Roxas woke with a start. "Oh….just another dream. But….it was different this time…"he murmured to himself.

Lately Roxas had been having unusual dreams involving a boy his age with spiky brown hair. He had had one once again but this time he saw a girt…and she was pretty too, with dirty blonde hair, like Roxas's hair and beautiful, cerulean blue eyes.

Roxas shook his head, trying to push these thoughts away. "Just a dream after all." He said. Then he looked at his alarm clock "Whoa! Damn I'd better get going!" he got dressed and sped to the Usual Spot.

"Hey guys." He panted

"Hey Roxas," Olette smiled. Hayner and Pence just nodded

Roxas sat down on the couch. "So what's up for today?"

Hayner shrugged "I dunno. Let's go into town and see what we could do."

They all agreed but before they could move a girl walked in looking apprehensive. "Excuse me?" She asked timidly. Roxas gasped. It was the girl of his dreams