Haruhi was awaked from her deep sleep by a small strike of light that was pointing at her eyes. Her big brown eyes narrowed once she noticed that she had left her window open. While giving a small yawn, Haruhi sat up and rubbed her eyes with both hands. A big smile suddenly came up while she looked at the blue skies. She still couldn't believe that she was on vacation…summer vacation. Her smile suddenly disappeared when she heard the phone ringing. Her eyes widened for a second while she quickly got up and ran to the living room. She quickly picked up the phone. "Mochi Mochi?" Hatsumi said, with her eyes wide opened, standing up straight while scratching her head…who would call her so early? Suddenly a familiar voice answered.

"Haruhi, are you ready?" She blinked a couple of times once she heard the so familiar voice…however she couldn't remember who it was. "Ready…for what…?" Haruhi could hear other voices speaking loudly…she blinked a couple of times…could it be…? "We've been waiting for 15 minutes. You better hurry up." The voice spoke in a polite tone…where had she heard it before…? She slowly walked in the window's direction and peeked outside…she gasped once she saw Tamaki, Hunny ,Takashi, Hikaru, Kaoru and Kyouya standing in front of her building's door. Haruhi fell on her knees, like she was trying to hide away from the group.

"Ky…Kyouya…what are you guys…?" Haruhi's question was quickly interrupted by Kyouya's confident tone. "You have 5 minutes." Haruhi opened her eyes wide and opened her mouth, ready to protest about their unexpected visit, but Kyouya had already hanged up before she could even start a sentence. She gave a long sigh while also hanging up. She couldn't believe this…what were they planning to do…? She couldn't just leave her house without telling her father…she knew he didn't like to be disturbed while at work, unless it was a real emergency…she walked inside her room and dressed a red shirt and light blue shorts… "I'm not going anywhere." She said to herself. "I'm just going to ask what they're doing here…" Haruhi gave a confident nod while closing her house's door.

She walked down stairs calmly while looking at her brown sandals, wondering what time it was…with all the excitement she didn't even looked at her watch. Once Haruhi looked up she just felt someone hugging her tightly. Her head went against the person's chest and suddenly felt like she was inside a merry go round…only one name came to her head…Tamaki… "Haruhi! Daddy was so worried about you! I couldn't stand to imagine my Haruhi all alone on summer vacation!" his voice was loud and a little bit annoying… "Ta-Tamaki-senpai! Stop! Please stop!" Haruhi felt almost like she was about to be sick when suddenly two hands grabbed both of her arms and took her away from Tamaki's arms. Haruhi gave a small sigh of relief , she looked to her right side and found Kaoru…she looked to her other side and found Hikaru…she blinked a couple of times, without reacting…she was about to ask the twins to release her arms but she was interrupted when they both putted their arms around her.

"Don't worry, Haruhi. We're going to make sure you have the best summer vacations ever!" said Hikaru with a small smile on his face, rubbing one of his cheeks against Haruhi's.

"…And of course we're going to make sure our lord doesn't get you all for himself!" Said Kaoru ,also doing the same as his brother. Haruhi's eyes narrowed while she gave an angry smile. When Tamaki heard Kaoru's sentence ,a little vain seemed to pop up on his forehead. He showed both twins one of his fists, his eyes seemed to be on fire.

"OY! What do you think you're doing to my daughter?!" both twins gave a big smile and giggled when seeing their lord upset. "Uh…I already had some…" suddenly Hunny putted his arms around Haruhi's neck, making both twins release her arms and giving a little spin. "HARU-CHAN!" Singed Hunny while Haruhi gasped. "Ne, Ne! Where should we go first? Maybe to the swimming pool! Or we could go camping!" Haruhi gave a small smile, trying to hide the fact that she was a little angry. Suddenly a couple of hands grabbed Hunny's arms and putted them around his neck…Takashi seemed even taller than the last time Haruhi saw him. He gave a small smile while saying a friendly yet heavy "Hi." She gave a small nod, also giving a smile. She noticed Kyouya was right behind the taller boy also smiling…Haruhi waved at him, he didn't answer, simply gave a smile while replacing his glasses with his finger.

Haruhi suddenly looked at Tamaki only by moving her head. She had a serious expression, but her big eyes still made her look innocent and cheerful. "Hum…Tamaki-senpai…I'm sorry but I don't think I can go with you guys on vacation…my father is very strict about that…" she said while scratching the back of her neck, hoping to see Tamaki a little disappointed or sad…but instead of going to a corner and mumble to himself he gave a huge confident smile while covering his forehead with the back of his hand. "Ah, Haruhi! You don't need to worry about that! We've already spoke with your father!" Haruhi's eyes widened for a second…she gave a worried smile while looking at her senpai. "Y…You have…?" Suddenly Hikaru gave an energetic nod while standing next to Tamaki. A big smile was on his face. "He agreed with us! He thought you were working way too hard when you should be having fun!" Kaoru quickly appeared next to his brother, also with a big, and almost mocking, smile. "He even told us some places you might enjoy spending your vacations…!" Haruhi blinked her left eye a couple of times, like she was very shocked. "F…Father did that…?" Suddenly Hunny appeared next to Tamaki. He also had a bubbly smile on his face, while hugging his pink bunny plushy. He gave an energetic nod while looking at the girl "Yup! He said you like camping! Do you Haru-chan? I do!" the small boy giggled. Tamaki only stood behind him with his hands inside his pockets. Kyouya walked next to the couple of boys, holding a small notebook with one hand and the other one was grabbing a small pen. "And you don't need to worry about packing. We already have bought some clothes for you. I believe they are the right size." He said while giving a small smile. Haruhi's head looked down…why didn't her father told her anything…? She looked up, already accepting the idea that there was no way of escaping this trip. "But…where are we supposed to go…?" Tamaki gave a step forward while covering his heart with one hand and pointing to a random direction with the other. "We're going to the woods! Can you imagine, Haruhi? Living in the wild! Riding horses! Taking long walks in the middle of nature!"

Haruhi gave a small sigh while looking at Tamaki…were they serious…she was about to say something when Tamaki suddenly snapped his fingers. "We better get going!" A huge black limo turned the corner. Before Haruhi could have time to react, both twins grabbed her arms and entered inside the limo, followed by the rest of the club, who calmly entered inside the limo with a small smile on their faces.

…Ah summer vacations were about to begin...