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"Why am I here?" I questioned myself as I drew closer to the double swinging doors. Yet, here I was on a Friday night, finding myself heading toward the crowded bowling lanes at "Amity Bowling."

It's not that I didn't like bowling, I loved it, and I was quite good at it too. But tonight I just wasn't in the mood. I was just about ready to crawl into bed for a good sleep when Sam called asking me if I wanted to meet her and Tucker at the bowling alley. Why couldn't Tucker have called? I could have said no to him, but I couldn't say no to Sam's melodious voice on the other line. We're all graduating high school this year, it's been three years since I've gotten my ghost powers, and were all seventeen. So tell me, how come I never got used to the soothing sound of her voice?

"Hey Danny!" Tucker greeted me with while taking his turn on the alley they booked for us.

"Hey Tuck," I called back, scanning the area for Sam. She was sitting on the gross green benches piled at the side while she waited for her turn, looking a little green herself. "Hey Sam, you okay?" I asked, a little concerned.

She turned to face me, a little startled by my sudden presence, but her eyes seemed to shine when she saw me as she gave a forced smile. "Hey Danny, I'm okay, I'm just feeling a little sick."

"Is it anything serious?" I asked growing anxious.

She waved her hand at me, "Oh no, I'll be fine after a good sleep, that's all."

I raised a shaking hand to her forehead, she felt like she was burning, even though it was thoroughly air conditioned in here. "Sam, you feel hot."

"What? I do? Oh, I'm sure it's fine Danny," she shrugged it off.

"Well, that's good, because it's your turn to bowl 'Sammy'," I chuckled, pointing to the bowling screen. She scowled.

"Tucker, I am going to kill you!" Sam shouted across the bowling alley, stomping towards Tucker. I am so glad I have enough common sense not to use her despised nickname.

Tucker took a seat next to me, pampering a spot on his leg; Sam obviously must have kicked him there. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Tuck, I thought you had enough common sense not to use her 'nickname,'" I bellowed out, now the two of us were laughing terribly.

"I know, but it was worth it!" He said, laughing in between words.

We calmed down a little and watched as Sam took her turn. Accidentally dropping the ball, it rolled over into the gutter; just like the next two times Sam took her turn. She scowled at her low score on the screen above and made her way back to her seat, clutching her side.

"Sam, you really don't look good. And did you pull a muscle or something while taking your turn? You're clutching your side," I said, now I really was getting concerned. I know it's nothing I should be too worried about, it's probably just flu or something, but I can't stand the thought of anything happening to her.

"Danny, really, it's fine. I just need a soda or something," she replied, placing her head in her hands. I sprung right up after she finished her sentence.

"I'll get you one, anyone else want anything?" I asked, checking my pocket for change. She smiled weakly at me and I couldn't help but beam.

"Thanks Danny, but a soda will be just fine."

I smiled again, and after taking Tuckers order (two burgers, two sets of fries, a bottle of water, and a soda, how can the guy eat so much?) I rushed off to the counter, first buying the soda for Sam. I'd get the others after words.

"Here Sam," I said handing her a diet ginger ale. She faintly smiled, tearing open the top of the can and taking a few sips before placing it at her side. She quickly raised her hand from her side to her mouth; she stood up and began to wobble her way to the washroom.

Even though I was worried sick by now, I grievously made my way to the counter to collect the rest of the order. I took my tray full of burgers and fries over to our table, and began to take a sip from my coke, carefully keeping an eye on the washroom door.

Fifteen minutes passed and still no Sam.

Okay, Tucker was pretty much finished his entire meal by now, why isn't she back yet? I walked up to the washroom door and began pounding my fist on the door. "Sam?" I said gently through the door. No answer. I knocked again, and still no answer.

I sighed, and casually made my way over to the men's room. Luckily no one was in there, they were all either taking their turn or ordering a pizza, so it took me no time for the blue rings to appear around my waist to transform me from Fenton to Phantom.

Quickly becoming intangible, I allowed myself to sink into the hard, wooden floor and I began exploring for the ladies room. Call me paranoid, but I was getting mighty concerned when I didn't receive an answer back from Sam.

And wow, am I glad I checked. Passed out on the floor, lay a crippled Sam, knocked out cold.

"SAM!" I yelled unintentionally. I bent down beside and took her pulse. No, she still had a steady pulse; it was nothing like a heart attack. I was afraid I might have a heart attack though. She had an eau du vomit scent about her. She had obviously fainted, and she would defiantly need to go to the hospital.

My hands were shaking; I felt lightheaded and scared as I bent down and picked up Sam. When I was sure she was secure, I made the two of us intangible, flying through the roof, and flew off in the direction of Amity Park Hospital.

I cradled her head once we were outside, stroking her incredible black hair; I felt a tear roll down my cheek. "Please, be okay Sam."

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