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Koori woke up on the soft furs and yawned. Itachi was already awake and staring at her. He averted his gaze to Shika whom was still partially asleep. "Why's she still asleep? I thought slaves like you woke up early," he asked quietly.

"She's…different," Koori sighed.

"Right, well we've captured some prisoners and one of them wants to talk to you," Itachi sighed, getting off of the chair and walking toward the door.

Koori looked at him, one eyebrow higher than the other. "Okay."

--Outside at the Prison hold--

"There's your guy," Itachi yawned.

Koori looked and ran toward Leo. He was lying on the ground, covered in blood. "Koori?" he asked, seeing her face.

"Leo, don't…what happened?" Koori asked, looking down upon him and almost crying.

"I-I d-don't want to t-talk about t-that," Leo struggled to say. "You've g-got to k-know…"

Koori hung on every word that he uttered. "What Leo?"

"You…have a, a brother l-living in Ba Sing Se," Leo blurted.

She froze, unable to breathe. Koori remembered her brother, faintly. He was thirteen and she didn't much like him when she was little because he used to pick on her. She couldn't remember his name so she had dismissed the idea of him even existing.

"A w-what?" Koori asked.

Leo smiled. "I didn't think that Zhao would tell you. The bastard found out about your brother and ordered him to be followed. He's an excellent firebender. Zhao's had him tailed of a while now, since you were eight I believe. He's a Captain in the Earth Kingdom's fleet."

Koori was confused. "How is he a Captain…?"

Leo grinned. "They believe that he is neutral."

Koori's eyes were almost crying. "Can he…?"

"No, he can't," Leo sighed, knowing the last bit of her question.

Koori was disappointed that he wasn't another healer. "You're hurt, badly. You'll get over this right? You can go back to your family! Be with your daughter again," Koori sighed.

Leo laughed. "Koori, in a war like this, there is no living. There are no prisoners. I'm surprised that you're still alive," Leo said.

"They won't kill me, I don't think at least…" Koori whispered. Her eyes were now filled with tears. She was looking at somebody she had known during her entire life with Zhao. "L-Leo p-please, I-I can s-save you," Koori cried.

She clasped his hand and held him tightly. He smiled. "You reminded me so much of my own daughter when I couldn't see her. I just wished that we could've talked more, before this year I mean," Leo gurgled out. Koori's tears fell down her face. "Goodbye Koori."

Leo's hand became limp after a hard squeeze. Koori broke down in tears. "LEO!" she shrieked. She didn't know why she was feeling this much emotion for him. He was a father figure to her, he brought her food, took care of her, talked to her even when she didn't respond. She lowered her head onto his chest and broke down into tears.

"Avatar Aang, don't…!" Itachi shouted. Koori pulled her head up and stared at the young Avatar.

"Was he a friend?" the Avatar asked.

Koori nodded her head. "He was my only friend," Koori cried. She rubbed her tears away from her face, trying to hide them.

"I lost my friends that were airbenders. I don't really know exactly what happened to them but I know that they're gone from firebenders," Aang sighed. Koori noticed that he had emphasized the word 'firebenders'. "I know what it's like to lose a friend and I know what you're going through."

"You know what it's like to lose your entire village at the age of four, grow up on a ship with a Master that beat you, gain a friend that you weren't ever allowed to talk to, lose that friend thirteen years later and with that friends' last breath, find out that you have a sibling?!" Koori asked, her hatred for Zhao showing.

The Avatar shook his head. "I'm sorry," he whispered. Koori looked at Leo. She teared up again and hugged herself. He started to walk away.

Koori looked up at him. "Thanks for your apology," Koori sniffled out.

Aang smiled to her. "You're not like most firebenders are you?" he asked, sitting on his knees.

Koori shook her head. "Not at all. I'm a healer. I'd rather heal burns caused by fire that give them off," Koori whimpered.

Aang was still smiling. "There are some burned waterbenders that the healers are having a hard time healing. Wanna help?" he asked.

Koori was shocked. She slowly nodded her head and Aang grabbed her hand. She took one last look at the dead Leo and prayed to Agni that his spirit wouldn't be tortured like Zhao's would be.


Koori was taken with the Avatar to the Healer Hut. Nobody paid attention to her because everybody was busy with their own soldier. The girl named Katara was here as well. She didn't look like she was having fun. Koori ran toward the nearest waterbender and placed her hand on his burn. She took away the heat and the entire burn disappeared.

"You're pretty good. I've never seen you here before. Are you a new waterbender?" the head of the Hut asked.

Aang quickly interrupted. "She's a firebender," he whispered.

"A FIREBENDER?!" the woman shouted. The entire room started to shriek and the healed men grabbed water.

Koori looked at the army. She was an ant compared to the giant birds that wanted to pick her brains out. Aang stood in front of her. "She wants to help. She's a healer; she's not a normal firebender. Look at how good her healing is!" Aang shouted, pointing to the man.

The crowd looked and returned to their work, thinking that they had more work to do than to worry about one little female firebender. Koori started to heal with the waterbender women and they were impressed with her work.


Koori returned to her room with Itachi staring at Shika closely. Shika was pestering him to play Solitaire with her. He had obviously taught her how to play, but not the rules. She hadn't understood that Solitaire was a single person game.

Koori fell asleep without dinner, thoughts of her time with Leo racing through her mind. She silently cried herself to sleep that night.

This litterally wanted to make me cry. i was sad about my dad's friend dieing when I wrote it. I always wondered what would happen to Leo...I guess that I got my answer, as well as you guys. Live long and prosper!