Author's Note: OK. First things first. IF YOU'RE 14 OR UNDER, PLEASE DON'T, AND I REPEAT DON'T, READ THIS. If you're under 14, lemme know and I promise I'll write a full-length thing for you guys as soon as I can think of a good idea for one. This is not the humorous light-hearted stuff of my previous MR fics. More like the story on my profile page, but sort of like the dark side of that. This is not rated T for profanity or sexuality, but it has some really dark themes and elements. Like a pitch black sky with occasional flashes of light. Until the end, of course, when everything turns upside down...

Some parts may be rated M, and I'll warn you before then. I'll post a summary on my profile page for those who don't want to read those parts. Yeah, and there will be mucho de Faxness at the end, but hopefully different than you'll expect...

OK, so now the creepy prelude.. prelude, not prologue, cuz prologues are boring but preludes set the mood for the whole musical piece. Or story, in this case. Don't kill me for the cliffhanger, I'll post Chapter 1 in a week (or sooner if you review a whole lot).

Right, let's do this! It'll be novella length at least. And I'm already thinking on a sequel. If I ever finish this, that is.

I'm diving in,

I'm going deep,

In o'er my head I wanna be,

Lost in the flood,

Caught in the flow,

In o'er my head I wanna go,

The River's deep,

The River's wide,

The River's Water is alive,

I'm diving in,

I'm going deep,

I'm diving in!

- some song I wish I had but can't even remember the name of. But that's how I feel right now.

So, without further ado...

The Tempest


You think you know me? Well, you don't. No one does. I know Max wrote books about us - the Flock - and our wonderful lives. So you know me like she knows me.

She's my best friend and she doesn't know me at all.

I've been hiding things, you see, hiding them for years. I'm so good at hiding things that I think I may be hidden, too, buried along with my secrets.

If I can't tell her, I can't tell anyone.

But I know I can't tell her. Ever.

My name is Fang and I wear black. There's a reason for both of those, and it's the same reason why I can't open up to anyone, tell any secrets.

Not even to Max. Especially not to Max.

Because I know her destiny.

Because I killed her mother.