My Brothers Love

Chapter 42

The End Of Another Year

"You ready yet?" asked Hermione running into the Great Hall extremely flustered. Her trunk was hovering behind her bobbing up and down before lying at her feet. There was no point in carrying or pulling at it when they could still use magic. It was extremely pointless task and Hermione was very smart to realize this.

"Of course," said Jamie, "Let me guess you realized you left those books down in Slytherin common room?" she finished her eyes twinkling brightly as she held in her laughter.

"Why didn't you tell me?" asked Hermione punching Jamie lightly on the arm.

"It was fun watching you hunt for them," giggled Jamie.

Hermione simply rolled her eyes in exasperation at her friend. She would miss them this summer, but she had to spend some time with her parents. She wouldn't remain young forever, so she had to spend what time she could with her mother and father.

"I'm glad this year is over with," said Draco grimacing slightly, his poor hands! They looked like dirty prunes by the time Severus was finished with them. By the end of the year he was beginning to think it wasn't worth the agony he had to endure cleaning cauldrons and chopping ingredients.

"I think I agree," said Harry tiredly. Looking up for the first time, they'd gotten up early, since the train would be departing soon.

"Harry, Jamie may we speak to you?" asked Remus standing awkwardly beside the Slytherin table. Then again Remus was always like that, even despite the fact they had regularly all year went to see them.

"Um…sure," said Harry emotionlessly, hiding his curiosity. "Save me some!" he said to his best friends before scampering off trying to catch up with Remus. Jamie was the same both of them were fast, but not as quick as their teacher - who had much longer legs than them. Both of them were undeniably curious about the sudden impromptu meeting. They shared a clueless look as they entered the quarters, which was just above the Defence classroom. Defence had been incredibly fun this year; they had actually learned something for the first time in their three years! They may be a little advanced by reading books, but it was much different experiencing it and talking about it. Arguing and debating which is good, they got to experience other people's points of views. Draco's were always colourful, always starting of with 'My father' until Sirius had lost it said coolly 'I have no care for what your father thinks, I am not grading him I am grading you…think for yourself Mr. Malfoy'. Draco had been stunned, but eventually began to do so, and the best thing about it? Nobody cared; perhaps it hadn't been expected of him to brag all the time. Simply put he was acting more like the real Draco rather than the front he had put on all those years.


"So what's up?" asked Harry as soon as they were sat down, wanting nothing more than to be with his friends as normal for any teenager. As much as he was beginning to trust Sirius and Remus - he didn't trust them completely and that's the way it would remain. He would never tell them about his status as 'Twin-Who-Lived'. They were too close to Dumbledore despite what they'd heard. Harry had observed them over the year, and realized they'd never actually outright pick him or rather him and his sister over Dumbledore. He didn't want to outright find out so he kept the peace, especially since his sister seemed smitten to have her 'godfather' in her life. It was the only reason he kept quiet about making them pick. He couldn't and wouldn't cause his sister anymore devastation.

"We want you to come with us this summer," said Sirius staring at Jamie, Harry narrowed his eyes it seemed Sirius knew that Jamie loved him.

Jamie looked between her narrow eyed brother and two hopeful 'uncles' and she quietly admitted "I'm going to Malfoy Manor, they've been good to us and they are expecting us."

Harry smothered a smirk at their shocked indignant looks.

"They won't hold it against you, if you want to stay with family." coaxed Sirius.

"We learned young that family isn't blood or in titles, but bonds formed by people that care. To us the Malfoy's have been family, ever since we started here." said Harry firmly finally speaking. Smiling in pride when his sister nodded her head, she agreed with him and he was very happy.

"If that's where you want to go we understand, but know that the offer is there when you want It." said Remus before Sirius could say something impulsive.

Reluctantly Sirius nodded his head, despite the fact he hated the fact his godchildren would choose Lucius Malfoy over them. Perhaps next year they'd have gained their trust they might want to live with them. There was nothing they could do legally either, since Malfoy's did have guardianship of them. Approved by the Ministry of magic. Malfoy could actually forbid them if it came to it.

"Are you retuning as a teacher?" asked Jamie.

Sirius and Remus shared a look before sighing sadly.

"No we aren't, I'm going back to being a full time Auror, and Remus cannot hold the title on his own. The only reason they gave him it this year was because I was here." said Sirius reluctantly.

"So stay!" cried Jamie feeling betrayed.

"I'm not a teacher Jamie, I'm an Auror this was an assignment, and it was set up by the Ministry to keep Harry, you and Godric safe from Pettigrew. Now that he's caught I have other assignments I need to do." said Sirius. "I'm not happy about it either, but I am not qualified to be a teacher, without the Ministry's backing I wouldn't have the defence position."

"Lockhart did!" snapped Jamie angrily.

"Yes, he did, but everyone thought he had experience in defence against the dark arts, until of course you found out." said Remus quietly.

"Fine abandon us again!" snapped Jamie standing up furiously.

"We aren't Jamie, calm down." said Sirius immediately.

"You will always be able to reach us; Sirius isn't taking anymore assignments outside of the country and no undercover identities. He's going to be living nearby, you can send up a letter and we will reply. If you want to stay with us you can, we were serious at the beginning of the year sweetie." said Remus putting his own two Galleons in.

"Come on Jamie, surely you knew he couldn't stay," said Harry suddenly feeling sorry for them by how desperate they were to make them see they were NOT being abandoned again.

"Okay," she murmured very quietly.

"We love you both. You are our godchildren." said Sirius seriously, staring at them solemnly.

"Okay," she replied again slightly petulant.

"Go on then rejoin your friends, just remember we are always here if you need us, just a letter or Apparation away." said Remus smiling at them sympathetically.

"Goodbye," said Jamie sniffing slightly, she felt really stupid she thought they'd always be there for them.

"Take care guys," said Sirius, he wanted to hug them desperately but he knew it would be unwelcome. He'd tried before but they were just not used to display's of affection.

It wasn't long before Jamie, Hermione, Draco and Harry all left Hogwarts. Walking towards the coaches, by then Jamie felt a little better. While she waited she looked around, Harry's earlier words ringing in her ears.

We learned young that family isn't blood or in titles, but bonds formed by people that care.

Her brother was right; she thought to herself, she had her brother's love, friends who loved her and a girl she loved like a sister. She thought gazing at Hermione, a smile sliding onto her face. Her eyes were drawn to a gorgeous blond haired boy, who was a few years older than her and flushed bright red. Maybe love was also on the horizon? She forced herself to turn away from Cedric Diggory and back to her friends and twin brother.

Siblings, friends and love…yes it was enough. She didn't need Sirius, Remus or even her parents. What she had…she finally realized she had her family. She only wished she'd realized that sooner. She wondered when Harry had finally figured that out…and why he hadn't told her. Why he'd made her figure it out on her own. Maybe that's the way it was meant to be? Maybe she had to figure out on her own to properly appreciate it.

Perhaps not long ago her brother had gone through the same thing.

"Jamie you coming?" yelled Hermione and Draco together.

She was brought out of her musings to see them disappearing into the coach.

"I'm coming," she yelled back, suddenly feeling over the moon.

Siblings, friends and love…she'd learned it was truly all she wanted.

She gazed at her brother as she sat down and beamed at him. He nodded back, a small smile playing on his lips. God she loved him, she thanked Merlin every day that she had Harry. Without him she would be lost, she could always rely on her brother's love. On her brother to guide her in the right direction. To rely on him to make sure she never took anything for granted. She shuddered at the thought of where she'd be without him. He was her rock, her foundation, and a part of her. She wondered how he could be so strong and smart all the time. But she knew…she knew he was everything she thought. Strong smart and capable.

She knew he'd move mountains for her, move heaven and hell to find her if she was hurt. Keep her safe, and one day she realized, he would destroy Voldemort just to keep her safe. Just like he had done when they were babies. Between them both they would keep their family safe.

She wasn't stupid enough to think Voldemort was gone for good. Otherwise the Death Eaters wouldn't be still active. Plus it was just three years ago nearly that they'd seen him in the soul so to speak. Then trying to come back through the diary. Now Pettigrew had made a re-appearance. Things were going to be happening soon, she could feel it and she knew her brother could too. She wasn't worried, as long as she had these people in the coach with her- she'd die happy.

Snuggling up to her brother, she let him know without telling him he was her everything.

"I'm going to miss you guys," said Hermione.

"You'll see us soon, just write if you want to come early…my dad can come and get you." said Draco.

"Just enjoy Paris, I hear it's wonderful…you'll enjoy it." said Harry.

"Maybe next year I can take you to one of our Paris homes show you around the Wizarding district they have there." suggested Draco. "Hopefully father will realize I'm mature enough." he finished haughtily.

They laughed at him, Draco would always be Draco and you know something? They wouldn't change a damn thing. None of them, they finally had somewhere they belonged and they were happy.

They were friends but more like siblings they knew each other so well.

Family wasn't always blood.

It was a bond they shared.

Together four of them would see the end of Lord Voldemort's reign; it was calm before the storm. They innocently were unaware just how quickly Lord Voldemort would return. Perhaps that was a good thing, so they could remain happy just that bit longer. Or maybe it would have been better if they were forewarned, so they could defend themselves. It mattered little, since neither of them were seers, they couldn't predict what was going to happen.

None of them could.

Soon Hogwarts was out of sight and they boarded the train. They would have this summer of innocence and that would have to be enough. Fourth year was upon them, but that wasn't all…it was going to be a year of tests and trials. Unaided by Albus Dumbledore, a light hero, who had no idea whom he was alienating. It was a good job they were so pure and innocent, otherwise the war would have already been lost. With the abuse they suffered they should have been drawn to the dark. They had despite it all always seen the light, seen each other. Protected each other and healed each other.

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