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Life of the Slayer: Sunnydale's Little Secrets

By Secret Slayer

Chapter Seventeen

A Happy Ending


"Welcome home sweetie," she whispered in her daughters hair.

"So luv, what do you want to do now?" Spike asked his slayer.

"Well I cant torture Warren," she smirked, "And I haven't slept for like...a week."

At that point Phoebe yawned closing her eyes.

"Guess it's unanimous," Spike commented, taking Buffy's hand.

"Night guys," Dawn sighed.

"Night," Buffy replied.

And with that the vampire, the slayer and the miracle child went to bed as a family again.

Three Weeks Later...

"Happy Birthday To You!" the group sang.

Phoebe sat at the kitchen counter dressed all in pink, with a huge badge reading I'm One Today! In front of her was a big, pink and white birthday cake with a glittery candle in the shape of a one, happily lit in the middle.

"Happy Birthday To You!" they all chorused.

Buffy lifted Phoebe and rested her on her hip, bouncing her to the beat of the song, causing her to giggle.

"Happy Birthday To Phoebe," Xander drew that part out causing Dawn to giggle so much, she couldn't finish the song.

Buffy placed Phoebe in front of the cake and she got ready to blow out the candle.

"Happy Birthday To You!" the group clapped Phoebe as she smiled excitedly, ready to blow out her candle.

She took in a deep breath, ready to blow out her first ever Birthday candle, when suddenly with a small pop she vanished.

"Not again," they all sighed in unison.

"Buffy when are her powers gonna go back to normal," Dawn whined.

"Soon," Buffy grumbled.

"W-we should try and find her again," Tara suggested.

"If I have to sing one more bloody chorus..." Spike growled.

They weren't sure how, but everyone had got the feeling it was Phoebe's birthday. So they had all gone out and bought balloons, gifts, candles, party hats, streamers and the best cake they could find. However, since Phoebe had her powers back they still hadn't been quite normal. Every time she went to blow out her candles she would vanish and end up somewhere different. It had been odd the first time, it had been funny the second time, it had been oddly funny the third time, but now it was just getting old. But Buffy insisted she had her song sung for her when she blew out the candles, if she ever got that far.

Tara came back in the kitchen holding the little girl, with Buffy close behind.

"She was in the b-basement," Tara said handing the girl to the vampire.

"Good job it wasn't still flooded," Willow commented.

"So are you ready?" Buffy said, smiling over enthusiastically.

They all nodded reluctantly and Giles leant over to whisper in Anya's ear.

"When we get to the final line, blow out that bloody candle," he whispered.

"I'm on it," she said obediently.

"OK, here we go!" Buffy said over happily.

Everyone prepared their big smiles and began the song again.

"Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To Phoebe..." the whole gang paused, ready for the final line, "Happy Birthday..."

Anya blew out the candle and smiled brightly. Buffy looked at her angrily with her arms crossed. Phoebe pouted, confused about what happened to her candle.

"Where my candle?" she babbled to Spike and Buffy, her lip beginning to tremble.

"Bit, if we had to sing one more..." he tried to reason, but Phoebe was all ready beginning to cry.

"Don't cry," Willow said softly.

"We'll light the candle again," Dawn said quickly.

"DAWN!" the gang cried.

"What? Come on guys, one more verse couldn't hurt," she said smiling, though she regretted it all ready.

"Fine," Spike huffed.

"I'll get the lighter," Buffy sighed.

"Are you going to sing?" Phoebe asked innocently.

The Scoobies all shared an exasperated look before Giles said...

"Of course my dear. We'd love to."

Phoebe clapped excitedly, whilst her candle was relit.

"One last time," Buffy said to the others.

"Happy Birthday To You!..."

They did finally manage to get the candle blown out and they enjoyed the rest of the smallest Scooby's birthday.

What ever Sunnydale had up it's sleeve for next year, they'd be ready. And sure enough Sunnydale always managed to amaze the gang with it's little secrets...

The End (For Now)

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