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I do not own Danny Phantom (c) Butch Hartman

I took a seat in the uncomfortable chair that was propped up beside the rough hospital bed that was the current home to Samantha Manson. I laid my head in my hands as I patiently waited for her to awake from her long surgery she had just endured. All that I could hear and see though was Sam's even breathing and the annoying heart monitor attached to her wrist that beeped regularly.

I got up slowly, making my way over towards the heavy glass doors. I poked my head out into the abandoned hallway only to see the occasional nurse walk the down the hall. It was three in the morning, Sam had just got out of surgery a few hours ago, and of course no one was here. Even though I had been released, I couldn't go home without knowing if Sam would be all right.

I had been waiting out in the disgusting plastic chairs placed outside of the surgery room, fiddling with the empty coffee cup I had in my hand, trying to keep myself awake. My head jerked up, startled, when I heard the large surgery room doors slam open, seeing the surgeon make its way over to me, peeling his plastic gloves off. I jumped up and raced over.

"How is she? Is she okay? Is something wro-" but I shut my mouth when he laughed to my surprise. "She'll be just fine, we've just finished. No need to worry son, your girlfriend will be just fine."

I stammered, feeling my cheeks blush crimson red. I stuffed my hands in my pockets, drooping my heads towards the floor, muttering, "she's not my girlfriend, were best friends." He gave me a confused look.

"Hmm, I'm sorry. I just…assumed you two were together, seeing as how much you care about her and all…" I blushed madly. "What gave you that idea?" I mumbled. He looked around. "Well son, it's one in the morning and you're the only one of her family and friends here." I looked down the empty hall, it was true. The Manson's and Tucker gave out about an hour ago.

He stalked back into the surgery room, leaving me to go home now that I knew she was okay. I headed over to the elevator, pressed the call button and waited for the doors. I stood inside the moving elevators, waiting to be freed. But when the doors opened to release me, I sighed, demanding the elevator to take me back up. I wanted to be there when Sam woke up, it was about time I had the courage to say something important to her.

I banged my head gently against the glass door, repeating the same question in my head: How am I going to do this? It was then when I heard a muffled groan across the room.

Sam's eyes fluttered confusedly as her eyes adjusted to the bright florescent light that streamed across the room. I smiled slightly, feeling a wave of relief roll over me.

I strutted across the room, sitting back in the uncomfortable seat. "Sam, Sam? Are you awake?"

She grinned tiredly, looking as if she were trying to focus her eyes. "Is that you Danny?" I grinned. "Yep, it's me." She began to come to.

"I didn't see you a lot these past few days, Tucker said something about you being in the hospital now? Are you alright?" She said sleepily. I smiled crookedly.

"I'm fine, don't worry about it." I said, brushing her bangs out of her face. "Why did you have to be permitted in? Anything serious?"

I frowned slightly, remembering my past few days of poking and prodding. I clasped my hands together in a rough ball, noticing they were slightly shaking. I guess I wasn't used to knowing that someone other then Sam or Tucker knew about my secret. I took a deep breath.

"They…well, actually, I had to get some blood drawn, to see if I was a match, for a transfer. Which I obviously wasn't, since your aunt had to do a transfer, but, anyways. Um, they noticed something peculiar about my blood…they freaked out, thinking it was some sort of unknown disease, when it was, really, just…my ghost…cells." I stammered.

Sam's mouth fell open, and even though she was only half awake, I could see alert fill her eyes. She tripped and stumbled across her words, "…what happened? Did they…find out?" She whispered the last part.

I sighed, keeping my eyes on the tiled floor. "One did." I whispered.

I didn't look up at Sam, she was silent. For all I could have known, she could have fallen asleep again. That wasn't likely however since the heart monitor picked up in pace. The uncomfortable atmosphere lingered between the two of us. I tried to lighten things up with a joke.

"Tucker was right, hospitals sti…" I attempted to try laughing, but I made the mistake of looking up. Sam looked like she was ready to cry, something very unusual for Sam.

"Sam? What's wrong?" I said, lightly touching her hand. She gave me a flabbergasted look as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"What's wrong? What's wrong!? Danny, it's my entire fault! It's my fault that your secret's been found out…" I tried to calm her down, rubbing her arm as she tried to sit up.

"Hey, hey, it's nobody's fault." I said reassuringly.

"Danny, if I hadn't made that stupid decision to get a dumb tattoo at a rats nest, if I had just been more careful…"

I interrupted her abruptly, feeling my lips quiver as I did so.

I kissed her.

My lips quivered along her lips, as I searched for signs of life. It was almost like she was lifeless, a stone structure. The heart monitor stopped, my eyes flared open in the direction of the monitor, afraid that in fact she was lifeless. But the cold marble that I had pressed my lips to sprang to life kissing me back.

The heart monitor raced widely, going at what seemed to be an unachievable pace. I grinned in the kiss; I could feel it, a connection. A spark. Sam was enjoying this too.

I pulled back, I could hear the monitor slow down a little. It was almost like it was trying to tell me to kiss her again. I grinned as she smiled, blushing. I took her hand, stroking it.

"Sam, its not your fault. And I'm happy about this. If you hadn't made that mistake, I wouldn't have just been able to…kiss the most amazing girl I've ever known." She smiled dreamily.


I smiled. "Of course."

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