Minako Aino and the Secret Society

A Back Home AU

by Warringer



April 12th 2007, London

Minako Aino, aka Sailor V, aka Sailor Venus, aka Lady Venus, jawned slightly and shook her head clear before reaching for the coffee in front of her. At the moment she was sitting in the Starbucks at Piccadilly Circus, watching people, cars and the occasional red double decker bus move by.

So she was back in the city where all had begun. Here she had became Sailor V and and begun to fight the Dark Kingdom, about seven years back. It had gotten her the best friends she could imagine, so close that she was ready to die for them and had even done so at least once.

She sipped her coffee and frowned for a moment. Here she had also started to dream of being an idol singer with the Spice Girls heavily influencing her view of idol singers.

Than she sighed. She had made that dream come true, but it wasn't what she had imagined. The studio that had signed her, as well as her manager had been very interested, as the identities of the Sailor Senshi had become common knowledge post First Impact. They had been very interested in financially milking Sailor Venus. It hadn't been much Minako Aino, who had been the idol, but Sailor Venus.

The studio had worked her extremely hard for a year managing to get three CDs and a whole lot of merchandise. During that year she had started to doubt that she could have survived the incredible stress without her bio-techno-magical implants. And that year had pretty much destroyed her dream.

So she had quit. The studio hadn't liked it and tried to press her into continuing with a whole number of different tactics, like trying to prevent access to the money she had made from it. It hadn't worked as she had transferred it to an account in Switzerland and invested it in the growing space industry, much like Ami had told her to do. Than they had tried to prevent her from getting another job in Japan. But with between the money in Switzerland, the massive interest from the investments and the fact that many non-Japanese studios were eager to sign her had gotten them of her back.

But as it was, even with a growing number of fan sites on the 'net and a growing paranoia towards paparazzi, she had yet to say yes to any studio. She would try to go another angle than idol singer if she ever did.

Than she smiled and leaned back as she thought of her friends. Usagi had finally married Mamoru shortly before Usa's birth and pretty much moved to Geneva, where Usagi hoped Usa wouldn't grow up to be the pink haired terror they all knew and feared. That and there was the fact that she was trying to set up a new Techno Mage Guild and was very busy to talk to a good number of Techno Mages from all over the galaxy. And than there was the fact that Usagi was pregnant again.

Ami was the other Senshi that had moved to Geneva, mostly because she had pretty much become one of Washuu... chan's assistants and did her own work at the still growing Terran Institute of Technology. And the TIT was literally ripping away scientist of all areas from their old jobs.

Rei was still back in Japan, being a shrine maiden, through it looked like she finally warmed up to Yuichiro and was dating him.

Makoto was sort of drifting on a greater scale. While everyone else was on Earth, she had gone off to explore the galaxy after finding out that the common arsenal of a Sailor Senshi/Techno Mage contained a Black Arrow Personal Transport.

Hotaru was finally growing up and would go to university, while Michiru and Haruka were doing what they always did. Through mainly each other...

And than there was Setsuna.

Minako had to chuckle. After meeting with 'Leather Butt' as Rei called the alternate Setsuna, theirs had changed greatly. If that was good or bad was debatable, especially considering her changed preference of clothing had changed from professional business woman more towards 'Leather Butt'. Setsuna's preference seemed to lay in latex rather than leather however.

The worst thing was, even heterosexual Minako had to give it to her, she looked hot that way. And Setsuna knew it. Besides that, she seemed to have to work through several millenia worth of sexual frustration.

She shuddered for a moment and closed her eyes to shake those images away. She took another sip of her coffee.

"Is this seat free?" a voice asked from the side and she looked up.

The owner of the voice was a maybe thirty year old average sized man, dressed in a rather normal jeans-shirt combo. He was rather attractive, through in a sowhat nerdy way, with his glasses being the main reason for that impression.

"Sorry, I'm waiting for someone," she said, causing the man to smirk slightly.

"That would be me," he said and sat down, placing his own cub of coffee in front of himself. "Inspector Lesley Moody, Scotland Yard."

Minako raised an eyebrow, while the proclaimed Inspector was busy to fish his ID from his jeans. After a moment he showed it to her. She had seen a few of these IDs before, during her career as Sailor V, so she knew how they looked like.

"Nice to meet you, Inspector," she said and held out her hand to shake his. "I hope you can tell me why you wanted to seem me than."

He chuckled and put his ID away before drinking of his coffee.

"Well, mainly because of a problem I wouldn't have if it wasn't for you, Sailor V," he said with a grin.

Minako returned the grin and leaned back.

"Oh really?"

He chuckled some more.

"You are looking at Scotland Yards resident 'Fox Mulder'," he said with a grin," mainly because I was a little too interested with the string of 'Youma related homicides' before the appearance of Sailor V and was stuck with the job of investigating strange and outlandish crimes."

He leaned back and laughed.

"I even got one of those corny 'I want to believe' posters in my office. And my colleagues have pinned a sign saying 'Torchwood' to my door."

Minako chuckled.

"I doubt that you can do much without Captain Jack," she teased and the Inspector laughed again.

"Pretty much," he said and shook his head. "Seriously. I need your help with a whole string of cases that started to pile up on my desk in the last weeks. Very strange cases that I am forced to close by my superiors before I can even start to investigate."

Minako frowned and looked at him as he leaned forward.

"And how could I help."

He breathed in deep and shook his head.

"They are eerily similar to the 'youma related homicides' and another string of cases fifteen years back. I even have two cases of the homicide of complete villages, through those are mainly in the Scottish Highlands. But those cases are very similar to my cases."

He sighed.

"Especially what witnesses appeared to have seen and are completely inconsistent with the bodies."

Minako swallowed as the Inspector ran a hand through his hair and sighed.

"It seems that those villages were raided by Scottish Freedom Fighters on horseback... While there were some cases of rape, none of the victims have any apparent injuries and seemed to have simply died. Besides the fact that the last raid of Scottish Freedom Fighters on horseback happened centuries ago."

Minako looked at him for a long time.

"And how could I help with that?"

Outside the light of the day seemed to dim slightly and got a green tint as one of the massive Solar Trees passed between London and the sun on its orbit, a normal occurrence nowadays.

The Inspector sighed again.

"Mainly because I hope that you could provide me with some magical... Okay, techno-magical insight because I got a very strange suspicion..."

Between the people moving over Piccadilly Circus a man dressed in robes stopped to look into the sky for a moment, mesmerized by the green object moving over the sun.