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"So you love me…"

"I think we've established that."

"Then why'd you kick me out?"

Shego gave a wry smile. "I think that's fairly obvious by now." And this made Kim giggle, because she had completely forgotten the situation for a moment.

But then she had listened to everything Shego had said, and she felt sick from the horrific implications.

To fix Shego…

"So, why are we here?" She asked, after drying her face. Shego had removed herself from her to stare out the window some more.

"The tracker device they installed on me I was able to get rid of, but the one that's in me, the one they think I don't know about, I only managed to neutralize for a little while."

By the look on Shego's face and the way her hand traveled down protectively towards her crotch, Kim was almost afraid to ask what she had done. But then she felt a stab of protective hatred towards those who had harmed her love there.

A tracker

"So they'll be here soon?"

Shego awoke from her grimace and turned her attention to the redhead once more. "Any minute now."

"And…you're planning to use me as a hostage?" There was a trace of hurt in Kim's voice.

"Relax, Kimmy, that's not why you're here." She looked towards the girl in the chair, still tied, and wondered if maybe those bonds were more for the chair than the girl, so tht the chair would be useful to the room… She looked back out the window. "I wanted you to know everything." Before

Before what?

Shego knew it was fairly obvious. That Kim should have understood, with the word spoken or not.

But Kim was an optimist.

And Kim was young.

And Kim was used to winning.

"If you turn yourself in to our government, they'll see how wronged you were…"

"And they'll still lock me up for years, and who knows what other tests scientists might run. You know, my family is quite popular, if they weren't the goodguys, if they weren't superheroes, the government would have had all my brothers by now."

"B..but you can't just let them kill you!"

Shego let out an embittered laugh. "Oh yeah, I could always defend myself, right, Kimmy?" Kim winced, and the tears were beginning to form again.

Shego was soon there to meet her one time lover, and kissed her.

"I'm sorry Kim…"

"It's…it's not your fault… this isn't…"

She kissed her again, and Kim welcomed it. She closed her eyes because she didn't want to see where she was, she didn't want to be reminded of where she was.

"Keep your eyes closed, sweetheart." And then Kim felt her bonds come loose, and her hands were freed. But she let them hang loose at her side, eye still closed, hoping there would be more to the kiss.

She felt a heavy weight settle on her lap.

Shego kissed her again, but briefly, and then she felt her leave…

She opened her eyes, and looked down, and it made her stomach churn and a new wave of nauseau arose.

Shego was across the room, already standing against the wall, waiting for her to raise her head, for her questioning eyes, ready for anything.


"You have a reason. They won't blame you. I held you hostage, I tied you down. The famous Kim Possible, and her Arch-nemesis, Shego."

Kim stood, but didn't let the revolver drop to the floor. Instead, she held it to her side, not willing to point it anywhere.

"You can't ask me to-"

"It's either you…" She paused, letting it sink in, "Or them."

Kim rolled her eyes in hopeless exasperation. "This is like some stupid teenage drama…"

"No, Kim, this is real life. Stop living in your safe world, and wake up." Suddenly there was a desperation in the older adult's voice. Her eyes looked pained... but no. This isn't the way she had to play this. She crosed her arms over her chest and took a breath. "Because like it or not, I'm gone forever in the hour." Her voice had turned mocking, provoking, daring.

Screeches were heard outside, upsetting grass roads.

A pigeon fell to the ground because it could have been the moving target they were searching for.

"Make that the next five minutes." Shego commented casually, composure not lost.

"This is serious!"

"Yeah, it is. Do it now, Kim."

There was something too casual... too decieving in the older female's voice.

But Kim couldn't speak, couldn't think; she couldn't do anything…

"I'd rather you take my life than some assholes who stuck needles in me."

She still couldn't speak.

"Kim we don't have a lot of time here!"

"What… what if I can't live afterwards…"

"You'll be able to, Kim, you're tough. You have people to live for. Friends... family..." Was the soft reply, signifying long thought on the question.

"I want to live with you." The voice was stubborn, almost childish in it's declaration.

Shego sighed.

She came over to Kim, standing forlornly in the middle of the room. She could already hear the heavy boots up the steel stairs, but she knew Kim was too submersed in her dreams to hear them. All she saw was Shego, and all she felt was Shego body, now familiarly pressed against hers in an attempt at warmth, or distraction…

Her firm, strong hands grasped Kim's own. The hand with the revolver lifted.

Kim was crying now.

But she was still in a dream.


"It's alright, sweetie, it's alright." The other hand brushed through her hair, then gripped it to maneuver her head up towards her, into a kiss that forced both eyes to clothes.

As the door burst open, a shot was heard, and Kim felt blood in her mouth suddenly, and she collapsed, Shego's body over hers.