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Life of the Slayer: Sunnydale's Little Secrets

Chapter One


Buffy ran through the warm, summers night. Her golden hair was loose and it flowed like a blanket of silk in the placid wind that grazed her face. She gripped the wooden stake firmly in her small, but strong hand. She leapt gracefully over gravestones, her prey in target.

The vampire had no chance. It was a mere fledgling, small and scrawny. She leapt over the last gravestone and jumped onto the weak vampires back. It managed to punch her in the jaw, but she felt no pain. Her hand swiftly stabbed the stake through the vampires heart. It turned to dust beneath her.

She stood and brushed the ash from her black leather pants, a victorious smile on her face. That was until she saw her stake. She had stabbed the vampire so hard that the wooden object had hit the ground with such force, it snapped on impact. She sighed, realising she didn't have another and so decided it best to go home.

Strangely that seemed to be the last place she wanted to go. Just a week ago her best friends had pulled her from heaven and she hadn't told them yet. It was hard to be strong around them, but she knew it was the only option. They had been so proud with themselves, thinking they had rescued her from some unknown hell, little did they know that they had actually seemed to bring her into hell because that's what Earth now felt like, compared to where she was. There was only one person, or thing she tried to remind herself, that let her be herself for at least a moment.

She removed her leather jacket, the summer heat becoming unbearable, and wrapped it around her waist. She looked up into the clear night sky, wondering if the blanket of stars above her had been where her heaven was. It sure looked beautiful enough. She had to admit that she was quiet enjoying her quiet stroll home, feeling the autumn on it's way, but summer just holding on a bit longer. She tore her gaze from the sky when she noticed a small amber coloured light disturbing the darkness.

"Spike" Buffy greeted, immediately recognising the light to be that of his cigarette.

"Buffy" the vampire greeted softly, throwing his cigarette to the floor and snuffing it out with his boot.

"You wanna walk?" she asked.

She had long lost the need to act defensive around him. Now she simply wanted to be in his company, where they could talk, no secrets. He smiled softly and he stepped forward and into the moonlight. His bleach blonde hair and usual black outfit, including the leather coat, still looking the same. He never changed.

"So how have you been?" Spike asked, genuine concern in his voice, his blue eye glistening from the moons reflection.

"I've been worse, but i've been better" she smiled weakly, her gaze looking straight ahead.

"Well if you ever wanna talk, luv, you know I'm here" he offered, his gaze to looking straight ahead.

"I know. Thank you" her words were genuine and the joy he received from them was just as genuine.

There was a sudden rustling from a bush behind them. Spike stopped instantly, his vampire hearing picking up on it. Buffy soon came to a halt as she noticed the look of concentration on the vampires face.

"What is it?" she whispered, creeping to his side.

However he had no time to answer as a huge demon suddenly pounced at them from the bushes. It was at least seven feet tall, it was all shades of green, slime dripping from the spines that ran down it's back. It snarled, revealing ragged fangs and it breathed a foul breath over both of them, Buffy couldn't help but gag.

"Right, you take it from the back,luv and i'll go for the front" Spike ordered.


The vampire and the slayer both flew into action. They had to resort in using their bare hands to kill the monster as neither had weapons on them. Luckily the demon seemed to be all show and after some heavy kicks from both vampire and slayer it was beginning to sway. It fell to the floor as Spike managed to grab it's ugly head and snap it with a sickening crunch.

However there was still something that Spike could sense. Buffy watched him as he disappeared into the bushes where the monster had come from. After about two minutes the vampire began to emerge from the green thicket. He held his duster protectively around something that was bundled in his arms. Buffy tilted her head questioningly.

"What did you find?" she finally asked.

Spike loosened his duster and revealed what he was cradling. Buffy's eyes widened. In the vampire's strong arms lay a small baby. It looked innocently up at Buffy, it's shocking blue eye's resembling Spikes. It had the thinnest, yet softest layer of blonde hair upon its head. It was wrapped in a rosy pink blanket, which made both vampire and slayer assume it was actually a little girl.

"Where did she come from?" Buffy eventually asked absently.

"No clue" was Spike's reply, his voice just as distant.

"We should take her somewhere. Maybe she was kidnapped by that thing. She probably has parents around here somewhere"

"I'm not so sure luv. She doesn't seem like your ordinary bundle of joy" Spike moved his hand to stroke the baby's cheek. The little girl took his finger in her small hands and her eyes slowly drifted shut. Spike smiled softly at the gentle gesture the baby had done instinctively.

Buffy couldn't help, but be bemused at how gentle the vampire was. Almost as if it was his own, which it obviously wasn't, but maybe he wasn't genuinely bad. Maybe Spike really was an exception to the soulless monster she was convinced he must have been.

"Maybe you should take her luv" Spike offered, thinking that she was probably worried he try and eat her or something.

"OK" she replied hesitantly as the vampire placed the small girl in her arms.

Immediately the baby started to cry. Buffy's eye's widened and she looked to Spike in shock.

"What did i do?" she asked panicked, rocking the baby.

"Nothing pet" Spike replied, finding her reaction to the baby crying almost amusing.

"She wont stop!" she exclaimed, hysteria building. "Spike, help me"

Spike decided for the well being of the baby in her arms he would take her back. Immediately the little girl ceased her crying and she looked at the vampire in the eyes. He was almost sure she had even dared a smirk.

"Looks like you'll be taking her back to mine then" Buffy sighed with relief.

"Looks like"

"I wonder where she came from" Buffy thought out loud as she and Spike began in the direction of her house.

"Just another one of Sunnydale's little secrets" he whispered, as the baby fell to sleep in his arms.

To Be Continued...

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