Soppy ice cream fluff……OR IS IT……(dramatic music please.)

Read the first line, then pick your own ending! Either a;- soppy fluff, or b;- the 'or is it' one! Confused yet? Good.

Sillyness for a rainy day. Please R&R, even if its just to say its too weird! Thanks!


Lupin tucked into the bowl of chocolate ice-cream with great pleasure. After speedily eating half its contents (and developing quite a brain freeze,) he looked up to see Snape glaring at him in barely disguised disgust. Lupin offered a sheepish grin.

"You eat like a pig" muttered Snape.

Now pick an ending!

A; Soppy fluff ending…..

At that precise moment, Lupin felt a globule of melting goo drip from his lip onto his chin. As he dissolved into helpless giggles, he noticed Snape glance away in case the smile lurking around the corner of his lips should, heaven forbid! make an appearance. Fixing his scowl back on he re-faced Lupin. Sobering up he softened Snape's expression by quietly saying;

"Sorry Severus." as he reached for a napkin. Snape, however, reached it before him. As he gently dabbed at the chocolate goo on Lupins chin he surprised him by gently adding,

"Not necessary."


B; The OR IS IT ending, with suitable music too…

"Oh lighten up Severus. This is supposed to be relaxing."

"How can any one relax with a bloody great slobbering Werewolf next to him."

"So it's back to the Werewolf thing again."


"Gods Severus, you're such an arse at times."



"FINE." And with that he dropped his spoon into his untouched ice cream and stormed off, leaving Lupin alone. Again.


Which do you prefer?!?