They entered the cave, silence the only sound. Surprising how loud it was, really. Everyone watched as their Captain climbed the mountain of treasure Gol D. Rodger promised since the day he died. The Captain grinned and looked over what he'd been searching for his whole life.

And then...

"And then?!"

"...They left."

"They left?!"

"They left."

The childern scooted closer to the seat their storyteller was sitting in. A boy stood up, not wanting to believe such things. "They-they finally find One Piece and they...They LEAVE?!" He clenched his fists. "That cant be true!! Why'd he leave it?!"

"Monkey D. Luffy realized that after all he'd been through, all the fights and troubles - There was something better. He realized he only wanted a ship, a crew and the endless horizon. Mere silver and gold cannot give people such things, ne?" The woman said, breaking into her trademark smile.

"So what did they do with One Piece?"

"They left it behind. They thought... If they took it, how would the next line of great pirates find the treasure? 'It wouldnt be fun.' Is what their Captain-san stated. Of course as you know, he stil could help but keep the title."

A girl looked down at her toy bunny in her hands. "But Red-Haired Shanks' hat..."

"Captain-san said he vowed to give it back once he became a great pirate. Red-hair did not need the title of Pirate King to tell him Captain-san did that."

The girl hugged her bunny. "So he gave it back?"

"Red-Hair let Captain-san keep it. He thought he deserved it enough to call it his own."

"Why do you keep calling Luffy Captain-san?"

The thirty-three year old woman stood up. "That." She paused, closing the book, "...Is a completely different story, for a different night, ne?" The kids 'Aww'ed. The woman merely smile and gestured to the door for the children to get back to their homes. Relectantly, the little ones scurried out of the bookshop. The woman closed the door after them, not surprised to find a certain Rubberman hidden on the window sill behind it.

"ROBIN!" Luffy greeted.

"Good evening, Captain-san. I trust you gathered enough supplies to please navigator-san?"

"Hai! Sanji's making a big dinner!" Said the man, extending his arms to the 'size' of the dinner. The woman smiled, placing her sun hat on her head and bending down to pick up her shopping bags. "Then we are off, ne?"

"YOSHE!" The Straw Hatted captain dashed off to the docks, woman in tow.

"Hey look, it's Robin and Luffy!"

"Hi, Robin!"

"Oi, Luffy!"


The two boarded and the Sunny-Go sailed off. But before Luffy went inside the galley, he ran up to the figure head where he looked straight ahead and then...He grinned.

Because now, he had a ship.

A crew.

And the Endless horizon.