seen she was weak. She didn't want him to worry that she wouldn't be able to handle what was going to happen. So she left.

Now the tears of fear came. She wasn't afraid for herself. If she died, it would just be the sins of the father visiting the child. Generational karma. And if she had to die she would rather it be trying to bring Voldemort down than any other way. But she didn't want either Mathias or Andreas to die. They were risking everything to destroy the wizard and had planned to kill him for years.

Jasmine knew nothing about Mathias' journey to the Dark Soul of the world, nor exactly how he had acquired the serpent on his chest. The witch also knew nothing about Andreas' vision. She just assumed the boys had a strong sense of loyalty to the wizarding world, and to fighting evil. As far as Jasmine was concerned, they were born heroes. She hoped they would be successful. A world with Voldemort as ruler would not be a world worth living in.

The witch rolled over, feeling a pulse as she remember Mathias driving into her so hungrily, his hair swinging, his dark eyes full of fire. What were they now? Probably nothing. There were no commitments or promises made between them. It was just one night and not based on desire, though desire was there. She went to the wizard wanting to do more when his hour came. Jasmine offered herself up hoping to save his life, not to become more than a friend to him. And he hadn't said they would be anything more.

At least she had enjoyed her deflowering. Mathias had been patient, passionate and strong. She didn't regret what they did.

She only hoped it hadn't been in vain.

Severus spent the night with a distraught Hermione. She was this way for two reasons. First she felt as if she had failed everyone by not cracking the secret of Voldemort's sinister mark. It was Hermione's first bout with failure, and the witch didn't take it well at all. The second reason was Severus was going to have to enter the Dark Lord's fortress and engage him face to face. She knew what this meant. Most likely her lover would die.

The Potions Master held the sobbing witch close in his arms, trying to comfort her.

"I have no plans of dying, witch," he said against her temple, "but if I do, I expect you to be strong and continue on. You know the risks I've taken all my life. Tomorrow, I will finally reveal my duplicity to the Dark Lord. I will be free of him either way."

"I want to be there," Hermione sobbed, "I can fight, Severus."

"No, you must help defend Hogwarts and the students that remain here in case we fail, Hermione. Keeping the castle out of his power is most important. Hogwarts may be the last free bastion in the wizarding world. Everyone will gather in the Great Hall at six-thirty and at seven, the castle defenses will lock down and stay down until they are lifted. You must stay here, my love," Severus said.

Hermione stiffened for a moment, then looked up at the wizard.

"Your love?" she repeated, her amber eyes meeting his in disbelief.

"Yes, my love…for a number of years. My unspoken love. You have my heart, witch…you are the only woman to ever capture it and you are the only woman to whom my heart will ever belong," the wizard said softly. "I can tell you now. I am free of Voldemort and no longer fear what he can do to me. So here are those three words you've felt but never heard from me. I love you."

"Oh Severus!" Hermione said, flinging herself on the wizard and covering his face with kisses. Severus enjoyed her enthusiastic attentions for several moments, then restrained her, the witch's lips still puckering as he did so.

"Should I survive Voldemort, witch…I hope you do not expect to hear those words twenty-four hours a day, or for me to walk about holding your hand or to give you chocolates and flowers. It won't happen," he said a bit gruffly.

Hermione didn't care about that. He loved her. She knew it now.

"That's fine, Severus," she replied.

The Potions Master looked at Hermione, then suddenly rolled on top of her.

"I love you, witch," he murmured, sliding inside of her, shuddering with emotion.

They made love several times that night, Hermione finally making Severus stop because he needed his strength for tomorrow.

"You will always be my only weakness," the wizard replied, pulling her close and closing his eyes.

Hermione lay against the Potions Master's chest, listening to his heart.

It just had to keep beating.

Severus just had to come back.

The next morning, Andreas, Jasmine and Mathias were making their way outside to get in their daily training when Severus stopped them.

"Good morning," he said to the trio, who returned his greeting.

"You're up early, dad," Mathias observed.

"Yes I am," Severus said. "I wanted to see the sunrise. And to catch Miss Malfoy."

His black eyes shifted to the witch.

"May I have a moment of your time, Jasmine?"

This was the first time the Professor had ever called her by her given name. Jasmine looked at Mathias and Andreas, then at Severus.

"Yes sir," she said, following him into his Head of House office.

Andreas and Mathias stood there until Severus stuck his head back out.

"You two go ahead. Jasmine will join you shortly," he said to the boys.

Andreas began walking to the common room exit, but Mathias held back a bit, craning his neck as he walked past the office.

"Come on. Your father has business with the witch. She will be fine," Andreas said.

Mathias sped up until he caught up with Andreas.

"How was last night?" Andreas asked Mathias.

"Good," the wizard replied shortly, throbbing slightly as he remembered taking Jasmine. He didn't say anything more however. He felt what happened should remain between he and the witch.

Andreas nodded.

"I hope my night with Dana will be 'good' too," the wizard said as they turned into the main hall and walked out on to the grounds of Hogwarts.

Jasmine joined them about forty-five minutes later and immediately began her warm-ups. Mathias looked at her, and his belly tightened. But the witch had shown no difference toward him when they met up this morning. She acted as if nothing had happened between them…so he followed suit, not wanting to appear like some kind of fawning git. It had happened…now it was over. Still, he was curious as to what his father wanted and walked over to the witch, watching her bend her body limberly. When she straightened, he moved in.

"So, what did my father want, Jasmine?" Mathias asked.

"It's something between he and I, Mathias. I don't want to talk about it," she responded, twisting her body back and forth.

This was one of the rare times Mathias used legilimency on Jasmine. Too much was at stake for secrets now…but he found he couldn't penetrate her mind. The witch was too full of emotion. No matter how calm she appeared on the outside, inwardly she was boiling over. Well, at least she could physically control herself despite her feelings. She would do well tonight.

"All right," he said, walking away then taking off at a jog. Andreas joined him as Jasmine went through her sets.

Her eyes were wet with tears.

Kingsley gave the Order members involved in the assault on Voldemort's stronghold their final instructions. Harry and Ron were among them, the sword of Gryffindor in a scabbard tied around Harry's waist, and Ron with a wicked short sword attached to his fighting robes. Every member was dressed in white, symbolic of the Good.

"You all have your Track-a Ports, your weapons and your partners?" he asked, his deep voice enhanced by the Sonorous charm as he addressed the contingent of fifteen hundred Order members.

They all murmured agreement, Ron and Harry looking at each other and clasping hands.

"Fine. Between seven and seven-thirty tonight, Order member Severus Snape will face and distract Lord Voldemort so the protective wards around his fortress will drop. When that occurs, the green light on top of the Track-a-Port will begin blinking, indicating the destination is available because it will be able to read Severus. Press the blue button and you will be transported. Keep your arms linked as you transport. We don't want anyone left behind who doesn't have a Track-a-port. We need each and every one of you."

Kingsley's brown eyes swept the group.

"Remember, this is a physical attack, not a magical one. Albus will do his best to occupy Voldemort to the point our numbers can physically overpower him. You are to take him out with extreme malice. The more pieces he's cut into, the better."

The wizards and witches all cheered. They would do their best.

At five o'clock, Severus arrived at Order headquarters, collected what he needed and left, heading back to Hogwarts.

At five thirty, Mathias and Andreas arrived at Jasmine's room. They went over the scenario a final time. By six-fifteen they were ready.

At six-thirty, Draco arrived at Hogwarts to retrieve his daughter. He felt cold inside at the thought of delivering her to Voldemort for deflowering, but it couldn't be helped. He entered Slytherin house and walked directly to her room. He knocked.

"Jasmine, it's time," her father said.

Jasmine opened the door and looked at her father with empty eyes. She was dressed in her Slytherin dress robes, her hair brushed out and wore a little makeup. Draco looked her over. She was so beautiful his heart ached. He steeled himself.

"You are wearing the nightie only beneath your robes?" he asked her.

Jasmine nodded.

"Then we'd better go," Draco said, offering his daughter his arm.

She didn't take it. He couldn't blame her.

They walked through Hogwarts silently, out on to the grounds and through the gates. Draco could have unwarded the gates as easily as Severus, but the Dark Lord wanted this final proof of the Potions Master's loyalty.

Draco placed his arm through Jasmine's. She was stiff and silent.

"The Dark Lord is going to look much different than he did at the party, Jasmine. But despite his appearance, he is a man. You must not flinch or show any reluctance towards him. He is very sensitive about his appearance, and there have been stories about how brutal he is to women who show disgust. So you have to be strong, Jasmine," Draco said softly. "You'll get through this."

"If I do, it will be no thanks to you, father," she said quietly, not looking at him.

Draco's eyes swept over her as his heart clutched in his chest. Jasmine had no idea how giving her to the Dark Lord tore at his soul. But it was a matter of survival.

They disapparated.

Jasmine and Draco appeared in the throne room, both immediately dropping to one knee and bowing their heads before the throne.

Voldemort sat there, resplendent in golden robes. His red eyes glittered at the sight of Jasmine.

"Arise and approach the throne, Consort," the wizard lisped.

Jasmine rose. Careful to keep her eyes lowered, she approached the wizard's throne.

"Look at me," Voldemort hissed.

Jasmine raised her eyes and looked upon Voldemort. Her insides clutched as she looked at the bald, scaly wizard. No beautiful robes could hide his hideousness, his horrible red eyes washing over her.

Voldemort's tool snaked lustfully as he met Jasmine's ice-blue eyes and swept over her robes. She didn't react to his appearance. Good. He would have been very displeased if she had. He looked at Draco.

"Return to the troops, Draco. You have done well," he said.

"Yes, my Lord," Draco replied, his eyes still on the floor.

The wizard hesitated, then disapparated.

Voldemort looked at Jasmine, then rose and approached her. Jasmine stood her ground, but lowered her eyes again. She didn't want to look at him. She felt his finger under her chin and lifted her face to his.

"Are you afraid, Jasmine Malfoy?" he asked her, his red eyes glistening.

"Yes," Jasmine said in a low voice.

Voldemort chuckled.

"It's good that you don't attempt to lie to me, Jasmine. Come," he said, grasping her hand in his elegant, scaly cold one. It was all Jasmine could do to keep from recoiling.

"Let us go to my bedchamber," the wizard said, leading her from the throne room.

There were no deatheaters in evidence, all of them being deployed and disillusioned in various areas of the wizarding world.

Voldemort looked back at the witch. She was Draco's daughter. He had never properly paid Draco back for his incompetence.

He was going to love punishing her. He sped up.

Severus stood in his bedroom, looking at the clock. It read seven-ten. He looked at his companion.

"Let's go," he said, disapparating.

Severus appeared in the empty throne room.

He looked around. There were no deatheaters in sight. They were all deployed. The Dark Lord must be with Jasmine. The wizard reached into his pocket and pulled out a Track-a-port, and stared at it, unmoving. It wasn't yet time.

Voldemort led Jasmine into his bedchambers. There were black velvet wall curtains covering the stone, a large black wardrobe against one wall, and a huge four-poster bed with ornately carved head and end boards. The wizard let go of her hand.

"I am not a patient man, Jasmine Malfoy. You will most likely be the last piece I get for some time. Reveal yourself to me," he hissed at the witch, his eyes focused on her robes.

Jasmine slipped off her shoes and began to unbutton her robes, the dark wizard beginning to breathe heavily, making her blood run cold. She opened her robes and slid them off her shoulders, revealing the sheer green nightie. It did nothing to hide her body.

"Yessss," Voldemort said, starting to unbutton his own robes. Then he stopped, his eyes narrowing. "What are you wearing on your wrists?"

"Bracelets, my Lord," Jasmine said, holding out her arms. A bracelet made of ivory graced one wrist and one of onyx the other.

"You were to come to me unadorned!" the wizard seethed, snatching the bracelets off her wrists and flinging them into the corner.

"I'm sorry my Lord," Jasmine said in a low voice. "I just didn't want to be plain for you."

Voldemort calmed down. He hated disobedience.

"Plain is how I want you, witch," he hissed.

His forked tongue flickered out and it was all Jasmine could do to keep from screaming in shock and horror. Gods, she didn't want him to touch her.

"Have you saved yourself for me, witch?" the Dark Lord asked her.

This was it.

Jasmine didn't answer him, but dropped her head. Voldemort scowled at receiving no answer.

"Jasmine, has anyone touched you? Have you been touched?" the wizard asked, his voice going higher as the girl wouldn't look at him.

"I'm not a virgin, my Lord. I was seduced. I'm sorry my Lord," Jasmine said, meeting his eyes rather defiantly, despite her apology.

"What? You are not a virgin? You whore!" Voldemort screamed, backhanding the witch and knocking her to the floor, blood flying from her mouth.

At that moment, the two bracelets on the floor flashed and transformed into Mathias and Andreas both with wands in hand. The two wizards quickly cast two powerful dampening spells with their signatures attached before Voldemort could react. Andreas held a flask and a machete in one hand. He set the flask on the floor, and gripped his machete, his dark eyes full of hate as he eyed the Dark Lord.

"What is this treachery?" Voldemort yelled at Jasmine before facing the two boys. "No matter. You both die now!"

Voldemort thrust his palms forward, but only a very weak pulse emitted. The dampening spell stopped his magic.

Andreas and Mathias both charged the wizard with blood curdling yells, Andreas hefting the machete high, intending on cutting the wizard in half. Mathias was intending to tackle him.

What no one realized was that Voldemort was a skilled fighter. The ROR did not show this because it had no point of reference. The wizard slipped Andreas' blow, catching his wrist and painfully crushing it so the wizard dropped the blade, then hitting him with a crushing blow in the face, knocking him back, then spinning like a matador, Mathias flying past him. The machete slid under the bed out of reach.

"You young pups are no match for me," the wizard hissed, attacking Andreas with a series of kicks and blows, driving him back as Mathias recovered and charged him from behind, grasping the wizard around his throat. Voldemort threw him over his shoulder into Andreas, sending both boys crashing into the wall and laughing as they quickly regrouped.

"I'm going to beat you both to death," he said advancing.

Jasmine suddenly leaped on the wizard's back, desperately hanging on and trying to drag him backwards. The witch's sudden weight threw the Dark Lord off balance and Andreas and Mathias charged, slamming into the wizard and taking him down. Now all three wrestled desperately with the wizard. Andreas screamed at Jasmine.

"Get the flask! We can hold him! Get the flask, Jasmine!"

Jasmine untangled herself and gave the Dark Lord a good kick in the head before running for the flask and grabbing it.

"Now Mathias!" Andreas cried, hanging on to the Dark Lord for dear life.

Both of his arms wrapped around Voldemort's throat, Mathias suddenly slumped. Then Voldemort stretched out his hand.

"Open the flask and give it to him, Jasmine!" Andreas cried.

The witch pulled the stopper out of the flask and handed it to the wizard. He seemed to struggle but brought the flask to his lips and drank the contents down. Andreas released Voldemort and he fell back against Mathias, who was unconscious.

The Dark Lord panicked. He couldn't move and he wasn't alone. Something had forced him to drink whatever was in that flask.

Andreas stood up and pulled Mathias from under the wizard and off to the side.

"What's wrong with Mathias?" Jasmine asked, kneeling over the wizard.

"He's gone on a journey with the Dark Lord," Andreas said, retrieving his machete from under the bed and purposely walking towards the Dark Lord's prone body. He straddled it.

"Jasmine, I suggest you turn away. I must make sure the Dark Lord has no body to return to," he said soberly. He lifted his blade high.

Jasmine turned her head just as Andreas brought the blade down viciously.

Severus saw the button turn blue, and pressed it. Instantly he and his companion port keyed to Jasmine's side, just in time to witness Andreas decapitate the Dark Lord. Black blood poured from the severed neck. Severus looked down at the Dark Lord as Andreas lifted his machete again and began to quarter him, his dark eyes glinting as he cut through bone and sinew.

In the throne room, the Order members appeared, Albus at the head, ready to flow over the Dark Lord. But he was nowhere to be seen. Neither was Severus.

"Where are they?" Albus muttered as the Order members looked about in confusion.

Severus suddenly let out a howl and grasped his mark. It was burning worse than it ever had. He fell to his knees, roaring as the mark glowed, then flashed. It vanished.

All around the wizarding world, people with the mark, both deatheater and DKV member were suffering similarly as the mark heated up, burned, flashed and disappeared. All of the waiting ranks collapsed howling, Draco among them. When he recovered, he quickly apparated to Voldemort's throne room, arriving in the midst of the Order members, who grabbed him.

"Where's Jasmine?" he cried.

Andreas finished hacking up Voldemort's body, sweat pouring from him. Mathias lay with his head resting on Jasmine's thighs. The witch kept her face turned away from the carnage.

Finished, Andreas stepped back from his handiwork and wiped his brow. He looked at Severus' companion.

"He's all yours, Gabby," the wizard said. "He is the reason your mistress is dead. Have your revenge."

The weredog walked forward, sniffed the remains, flicked his ears forward, then started eating. He was ravenous.

Mathias' eyes fluttered, then opened. He looked up at Jasmine.

"Did it work? Did we kill him?" he asked the witch.

"Yes, Mathias…he's gone," Jasmine said softly. "Voldemort is gone."

Mathias sat up and looked at Gabby, busily consuming what used to be Lord Voldemort. Then he looked up at his father.

"We did it, dad. Everyone is safe now," he said.

Severus nodded.

"Yes, son. You, Andreas and Jasmine did it. You're heroes," he said quietly.

Suddenly there was a loud battering on the door.

"Boys, take off your dampening spell," the Potions Master said to the wizards. Andreas retrieved his and Mathias' wand, and stepping over the blood gingerly, handed Mathias' his. Both wizards removed their spells, then Severus pointed his own wand at the door, opening it. Albus, Draco, Harry, Ron and other Order members spilled into the room

They all stared at the weredog as he mouthed Voldemort's head playfully. He had consumed everything else, licked up all the blood and was now tossing the wizard's head up like a ball, his huge tail flailing back and forth in pleasure. It was quite a grisly scene actually.

Albus looked at Severus.

"Seems we were a bit late," he said to the wizard. "But you did it, Severus."

Mathias quickly retrieved Jasmine's robes and covered the witch with them. The Potions Master shook his head in negation.

"Voldemort was already taken down when I arrived by Andreas, Mathias and Jasmine. I just brought the cleanup," the wizard replied, looking at Gabby, who was rolling all over Voldemort's head, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth.

Everyone's eyes widened at this, looking at Andreas' blood splattered wife beater and Mathias' bruises.

"I don't bloody believe it," Ron said shaking his head in awe.

"Well believe it, Mr. Weasley. These young Slytherins did what we could not," the Potions Master said, looking at all of them with pride.

They were all from his house. He had bragging rights for the rest of his life as far as the other Heads of Houses were concerned. Gryffindor had fallen as the house of heroes. Slytherin now had that claim to fame, and always would.

Jasmine buttoned her robes and walked over to pick up her shoes. Draco stared at her.

"Jasmine…are you all right?" he asked her.

"I'm fine, father," she said coldly.

Draco's eyes shifted to the head that Gabby was knocking about with his paws.

"I'm free," the wizard thought. "At last, I'm free of him."

Well, technically Draco was free…of Voldemort at least. Whether he would be free of Azkaban was another story.

Severus gathered his Slytherins together, spreading his arms to surround them.

"I believe I will take our heroes back to Hogwarts. They've been through enough tonight," he said, herding them toward the door.

The ranks of the Order parted to let them through. A small shout sounded, then suddenly the entire contingent began cheering for the youngsters as they passed through, patting their shoulders and congratulating them. Severus did his best to prevent the happy wizards and witches from closing over them. Finally he got to a free area in the throne room and disapparated with the three.

Albus looked down at Gabby, who had backed into a corner, Voldemort's head tucked between his paws protectively. He growled.

"Anyone care to try to get that?" Albus asked the Order members.

They all murmured in negation as the weredog's yellow eyes swept over them.

Albus shrugged. He wasn't about to hex Gabby. He had served the wizarding world well. There was no hope of Voldemort reviving after being 'processed' through the weredog's system.

They'd just have to wait until Gabby tired of his toy.

Mathias clung to Voldemort's soul as they began their journey back through his life. It was much different than Mathias' own journey had been. Instead of images on a black background, a deep crimson color surrounded them on all sides and screams reverberated all around them. Images of wizards and wizards being tortured and murdered swirled around them. Every image seemed to be based on pain and bloodshed.

Mathias saw his father for a moment swinging in manacles, a wand tapping a forearm and the Dark Mark appearing. Then he saw Harry Potter diving behind a gravestone, and then a dark forest with rats fleeing before them, then a lovely green eyed-woman screaming "not my baby!" then three people in a house, two wizards and a witch being enveloped in green light, and an old witch falling, blood flowing from her head, then a place with a lot of taunting children, then a dark-haired woman, very large, looking down at them, then flopping back, dead. Then came the pressure as they re-entered the womb.

Mathias could feel the fear radiating off Voldemort as they moved toward the plain, the cities of the world rising and falling until they came to the creation of the world, and then the nothingness, and the crimson and inky black sky that signaled they had arrived at the plain of the Dark Soul of the World. Both Mathias and Voldemort floated down, landing on the plain, the mountains in the distance. Mathias looked over at the naked wizard.

Voldemort looked nothing like he did in the bedroom chambers. He looked like an ordinary wizard, dark-haired and dark eyed. Actually, he looked just like he did when Mathias was evaluated.

"Where am I? What have you done you little bastard?" Tom Riddle said to Mathias.

Above them, two huge red eyes opened in the mass of roiling black clouds.

"I've taken you on a journey. A one-way journey," Mathias said, backing up from the wizard in case he attacked him. Tom thrust his hands at the young wizard, but nothing happened.

"Magic doesn't work here," Mathias said.

"Where is here? What is this cursed place?" the wizard demanded. He looked down at himself for a moment. "What is this? Why do I look like this?"

Because your soul, black as it is, hasn't changed. It does not reflect the monster you've become, Tom Riddle

Voldemort whirled as the deep, silken voice of the Dark Soul answered him.

"Who addresses me in such a manner? My name is Lord Voldemort!" the wizard seethed, "The most powerful wizard in the wizarding world!"

The Dark Soul chuckled.

No longer. You are dog food now. Or soon will be.

"How dare you! Show yourself!" Tom spat.

Look up, proud wizard. Look up and see the Master of your Soul.

Tom looked up and blanched at the red eyes focused on him. Then he regrouped.

"A drifting wad of black cloud claims to be my master? Even a wind could scatter you!" the wizard hissed. He turned to Mathias.

"Get me out of here, you little fuck, or I'll tear your head off!" he threatened the boy.

Suddenly a fork of lightning blasted a crater by Tom's feet. He jumped and looked up at the sky. The black cloud was rolling angrily, the eyes narrowed.

You dare insult and defy the Dark Soul of the World, wizard?

Tom looked up at the cloud nervously now.

The Dark Soul addressed Mathias.

You and your brother have come very close to me this day, Mathias Snape. Even now Andreas does a dark deed that stains his soul. The only thing that saves him is the one he destroys is much more evil, and his departure from the world balances the boy towards good. Again he escapes me. But I will keep this one. You may return, Mathias Snape, but I will be waiting for you to fall to me. You are dark. You can do great evil.

Mathias looked up at the Dark Soul.

"Don't count on it," he replied, feeling himself lightening and lifting off the plain. "I plan to give evil a wide berth from now on."

"Wait!" Tom cried, rushing forward and trying to grab Mathias by his ankle, but he was insubstantial, and the wizard's hand passed right through. "Take me with you!"

"You're home, Voldemort. Right where you belong," Mathias called down to him. Then the boy disappeared.

"Nooooo!" Tom cried extending his arms toward where the boy disappeared. "Don't leave me in this desolate place!"

It is not completely desolate Tom Riddle. You have created quite a city here. Here comes one of its citizens now.

The red eyes shifted toward the mountains. A lone figure was walking towards Voldemort, covering ground quickly though jerkily.

"Who is that?" he asked, fear rising like bile in his throat.

The woman walked forward, stopping a few feet from him, her face in shadow.

"You remember me Tom?" the woman said in an ancient voice.

"No, I don't know you," Tom replied.

"You should know me. You met me when you worked at Borgin and Burke's in Knockturn Alley, and murdered me for a relic of Helga Hufflepuff's and the heavy gold Slytherin locket that once belonged to your mother. Then you pinned my murder on my poor faithful house elf, Hokey. I was your first victim," the witch hissed, stepping forward, her wrinkled face contorted with hatred and her eyes glowing redly. "And I am only one of the residents of the 'City of the Dead' you created."

Her gnarled hands were like claws, with long sharp nails and when she smiled at him, Tom saw with horror that her mouth was filled with pointed teeth. He backed away from her.

"Get away from me!" he cried.

The Dark Soul chuckled.

More come to greet you, Tom Riddle.

Suddenly Tom saw a crowd of people walking, limping and even crawling towards him. All the wizards, witches, muggles and children he had ever murdered. James and Lily Potter were in the lead, their faces contorted and red eyes glowing. His father, grandfather and grandmother who he had murdered at the Riddle House walked toward him stiffly. There were hundreds. Thousands. All moving toward him, all coming to claim their revenge.

"No!" Tom screamed. He fled, the red eyes of the Dark Soul upon him. Suddenly he ran into a wall of stone and fell back. The wizard stood up and found he was in a cul-de-sac of stone…his victims crowding through the neck of it. He had nowhere to go.

"Mercy!" he screamed up at the silent cloud.

Mercy is only for the merciful Tom Riddle. You will relive every torment, be torn apart again and again, scourged and beaten, the pain a thousand-fold stronger than that you inflicted. There is no Death here. Your cries will be my music for an eternity. There is no reward for evil but evil, Tom Riddle…and you have an endless treasure trove to explore.

Tom Riddle backed against the wall as the first wave of his victims reached out for him. He fought frantically as they pulled him into their midst, smelling of death, tearing at his flesh and cursing his very soul. They closed over the screaming wizard, their bodies churning.

Above it all, the Dark Soul watched silently. The pain, fear and horror of suffering wizard would be a source of strength forever.

Back in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, Hermione counted heads from a list provided of the students that remained. Jasmine Malfoy had been picked up by her father, but the witch noted that neither Mathias nor Andreas were present.

"Where are they?" she said to herself looking at the clock.

All of the staff was in the Great Hall as well to protect the students and Hogwarts proper if it came to that. Hermione's brow wrinkled. Minerva saw the distressed look on the witch's face and walked over to her.

"What's wrong, Hermione?" she asked the witch.

"My son and his friend aren't here, and the doors are about to lock," Hermione said anxiously. "Maybe I should go look for them."

"No, you have to stay here to protect the students, Hermione. I know Mathias is your son, but you can't abandon all the students we have here in search of one. Besides, when the castle locks down, everything locks down. Even if Mathias and his friend don't make it to the Great Hall, they will be protected. And they are far from babies," Minerva said with a scowl. They'd been hexing Gryffindors effectively for years.

"Still, I wonder where they are. They know they're supposed to be here. They don't have to worry about the Dark Lord's forces. I'm going to kill both of them," she said frowning darkly as she looked at the open doors of the Great Hall. Suddenly they slammed shut. Shutters formed over the windows, and the illusion of sky above the hall phased out into stone.

"Well, we are locked down. Not a single door in Hogwarts will open until the threat is past," Minerva said.

She looked at Hermione.

"Don't worry. Those boys are fine. They won't find any devilment to do while Hogwarts is in defensive mode. So come along Hermione. We are going to play some games to keep the students occupied," Minerva said, turning and walking toward one of the long tables. There were about two hundred students, and they all looked very disconcerted. They hadn't been told why they were in the Great Hall.

Dana Jackson looked around for Andreas and didn't see him. Then she looked for his shadow, Mathias…but he was nowhere to be seen either. Her brow furrowed. Andreas wouldn't have missed an opportunity to spend time with her unless something more important was happening with him.

Dana felt a pulse of fear as she remembered him telling her he was going to kill the Dark Lord. No one told her the reason they were sequestered in the Great Hall…but the witch saw the doors lock, and noticed how nervous the teachers were, though they tried to hide it. They all were in danger, and she was sure it had something to do with Voldemort.

Suddenly, she began to believe what Andreas had said to her. He was a very powerful wizard for his age both physically and magically. He knew how to use weapons as well as a wand. Andreas was also very brave. He made six Gryffindors back down one day without even drawing his wand.

It kind of turned her on to have a wizard like him wanting her out of all the witches at Hogwarts. A lot of them would shag him. She had heard it for herself when he would walk by and didn't see her. A lot of commentary would follow him such as, "Gods, he's gorgeous," or "I've got a craving for chocolate."

If he and Mathias had gone after Voldemort, what if they were killed? Dana blinked back the tears in her eyes. Maybe she should have shagged Andreas. She might not get the chance now, and she really did like the wizard enough to be intimate with him. Dana didn't love him but she would still enjoy having sex with him, she was sure.

Gods, wherever the wizard was, she hoped he was safe.

About forty-five minutes later, the doors of the Great Hall suddenly opened, the shutters disappeared, and the illusioned ceiling reappeared, stars glistening brightly in the winter sky.

"It's over already?" Minerva said, clapping her hands together.

Suddenly a shrill scream filled the hall as Poppy fell to the floor, gripping her forearm and shrieking in pain as her mark burned her. Hermione and the other staff members ran to the witch, the students looking on wide-eyed. Presently the witch stopped screaming and pulled up her sleeve.

"It's gone," she panted. "The Dark Mark is gone."

Hermione examined her arm. Indeed, the flesh was smooth and unmarked, as if it had never been there. She knew at that moment, Voldemort was dead. But what about Severus? Had he survived or had he made the ultimate sacrifice for the wizarding world? The witch's stomach clinched as she thought of Severus gone…out of her life. What would she do? No other wizard could replace him in her heart.

She blinked back tears as the staff all hugged each other and the students, who had no idea what was going on until Flitwick shouted, "The Dark Lord is dead!"

Then the students cheered and enthusiastically returned the teacher's hugs. Voldemort was like the muggle boogeyman, something lurking in the dark just beyond where he could be seen. His being dead was a real cause for celebration.

Voldemort's ranks rose from the ground, pulling back their sleeves and seeing the Dark Mark was gone. They weren't sure what had happened, but they all knew the Dark Lord couldn't summon them anymore.

"Fuck this. I'm getting out of here," one deatheater said, pulling off his mask, tossing it to the ground and instantly disapparating. He didn't want to be a peacekeeper. He was only here because Voldemort could kill him. Without the mark the wizard wouldn't be able to find him. He was out of there.

He wasn't alone either. As soon as they realized they no longer held the mark, the deatheaters all headed for home, leaving their masks behind. In essence, they were deserting…all five thousand of them. These were inner circle, original deatheaters, who knew what an insane despot Voldemort was. He had been killing them indiscriminately for years. Out of five thousand deatheaters, not a single one returned to the fortress to see if their leader was all right.

If he wasn't, so much the better.

The next morning found numerous wizarding children running around the streets of cities, villages and towns, wearing half-skull masks they found in piles, just waiting to be played with.

Their parents were less than thrilled.

Hermione was standing in the middle of the aisle of the Great Hall, tears dripping from her eyes when Severus entered with Mathias, Andreas and Jasmine. She wasn't facing the door. Severus could tell by her body language that she was crying and strode past the trio and up behind the witch. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and held it over her shoulder.

"You look like you could use this, witch," he said silkily.

At the sound of his voice Hermione turned and looked up at him with startled eyes.

"Severus?" she said, stunned for a moment.

He gave her a slight bow.

"The one and only," he replied with a smirk.

Hermione let out a scream and launched herself at the wizard, leaping on him and wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and kissing him deeply. The whole hall went silent in amazement as the pretty witch kissed the meanest, coldest, snarkiest Professor in the history of Hogwarts…and what was worse…he was kissing her back. And he seemed to be a decent kisser.

Little cries of "ugh" and "gross" went up around the room as the couple continued to kiss, quite passionately. Finally Mathias walked up and tugged on his father's robes. Severus pulled away from Hermione's mouth and scowled down at his son.

"What?" he asked snarkily.

"Uh, dad…you might want to take this to your rooms unless you want every student in Hogwarts spilling their guts on the floor," Mathias said, smirking at him.

Severus looked around, unwrapped Hermione from around him and set her on the floor a bit gingerly. Then he scowled blackly at everyone and said, "Haven't you people ever seen a kiss before?"

The scowl wasn't half as effective as it could have been, because the wizard was rather red in the face. He grabbed Hermione by the hand and strode out of the Great Hall, the witch almost running to keep up with him.

Dana walked up to Andreas, her brown eyes taking in all the dried blood on his shirt. She looked up at him.

"You did it, didn't you Andreas? You killed the Dark Lord," she whispered up at him.

Andreas nodded.

"Not me alone, but yes…our plan worked. He is very, very dead," the wizard replied, looking down at her. "And you know what that means, Dana."

She gave him a shy smile.

"Yes, Andreas. I know what that means," she replied.

He nodded.

"Good. Meet me at the room of requirement just before curfew tomorrow night. You need wear nothing but your robes," he said, his dark eyes glittering at her.

"All right," she said softly.

Andreas leaned down and kissed her gently on the mouth. The witches watching them swooned. He pulled away from Dana, who seemed frozen in place, her lips still puckered.

"That should hold you until tomorrow night," Andreas said, "I must go and wash the blood from my body."

Dana watched as he turned and headed for the open doors. Andreas stopped by Jasmine and Mathias.

"This will be the last quiet night. Tomorrow we will be famous," he said. "Things will be much different."

Mathias nodded and looked at Jasmine.

"The last quiet night," he said to her, hoping she would come to his room. She still had on that green nightie under her robes.

"Well, I intend to take full advantage of it and get some sleep," she replied.

The look in Mathias' eyes told her the wizard was disappointed. Andreas knew they needed a moment and walked out of the door, heading for Slytherin house. Jasmine and Mathias slowly followed him, hanging back.

When they entered the main hall, Mathias looked at Jasmine.

"Don't you want to come to my room, Jasmine? We could…" he said to the witch.

Jasmine shook her head.

"What we did last night, Mathias…we did for a reason. We didn't make a commitment to each other…we shared an intimate moment, and I did it out of hope of saving your and Andreas' lives. It worked. Losing my virginity enraged Voldemort enough for you to safely transform and cast your spells. That's why I did it, Mathias. We aren't a couple," she said gently.

Mathias looked at her.

"But you like me Jasmine…I know you do," he said. "I've known for a while now…and last night, I could feel it inside you. Hear it in your voice. I saw it in your eyes."

"But like isn't love, Mathias. When I was listening to my father, I knew he wanted me to use sex to advance our cause…but now that I'm thinking for myself, I don't want to do that. If I have sex with someone, it will be because I love him, and no other reason," she said.

"And as much as I care about you, Mathias…I don't love you. So the answer is no, I won't come to your room with you. What we did, I liked it…I really did. You made losing my virginity enjoyable and I will never forget what we shared. But the next time I am with a wizard, I want to be head over heels in love with him. You can understand that, can't you Mathias?" Jasmine asked him.

Mathias' chest felt very tight.

"Yes…yes, I understand that Jasmine," he said quietly.

"But I will always be your friend, Mathias…until the day I'm buried, I will always love you as a friend," the witch said.

She kissed him on the cheek.

"I guess friends will have to do then," the wizard said resignedly. Then he looked at her, perking up a bit.

"How about friends with privileges?"

Jasmine scowled at him.

"No! You get no privileges other than the ones you already have," she said.

Mathias shrugged.

"You can't blame a wizard for trying," he replied smirking at her.

Mathias had enjoyed shagging Jasmine, but she made it clear it was a one-time occurrence. He didn't love her either, at least not as a girlfriend. But he wouldn't have minded regular sex with her.

Mathias sighed as he and Jasmine headed for Slytherin house.

Oh well, there were plenty of other witches at Hogwarts, and by the time this hero thing got around, Mathias was sure he'd have his pick of them.

"Severus! Slow down!" Hermione panted as the Potions Master pulled her along behind him.

The wizard seemed to suddenly realize he was dragging the witch behind him, and stopped. Hermione took a few deep breaths, then looked up at him. Severus was scowling at her.

"What?" she asked him, frowning back.

"Did you have to put on that…that…display in front of the entire school?" he asked her imperiously.

Hermione snatched her hand out of his.

"Well, forgive me for being happy that you're alive," she responded.

"Being happy to see me is one thing, Hermione, but to latch on to me like the Giant Squid and attach your lips to mine as if they were suckers was out of line," he said.

Now Hermione really frowned.

"You were doing quite a bit of sucking yourself, Severus Snape," she seethed at him.

"Purely a physical reaction," he replied, starting to walk again, "a reaction that you caused, I may add."

"You can be a real ass sometimes, you know that Severus?" Hermione said as she followed him. "You come back from the brink of death, then gripe about me kissing you in public…while completely ignoring the fact you were kissing me back."

Severus spun on her.

"Did you just call me an ass?" he asked her, his dark eyes glittering.

"I certainly did," Hermione replied, refusing to be cowed by the wizard.

Severus' eyes swept over her.

"Let's go to my rooms and 'discuss' this properly," he said evenly, catching the witch by the hand again. He didn't walk as fast this time.

After a few moments silence, Hermione asked, "So who killed Voldemort? Was it you or Albus or the Order members?"

"We'll talk about it after you've given me a bit of 'welcome home' sex," the Potions Master said.

He didn't want to tell her about Mathias' huge role in killing the Dark Lord until after he took her. If he told her before hand, she might not let him dip his wand. And his wand was quite ready for dipping. Voldemort's death was a great aphrodisiac. Finally, he was his own man again, bound neither to Albus or Voldemort. A celebratory free-man fuck was definitely in order. He didn't want anything ruining it.

Hermione had other ideas, however.

"No. It's exciting. Tell me now, Severus," she said as they stopped in front of his office door.

Severus quickly unwarded it, opened the door and unceremoniously pushed Hermione through, following her and closing the door behind them, rewarding it. He then opened the study wall and pushed Hermione through as well.

Hermione whirled on him.

"Stop pushing me!" she said to him. Severus scowled at her.

"I'll be doing more than pushing you, witch," he said pulling out his wand.

Hermione tried to dodge his spell but he got her anyway.

"Divesto!" he cried.

Hermione was instantly naked.

"I'm not doing anything with you until you tell me what happened, Severus!" she declared, running over to the fireplace, one of the armchairs between them.

Severus smirked and divestoed his own clothes. He was naked and erect, his black eyes glittering. He loved a good chase.

"You think that do you?" he asked the witch, stalking her.

"You…you stay away from me, Severus. I'm not willing," she said, scooting to the other side of the chair.

"You're always willing, witch, once I get my hands on you," he replied silkily.

He feinted at her, and Hermione shrieked and ran toward the sofa. Severus hopped over the small table between the two armchairs and blocked her way, grinning lasciviously as she ran back for the armchairs.

Hermione running around with her breasts bouncing and buttocks shifting wasn't doing a thing to cool the wizard's ardor. He took off after her at quarter speed, pursuing her around the study, close to the walls, his black eyes locked on her body, a smile on his face as Hermione screamed and fled, her hair bouncing. She ran into the bedroom and slammed the door.

Severus stopped chasing her and shook his head. Definitely a tactical error on her part. He walked over to the sofa and picked up his wand, then walked over to the bedroom door and leaned against it. He knew Hermione was on the other side, probably holding it with her hands since her wand was out here with her clothing, neatly lying beside the folded fabric on top of his writing desk.

"Hermione, do you really think you can keep me out of my own bedroom?" he purred against the door.

Hermione was right where he knew she was. She held both hands tightly against the door, and didn't reply.

"Hermione, I've just faced death. Do you think it's fair to want idle chitchat when what I need now is a life-affirming experience to cement my survival in my mind?" he said silkily. "I'll tell you what you want to know after my continued existence has been…confirmed. Now be a good little witch and let your randy Potions Master in."

Hermione scowled at the door.

"I love youuuu," the Potions Master sang.

Hermione flung the door open furiously.

"How dare you! How dare you just…just…throw those words around to get sex! And after I waited so long to hear them! You're just…just…"she yelled at the wizard

"A Slytherin?" Severus finished for her, stepping through the door.

"Yes!" she spat.

Severus closed the door behind him and warded it securely, then he looked at Hermione.

"Hermione, those three little words have been used to access pussy from the time men and women were first created. That I use them to my own benefit should come as no surprise, witch," he said in a low voice as he advanced on her. He grabbed Hermione and pulled her tight against his body.

"Besides witch, in your case…those words are true," he said, kissing her hungrily.

Hermione went stiff for a moment, then melted against the wizard, returning his kiss.

He did love her. And really, that was all that mattered.

Severus backed her up towards the bed, stopping when the back of her knees hit the mattress. He pulled back from her mouth.

"I'll be right back," he said, removing her arms from around his neck and walking into the bathroom. Hermione watched him walk away, her eyes resting on his pale, muscular buttocks. She let out a long shuddering sigh.

Gods, Severus was so infuriating, but so, so, sexy. After five years, he still made her belly do flip-flops.

The Potions Master placed his wand down on the vanity, then opened the vanity cabinet and located his salve. Taking the jar out, he opened it, and liberally greased his erection. He washed his hands, picked up his wand and returned to the bedroom. He looked at Hermione.

"Turn around," he hissed, his eyes glinting at her.

Hermione looked up at him, completely unaware of his glistening organ. Thinking he wanted to take her from the back, the witch turned, heat rising in her belly as desire flooded her. She gasped as she felt the tip of the wizard's wand touch her rectum. He murmured a spell to scourgify and lubricate her. Hermione started as she felt the familiar bubbling inside her.

"Severus," she said, attempting to turn back around, but the wizard dropped his wand and grabbed her so she couldn't turn and bent her over the bed. He positioned himself against her little puckerhole.

"Blame yourself witch, " he hissed as he positioned himself. "Calling me an ass made me want yours."

He gripped Hermione tightly around her waist, pulling her back as he thrust, Hermione gasping as he penetrated her. The beginning was always a bit rough on her, but she could take him. The Potions Master groaned.

"I never get used to this witch. You ares is magnificent," he purred, pushing deeper into Hermione, shuddering as her sphincter muscles seized around him tightly.

He pushed deeper, the witch trembling around him as she cried out, holding herself up over the bed on her hands, her hair falling around her face, her body jerking back and forth rhythmically as the wizard stroked her.

"Yessss," he sighed, pulling her into him, watching his possession. What the wizard loved was how petite the witch was, and how her body still received him…all of him. Watching her take his huge tool was a turn on that never grew old.

Severus placed his hands on both sides of Hermione's hips and pushed her buttocks together tightly over his shaft, increasing his pleasure as he penetrated her, his head falling back as he possessed his lover, sliding through her flesh. Gods, he loved this. Loved her.

Hermione cried out as she felt the wizard filling her over and over. There was no pain now, just his delicious thrust and depth, his voice crooning in pleasure. It was the wizard's silken voice expressing his pleasure, his lust, his satisfaction that moved Hermione, made her want to give him as much pleasure as he could stand. It was only with her that Severus' coldness melted, that his detachment fell in upon itself and he became fire and brimstone and lust and lover.

His possession had always been overpowering, even from the first time, but now…coupled with his love…their connection was earth-shattering. Hermione felt more whole with the wizard than ever before. She hadn't thought it possible.

Severus bent over her back, plunging into the witch deeply, whispering obscenities in her ear as he continued to possess her, growling his love and his lust, letting her know in no uncertain terms that she was the only witch he desired. Driven by the sweetness of his words, and the hunger in his thrusts, Hermione let out a long keen, orgasming, her muscles rippling over the wizard as she climaxed.

Severus groaned and fell still. He would have come if he let himself be lost in Hermione's response. It was a different kind of orgasm. Severus felt Hermione shudder and release, yet he wasn't in the proper place to feel her juices wash over him, but still in a place where he could feel her pleasure wrack her body. He held himself deep inside the witch, hissing as her inner walls pulsed over him. She had a reaction…a reaction he could feel

Severus groaned, allowing himself to feel Hermione let go, then pulling out of her.

"You sweet, sweet witch," he breathed. "Get in the bed."

Hermione climbed into the bed and laid on her back as Severus picked up his wand and scourgified himself, just to be on the safe side. He climbed into the bed then rolled on top of her, settling between the witch's thighs, his dark eyes meeting hers.

"I'm a free man, Hermione Granger," he said to her, "Now in every sense…but you have always made me feel free when you accepted me. You have been my port in the storm that was my life for the past five years."

Severus slid inside the witch with a groan. Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck, arching in reaction as his girth and thickness filled her.

"How did you come to love me so much?" Severus murmured as he began to move gently in the witch. "What did you see in me, witch?"

Hermione moaned with pleasure as Severus buried his length in her over and over, her amber eyes hot and half lidded as she looked up at him, his hair a swinging curtain around his face.

"I don't know, Severus," she whispered, "I only know I love you."

The wizard's heart seemed to tighten in his chest, and he locked his mouth to hers and began to take Hermione harder, driving into her body as if he were trying immerse himself inside her completely, his hips raising high and plunging downward, Hermione crying out against his lips as he rode her.

Hermione felt the bubble of need growing, spreading through her lower region as the wizard pounded her body passionately, his welcome ache lifting her to the heights, her body tightening around him. Severus pulled away from her mouth.

"Together," he panted, raising himself on his hands and slamming into Hermione so she exploded around him, her body arching upward as she flowed, feeling Severus coming with her, his voice gravelly with pleasure as he cried out and pulsed strongly, filling her with his own hot release, then collapsing, his mouth seeking hers hungrily as she ebbed, returning to him.

"Yesss," the wizard sighed, breaking the kiss, burying his nose in Hermione's hair and breathing deeply. He fell still, and presently began to snore, still buried inside her.

Hermione caressed his hair lovingly. Severus didn't often fall right to sleep after sex, but hell…he had a long day.

He never did get a chance to tell her what happened that night.

Hermione found out the next morning via the Daily Prophet, which was left outside Severus' office door since they didn't go to breakfast. The Potions Master was still asleep when she retrieved the paper.

"What?" she exclaimed as her eyes flicked over the headline.

"Three Slytherin Students Slay the Dark Lord!"

Hermione walked back into the bedroom, up to the bed and looked down on the sleeping Potions Master. He wore a peaceful expression as he lay on his stomach, his pale face snuggled into the pillow. He snored lightly.

Hermione watched him sleep for a few moments, then whacked him in the head with the rolled Daily Prophet.

The wizard woke immediately, springing up in the bed. His eyes were bloodshot. He looked at the witch blearily. Hermione was wearing his black housecoat, which was much too long for her, the hem dragging on the floor. It was tightly tied.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, witch?" he seethed at Hermione, rubbing his head. She'd given him a pretty good whack.

Hermione held up the Prophet and let it unroll, showing him the headline.

"Do you mind explaining this?" she asked him, frowning.

Severus' black eyes shifted from left to right as he read the headline. He looked at Hermione, who glared back at him.

"Errr…" he began.

"No wonder you didn't want to tell me about Voldemort last night you sneaky snake!" Hermione yelled at him. "What the hell was Mathias doing at the Dark Lord's fortress?"

Severus rolled out of bed and stood up.

"Killing Voldemort, obviously," he replied walking toward the bathroom.

Hermione turned red as fire at his reply. She listened as he took a long piss, waiting with her hands on her hips for him to finish. The loo flushed and the basin turned on for a moment, then Severus emerged.

"Severus Snape, you tell me what happened, and tell me now," Hermione demanded.

Severus looked at her and walked over to the bed. He sat down on it and patted the space next to him.

"Sit down," he said.

Hermione scowled at him.

"I'd rather stand, thank you," Hermione replied.

Severus looked at her a moment.

"All right. I will give you the short version. Years ago, when Mathias met Andreas and they became friends, Mathias took a spiritual journey in order to acquire the powers of Andreas' people and to become Andreas' spiritual brother. He acquired some powers because of this. Andreas showed him a vision of Voldemort taking over the wizarding world. Thousands of people were slaughtered in the streets and Andreas' own people were eventually slaughtered as well. Andreas wanted to kill Voldemort before this happened, but was forbidden by the elders. So he couldn't kill Voldemort, but he found a loophole. He could help his spiritual brother in any battle."

Hermione scowled darkly at this. Andreas was the one who talked Mathias into this madness. She'd thought him such a nice boy. She should have known better. He was a Slytherin after all. They were all manipulative little buggers.

"So he used Mathias?" she asked Severus, her face terrible.

"No. Mathias received his own vision of both of us being tortured and killed by Voldemort in the future and wanted to keep it from happening," Severus said.

"But how did they know if the visions were true?" Hermione said, "They could have been fantasies, or waking nightmares!"

"They were boys, Hermione. And Andreas does have the gift of precognition. Mathias seems to have it as well, though not to the same degree. They weren't going to chance it. So they began to train to kill Voldemort, learning spells and how to fight…right from Mathias' first year," Severus explained.

Now Hermione sat down on the bed. Her son had planned to kill Voldemort at age eleven, and carried that about with him all these years? Good gods.

"Eventually, Jasmine Malfoy began to train with them, though she had no knowledge of the boys' plans until recently. The boys had planned to go after him after they graduated, but when the DKV was dissolved and Voldemort's plans changed, so did theirs. They found out Jasmine had been chosen to be the Dark Lord's consort. It wasn't supposed to happen until she reached her eighteenth birthday, but the Dark Lord changed his mind and summoned her on New Years Eve. Draco brought her to him," the Potions Master said.

"That still doesn't explain how Mathias and Andreas got into his stronghold," Hermione said, her mind whirling.

"A stroke of genius. They transformed into bracelets and Jasmine wore them to the Dark Lord's bedchambers. Once there, they transformed back, cast dampening spells and overcame the Dark Lord physically, forcing him to drink a potion that paralyzed him. Then Andreas dismembered him and fed his body to Gabby, Rita Skeeter's weredog," Severus explained.

Hermione thought about this. They transformed themselves into inanimate objects? Hmm. She was going to check her lab when she went home. She had a feeling she was missing some charms. And what was this about a weredog?

"How did the weredog get there?" she asked him.

"I brought him. The Dark Lord's body needed to be disposed of in such a way as to render his resurrection impossible," the Potions Master said.

Hermione frowned at the wizard. This was proof of his part in all this.

"Then that means you knew about their plan all along," Hermione said accusingly, "and didn't tell me!"

"I knew about the vision Andreas had, and the boys wanting to kill Voldemort, but that was supposed to happen after they graduated. I only found out about the plan they developed recently when I told Mathias that I was going to face the Dark Lord and probably wouldn't survive. He took me to Order Headquarters…"

Hermione turned three different shades of red at once.

"Order Headquarters? How did they know about that?" Hermione asked him, her eyebrows raised. She was so angry. How could he have hidden all of this from her? Mathias could have been killed.

"They began training with Tonks and Kingsley shortly after telling Dumbledore and I about the vision, and what they hoped to do when they graduated. As I said, it was something a long way off, and I thought training them to fight properly would help them along," the wizard said.

"So you helped them? Instead of telling them they were too young to try such a crazy, dangerous thing as killing the Dark Lord?" Hermione hissed at him.

Severus scowled at her.

"Hermione, neither you or I could've stopped them once they graduated. I would rather see them prepared than to try and kill him on their own without any guidance," the wizard said evenly. "Now, please…let me continue."

Hermione shut up, still scowling.

"Mathias took me to Order Headquarters and let me, Tonks and Kingsley watch them act out their attack on Voldemort with golems in the ROR. They were quite effective. We made an alternate plan. Instead of my distracting Voldemort, they would do it and when the wards came down, I would port key to their side just as the Order arrived. It was my intention to help them, but Andreas was cutting off his head when I arrived. They had already overpowered and killed him."

Severus had purposely left out the part about the Dark Soul of the World and the Iboga potion. That would have been very hard for the witch to absorb. But he had told the story properly as far as he was concerned.

"But why didn't you tell me about this, Severus?" Hermione demanded. She felt betrayed.

"Because, Hermione…you would have interfered, that's why. You would have browbeat the boy and made him lose his focus. He and Andreas worked very hard in their training and with their planning, and it served them well in the end. If you had interfered, more than likely Voldemort would be in power now," Severus said.

"But they are so young, Severus and you let them put themselves in danger," she said.

Severus arched an eyebrow at her.

"I seem to remember another trio that got themselves in one dangerous situation after another. Saving the Philosopher's Stone. Seeking out Basilisks. Facing werewolves, dementors and freeing prisoners. Not to mention battling deatheaters in the Ministry itself," Severus said. "Harry faced off with Voldemort at a younger age than Mathias."

Hermione fell silent. Her parents never knew all the dangers she faced when she was in Hogwarts. They would have never allowed it.

"But they all could have been killed, Severus," she said lamely.

"But they weren't Hermione…and they stopped thousands from being slaughtered as well. They were battling evil, Hermione, an evil that might have killed them anyway if Voldemort came into power. You know what it is to be driven to fight evil. They had a vested interest in seeing the Dark Lord fall, and they killed him. But their method of operation from beginning to end was Slytherin. They wouldn't have told a soul of their plans if they didn't have to. That is the Slytherin way after all. And I too am a Slytherin, so it should come as no surprise that I kept this knowledge to myself. Your knowing wasn't necessary Hermione. It would have been a constant source of worry and driven a wedge between you, our son and me. By not telling you, we were all spared that pain."

Hermione looked at Severus and knew he was right. Her protective instincts would have kicked right in, and she would have tried to sway Mathias from his path at every turn. Things would have gotten ugly. She realized her son was a hero.

Hermione stood up and took off Severus' robes and walked into the bathroom naked. Severus sat there for a moment then called to her.

"What are you doing?" he asked her.

"Taking a shower, then getting dressed. It's going to be a media madhouse around here with Mathias, Andreas and Jasmine at the center of it all. They are going to need some support," she said, turning on the spigot in the shower.

Severus considered this. And something else.

"I'll join you," he purred, rising from the bed and walking into the bathroom, his erection leading the way.

Newspaper reporters and photographers were clamoring at the doors of Hogwarts demanding to see the "Dark Trio" as the papers dubbed Mathias, Andreas and Jasmine a take off the "Golden Trio" of Harry, Ron and Hermione long ago. Up to this point the media had to rely on second hand accounts from Order members. They wanted at the youngsters to hear their side of it. The public had a right to know. Rita Skeeter would have accessed Hogwarts by now, if she had been alive. Her beetle form was perfect for sneaking into places.

The doors opened and Albus exited the castle. The reporters started shouting at him immediately. The wizard held up his hands and everyone quieted.

"Good morning," Albus said, "I realize that you all are anxious to meet with our young heroes. The Great Hall has been set up for a press conference. You will all enter Hogwarts in an orderly manner, take your seats and Mr. Snape, Mr. Mbutu and Miss Malfoy will enter and take a few of your questions. You are expected to act in an orderly manner or you will be expelled from the school. Am I understood?"

Murmurs of assent rose from the crowd.

"Fine. If you will all follow me," Albus said. He entered the castle and the crowd of reporters and photographers followed, jostling each other as they squeezed through the double doors. Staff members lined the main hall, watching to make sure none of the reporters slipped away from the crowd. They all filed into the Great Hall. All four house tables had been removed and rows of folding chairs stretched from wall to wall, with a center aisle. The reporters all rushed for the front row and the mayhem was almost like a rough version of musical chairs as they quickly plopped in the available seats. Photographers took up position against the walls, checking their cameras.

After everyone settled in, Mathias, Andreas and Jasmine entered through the staff entrance and took seats in the middle of the high table. Mathias' black eyes drifted over the mass of reporters. Jasmine was flushed and red. Andreas was calm as ever, also looking over the crowd. He shifted to aura view and saw the crowd as one big mass of curiosity. Albus stood beside Mathias. He would be selecting the reporters to ask questions.

Suddenly the staff entrance opened again and Hermione and Severus entered. Severus' attempt at a quickie in the shower had been unsuccessful, so he looked a tad sullen as he strode into the Great Hall.

Albus quickly created two more chairs. Hermione sat next to Jasmine, but Severus declined to sit, standing behind Hermione with his arms crossed, glaring at the crowd of reporters. This gave the photographers a great photo opportunity and a number of pictures of the couple were taken.

Mathias looked over at his mother, who narrowed her eyes at him slightly. He swallowed and looked back at the sea of media people. No doubt he was going to get an earful from Hermione when she got him alone. Andreas, who was calm and collected suddenly stiffened as the doors opened and a tall, black wizard accompanied by a short and curvaceous witch wearing robes with a brightly colored swatch of fabric thrown over her shoulder entered the Great Hall. Her hair was elaborately done in braids and beadwork.

"Shit," he breathed. Mathias looked at the pair who entered. There was no mistaking who they were. Andreas was the spitting image of his father.

"Your parents?" Mathias asked anyway.

"Yesss. It might have been better if Voldemort had killed me," Andreas whispered as his father looked at him with hard eyes. They both took a seat in the last row.

Albus looked over the crowd.

"Those with questions please raise your hands. Stand, identify yourself, what media you represent, who you are addressing, then state your question when you are recognized," he said.

Immediately almost every hand went up.

Albus selected a wizard in glasses. He stood up.

"Franklin Taninbaum, Daily Prophet. This question is for Mathias Snape. How did you get into the Dark Lord's stronghold?"

"Jasmine wore me and Andreas. We were transformed into bracelets," Mathias answered.

More hands went up. Albus selected another reporter.

"Felicia Pettybone. The Quibbler. This question is for Jasmine. Why were you at the Dark Lord's fortress?" the reporter asked.

"Voldemort summoned me. He had chosen me for his consort," Jasmine replied, reddening.

Excited murmurs went up at this news.

More hands went up. Albus chose another reporter.

"Donovan McDougal. Wizards and Witches Weekly. This question is for Jasmine. Did you frequently have sex with the Dark Lord?"

Jasmine reddened.

"No. I never had sex with him. Last night was the first time I was summoned," she declared, frowning at the reporter. "He never touched me."

More hands went up. Albus chose another reporter.

Evelyn Quinley. Playwizard magazine. This question is for Jasmine. Are you a virgin?" the witch asked, her glasses glinting.

Jasmine reddened. She was about to speak when Albus interrupted.

"Please keep your questions general. If you have personal questions, please request an interview. This question will remain unanswered. Next question please."

Albus selected a black wizard.

"Benjamin Addison. Wizards of Color Magazine. This question is for Andreas Mbutu. How exactly did the Dark Lord die?" he asked.

"After Mathias and I cast a dampening spell, all three of us physically overpowered the Dark Lord and paralyzed him with a potion. Then I dismembered him with a machete," the wizard replied.

A collective gasp went up from the group. Photographers went wild snapping photos of the wizard. Andreas' father's eyes widened a bit, then he said something to his mother, who nodded, staring at her son with a sober expression.

Albus selected another wizard.

Joseph Beetlebug. Brooms and Wands Magazine. This question is for Andreas. Didn't it bother you to hack a wizard to death?"

Mathias and Jasmine both looked at Andreas, who remained calm.

"No. I have slaughtered animals before. The Dark Lord was an animal," he said, his eyes hard, "He was a murderer and would have gladly killed thousands more. It was better he should die than thousands of innocent witches, wizards and muggles."

Another murmur went up.

The next question was for Mathias.

"What was the name of the potion used to paralyze the Dark Lord?" the reporter asked.

Mathias looked at Andreas, who nodded slightly.

"It was an elixir made from the root of the Iboga plant," the wizard replied.

Hermione's eyes widened. She had heard about that root. It was supposed to free the soul to journey on the astral plane. Was that how Mathias took his spiritual journey years ago? She looked up at Severus, who seemed to be studiously studying the crowd.

The bastard. The Potions Master knew about the potion and conveniently left the details out of his explanation. Well, Hermione knew one snake who'd be chilling his scales in the doghouse for the next couple of weeks. Severus was officially cut off.

A few more questions were asked. The final one came from a short, bald wizard with a nasty gleam in his eyes.

"Damien Devlin. The Voice of V. This question is directed at all three youngsters. What does it feel like to know you have murdered the greatest hope of the wizarding world in cold blood?"

All three of the trio looked at the wizard. Albus was tempted to interrupt and looked over at Severus who shook his head slightly. Jasmine, Mathias and Andreas put their heads together and conversed quietly. Then they separated.

"We wouldn't know how that feels, sir, since the wizard we removed was not the greatest hope of the wizarding world, but the greatest threat. We have no remorse and would kill him again if we had the opportunity," Mathias said, his dark eyes glinting back at the wizard as both Andreas and Jasmine nodded agreement.

The wizard scowled blackly at the trio and sat back down. More hands went up.

"I'm afraid that was the final question of this press conference. If you would like further contact with these three students, you will have to contact their parents to arrange interviews. Thank you for coming," Albus said, gesturing to the three to rise and exit the Great Hall. They did so, followed by Severus and Hermione.

Once they were in the corridor, Hermione stalked up to the trio.

"You could have all been killed! What were you thinking?" she exclaimed at them.

"We were thinking that if Voldemort invoked that mark, mum…thousands of people would die and the wizarding world would be lost," Mathias said evenly, "Keeping that from happening was worth risking our lives for, don't you think? If you, Uncle Harry and Uncle Ron had a good chance of stopping him, wouldn't you have tried?"

Hermione knew the answer to those two questions was a resounding yes.

The witch stared at Mathias and realized he was no longer a little boy. At the age of sixteen, he had become a man. A very young, brave man.

"Yes, we would have," she said softly, embracing her son, tears forming in her eyes. She pulled back from him and looked at all three.

"But did you have to be so damn Slytherin about it?" she asked them.

"Mum, of course we did. We're Slytherins…not Gryffindors. We don't sing everything we do from the turrets like they do. Twits," Mathias replied, scowling.

Severus smirked. Unfortunately Hermione saw him and gave him a black look. Severus suddenly knew his trim supply had just run dry.

"Andreas," a thickly accented voice called.

The group looked down the corridor and saw Andreas' parents standing there, his father looking somber, and his mother's eyes glistening.

"Mother. Father," Andreas said, walking toward them.

"We need to talk to you," his father said sternly as his mother embraced him tightly.

"Yes sir," Andreas said. He looked back at the group.

"I will return," he said.

The way his father looked, Mathias wasn't sure about that.

"All right," Mathias said.

"I will see you, brother," Andreas said falling in step with his parents, his mother's arm wrapped around his waist.

Both his mother and father looked startled at how their son addressed Mathias. Brother?

As soon as they were out of sight of the group, Abayomi said to his son, "Brother? Did that young white wizard take the journey, Andreas?"

Andreas nodded.

"He has black eyes, father. He met the Dark Soul of the World and passed his tests. He is my brother," the young wizard said.

Abayomi let out a sigh of relief.

"I see what you have done, Andreas. You helped your brother with his battle. I thought you had disobeyed the elders. This is a great relief, my son," the wizard said, his face softening.

"I would never disobey the elders, father," Andreas said.

Sharika looked at her son sternly.

"But you found a way around their directive. You planned this, Andreas," she said.

"Yes mother. I received a vision that Voldemort would one day kill our people. Everyone. The elders, the children, even the animals and crops were destroyed. I could not let that happen," he said sincerely. "The white wizards' problem would have become our problem. People are connected. What affects one affects all. Voldemort had to be stopped."

His mother looked at him.

"I am so proud of you, Andreas," she said, kissing him on both cheeks.

"As am I," Abayomi said, his dark eyes shining with pride.

Andreas beamed at both of them as they continued walking.

"I was going to take you out of Hogwarts, Andreas," his father said, "And send you to your grandparents. But now that I know the truth, I think a reward is in order. What would you like for a reward?"

Andreas looked at him and thought of Dana.

"I want nothing, father. I already have my reward," he said, smirking.

Sharika caught a glimpse of Dana in her mind and looked at her son.

"Be careful. Be gentle," she said to him knowingly.

Andreas' people had no hang-ups about sex. It was natural. Like breathing.

Abayomi caught on at once when his wife spoke. He looked at his son.

"Above all, be thorough," he said, grinning as Sharika elbowed him. He arched an eyebrow at her.

"Thorough is good, is it not Sharika?" he asked his wife, a slight gleam in his eyes.

If Sharika was of a lighter complexion, her blush would have been obvious.

"I will be," Andreas replied, a bit of a gleam in his own eyes.

Sharika shook her head.

Wizards. No matter where they came from, when it came to witches, they were all the same.


Disillusioned, Andreas waited impatiently in front of the ROR for Dana to arrive. Most likely the witch wouldn't be missed…the student body returned tomorrow, and over the holidays, the curfew had been rather lax.

The wizard went over the scenarios Mathias showed him several times, and the list of what to do…deflowerment dropped because the witch was not a virgin. Actually, Andreas was glad of that, because he wouldn't have all the trouble of deflowering her. It was five minutes after nine…where was the witch?

Disillusioned, Dana made her way to the floor the Room of Requirement was on. Her stomach was all aflutter at meeting the wizard there. Andreas was one of the most famous wizards in the wizarding world, and had been the one to actually kill Voldemort. Dana found the thought of being with him exciting and a bit dangerous…and it was like an aphrodisiac to the witch. What would he be like? Dana had a feeling the wizard would be very passionate. He always looked at her as if he wanted to devour her.

Dana had only been with one young man before. His name was Evan, and they had gone together for three years. She was leaving America for England and they agreed to part ways, consummating their relationship before she did so. She wanted to give Evan something special to remember her by. It had been a rather short experience, although sweet.

Her stomach filled with butterflies, she walked toward the ROR, and stopped in front of the door, disillusioning herself. She didn't see Andreas. Was he already in the room? She started to open the door when she felt strong arms slip around her waist and pull her back. She felt a hard body against her back, then looked down and saw a shimmer encircling her.

"Andreas," she breathed as the wizard appeared. He pressed his lips close to her ear.

"Yes…Andreas. I was about to come search for you, Dana. I thought you might have broken your promise to me. I couldn't let you do that. I've waited too long for you as it is," he breathed, releasing her waist with one arm, pushing the door to the ROR open and walking her through it, kicking the door closed with his foot.

The ROR had created a lush, jungle-like setting for them, in the middle of which was a small clearing that contained huge four poster bed. Greenery was everywhere. The scent of flowers and the sound of singing birds filled the air. It was a very pretty, private setting. Dana's eyes widened.

"Did you do this, Andreas?" she asked the wizard quietly, awed by the surroundings.

"No, but the room knows I am natural…so gave us a natural setting…except for the bed. Normally I would take you on the ground," he teased, then kissed her throat gently.

"The ground?" she asked. "No blanket?"

"Nothing but earth," he replied, still teasing her. He would never do that…unless she wanted him to.

Unlike Mathias, Andreas was not nervous at all about shagging Dana. He knew what to expect and what to do. He began to unfasten her robes from behind. He wasn't wasting time. Dana was a bit shocked.

"Andreas, what are you doing?" she asked him.

"Stripping you. I need you naked," he said softly, unfastening another fastener. He pressed against her lightly, letting the witch feel his erection against her buttocks. Dana let out a shuddering sigh.

"Do you feel me, Dana? I am so hard for you," Andreas breathed into her ear as his hands dropped lower. "I have been waiting for you all my life."

His hands moved lower on her robes as the witch giggled.

"Andreas, that line was old centuries ago," Dana said, smiling.

"It isn't a line, Dana. It is the truth. I saw you long ago before we ever met, and I knew you were to be my first the moment I saw you here at Hogwarts," he said, opening the last fastener and turning the witch to face him.

His first?

"Andreas…you've never done this before?" she asked him, her eyes troubled. He had been so aggressive, Dana was sure he already had experience.

He looked at her with hot eyes.

"No…I am a virgin," he said, parting her robes and gazing on her body for the first time, "But not for long," he added as he took in her full breasts and hips. Dana was built very much like his mother. He had his father's attraction for full-figured witches.

"You are beautiful," he said, looking into the witch's eyes.

"Andreas…I have to tell you…you aren't my first," she said softly, "does that make a difference to you?"

Andreas shook his head.

"Women of your age are seldom virgins in my tribe," Andreas said, "there is no shame in it. We become curious about each other as early as fourteen. I wasn't raised there. If I were, I would not be a virgin either. But you, Dana, will cure me of my virginity."

He released the witch and began to unbutton his own robes.

"I am quite curious about you. About your body," the wizard said, his eyes washing over her again. "I want to explore all of it."

Dana shuddered a bit, feeling heat in her belly. Explore her body? With Evan there had been a hurried undressing in the dark, a few quick kisses, a lot of fumbling, then pain, then a few moments of good feeling, then it was over. She hadn't even seen what his body looked like.

Andreas stripped off his robes, and Dana's eyes widened as she looked at the wizard's tool. It was darker than the rest of him, but the head was reddish. It was very long and very thick.

"Oh my gods," she said, stepping back from him. Andreas quickly stepped forward, closing the distance.

"It will fit," he said, lifting her robes from her shoulders and sliding it down her arms, revealing her body.

Dana didn't look convinced as the wizard stared at her body. Yes, Dana was definitely a full-figured witch. She was a D-cup at least, her breasts large and firm, with dark brown nipples. The witch's hips were wide and her thighs thick. She had ass for days. A curly patch of dark hair rested between her thighs.

Andreas swallowed as he looked at her, unable to find words for a moment. He was overcome with desire for the witch. He took Dana's hand.

"Come," he said, leading her toward the bed. His erection felt as if it weighed fifty pounds.

He stopped next to the bed.

"Get in, Dana," Andreas said hoarsely. He watched as Dana climbed into the bed and lay down on her back. Andreas took a deep breath.

"Beautiful," he breathed, about to join her…when he remembered the first step.

"Contraceptive spell," he breathed.

"I have a patch," Dana said, tapping her thigh. Andreas saw the round green patch appear. When it turned red, it was time for another one. The wizard hesitated.

"Wait here," he said, walking back to his discarded robes and retrieving his wand. He remembered the Professor had told Mathias not to leave contraception up to the witch. Dana had a patch, but Andreas wanted to make double sure she wouldn't end up pregnant. He was not ready to get married. If she had a baby, he would be expected to marry her. It was a great shame for a man not to care for his child and the mother of his child in his tribe.

Andreas returned to the bed and placed the tip of his wand against Dana's lower belly and whispered the spell. A slight blue glow rose from the tip of it and was absorbed into the witch.

"There. Now I know you are safe, Dana," he said, dropping the wand and climbing into the bed with the witch.

Andreas wasted no time rolling on top of the witch. Gods, it was like rolling on to a soft cushion of flesh. Andreas looked down at the witch, his black eyes meeting her brown ones.

"You are soft…and smell like flowers," he said, lowering his head and sniffing her hair. He reached around and removed the clip that held it in a twist, pulling it out with his fingers. She had long, thick black hair.

"We start," Andreas breathed, kissing the witch hungrily, his full lips capturing hers and sucking them gently before slipping his tongue into her mouth, tasting her heat for the first time. Her mouth was hot and wet and Andreas drank her in, his hands beginning to explore her body.

Dana began to make small, passionate noises that made Andreas throb. His hands slid around her firm, full breasts, and the witch let out a groan into his mouth. The wizard let his hands drift down further, sliding over her hips and swooping under her, cupping her buttocks before sliding up the small of her back. She was soft, warm…her skin feeling like silk under his palms. He moved his hand slightly slipping it to her inner thigh and Dana buckled as he came close to her core.

"I want to touch you," the wizard breathed at her before falling back to her mouth. Andreas slid his fingers between her folds and found the button Mathias had pointed out to him. He rubbed it and Dana shrieked into his mouth, her hips thrusting upward. No one had ever touched her there before or like that. It felt like electricity was shooting through her body. Andreas was lifted as the witch writhed and arched beneath him. He was doing it right.

Andreas removed his fingers and brought them to his face to look at them. They were wet with the witch's juices. He sniffed them first, then stuck them into his mouth, tasting the witch. His eyes went hooded as he looked down at her hungrily.

"You taste good," he growled at her, then kissed her again.

Dana could taste herself on his lips, but wasn't turned off by it. Andreas began to caress her body again, moving from her lips to her throat, kissing, licking and sucking her skin, the witch sighing with pleasure as his mouth moved over her flesh. Gods, if she had known Andreas could make her feel like this, she would have given in to him months ago. The wizard moved downward kissing and licking until he reached her huge breasts.

"Merlin," he breathed before suckling first one then the other, loving the way Dana sounded as he did so.

He continued running his hands over her body until the witch was whispering his name and undulating sexily. He left her breasts and moved lower, kissing her stomach and lower belly, the witch's hands caressing his head, which felt wonderful. Andreas continued sliding down her body, heading for his target. Dana stiffened as he pulled at her pubic hair with his lips.

"What are you doing?" she asked him as he pressed her thighs, parting them.

"This," he said, licking experimentally. Dana's thighs instantly clamped around the wizard's head tightly.

"Oh gods," she cried out, "What are you doing to me, Andreas?"

Andreas had to wrestle his way out of the headlock Dana had put him in, but he wasn't to be deterred. As soon as he broke free, he lifted the witch's thick thighs and wrapped his strong arms around them, holding her open and her legs in place. He lowered his mouth to her. This time the witch shrieked as his tongue caressed her clit. Dana's legs began to tremble uncontrollably.

"Meltdown," Andreas thought, applying himself to the young witch ardently, licking her from top to bottom. Then he sucked on her button, which made Dana twist powerfully and he had to wrestle her back in place.

"Andreas…you're killing me!" she cried.

"Then you will die a happy witch," Andreas said, going back at her, enjoying her taste and her cries. Dana was a strong witch, and Andreas was perspiring from the effort it took holding her down, but he liked it. His tongue slipped lower and he found her entrance. He stuck his tongue inside and twisted it. Dana's voice flew up an octave and she pulled on his ears.

"Ow! Let go, Dana!" he gasped as she twisted on his ears as if wringing out a washcloth.

Andreas had enough. He rose up and wrenched the witch's hands from his ears, launching himself back on top of her. Dana's eyes were glazed with lust, and she panted up at him.

"I didn't know sex was so painful for the wizard," Andreas said to her.

In answer Dana pulled him down into a very hot, passionate kiss, her hands moving over his body, then reaching between their bodies and grasping his shaft. Andreas hissed. It seemed Dana had gotten over her fear of it.

Dana released his mouth, but her hand was sliding up and down Andreas' hardness, the wizard panting, his eyes half closed with pleasure as she caressed his length. He wanted more however.

"Dana," he gasped, "you said you would do anything for me."

"Yes," the witch whispered, her brown eyes glistening up at him. She was so hot all over…she hoped he'd hurry.

"I want you to do to me what I just did to you," he said, rising to his knees, Dana's hand still wrapped around his him.

Dana was so turned on she didn't hesitate but sat up. Andreas rose to his knees and shifted closer to her. She leaned forward and slid the wizard into her mouth. Andreas reflexively grabbed her head…he couldn't help it. Her mouth was so wet and warm around him. He had never felt anything so good.

"Move your mouth back and forth," he said softly, remembering scenario two. He pressed Dana's head forward, and groaned as she slid up a bit. He was too big to go all the way in her mouth, but the part she was taking in felt wonderful. Andreas began to thrust, helping her. Then Dana sucked him and his whole body jerked.

"Do that again," he hissed at her. "Suck me again, Dana."

The witch realized the wizard liked that and began sucking and bobbing on him, Andreas shuddering strongly. He let out a string of expletives in his native language. Dana had no idea what he'd said and didn't care. She was on fire. She pulled away from him.

"Andreas…do me now," she gasped up at him.

But the wizard shoved his erection back into her mouth.

"Just a little more, Dana," he breathed. Andreas liked fellatio.

Dana worked on him some more, hoping to make the wizard hot enough to want to shag her. The ache between her legs was terrible. She didn't care if he were ten feet long…she wanted the wizard and wanted him now.

Andreas had his head tilted back, his eyes closed and was biting his lip. Damn, this felt so fucking good. He felt a little high as he felt her hands slip to his buttocks, clutching them.

"Yessss," he hissed, then looked down at her, watching the witch's mouth slide over him. Suddenly, he felt a tightness. He pulled out of the witch's mouth with a gasp and thought of something sad, very sad. The death of his grandparents. Both were hale and healthy, but still he thought of it, and the pressure lessened. Dana looked up at him.

"What's wrong?" she asked him, her eyes liquid.

Andreas looked down at her then suddenly fell forward, taking the witch down to the bed.

"Nothing," he said, "I am just ready to lose my virginity."

Andreas thought about what position he wanted to do with the witch. She wasn't a virgin, but Andreas liked the position in the second scenario where the wizard put the witch's legs on his shoulders and held her wrists down and took her. He looked like he went very deep. Andreas wanted to go deep inside Dana. The wizard had a dominant nature…he wanted to be in total control.

He hoisted Dana's legs on his shoulders and looked down at her core. It was a deep, purplish color…like a plum. Sweet as a plum as well. She was very juicy too…he could see it,

"You are very wet, Dana," he said to her.

"I know. I can feel it…now please Andreas. I'm aching down there," she said to him, a pleading look in her eyes. Andreas smiled at her.

"Now you want me. You know how I've felt all these months," he said to her.

"Fuck me, Andreas," the witch said, her eyes almost glowing with need.

Andreas throbbed powerfully.

"I never heard you curse before, Dana," he said, his black eyes glittering down at her. He liked what she said. "Say it again."

"Fuck me," the witch repeated, writhing beneath him.

Andreas hissed and quickly placed his length against her opening, then gripped her wrist again. He thrust downward, burying himself deep into Dana, the witch letting out a cry of pleasure as he filled her with his huge organ.

Andreas shuddered, his nostrils flaring as her tight, wet warmth wrapped around him. She was hot inside and soft. It felt as if he were immersed in a sheathe of pulsing, living velvet.

"Shit," Andreas breathed as he drew back and thrust into her again. Then again, then again, his eyes rolling up in pleasure as the witch moaned beneath him. It wasn't long before Andreas began to slam into the witch hungrily, hitting Dana hard and deep, groaning as her inner walls caressed him, sliding his skin up and down his shaft as he penetrated her. She was a big girl, and could take it. She didn't shriek but made definite noises of pleasure as the wizard drilled into her body. Dana felt so good that Andreas whirled inside her, shifting his hips as he thrust, making sure to bump the button, touching every part of her.

Dana looked so beautiful, her mouth open, her eyes unfocused, her voice rising every time he hit bottom, her big breasts bouncing up and down as Andreas rode her, hungrily, covered with her lubrication, the scent of sex heavy in the air.

"This is good, Dana," he gasped down at her.

The witch couldn't answer the wizard. There was something happening inside her that she had never felt before. It was like a sweet kind of swelling, something growing larger every time the wizard stroked her. She was straining to reach it, her face contorting.

Andreas saw her expression change and rode the witch as hard as he could, biting his lip against the pressure he was beginning to feel, a tightening that seemed to run all the way up his spine. He let out a growl as he tore into the witch, feeling her beginning to tighten around him and forcing his way through that delicious tightness, Dana's moans becoming more intense, increasing in volume. Suddenly the witch stiffened, clamping down on Andreas so strongly, he was trapped inside her. The pressure was something else. Then she exploded with a scream, her hot release washing over the wizard in a gush, Andreas crying out something in his native tongue as he blew, slamming into the witch, bliss thrumming through him, his mouth falling slack as he released inside her undulating body, pulse after pulse filling her to the brim.

Every muscle in the wizard's body contracted, veins standing out in his arms and neck, his skin glistening with sweat as if oiled as Andreas experienced his first orgasm with a witch. He felt as if his very essence were leaving his body and flowing into Dana's welcoming form. After a minute or two, he dropped to her soft body, exhausted and exhilarated. He felt her breasts rising and falling under him, and he managed to kiss her before letting his head fall to the side, his face buried in her hair.

He felt the witch rubbing his back tenderly and sighed. She was pleased. He had been thorough. He lay there, drunk on the afterglow, cushioned by Dana's soft, round body. Andreas felt his body relax in a way it had never relaxed before, and the satisfied wizard drifted off into a sated sleep.

Sex was definitely on his to-do list from now on.

Draco Malfoy managed to slither his way out of charges by stating that he had come to Voldemort's stronghold after having second thoughts about Jasmine serving as Voldemort's consort and was there to rescue her at his own peril. Since no one could prove otherwise, he wasn't charged with complicity.

It helped that there was no complicity to charge him with. Since the secret to the Dark Mark was never exposed, there was no solid proof that Voldemort ever had the power to turn a hundred thousand wizards and witches into killing machines. The deatheaters of the inner circle also escaped Azkaban since they all rededicated themselves to the DKV and were listed on the roles of the defunct organization as regular members. Even if Severus testified it would be his word against five thousand former deatheaters. Army? What army?

Draco wasn't finished yet.

He wrote a book.

A tell-all book about his own role in bringing down Voldemort. In the book he claimed to have realized long ago the danger Voldemort posed to the wizarding world, and purposely formed the DKV, knowing that eventually the organization would enflame wizarding society so much with its bigotry, citizens would rebel against it and Voldemort would be revealed as the despot he was. The smooth wizard claimed he purposely enacted unfair laws and pretended to hate all things muggle and muggle-born to keep his cover. His final stroke of genius was removing Hermione Granger from her position, thus starting the ball rolling for the downfall of the DKV and the Dark Lord. He never intended Jasmine to go through with becoming a consort for the evil wizard, and through various sources was aware the Order planned to attack the stronghold that New Year's Eve. He had hoped they would arrive at the same time he did.

"Do you really think I would be that inept in a courtroom? Me? Draco Malfoy? I purposely chose inflammatory witnesses, and Miss Edgecombe was a purposeful plant at the trial. I knew Cronnie Jockrin would see through the ruse. And by becoming a witness, I was able to tell the truth about Voldemort without his knowing that had been my intention all along. Of course, I was horribly tortured, but that was the price of bringing him down," Draco told an interviewer. "It was a lonely endeavor, but…in the end it worked."

Of course the public fell for it hook, line and stinker. Draco made oodles of galleons from the sale of the book and people lined up for his signatures when they purchased it. Eventually, Draco managed to be re-elected to the board and even got an Order of Merlin First Class for his daring, undercover role.

Jasmine, Andreas and Mathias basked in their celebrity. They received a lot of freebies and gave interviews. All three figured that their fame would open doors in the future, and being Slytherins, they made sure to stay news.

In their sixth year, Jasmine announced that she was going to pursue a degree in Muggle Studies, with a minor in Magical History. She had her father tap-dancing to her tune in exchange for her silence about his real role with Voldemort. He had promised to create a position in the Ministry for her when she finished university, Minister of Muggle and Muggle-born Affairs. This suited Jasmine just fine.

Andreas continued with Dana until she graduated, then they parted ways, Dana crying her eyes out because she had to return to America. Actually, Andreas was glad she was gone. She had become clingy and jealous of him, accusing him of shagging the many witches that were attracted to him. Andreas remained loyal to Dana, but she just didn't see it when so many lovely witches were practically throwing themselves at him.

Witches were throwing themselves at Mathias too, and he was catching every one of them. He enthusiastically kept up the Slytherin tradition of shagging witches of rival houses every chance he got. After Dana left, Andreas joined him in a friendly competition to be the Top Shagger of Hogwarts. But Mathias had quite a head start.

Mathias and Jasmine remained good friends, but never were intimate again. Jasmine met a muggle-born wizard in her seventh-year and fell head over heels in love with him, much to the chagrin of her family.

James Potter finally apologized to Mathias for being a git all those years, but Mathias didn't accept it. He was very much like his father and could be quite unforgiving. Harry was happy that the role of "Savior of the Wizarding World" had been usurped from him and lived a nice, peaceful life as a working wizard, serving the Ministry.

Severus and Hermione married in Mathias' seventh year in a quiet ceremony on the Hogwarts grounds, Hermione having taken the job of Spells Mistress of Hogwarts. Mathias was quite satisfied with this, and said the following to his father when Severus told him he had proposed and Hermione accepted him.

"Well, it's about time, dad."

At graduation, Mathias received exceptional marks, but didn't beat out his mother. He was behind by three lousy points. The young wizard blamed his father, claiming he showed favoritism and purposely gave him a lower grade than he deserved so his mum wouldn't make him move into the guest room. Severus just smirked at his accusation. That's how Mathias knew he was right. He continued on in university and received his certification as a Potions Master in six years. He returned to Hogwarts as an assistant to his father, who was thinking about retiring and opening his own business.

Andreas went on to university as well, majoring in Magical Administration. He landed a low-level position in the Ministry and eventually worked his way up to being elected to the board, the first black wizard to ever hold such a position. One day he would become the first black Minister of Magic. He and Mathias remained close.

Severus and Hermione lay side by side in bed, each one of them staring up at the ceiling.

"You know, Mathias is even snarkier then you are when he's teaching a class for you," Hermione said to the Potions Master. "The students are scared to death of him. Someone told me he actually made a student piss himself."

"That's my boy," Severus replied, smirking.

"And I wish he'd settle down. He goes through witches like water," Hermione complained.

"Hermione, let Mathias sow his oats while he can. You know…a ring on the finger is like a ring through the nose. He's young and there's a lot of fresh trim out there," the Potions Master said…then realized his mistake.

Hermione was scowling at him.

"Ring through the nose? Fresh trim? You sound envious. Maybe my 'trim' isn't fresh enough for you after all these years," Hermione said in a temper. She tried to climb over the wizard and leave the bed.

"Oh no you don't witch," he said, grabbing Hermione and pulling her on top of him. He tried to kiss her but she kept turning her head away. Severus scowled.

"I see I am going to have to use other tactics to calm you witch," he said to her silkily, pushing her off of him then quickly rolling on top of her, hiking up her nightie.

"No need to be jealous, Hermione. I have no designs on any other witch out here. Your 'trim' still has plenty of snap," he purred. "Besides, I love you."

Hermione sighed. He'd done it to her again. Melted her like butter.

Severus lowered the front of his boxers and quickly thrust inside Hermione, smirking at the familiar shriek he loved so much when he entered her hard like this.

The Potions Master started to move, his black eyes smoldering down at his wife. Yes, he did love Hermione, with all fire and passion that raged in his dark, tainted soul. There was no other witch for him. Ever.

"Now witch," he breathed, "Let me feel you snap."


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