The Search for Dean Winchester

Chapter 1

"Forever and ever is a pretty long time, Sammy"

Summary: Sam wakes up one day to realize his brother is missing. This is his search for his missing brother

It was early in the morning and sun peaked through the blinds onto a sleeping, 10 year old, Dean Winchester, shining right onto his face. He rolled over and pulled the covers over himself blocking the rays.

"DEAN!!!!" a loud voice called echoing through the small one story house. Usually they'd be staying in a small, dingy hotel room but Pastor Jim had hooked them up with this house for a month.

"DEAN!!!!!" the voice called growing closer. Dean groaned and pulled the pillow over his face. Suddenly, someone bounced on him,

"WAKEUP!" Young 6 year old Sam yelled bouncing up and down on his brother.

"5 more minutes…" Dean mumbled pulling the pillow tighter.

"But you promised to take me to the park!" Sam said pulling the pillow off of his brother's face.

"Not now!" Dean snapped; the words coming out harsher than he intended. Sam became silent and tears started to well up in his big brown eyes. Guilt washed over Dean and he sat up.

"Don't cry Sammy, let me get dressed and we'll go." A big smile came over Sam's face and he got off the bed nearly falling on his face,

"I'll go get my shoes on!!" Sam yelled taking off down the hallway to his small room. Dean sighed and shook his head laughing at himself for giving in so easily. He made his way to his closet and changed into a blue shirt and a pair of jeans. Dean put his shoes on and headed out into the kitchen.

"Sammy you comin'?" Dean called walking to his brother's room.

"I'm not going…" Sam said. He was sitting on his bed with his shoes on the wrong feet, untied.

"Having shoe problems, buddy?" Dean asked sitting beside his brother.

"I can't tie them…" Sam said on the verge of tears again.

"Hey Sammy, don't cry I'll help you." Dean said grinning. Sam nodded and watched as his brother knelt in front of him. Dean put his brother's shoes on the right feet then he spoke. "Ok, so you take the laces and pulled them across each other." Dean started showing his brother. "Now they don't want to lose one another so one goes under and pulls them tight." Dean pulled a lace under and pulled them tightly together "Now you make the bunny and then the tree." Dean looped one lace and then pulled the other straight up. "The bunny runs around the tree and you pull the tree under and there!" Dean wrapped the looped lace around the straight one, he then pulled the straight one under and pulled it tight.

"Wow!" Sam exclaimed. "That's so cool!"

"You try." Dean told his brother. Sam attempted to try. He tried to remember everything his brother had said, but he just couldn't.

"It's too hard!" Sam complained. Dean smiled and tied his brother's shoes.

"Don't worry you'll get it." Dean encouraged. Sam shook his head and slid off the bed heading towards the door.

"I won't have to! Cause you'll always be here to tie them for me!" Sam said smiling. Dean got up quietly.

"I'm not gonna always be here Sammy." Dean told his brother. Sam cocked his head to the side and thought for a moment.

"We're gonna be together forever and ever." Sammy stated crossing his arms. Dean shook his head and smiled.

"Forever and ever is a pretty long time, Sammy" Dean said walking the refrigerator and writing a note to his dad, in case he came back from his hunt early.

"It's not that long if we're together, now come on Dean! I want to go to the park!"

"Alright, alright." Dean said opening the door and closed it once Sam dashed out. He locked the door and put the keys in his pocket jogging after his brother. When Dean reached his brother Sam was already playing in the sandbox. Sam waved at his brother.

"C'mon Dean, lets build a house!" Sam said piling up dirt. Dean sat beside his brother and helped him build the house. The day went by quickly, lunchtime passed but the boys didn't seem to notice; they were having too much fun. As the day started to come to an end and the sun started to turn the sky orange the brother's found themselves sitting on a small hill overlooking the town.

"Let's do this again!" Sam said happily. "Tomorrow and the day after that!" Sam said yawing in the middle.

"Sammy, what if I go away for awhile…" Dean said quietly.

"But you won't…" Sam said sleepily, resting his head against his brother's shoulder. "We're going to be…" Sam paused yawning. "…together forever and ever…" Dean sighed and spoke.

"Sammy, if we're ever apart, everything you need is inside you. If you ever feel afraid just remind yourself….you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think…" Dean whispered. "Can you remember that for me?" he asked. Sam nodded, his eyes closed, and he repeated." We're heavier than ski's…. our dog has flea's…and…something about a moose…or…maybe….a goose…" Sam said falling asleep. Dean chuckled and ruffled his brother's shaggy brown hair.

"Even if we're separated…I'm right here beside you…" Dean whispered as the stars shone in the sky.

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