Brothers love

Chapter 1 – Triplets

In the middle of the war, Lily became pregnant. The Potters didn't want their child to be brought up in the middle of a war, so they kept fighting. Much to their surprise, as well as everyone else's, it turned out that Alice was pregnant too. unaware of their fate that lay ahead, already written in the stars.

Frank and James made their wives stay at home, not wanting any harm to come to their unborn children. James was not yet aware that Lily was going to have triplets. Half way through the pregnancy Lily announced it.

"James, I'm having triplets," said Lily joyously, and thump her husband was on the floor, glasses askew. But he quickly accepted it, and he could not wait for them to come.

Then a prophecy came to light, and it became apparent that there was a spy within the Order. Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, and the Longbottom and Potter couples were thanking the Gods that the spy only knew half of it. The Potions Master even put himself under Veritaserum so anyone who thought it was Severus was put in their places. When it became obvious that Severus was not the spy, they began to suspect and distrust each other.

It was then that Lily and James went into hiding with their three children. All had their mother's green eyes. Godric and Harry were almost identical, though Harry's face was more elfin than Godric's. Jamie had a girlish face and black tufts. By the time they were two, they always played with each other. However, Harry and Jamie were the closest. Harry loved his sister very much.

They were all in the playpen, after they had all refused to go to sleep. They were all dozing when a bang was heard from down the stairs. "Lily take the children and run! Go, I'll hold him off!" James shouted. Voldemort just laughed and hit Lily with a spell at the stairs, and then he turned his wand on James.

"Crucio!" And James went down, writhing under the Cruciatus Curse. He soon fell unconscious from the pain.

Voldemort then crossed the room and went up the stairs past a petrified Lily. She really wanted to move, she wanted to save her children. She didn't want her children to die young. There was silence for five minutes, then an inhuman screech was heard up the stairs. Lily's breath caught in her throat; she didn't want to know what happened! Then the body-bind holding her faded. For a moment, she lay there, then, panicked, she ran into her children's room.


Back in the children's room


Voldemort walked into the Potter brat's room as the Dark Lord had taken to calling them. When he saw them he nearly laughed. 'They are just small children,' he thought 'and they are meant to be my downfall!' chucked Voldemort to himself. He then thought 'I might as well just let Lily and James live to see the end of the light.' He pointed his wand at the girl and said the words of the killing curse. "Avada Kedavra!" he yelled and watched in fascination as the spell got closer and closer to the girl. The other Potter child, Harry,(not that he knew it was Harry) got in the way, making the spell hit them both. Gold and red surrounded the duo and they tried to hit the glowing ball, making it back-fire. Voldemort watched in horrified fascination as the ball got closer. He couldn't have moved in time, and the glowing ball hit him.

He felt something he was not used to feeling, and it was love. It surrounded him, forcing him to flee his body. He became weak and barely alive, and he cursed the name 'Potter' to hell and back. That is exactly where he went.

When Lily arrived in the children's room, she saw all three of them had bleeding cuts on their foreheads. She tried to heal them, and did manage to stop the blood, but no matter what she tried, she could not get rid of the identical lightning-shaped scars. Taking Godric downstairs with her, she woke James and gave him a healing potion. Lily looked at him, pride shining in her eyes.

"Godric saved them! Godric defeated Voldemort! James, he did it!"

James was overjoyed that his family survived, and that his son had killed Voldemort. He gathered his family in his arms and hugged them for all he was worth saying, "Thank you Gods!" That was how Albus Dumbledore found them.

"James, Lily, you're alive! Thank God! What happened, my dear?" asked Dumbledore as he sat Lily on the couch and she answered him shakily.

"I was just going to up the stairs to get the children after James had told me to go. Then I was caught in a body-bind. James was screaming from the Cruciatus Curse. When he fell unconscious, Voldemort walked past me and into the children's room. There was an inhuman screech, then I was released from the bindings he had cast on me. I ran up the stairs. Godric somehow defeated Voldemort, he survived the killing curse! Jamie and Harry are sleeping soundly now, it's just Godric that's awake." She still had not gotten over the fact that they had lived to tell the tale.

Dumbledore left soon afterwards and went back to Hogwarts. The teachers were all told what had happened. Severus Snape had to bite his tongue between his teeth to stop from either snarling about James Potter, or jumping for joy; no more sleepless nights, no more torture, no more raids. He can finally be himself. He knew it was not permanent, the mark he bore proved that. So he couldn't change in public, but it didn't bother him.

Severus went down and drank to the defeat of Voldemort. Before he knew it, it was time to go back to the Great Hall. He sat with his face blank at the Head Table. "Silence please," Dumbledore called, and the students did as told.

"I am very happy to inform you that Voldemort is gone, thanks to Godric Potter the Boy-Who-Lived!" he said, raising his goblet. The great hall followed suit shouting, "To the Boy-Who-Lived!" They cheered and they cheered, making themselves hoarse by cheering all night long.

At the same time, Lily and James went to bed and held Godric between them. They fell asleep gradually, not being able to believe that they had survived that night and Godric had been made famous; he was now "the Boy-Who-Lived."