Minako Aino and the Secret Society

A Back Home AU

by Warringer

Chapter 5


Alastor Moody glanced over towards Sirius Black, who was sitting on the roof next to him, like him observing a small apartment on the other side of the street, before returning to watch one of the last parts of his family.

"Why is this so bloody important?" Sirius asked after a while, glancing at Moody.

"To make sure that they are not targeted by Death Eaters again," he answered.

"And why?"

Moody closed his eye for a moment and breathed in deep.

"Because they are my family," he answered with a low voice.

Normally he would have laughed at the thought of telling Black this little important piece of information, but today was different.

Sirius blinked.


"Always vigilant," Moody said louder, enough to get Sirius to look at him strangely and shake his head, dropping the issue for the moment.

Unseen to Sirius, Moody closed his eye again and sighed.

Today was one of those days. Days where his chosen motto of life sounded hollow to him. Devoid of its meaning. At days like these, it seemed to stick out his tongue and mock him.

Always vigilant.

Yes, once again it sounded so bloody hollow that you could hide Daigon Alley in it.

Had he been vigilant as he found out that his only son was leaving the Wizarding World for good? Afterwards it had been so clear how many clues the greatest Auror of all times had missed about his son and his thoughts.

Had he been vigilant when the Death Eater he himself had observed killed his wife? It had been a shock to him when he had found out that Alexandra had been visiting an old friend, only to have the Death Eater kill them both to get back at Moody.

Had he been vigilant when LeStrange had tortured his daughter into insanity? He should have seen the clues that LeStrange had planned to abduct that particular pair of Aurors.

He breathed in deep and sighed again, his eyes locked at the now civilian clad form of his son Rupert.

For a moment he wished that Rupert wasn't a squib, that he was able to use magic. That he would have been able to follow his fathers and sisters footsteps and become an Auror. At least he had been able to make a career of his own, even if it was just in the muggle world.

His eye wandered over his daughter-in-law and his grandchildren. His grandchildren all looked to be older than Neville. Did they even know that he existed? Neville didn't even know that he was his grandfather.

Always vigilant.

Still hollow. Maybe even more so than before.

He should have been able to tell the signs of todays attack on his son and his family. The apparation of the person who had followed his son.

Moody knew that he was high on Voldemorts shit-list and that the Death Eaters would love to get back at him. And the death of more of his family was one of the few things they could do to achieve that.

"What the hell are those two?" Sirius' voice pulled him from his thoughts.

Moody blinked and looked at Sirius.


Sirius waved his hand into the general direction of the apartment. He had to wear charmed glasses to be able to look through the walls, while Moody had his magical eye.

"The cat guy and the wolf lady. What are they? O don't remember any magical races like them."

Moody shook his head clear and glanced back at the apartment.

The appearance of a Blue Police Box inside the apartment however stopped him from any thoughts he might have had. His first impulse was to get over there, but he was stopped when the blond Asian looking young woman, most likely the girlfriend of his eldest grandson, got up cheerfully to disappear inside the Police Box.

Both Moody and Sirius blinked several times and waited for several minutes before the woman appeared again and the Police Box disappeared.

"What in Merlins name?"

Things just got a whole lot more complicated.


Harry glanced down at the book in front of him. No, he downright stared down at it, like someone had written that small childred were best cooked in peppermint sauce and served with plum pudding.

To Harry the book came damned close to that. After staring down at it for a few minuted, his mouth open and leaking a little drool down on the table, he closed his mouth and slowly looked up at Hermione and Ron, who where looking at him very strangely, while looking up from their copies of the same book.

Harry breathed in deep and shook his head, before directly looking at Hermoine.

"Hermoine," he finally asked," What is the most powerful weapon known to 'muggles'?"

Hermoine blinked. And blinked again. Than she looked down at the book, a very short flash of something that looked like pain going across her face.

"Uhm..." she answered and put her finger into the book." The trebuchet."

Harry stared unbelievingly at her for a moment before looking down on his copy of 'The Ministry's Guide to the Muggle World'.

"What makes you say that?"

"It says so on this book," she answered and pointed at it," page twohun-"

Before she could finish, Harry reached over and closed her book.

"Look at me," he said and pointed at his own eyes. "What is the most powerful weapon known to 'muggles'."

"The trebuchet," she answered again, once again the slight flash of pain going over her face, as if she had a very brief headache.

Harry breathed in deep and looked into her eyes, slamming his own copy shut, while Ron blinked from the sidelines.

"What about Hiroshima?" he asked.

The flash came back and lingered a little longer.

"What about it?"

"What destroyed Hiroshima?"

The flash was there once again.

"The Americans."

"Not who. What?"

Hermione breathed in deep and slowly massaged her temple.

"An atomic bomb," she finally answered after a few moments.

Harry breathed in deep. Something was very wrong here.

"How can the trebuchet be the most powerful weapon of the 'muggles', when the atomic bomb can destroy an entire town the size of Edinburgh, when a trebuchet can only destroy a single house."

Hermione blinked. Than she blinked in deep and looked a little more pained as she massaged her temple.

"I... I... I got a headache..."

Harry slowly nodded. Yes, there was something very wrong here.

"What did you do?" Ron finally asked from the sidelines, sounding equally confused and protective towards Hermione.

"Just a question that popped up," Harry answered and placed his hand on the book." And this book is very much out of date..."


Rupert Moody sighed and slowly shook his head, looking at his son, Minako and Alania.

"I think it would be best to visit Daigon Alley first, before going to Hogwarts and talk to the Potter boy."

Than he looked at his wife and his other kids.

"And you should get to your apartment, Susan. You'd be safe there for now."

His wife glared at him for a moment before nodding. Both his daughter and his youngest son, were still so what in shock and nodded likewise.

Lesley crossed his arms and leaned back as he looked at his father.

"And why?"

Lesley sighed and grabbed his mug of coffee and drained the last bits of the black liquid from it.

"Daigon Alley is a large Alley hidden here in London. In fact its just a few station with the Tube. Its mainly a large shopping district for the Magical World. You can find everything there and in Knockturn Alley next to it."

Alania nodded, while Minako's eyes lit up at the mentioning of 'shopping district'.

"Good for getting information about this Wizarding World and these 'Death Eaters'.

"Its going to to be a problem however," Rupert noted and looked pointedly at Alaina." You might actually cause quite a panic should you enter the Alley."

Alania's eyes narrowed and her ears flattened slightly to her skull.

"And how is that?"

"You might be confused with a Werewolf."

"A what?" came the response from several of the people around the table.

"A Werewolf," Rupert said again," Yes, they in fact do exist. As do Vampires, Unicorns, Centaurs and the like."

It was Artemis who got himself together first and chuckled a little.

"Interesting to know that they are still around."

Now it was the time for everyone to look at the leasure suited catboy, who shrugged in response.

"Hey, thanks to Washuu I can remember the time before the Fall better now. Centaurs and Unicorns are races like the Mau or the Solar Trees. The V'Ampier created them. And the werewolves and Vampires are biogenetic experiments gone wrong. Viruses that got free and couldn't be contained."

Rupert blinked at this revelation, but than chuckled.

"Would explain a few things," he noted and looked back at Alania." Doesn't help much through in the current situation."

Alania got the hint and grinned in response, making everyone shudder slightly at the rather visible canine teeth.

"My uniform has a termoptic stealth feature," she said and crossed her arms." As does Tachikoma. It shouldn't be too much of a problem to get into this Daigon Alley and take a closer look at things."

Rupert looked at her. Her stance and her look showed her intent to come with them. But than again it wasn't really very surprising. She was a Jedi after all. The Best of the Best of the Best Earth Special Operations could field, combined with enough diplomatic training to make them very capable diplomats and enough freedom in their operations as they could wish. In theory a Jedi could request a Warlock for a mission and get away with it.

Than he nodded and looked on his watch.

"We should hurry if we want to get there before the shops close up."

Minako grinned at that and slowly rose from her seat.

"I think I need a new outfit for this," she cheerfully said and there was a shimmering in the air behind her.

Everyone blinked as a blue Police Box shimmered into view in the living room. They still blinked at the Police Box as Minako disappeared into it.

Artemis on the other hand, dropped his head into his hands and slowly shook said head.

"Minako..." he all but whined.

Everyone else still blinked at the Police Box as Mianko reappeared from inside the Police Box and it disappeared again.

Her outfit had changed quite a bit from the rather stylish outfit she had worn before. Now it was more or less the opposite, a tight sweater with a Union Jack printed on it, blue jeans, army boots, a browncoat that came straight from 'Firefly' and to top it of a very long scarf that was hung around her neck and down her shoulders.

It was Rupert's youngest son, Roger, who found his voice as the first.

"A bloody TRADIS?" he said a little louder than would be normal." You got a bloody TRADIS?"

Minako blushed a little and scratched the back of her head.

"My friends and I discovered that our Black Arrows got a Chameleon Circuit and can take just about every form," she said after a moment." I thought the TRADIS would be appropriate in Britain..."

"Yeah, sure," Lesley said after a moment, rolling his eyes. " Whatever you say, Doc."

Artemis just groaned. Of course she felt that it was appropriate. She was a Who-fan after all...


Albus Dumbledore leaned back into his stuffed chair, suckling around on his lemon drop and stared out of the window.

Outside the light seemed to dim for a moment and took on a green tinge.

He closed his eyes for a moment, letting his mind wander. This had all started to happen four years ago, during the first of Harry's years at Hogwarts. He could still remember the Quiddler printing several title stories speculating about the appearance of the giant green things in the air high above them all and that they blotted out the sun more or less regulary.

He could remember the speculation about them, while the real facts where brushed under the carpet and everything got back to normal in a few days because of the Ministry putting a lid on it. By now it was normal occurrence that it happened and Albus was sure that quite a few wizards thought that it had always happened like this.

For a moment he snorted and his look went towards a small shelve with old muggle books, something that was sowhat of a guilty pleasure for him. Again he snorted. Big Brother would be proud of the Ministry and the Wizarding World.

Than he sighed. And Machiavelli would be proud of him.

His thoughts went back in time, back the supposedly easier days . Before Tom had gone the wrong way and chosen to become Voldemort.

He closed his eyes. It was all his fault. Hadn't he been involved in the Wizarding side of the Second World War and fought to defeat Grindelwald, he wouldn't have lost the hold over Tom, would have been able to guide him down the right part.

He breathed in deep. He was too old to get into a second fight aginst a Dark Lord, even before the first Reign of Voldemort. And the Prophecy wasn't making it any easier. He hated to do what he had to do, but it was all to get Harry to be better able to fight against Tom when the time came.

But four years ago everything had changed. He himself had looked through the telescope of Hogwarts astronomy tower and looked at the massive trees than were now orbiting around Earth. But he hadn't only seen the trees. He had also seen the massive gray ships floating up there. And he had been lucky to see how they fought other ships high above Earth.

Again his look went from the window and the outside world to a muggle paperback book. 'First Impact – Changes of a World'. It was a very interesting book, Albus noted. It was just a pity that he only managed to get it through Arthur Weasly three days ago.

Arthur himself wasn't very interested in the book, he just wanted to tinker around with muggle 'artifacts'.

His look went back to the window and he saw that the green tinge slowly went away.

He was very sure that it was only a matter of time until the rest of the world found out about the Wizarding World. If Tom was still a problem when it happened, it wouldn't end well for the world he had been born into.