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A young woman was running away from guards that she didn't know, nor care to know. She pushed her legs faster and faster, trying to get away from the horrible thing that she had just done.

She had just attacked her master and pushed him away. He had wanted to force her again. She wouldn't allow it this time, he was drunk and she hated him when he was drunk. She didn't like him anyways; he always hurt her or tortured her for his own pleasure.

She ran deeper and deeper into the forest, jutting in different directions to get them off of her track. 'Them,' meaning the Fire Nation.

"Koori!" a voice shouted through the bushes. "Come back! You have nowhere to go!"

She pushed the voice out of her head and kept running, trying to escape the voice and the man the voice came out of.

"I won't hurt you," he cooed. "Much," he whispered to himself. He pushed back bushes and trees that got in his way, lighting them on fire to smoke his concubine out of her running.

The seventeen-year-old woman named Koori continued her running, even after smelling the burn wood behind her. She ran out into a pathway, a bad idea for escaping. She looked around, trying to decide whether to go north, south, east, or west.

I can't go north, she thought. I just came from the north. If I go north, then Master will find me and I can't go back to Master, no, Master will hurt me.

She ran out of the clearing. She stopped dead in her tracks as she heard her Master whistle for her, treating her like an animal. She rubbed her face and sprinted to the east, hoping that he didn't have an otter-dog to track her. She slowed her run down as she ran out of breath. She looked into a tree and felt something grab her neck. She pulls back as he tightened his grip and threw her to the ground.

A flame shot out of nowhere and Koori clasped her throat, now burning and itching.

"What a waist to burn such pretty skin…" her Master tatted.

Koori pushed her back to the tree and firebended the burn off; the gift not something that most firebenders had. She pushed her back off of the tree and started to sprint again, her adrenaline overcoming her fear. She was pulled back by her hair and her Master pushed her to the floor, tying her wrists together tightly.

"Let me go Master! Please?" she asked, knowing that the answer would be 'no'.

"I can't believe that you would ask such a stupid question!" he smirked as he dragged her on the ground, pulling her through the bushes and trees.

When she was young, she had often thought of her Master as a kind man who gave her many gifts and surprises until she had known that those gifts weren't something that she should've been given at that young of an age. She was captured at the age of four and she served her Master fully, only shinning his shoes and cleaning off his uniforms or doing maid work until her curves started to settle into her body. She then was his 'personal concubine', words now known to her until he called her that one day. She became that to him when she was thirteen, when her curves were permanent and fresh.

Master pulled her around by her jet-black hair, tugging it whenever he wanted as she stood from the ground and walked beside him (more like in front of him to the side).

He got to his ship and pushed her onto the deck, still wondering how she even got away. The deck was cleared, as ordered as he pushed her through the hallways; also cleared by his orders. He pushed her into his quarters; where she normally was. He forced her into the bathroom and locked the bathroom door. He grinned as she pounded on it, wanting to escape.

She stopped her pounding and sat on the floor, hoping that he would unlock it. She didn't care what he did to her at the moment, she was beat, again. She heard the lock click back to its open position and she bolted from the floor. She felt her back press onto the wall and her Master walked into the room, smirking.

"How did you get away?" he asked slyly as he grabbed her arm and threw her to the floor of his actual quarters. She cushioned her fall with her hands and he grabbed her hair again. "I'm not going to ask you again Koori," he threatened as he sat her on the bed and started to stroke her hair delicately.

She winced at his touch and then started to tell him. "A soldier came into your room and he didn't lock the door," she whispered as he leaned down and kissed up her shoulder.

"Now what was a soldier doing in my room?" he asked as he pushed her into the bed. She pushed him away and he grabbed her wrists and pulled a chain over from the wall. He clasped it on one wrist and she stopped her struggling. "What was a soldier doing in my room?" he asked again while he continued to kiss up her shoulder.

"Sorry Master but I don't know," she apologized, knowing that she couldn't read minds.

Master pushed her to the bed and forgot his own question as he pulled her shirt off and admired her breasts. He kissed down to her naval and pulled off her pants and underwear with such hast and perfection that Koori didn't even know what was happening until he kissed her, sliding his tongue in through her lips. He undressed himself and mounted her.

Koori woke up in the morning and looked down at herself. She was in her Masters' sheets and Master was nowhere in sight. She pulled herself out of his bed and pulled her tight kimono over her body.

She had hated the kimono when Master had given it to her. It was very tight and easy for Master to take off of her. All Master had to do was pull a few strings and it was off. She tied the strings together and then started to do her morning routine in her Master's room. She made the bed, cleaned the room, and dusted the various bookshelves and his desk. She organized the papers and found a 'Wanted' poster of the Avatar. She looked at the picture and then organized it with the other posters.

The door opened behind her and Master walked into the room. He looked at her working, her hips swaying and her hair fluttering around her. He was happy that she looked more like a real woman as she aged. She had hair that he cut himself when he didn't like how long it was getting. She was skinny from both the lack of food that he gave her and the 'workouts' that he gave her almost every night. She had larger breasts than a normal woman would've had. Her face had looked like it had been carved by his own will, her beauty not only attracting him, but his soldiers. He had attacked all of his soldiers that even looked above her knees.

He didn't love her; he wanted her for himself and for himself only. She turned around and closed her eyes. "I'm done Master," she sighed.

He smiled at the defeat in her voice and grabbed her arm. She followed him; keeping her distance. He threw her to the bed and kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth and swirling it around.

She had always tried to enjoy her Master's 'gifts' but he was old enough to be her father. She cringed as his finger slid up her back and undid the straps at her sides. He smiled as she held the back of his neck, trying to make him happy.

He tore off his armor and dug into her mouth, searching for her flame that had admired him while she was a child, something that made him crazy for her when her curves settled in. He groaned as she pushed onto his chest forcefully, trying to make him happier.

He felt down her thigh and rubbed the inside of it with his thumb. She cringed and he noticed. He threw her to the mattress and loomed over her body, something that he never scarred with punches of slaps, let alone anything else, only burns that she could heal. He mounted himself in her and smiled to the ceiling. He breathed out a breath of fire and she moaned, feeling his loins touch her insides.

She tried to cover her breasts with her hands but he pushed them to the mattress and pushed his bodyweight on them. He grunted as he deepened himself to her insides. She moaned as he smiled, licking her lips and cupping her breasts. She grabbed at his neck and held her body there while he grabbed at her hair and felt the hair rush past his fingertips. He stopped suddenly while a knock escaped through his door.

"Damn it, I said no disturbances," he grunted as he placed his armor back on his body. Koori jumped up to tie his armor and he smiled down at her, her ruffled hair almost combing itself as she worked. He opened the door and she stuffed her body into a closet, knowing that she was supposed to be there when somebody was at the door. She wasn't a secret, he had taken her out of his quarters a lot of times, only he wanted her for himself so he tried to hide her beauty. He opened the door and glared at the soldier there. "What?!" he asked, as the soldier cowered in fear.

"I'm here to say that the Prince would like an audience with you," he stuttered.

Koori had her ear to the door of the closet; she had always listened, being a curious girl. The door closed itself and Koori moved her body out of the closet that held his polished armor and another hated 'gift' for her.

She stood and waited for him to return, knowing that he wouldn't let the door unlocked this time. She strapped her kimono together again and made his bed. She sat on the floor and crossed her legs, taking a meditative pose.

I hope that you like this. I know what you're thinking though, 'Who's Master?' Well, you probably know by now because of whom he went to go see and his jealousy.