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Blind Are We Both

Toph pulled away from her embrace with Zuko, much to his dismay. "That's how I feel about…everything." She said breathlessly. She rested her hands on the bridge railing, turning away from him for a moment, trying without success to reign in her emotions. She turned back to him, expectant.

Zuko looked into her face, trying to process everything. Her words rang continuously in his ears and he still felt her lips on his own. "I thought we were friends." He finally answered, confused.

Toph shook her head, her emotions jumping ahead and getting the best of her. "We are. You're my dearest friend. But…I love you. And I want to know that you feel the same: that you want to be with me. So tell me!" she demanded.

The words sank in and Zuko brought his hands up to caress Toph's face, not quite sure if this was real or a dream. Many nights he'd imagined Toph, strong and true to her feelings, pulling him aside and caustically demanding answers from him. It was almost a fantasy, and was now a reality. He studied her delicate features, realizing she was so beautiful in the moonlight, looking exactly like the woman of his dreams.

This, here, and now, was all he ever wanted. Not the dream woman, but Toph. He wanted her. Nothing else mattered. Not the long dead chance at being Fire Lord, not the palace, the riches, the extravagance. Not the rules, regulations, and unspoken duties and expectations.

He also found that he didn't want the frigidity of the North or South Pole, he hated bulky parkas, and he didn't want the beautiful Waterbender whom he couldn't seem to love as more than a friend. There was no allure to that lifestyle either. He couldn't trick himself about it any longer.

So what did he want? Yes, he knew. He wanted a mild climate in Gaoling, a tea shop to help his Uncle run, and a beautiful girl whom he knew inside and out to be wonderful. He wanted heartfelt moments of teaching his children to Bend, quiet mornings to bask in bed with Toph. The harshest tribulation of his life should be that he didn't want to leave the comfort of a soft bed that contained his petite wife, or that he had to give his daughter away to her future husband.

This girl, spirits he wanted her, stood before him with silky ebony hair, soft ivory skin, and beautiful green eyes…She accepted him for what he was, she never demanded anything of him except his personal best, and she loved him. She loved him despite his temper, his scar, and his emotional baggage. She didn't hold the fact that he lacked the talent for Bending that she possessed. She didn't care that he sang off tune. She didn't care that he was cranky most mornings, and sometimes it would linger throughout the day.

She had allowed him into her heart, had told him all of her secrets, had shared with him her laughter and her tears. She listened to him when he spoke, she understood his pain and loss, she sparred with him and never let him slack.

But…what if…? What if…what? What was there to doubt? Her voice interrupted his racing thoughts.

"So that's it?" Toph asked, a sob rising in her throat. "We're just friends, nothing more?"

He'd made up his mind.

"Toph, I love you." He answered softly, pressing a kiss to her brow.

Her breath hitched as he continued, wanting to clarify everything that he'd put her through these past few weeks. "I tried to hide my desire for you…shaking it off, thinking you were too young, you were too dear of a friend to lose you if we didn't work out…I even wrongfully got involved with Katara in hopes of killing my want for you."

Her hands squeezed his tightly, her knuckles turning white. It was almost unreal, almost too good to be true. But she knew it was. His words slipped through her mind, into her heart, and warmed it.

"But, I can't forget you. I can't get you out of my mind. I love you so much…and I want you to be mine, forever. I know we'll have our days where I've done something stupid and need to beg for your forgiveness. I know we'll have days where we'll fight…and you'll Earthbend my ass into the ground, but I also know we'll have days where we're deliriously happy, where nothing could be better, except for the next happy day." There. He had gotten it off of his chest, and the guilt began to ease slightly.

To his joy, she laughed at this, and kissed him again. Good, all was forgiven. He considered himself lucky, because he knew Toph was no pushover and did not allow herself to be taken advantage of.

He wrapped his arms around her as she devoured him with passion. He didn't care that they were out in public, although the sun had set on this very strange and exciting day. So he embraced her fully, his hand roaming over her hair, stroking her fragile-seeming neck, caressing her back.

She made small noises of approval, and returned with her own touches. Her fingers gingerly explored the scar tissue over his left eye and ear. He felt tense, hoping she wouldn't think him ugly or disfigured, but reminded himself that this was Toph. She cared not about what you looked like. She only cared for your inner beauty. She could see that all too clearly.

He shivered as her fingers ghosted over his face, he had not known that simple touches like this could set his skin tingling. She ran her fingers through his hair, then they trailed over his ears and down his neck. She kissed him deeply, whispering his name.


"Mmm?" he didn't want to talk; he wanted to drown in her presence. Her touches, her kisses, her slim fingers tracing him thoroughly.

She tugged on his tunic urgently, and he looked at her. "Yes?"

"Come." She tugged on his tunic once more, ushering him off of the bridge, heading to her guest room.

"Are you…?" he wasn't sure if he wanted her to second guess her decision, but at the same time he didn't want her to regret anything that involved the two of them. At least not yet, he mused.

She nodded, hungrily kissing him, her hands roughly caressing him.

He laughed and obliged, picking her up like the precious cargo she was. He entered her bedchambers quietly, not wishing to disturb the other guests. He didn't exactly want the whole world knowing about this intimate time he was to share with Toph. This was theirs alone.

"My Princess." He murmured against her lips, and he laid her gently upon the bed. This felt so right, and he knew he could be with no other woman than Toph. He made slow and excruciating work of removing her clothing; he wanted to savor every inch of skin. It glowed in the moonlight, and was so smooth and inviting.

"Oh, Zuko…you're my Prince. You always have been." She sighed in response. And she lost herself to the sensation of having him caress and kiss her everywhere.

She hadn't known such a coupling could be so pleasurable, and gave herself completely, without reserve, to the man she loved. He was gentle, and comforted her in her time of pain. He held her gently, as if she'd break, and made sure she'd be satisfied before he even thought about his own pleasure.

It seemed as if they'd lost all sense of time and rational thought. The only words they seemed to remember were one another's name. And the moon, unnoticed, dipped lower in the sky.

IN THE AFTERMATH of their lovemaking, Toph rested her head on Zuko's chest. He pulled her closer, kissing the top of her head gently. Her body hummed in pleasure, and she never wanted to leave bed. Or Zuko, for that matter.

"So…" he began conversationally. He had been comfortable with their silence, but he wanted to make sure she was alright. Being with Toph like this had been the best experience of his life. He hoped it had been so for her too. He was pretty sure she enjoyed herself, recalling the feeling of her tight walls pressing around him as she shuddered through one of her countless orgasms.

"Mm?" Toph mumbled. His heartbeat was almost hypnotic, his body warm and soothing beneath her cheek. She was so very happy right now, and was enjoying every touch, every breath, and every moment.

"Does this mean you'll marry me?" he asked teasingly. He didn't know where that thought had come from, but it was relevant, kind of.

Toph propped herself up on her elbow and chuckled. "Yes, perhaps I'll even bear your children." She sing-songed. She was accustomed to Zuko's strange thoughts and notions, but this was didn't seem quite so farfetched.

"Oh, I hope so. Perhaps we should practice right now?" he pinned her beneath him, tickling her gently.

"Oh!" she gasped as she giggled and struggled against him, but he stopped soon enough, kissing her instead. She shivered and wrapped her arms around him. "Again?" she suggested gently.

"As many times as you want." He replied, sliding into position. And his blood ran cold at her smirk.

"Well, let's try to see the sun rise, then." She answered. She laughed, but was cut off by a moan that escaped from her own mouth as Zuko began to do everything in his power to make her body into jelly.

"Alright then, lets." He challenged. As they strove against one another, he wondered suddenly why he had avoided Toph like he had, then realized maybe they were both blind, in their own way.


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