An: Hey everyone! Got this idea when I was...asleep! XD Enjoy!

Pairing: MaruJi (That's it! If no one used the name "Sweet Pair" yet, it is now the Sweet Pair!)




Marui turned his head towards Jiroh, "Jiroh, what are you doing?"

Pop. "Trying to be like you!" Pop.

Marui raised an eyebrow, "Trying to be like me?" He blew a bubble.

"Yup! I'm trying to blow a bubble and try not to pop it! Just like what you always do!" Jiroh enthusiastically said. Pop.

"That might take a while... Even for a genius like myself, I had to work for a while to get it from popping."




"Well?" Marui asked.

Pop. "I'm doing fine... it's just that it's hard not to give it too much air but enough to blow a bubble..."




Frown. "Bunta, why is it so hard to blow a bubble? How come you can get it just right without popping?"

Marui smirked, "I'm a genius, what else?"

"Can you teach me how to blow one better?"

"Going to take a long time to learn." Marui said. He blew another bubble.

Jiroh pouted, "Fine! I'll just pop Bunta's bubble!" He tried to poke the bubble.

Marui backed away just in time.

Jiroh pouted more. "Poke!" He tried to poke it again.

Marui back away again.

The third time, Jiroh didn't poke the bubble. He kissed it. The bubble popped and the gum splattered all over the two's faces. Mostly over their cheeks, some of the gum pieces were stick stuck together so it was like little bridges in between the two's faces.

Jiroh grinned, "Yay! I popped it! Yay! I--" Marui pulled Jiroh closer to him for a kiss; stopping Jiroh in the middle of his sentence.

A moment later Marui pulled away.

Jiroh just stared at Marui, "What was that for?"

"Popping the bubble." Marui tried to pull away from Jiroh; their faces were still pretty close. "Uh... how come we're stuck?"

Jiroh tried to pull away too, "Gah! We're stuck!"

Then, Marui remember something. The guy who gave him this gum was NIOU! Who knows what he put in the gum! Did he plan this? Marui was so going to kill that guy if he and Jiroh stayed like this.

"Bunta... are we going to have to walk around like this? Because I really need to use the bathroom..." Jiroh mumbled.

"I'm going to kill Niou..." Marui muttered. He also mumbled on some really bad things about destroying the Trickster that Jiroh couldn't understand.

Meanwhile...from behind a bush...

Niou snickered, and took a picture. "Plan Marui and Jiroh bubble gum finished..." He took, from his pocket, a small bubblegum package. The label fell off, the writing now says, "Niou's new and improved sticky gum! Sticks for a long time! Washes off with water and toothpaste."

He continued watching the two struggled to get themselves free. The something hit him, a thought, not an object though. "Why didn't I use this when I was with Yagyuu?" He asked himself. Why didn't he?

He looked at the gum, then to Marui and Jiroh. "Maybe later, right now, watching those two suffer is fun."

A few weeks to come, many people was not at school, many because they were stuck on something... Marui, being a genius and all, figured out the way to un-stick himself. Not really, he just realized that the label fell off so he followed the instructions. Yeah, Jiroh? He learned not to chew bubble gum that Marui gives him. Or from any other Rikkaidai student.