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"Watch where you're going, kid." A sneer from a man walking towards the damp street and shoving past her to get there.

Kim wrapped the black cloak she had around her body tighter. Around here, she would be recognized immediately by her red hair and big green eyes. Here, in a district of Milan where Super villains had their safe haven. Oh yes, Kim Possible knew of this place, courtesy of Wade. And she knew that to destroy it would be to help the crime raise in the world. At least here, criminals were contained somewhat.

She wasn't sure exactly where she was going. She knew there was a nice warm bed waiting for her a million miles away, available in a few hours. She knew she could contact Wade to get her out of here in less than an hour. But she only contacted him so he knew she had completed the mission in China, had saved the big business, and that she had saved the children, and to notify her parents she'd be sleeping there. Then she had made arrangements to be driven to this quarter of Asia, Milan, where they dwelt.

Where she dwelt.

She walked up to the tall stone building, and climbed down the stairs to the basement loft. How typical, she thought, when she noted the darkness surrounding.

She knocked on the door three times, waited two seconds, then knocked once, as she had been instructed.

The great green iron door groaned as it was slid open, and Kim got the feeling it hadn't been used much in the past.

She allowed her eyes to show, and allowed the dark cloak to slide back just a little to reveal or red hair.

She looked into the eyes of Shego, who bore no expression on her face, no hint of satisfaction or knowledge, just silently watching, and Kim didn't say a word. She just looked back, and hoped, waited, rejoicing when Shego finally moved to the side to let her in.

Stepping in, she felt the cloak yanked off her, and turned shocked to find it cast in a corner to the black tiles on the floor.

Shego then yanked on the collar of Kim's black turntleneck, and into a kiss.

This wasn't the first time they had kissed. It was the second. No, the third. The first had been during a battle, completely unexpected. Kim had been at the mercy of the green fire, on her back, her current seducer's thighs pressing into the curves of her hips, her cheeks stained red from either adrenaline, exileration, or both. Her small mouth agape, gasping and her wide green eyes desperate for escape, and suddenly the green fire had disappeared, and the next think she knew her eyes were closing as her lips were curresed, as her mouth was invaded, her body violated.

Before she could decide if she felt either revulsion or enticement the kiss was over, and Drakken had managed to find a way of escape.

The second time it had been her impulse, to spare Shego, and kiss her lightly, as a chaste kiss. She had smirked, and walked away once again as Drakken called. That night, wondering what had overtaken her as she peeled off her clothes, she found a note that had slipped into her bra. An address, and instructions. She felt devious when she wore the same bra to school, with the note still attached.

"Where are you sunshine? Are you coming or going?"

"Both." She answered regrettably, as what was revealed of her neck and jaw line was now the center of attention, she had full use of her mouth. This response earned her a small nip below the chin. "Hey…"

"What's wrong, princess? To much to handle?"


Suddenly, shego sighed, and withdrew, and walked over to the middle of the large green room, where a bed with, typically, green and black layers of sheets, lay.

She stood profile towards the bed, and Kim could only gaze as she gently lifted the silk green cameo, followed by the black sweat pants. And suddenly, there stood Shego as Kim had imagined her. Black bra, small as hell black thong, the curves of her womanhood radiating in ways that made Kim feel selfconciouss about her own still developing body.

"Look, kid, are you coming or going? Or coming and then going? Or coming and staying? Now, which is it, because I don't think you made this trip all by your lonesome to just gawk."

This made her immediately snap to attention, shutting her gaping mouth and blushing from nervousness. She didn't break eye contact though, and she fisted her hands, ingroing her sweaty palms, and steeled her body from the overwhelming force telling her to run, ignoring the pain of wanting, and walking over, calmly, coolly, to stand right next to Shego, looking up, no hesitance on her features. Shego grinned in response.

Cut off point.

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