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Evolution is a mystery
Full of change that no one sees
Clock makes a fool of history

"Line in the Sand" –Motorhead

"Bobby you idiot, we're gonna get our butt kicked by her!" Ray whispered to Bobby, who was holding an alarm clock in his hands.

"What? Afraid of girl?" he taunted

"No. But this girl we'll kick our butts!"

"Relax oh anal one. I'm finished." He set the clock down and smiled deviously at Ray "Let's go." The boys ran back to their room trying hard not to laugh out loud when passing Kurt and Kitty.

"Like what's up with them?"

"Who knows?"

-------NEXT DAY---------

Rogue got up to the buzzing noise of her alarm clock waking her up at 8, still groggy from last nights DR sessions with Logan and Scott.

'Good thing my classes start at 10'

She got up, showered, dressed, and went to the kitchen for breakfast.

"Bonjour Chere."

"Hey Logan, Prof.

"Mornin' Stripes."

"Good Morning Rogue."

"Bojour Chere." Gambit repeated a bit louder.

Rogue ignored him, she took her time sipping her morning coffee.

"Oh come on chere, y'still not mad at moi for last night?"

Rogue slammed her cup down.

"Ah not speakin tah yah."

Xavier stopped Gambit from talking back.

"Rogue aren't you going to be late?" he asked her calmly.

"No, it's only five past eight."

Logan gave her a confussed look after glancing at his watch. "Darling, it's 9:15."

"What!? How…?"

"I believe our residential prankster had something to do with this." The Professor informed her.

"Ah'm gonna kill Bobbah!" she looked at Logan and the Professor pleadingly.


"You know the rules Rogue, until you get the money you are not driving any of my cars."

Rogue looked at Logan.

"Logan, please? Ah gonna be late!"

"Sorry Stripes no can do." He went back to reading his newspaper.


"T'ought y'weren't speakin t'me." He said mockingly.

Rogue just scowled "Fahne."

"Bye Prof, Logan."

She didn't say bye to Gambit, but she did ruffle his hair.

"Hey!" he yelled at her retreating back.

It wasn't long till the three heard a motor bike leaving the mansion.

Gambit let out a laugh. "She got y'homme." He said to Logan.

With out lifting his eyes from the newspaper Logan spoke up.

"Keys are locked in my closet Gumbo."

"Gambit, may I advise you to look in your left coat pocket?" the Professor advised him.

He did. His keys to his bike were gone.


He left running to retrieve his bike.

"Is it scary that the kid is becoming like him Chuck?"

Xavier only smirked.

----------------------Columbia College----------------

The campus was beautiful, the flowers were in full bloom. The campus was clean, a mix of music coming from different students holding up different portable players were blaring, and you could students laughing and enjoying themselves.

'Why on earth would Rogue want to go to NYU instead of here?" Jean had thought earlier. It was her second year at the prestigious college; she wondered why she hadn't missed it all that much during the summer.

But the answer came to her after her first three classes of the day.

All in all eleven chapters to read, two papers to write, and to top it off an oral presentation due in the following week.

"Now I know why Rogue didn't choose to come here." Jean mumbled to herself.

"Now why would the most beautiful woman in the world look so depressed?"

Jean smiled and ran to her boyfriend, Scott.

Scott couldn't help but smile at Jean's tough embrace.

"Take it your day hasn't been all that kind?"

Scott pulled her over to a bench.

"It's been the worse, first day back and I already have work up to my neck!" she began rub her temples.

"Here, thought you may need this." Scott handed her a piping hot cup of coffee.

"Scott. You're too sweet to me." She told him as she began to drink.

"Well I got class in ten minutes I better go."

Jean let out a growl that would have made Logan proud.

"Me too."

Scott gave her a kiss. "I'll see you later okay?"


He gave her one more kiss. "See you later Dr. Grey."

She smiled as she watched him go.

She had exactly five minutes to run to get to her next class.

She swore softly and ran like hell.

Before she could get into the class, Jean ran into student.

"I am so sorry." Said Jean.

She helped picked up the papers that had flown up from the collision.

"It's no problem, I didn't see were I was going." Said a cool toned feminine voice.

Jean stood up to face a tall blond blue eye girl.

"Well, again sorry." Jean said lamely as she and the other girl walked into class.

Once inside the teacher made them partner up.

Jean knew no one in the class, she started to look around to see who would be the most helpful. That's when she felt a tap.

She turned to face the blond girl she had bumped into.

"Want to be partners?" she asked

Something about the girl put Jean off.

'Probably stress.'

Jean agreed and moved closer to the girl.

"Hi, my names Jean Grey."

The girl let out her hand to shake.

"That's a cute name, much better than Emma Frost, anyway."

-----------------------NYU -----------------------------

'Should have dyed these damn white locks long ago!' Rogue thought bitterly as walked through the NYU campus.

Amazingly she had made it on Gambit's bike in record time. But now she wished she never applied to school.

Everyone was giving her stares.

"Look at what we got."

Rogue turned to face a group of boys and girls.

"Some mutant trash."

"What do yall want?" she asked mincingly.

"Aw look at that, we got ourselves some southern mutant trash."

Rogue wanted to wipe the ground with these guys, but before she could move someone blocked her.

"That's enough; I want everyone to get to their classes. Or I will report you all for harassment."

The group looked pissed.

"Now get to class."

The group broke up and walked off.

The woman who stood up for her turned around, she was blond and had a kind face.

"Thanks for that."

"Your welcome, and don't worry about people like them …"

"It's Rogue."
The woman smiled "Don't worry about people like them Rogue."

Rogue began to walk away, when the lady called her again.

"Rogue, if you want to talk, you can come to my office. Just look for Professor Carol Danvers."

"Sure," Rogue nodded "Thanks… again." She left.

Rogue had made to her class just in time.

-------- Brotherhood Mansion-------

"Yo Lance mail." Todd tossed him an envelope.

'Who would send me mail?' Lance thought as he examined the envelope.

Kitty was the only person he could think of, but she only used emailing, so it couldn't have been her.

Lance opened the letter and started reading it.

Ten minutes later, Todd, Fred and Pietro came out of their hiding spots after Lance decided to destroy the house.

"What-the-hell-was-that-about?" Pietro looked around the room surveying the damage.

"Don't know." Fred answered him.

"I think I know yo." Todd spoke up holding the letter in his hand showing it to everyone.

"Who's Julio Esteban?"

"Don't know but he got Lance pissed."

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