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Chapter Eleven

Ryoma stood in the middle of his living room, pacing back and forth. Tonight was a special night, and his family allowed him time to enjoy it alone. Even though it was difficult getting them to agree to leaving the young man alone, they decided to go on their trip to America without him. It took him several days of begging and pleading for them to leave him here. He ensured them that he would keep in touch as often as they wanted. The truth behind this was that Ryoma wanted some time alone with Fuji. Alone away from his family, friends, and teammates. He wanted to enjoy a peaceful match in the backyard, a nice dinner, if he could cook, and maybe something a bit more than kissing. He felt he was ready. His psychiatrist felt the same. It's been three months since he trial date, and he was feeling so much better. He longer blamed himself for what happened. He accepted it as a horrible event in his life and moved on.

The detective took care of everything for Ryoma and treated him with respect. He did everything for the tennis player. Ryoma never felt so good in his life until he met Detective Madison. Before he knew it, Ryoma had a court date and a judge willing to listen to his case. He's never seen or heard of a case getting to trial so quickly. Against the judge and jury that Ryoma was blessed with, Akutsu had no chance. And the doctor that had DNA evidence from Ryoma topped the trial off. Akutsu got a penalty of ten years. Though Ryoma knew that it wasn't for life, and he feared what ten years from now would hold, he was determined not to let it bother or disrupt his life.

Ryoma moved into the back yard to start his warm up. Fuji had his normal practice session and would already be warmed up. He knew Fuji knew nothing about what Ryoma was planning, and he smirked as he bounced the ball on his racket. He heard someone walking up the steps and unlike two months ago, he didn't jump a mile. He bounced the ball up and sent it in the direction of the ashy blond man. Fuji smirked and grabbed his tennis racket out of his bag quickly, dropping the bag, and sent the ball right back to Ryoma who caught it.

"Pretty good, Fuji."

Fuji laughed and walked over to him. "If I would have known you were going to start the second I got here I would have been much more prepared. Maybe even had the racket in my hand."

"What fun would that be?" Fuji leaned down and kissed Ryoma before setting his bag down on the ground by the bench behind the base line.

"So one round and then what?"

"A surprise."

Fuji smirked. "I love surprises."

Ryoma started this time with his usual serve. The two, like usual, continued to return each other's balls. The game continued until the sun began to set and Ryoma's stomach growled. He let the ball hit the ground and looked at Fuji. "Hungry?"

"How did you guess?"

"I know you too well." Ryoma picked up the ball and walked over to his backdoor. "My family is away so you don't have to worry about them interfering."

Fuji followed him and put his bag down by the door as he removed his shoes. "I thought that might be the case. How does it feel to be alone for a few hours?"

"Actually I was worried at first, but I'm getting used to the idea of being here alone. I think I'd be more nervous after ten years, but until then I'm going to be as normal as possible."

"That's a good way to think." The two enjoyed each other's company as they ate a small snack, consisting of a sandwich and chips. Ryoma didn't want to make the dinner he originally planned. He was getting anxious.

After they finished eating, Ryoma got up and walked over Fuji kissing him deeply. He ran his finger down his chest. "You want something?" Fuji purred.

Ryoma smirked and twirled Fuji's hair. "Maybe. But I need you to keep quiet with the others."

"Still hiding from them?"

"You know how they are. They would get pissed at you. Can't have that happening."

"And I suppose that you'll have something as a reward for keeping my mouth shut." Fuji has long since told most of the team about the relationship. They all agreed not to say anything until Ryoma was ready to tell them so they would be easy going. Momo put up the most struggle which surprised Fuji. What surprised him the most was Kaidoh making a comment. No one thought Ryoma was ready for a deep relationship. They knew about what happened to Ryoma only because of the press that was surrounding the trial so Ryoma had no choice but to admit it to them.

"…might show you." Ryoma said as Fuji blinked.

"Sorry? I didn't catch all that."

"I said. Your reward will have to come from upstairs where I might show you."

Fuji sat up and held Ryoma's hands on his lap. "Are you truly ready? Don't do this just because of me. I'm very patient."

"I know you are, and I greatly appreciate it, but let me take the lead. I'm ready. Trust me."

Fuji smiled and moved Ryoma's hair away from his eye. "I'll be gentle and watching you very closely. If you start to shake and get that fear in your eyes I'm stopping regardless of what you say."

Ryoma smiled and jumped off him taking off upstairs to his bed. Fuji shook his head and locked the downstairs doors just incase one of the teammates would show up. That wouldn't be the best thing for them to see. Especially since they didn't trust him at that moment.

By the time Fuji reached Ryoma's room, he was already lighting candles and leaning over the bed to reach the ones by the window. Fuji walked up to him and ran his fingers along his back, pushing his shirt up so he could kiss Ryoma's smooth back. Ryoma flipped over and wrapped his arms around Fuji's neck, kissing him deeply as he started to remove Fuji's clothes. The months of nothing but kissing drove Ryoma nuts and he wanted something more. Something much more.

The two enjoyed tasting each other until Fuji slipped a lubed finger into Ryoma, causing him to squeak. Fuji laughed, "What was that?"

"I don't know. But continue." Ryoma tried his best to keep nothing but pleasure on his face. It felt so much different and so much better than with Akutsu like he suspected. Nothing hurt or made him feel dirty. Everything around him swirled, and he smiled at the ecstasy feeling that he was having. Fuji made him feel wonderful. The entire night was what Ryoma thought it would be. Even when Ryoma was inside of him, it didn't hurt.

They lied next to each other for most of the night after their moment of pure heaven. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Of course not." Ryoma played more with Fuji's hair.

"When are you going to tell the others?"

"Tomorrow, but I have the feeling I don't have to tell them."

"What makes you say that?"

"The way they glare at you sometimes. What are they mad at you for?"

"They think I'm rushing you. Don't worry. Once you admit that we are together to them, they will be more acceptable."

Ryoma nodded and pulled the blanket over them. "They don't need to know about this." Fuji agreed and snuggled next to Ryoma. The two enjoyed their company together and stayed for the rest of the night and for days after.

The End


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