Fury of Legends: Chuunin Exams Revisited


Void Walker


Summary: It was just a moment, a mere breath that changed history , a second of hesitation that turned him away from his destiny forever. A moment that not only took away from him the most precious gift anyone ever gave him, but also showed him how weak he truly was.

And that drove him to limits he never dreamed of.

The difference of a second

"Hinata-sama, stop this nonsense. You are nothing but the sheltered, pampered child of the main family. You can barely stand. Give up" The amount of contempt and disgust that those words carried were making his blood boil, his anger burn brightly, as memories of endless hours of hearing the same tone used against him were awakened in his mind. While his knuckles grew white, and the railing bent under the pressure of his muscles strained to his limits, he wondered were was the red chakra that went so hand in hand with his anger.

He was quickly brought out of his mental musings when the bloodied figure below him in the arena locked eyes with him for a moment.

Those pale lavender orbs, surrounded by veins bulging with power gave Naruto a look he only dreamed of, a look of admiration, a look that sought approbation. the moment didn't last for more than a few seconds, but nothing, not even Iruka-sensei's words during the skirmish with the traitor Mizuki, nothing ever moved so deeply the blonde jinchuruuki.

In front of him was a girl, who he cheered on as an afterthought, a way of communing with a fellow failure, bloodied, battered, and near to exhaustion, having fought with a fierceness and determination he could only envy against a cruel enemy, that not only was vastly superior than her, but also tried to employ her own insecurities to also break her mentally, looking at him like she was saying.

"Is this good enough?"

Naruto, did not, for the life of him know what he had done to deserve such respect from someone that was little more than an aquittance, but for someone that grew as lonely and scorned as he did, it was a precious gift, and one that he was sure he would go to any lengths to conserve it.

"Cmon Hinata! Kick that bastard's ass!"

The way those eyes suddenly steeled in fierce determination thanks to mere words from him was forever burned on his mind. Was that what he would get when he becomes hokage? He didn't know.

The exhausted girl looked at her opponent.

"I will not give up…that is my ninja way too!"

Those word brought Naruto a happiness that h could hardly describe. Someone acknowledged him, someone his own age, a girl and a rather cute one at…

His train of thoughts were interrupted when he saw hinata coughing blood, the palm of one hyuuga Neji firmly placed above her heart.

Neji withdrew his palm, as Hinata fell to her knees, blood trickling down her mouth.

"Proctor, call the match, she won't be able to fight anymore" Said Neji glaring at his cousin.

"Winner, Hyuuga…"

"Stop! She can fight!" Shouted Naruto. He didn't want it to end like that, hinata beaten in front of that bastard cousin of hers.

Hinata locked eyes with him again, admiration and determination sparkling despite the obvious pain she was in, and she stood again, her legs wobbling.

She looked at Neji with something akin to pity

"Neji-nii-san…I know that you are in pain…being a caged bird…so you hate the main family…you speak of fate, but you want to change yours…"

"Shut up!"

It all happened too fast for Naruto's eyes.

Everybody was frozen, as hinata was sent crashing against the arena wall, her body sliding to the floor like a ragdoll.

For Naruto, the world suddenly reduced to the seemingly lifeless body on the arena. He could vaguely heard someone screaming and see Kurenai being restrained by Kakashi and gai while he rushed down the arena to the downed girl.

In a moment of exceptional insight, Naruto struggled to remember what like he knew about first aid to help hinata. He cheeked her pulse, only to find none, he tried to perform cpr…but it was all useless. He felt someone wrapping his arms around him, pulling him away from Hinata's body, as medic-nin rushed to put hinata on a stretcher.

Naruto felt wetness on his cheeks, and he struggled against the grip of whoever was holding him, breaking free in a exceptional display of strength.

He looked around for a second, before trying to follow hinata to the infirmary, and came across something that made him snap.

Hyuuga Neji was calmly walking to the aisle, not in the least bothered about Kurenai's curses or the looks of disbelief and disgust he received from most of the leaf-nin.

Naruto snarled feraly, his vision clouded by a red haze, his face contorted in a look of the utmost fury, making everyone look at him for a second, shocked by the killing intent he was exuding, and even more so the jounin, since it was completely devoid of kyuubi's chakra.

They held their breaths as in a single motion Naruto drew a kunai of his pouch, fully intending in killing the hyuuga genius, and leaped at him.

Naruto was almost foaming from the mouth, the shock of seeing Hinata possibly dead giving way to the realization that she was the only one person to look at him with something else but hatred, scorn, distaste or pity…and that the bastard in front of him took that away from him. Blind rage was the only thing dictating the blonde's actions.

But Hyuuga Neji never deactivated his byakugan. He easily saw the attack and sidestepped it, delivering a chakra blow to the base of the blonde's skull.

"hn…loser…" was the only thing he said as Naruto slumped to the floor unconscious, and then he continued to walk to the aisle, not minding on the least the looks he got.

He had warned Hinata, and she was the one to dug her own grave when she decided to face him instead of giving up like she should have done…still, it was a somewhat admirable end for a failure like her.

Yeah…he will try to remember her for that if she died, and not as the pathetic, shy, meek girl see really was…it was the least he could do…and the little that his pride allowed him.


The kyuubi stared at the realm outside the boundaries of his cage with something akin to amazement. He, of course, felt when the secondary seal was placed by the snake sannin, and it bothered it greatly. It left him at the mercy of his container's decisions. If his vessel risked his life he will have to just sit there on that dammed cage as he was killed, unable to use what little of his powers he could push pass the cage to help along his survival.

But something was happening outside, something of a great importance, and something that was making him question the power of his container.

In front of the cage, a purple barrier was in place, product of the five element seal. Seeing the realm beyond the barrier was difficult for the kyuubi, but he could understand what was happening.

Beyond the purple barrier, the stagnant waters of the sewer that was Naruto's inner realm were clashing against the gate furiously, making the fox remember the glorious days when he roamed free and the storms gathered to his will, how he used to sit at the cliffs, looking at the seas while he summoned terrible storms with his tails, making the greatest of mortals shiver with fear as he relished the feeling of titanic waves crashing against his magnificent form…

He stopped his musings, and began to try to push his own chakra towards the purple barrier, by now shaking by the force of the waves behind it.

After a couple of tries, the barrier broke…only to let his cage be inundated by the black waters.

And as the water drenched his form, the kyuubi could see a lone figure walking towards the gates, the waves originating from it.

He absentmindedly wondered if the strange sensation he was feeling was how the humans felt when they came across him, but the thought left as he saw the figure staring at him.

Things were about to get interesting.

A/N: ok, people had been asking me what happened to my other histories. well SO DO I! well...i had to discontinue protector, since i only recieved like ten rewies for it. that almost made me cry. my other history, ascension to human, was eliminated until i can get a good beta...dude. that history is meant to be something great, and the i will only update it monthly at best.

So i started this one. it will be a rather sort history, no more than 30000-40000 words. i hope you like it. If you enjoyed protector, pm me and i may reconsider rewritting it. as for ascension to human, the i will repost in a week or two along with chapters two and three.