HELLO! HELLO! I'm very excited about this new anime I fell in love with. I would never think that I could love something like this because I never watched tennis before and wouldn't think I'd love this anime. So anyway. I'm going to take this a completely different direction and see where it goes. Just a side note: I haven't seen every episode. In fact I'm working on seeing them all so I'm at a slight disadvantage about what happens at the end of the series. But anyway let's get this story rolling!


Chapter One

Ryoma stood at the net shaking hands with Momoshiro. "Great game, Momo. You almost had me, but you've still got a ways to go."

Momo smirked as he ran his fingers through his black hair. "One of these times I'll beat you, Ryoma. Nervous about Sunday's match?"

Ryoma tapped his racquet on his shoulder as he usually does. "Can't say I am."

"Alright you two. Time for end of practice cool downs," Inui said in his usual calm voice.

"I'll be right there. I'm going for some water," Ryoma said as he jogged off to the vending machine around the corner. Even though they had water set up for the athletes, he didn't trust that Inui left it as just plain water. Ryoma put in his money and waited for the water bottle to pop out. He lifted his white hat and wiped the sweat off his forehead so it wouldn't drip in his golden eyes.

The water bottle slammed with the bottom of the machine and rolled until it was within reach of Ryoma. He cracked the bottle open and took slow sips, knowing better then to swallow all the water at once. If practice was normal, then there would be a slow jog followed by a race to not be the last one. No one ever wanted to drink that horrible concoction that Inui mixed up.

Ryoma put the cap back on and was just about to walk around the corner when a hand covered his mouth and another one grabbed both of his arms. He struggled and sucked air in through his nose like it was the only thing that was keeping him alive. Ryoma dropped the water bottle and tried to step on the feet of the person holding him captive.

The person switch his hands and a cloth was placed over Ryoma's mouth and nose. Ryoma usual cool nature was now replace with fear. He was afraid of what would happen when he breathed in the strange smelling odor that was coming from the cloth. He could feel the world around him slowly spinning and the light fading. He tried one last time to scream or move, but his body gave out to the darkness. The worst part was he didn't know who was kidnapping him and why.


The Seigaku Regulars were stretching their legs, getting ready for their jog around the court. The rest of the tennis club had already finished the end of the practice and was standing along the side, drinking glass after glass of water, attempting to get the horrible taste out of their mouth. The Regulars were all waiting for Ryoma to come back from getting water. Inui refused to let them start without the youngest member of their team.

Twenty minutes went by and a slight concern aura was starting to seep around the area. "I'm sure it doesn't take twenty minutes to get some water," Momo said, looking around the corner towards the direction of the vending machines.

"Maybe he went to the bathroom," Eiji said, twirling on his toes to add a slight spin to his stretches.

"Twenty minutes? I still don't think it would have taken that long. Let's split up and look for him," Tezuka, the team captain said.

"We'll make this more interesting. The one that finds Ryoma and brings him back won't have to drink my latest vitamin drink," Inui commented, holding up the slimy purplish mixture.

All the Regulars stared at the drink and started running off in different directions in search of their younger teammate. No matter which way they looked none of them could find Ryoma. They all met again back at the tennis court. "No luck. He's nowhere on the school grounds. Could he have gone home?" Oishi asked.

"No, his rackets and bag are still here," Kawamura said, walking over to the others carrying the bag.

"I found a water bottle lying in the bushes by the vending machine. I don't have a good feeling about this," Momo glumly said. "I'm going to his house and see if he went back there."

"Well until we find Ryoma the rest of practice is cancelled." All the rest of the members went their separate ways.

Momo walked in the direction of Ryoma's house, hoping that for some strange reason the kid went home. "Maybe he got sick and went home, or maybe his dad had an emergency and pulled him out of practice. But, why wouldn't he say anything to any of us," Momo thought coming up on the large temple that Nanjiro looked after.

Momo knocked on the door and a tall man with brown hair answered with a yawn. "Can I help you?"

"Sorry to bother you Mr. Echizen, but did Ryoma come home yet?"

"Ryoma? No he's still…oh you are one of his teammates. Did something happen to him?"

"It's really strange. He said he was going to get some water, and then he suddenly disappeared. We thought he got sick and went home or something. Or at least we were hoping he came home."

Nanjiro looked up and down the street and then asked Momo to come in. "He's known for walking off somewhere, but normally he gets home in about an hour. Why don't you wait here, and we'll see if he shows up. Until then let's not worry."

Momo sat down at their table and folded his hands one over the other still nervous about what happened to Ryoma. He had a bad feeling about this. Even though Momo and Ryoma were enemies on the court, he always looked at him as his best friend. He would never want anything to happened to the young man. As the minutes went by, his nerves nagged at him more and more. What if someone hurt him? What would they do about Sunday's match if everyone was worried about Ryoma.


Ryoma lifted his head up, feeling a headache pounding against his brain. He still felt the side affects of the drug, but they were slowly wearing off. Slowly his situation came into focus. His arms were chained together and hooked to something above his head. He couldn't feel them so it must have been awhile since all the blood ran out of his arms. He tried to factor in his situation, but he didn't know where he was.

He felt someone grab his hair and bend his head back. "It's about time, Echizen," a shallow voice spoke. "Get comfortable. You'll be here for a long time."

Ryoma gazed into the eerie orange eyes. "Don't bet on it."

The hand holding his hair slammed his head into a nearby wall. The contact was unexpected and Ryoma bit his tongue. He could taste the blood in his mouth, and he swallowed the dry copper taste. "Remember. You're mine now." The man walked out of the room and the door slammed behind him. Lost in his thoughts, Ryoma slowly drifted off to sleep again. The ache in his head was making it difficult to keep his mind focus and awake.


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