I can hear what you're thinking,
All your doubts and fears,
And if you look in my eyes, in time you'll find,
The reason I'm here

"In Time"-Mark Collie

----------Xavier Mansion---------

Four mutants were seen attacking the New York University main campus. If you look behind me you can still see the wreckage that-

Gambit turned off the television. "We try t'defend ourselves, and dis is what we get!?" he chucked the remote to the ground, cracking it.

"Gambit, I know this is upsetting. But we have bigger things to worry about right now." Xavier told him as wheeled into the kitchen.

"Yeah, like us never showing our faces at school again." Calvin sulked, leaning back against the counter. "This is all your fault." He pointed an accusing finger at Rogue, who was helping bandaging Kevin's arm, "They wouldn't have attacked us if it weren't for you. We wouldn't be at this freak house, and we wouldn't be on the damn news!"

"So yah would have let them attack us?"

"No!" he stood up and walked towards her, "But we could have ran for it. Who the hell cares who they were after? It didn't concern us." He gestured at Kevin and at himself.

"Calvin, I assure you that you and Kevin will not be recognized." Xavier promised him. "How can you be so sure?"

Xavier pointed to his head, "I have my ways." He smiled. "Though I must know, if the sentinels weren't after you four. Then who were they after?" Xavier asked them. Kevin flexed his left hand, shrapnel had embedded his skin, he didn't notice until the blood started drying on his hand. "Those two other mutants, maybe?" he suggested.

"No, there were two othah people running away after everyone else left. They were behind us when the sentinels went pass us." Said Rogue as she put back the first aid kit under the sink.

"Y'really don't t'ink dat dey da same people?" Remy questioned, he looked at Xavier "Do y'?"

Xavier closed his eyes; he was hearing Rogue as she was projecting her thoughts. "Rogue? Do you know the mutants who saved you?"

"No." she looked timidly at Kevin who had a doubtful look. "Rogue?" She sighed, running her fingers through her hair. "The guy who saved us, it was Captain America." She swallowed the coppery taste in her mouth, "Steven Rogers." She looked at Xavier, his hands were clutching the handles of his wheel chair, making his knuckles turn white .

"Oh, my." He gasped.

"Who's Steven Rogers?" Calvin asked, granted he didn't want to be in all this, but curiosity got the better of him.

"He's, he's-" What the hell was he?

"He's alive?"

Standing in the door way of the kitchen, eyes in slits, teeth showing, and claws unsheathed was Logan. Looking mad as hell.

"Where the hell is he?" he walked towards Rogue.

"Logan can we-?" Logan cut off Xavier, eyes piercing through the man. "What? Where you gonna find a way to not tell me?" he spat.

"Logan please, can we-?"

"No!" he turned back to Rogue "Where the hell did yah see him?" he asked, his claws were dangerously close to her stomach. Rogue looked at his face, he looked angry: his face showed anger and murder, but his eyes looked worried.

"We… we had a little mishap with some sentinels,"

Calvin snorted "Yeah, little."

Logan directed his claws at the blond young man. "Was I talking to you?" he snapped.

"Logan," Rogue gained his attention again "He, he and this other woman saved us."

"Are you sure it was him?"

She nodded yes.

"But Ah don't know if he made it." Logan never heard her; he was out there as soon as she nodded yes.

"Anyone else thinks that guy is anal retentive? Calvin asked eyeing Logan retreating back.

"Go tah hell." Rogue shouted as she ran after Logan.

She ran to catch up with him.

"Logan, Logan wait." She watched as he grabbed his keys, helmet, and jacket. "Let me come with you, incase somethang…"

"Happens?" he finished for her, he chuckled. "You don't have to worry. Just gonna visit an old group of friends." He zipped his up coat.

"Where are yah goin' then?"

"The Avengers Mansion. Someone not tellin' me something."

He was at the door, with Rogue right behind him, when he heard it. "The Avengers?" a quiet voice whispered. Logan and Rogue saw Wanda stand in the middle of the stair case, eyes lined with tears. "I am coming with you."

"What the hell is this? A damn field trip?" he shouted at her. Wanda ran down the stairs "Look, I know them."

He gave her a incredulous look, "Yah know the avengers?" he sniffed the scent coming off her. She was telling the truth.

"Yeah," she gulped, her hands clutching the sleeves of her red sweater, anything to stop the butterflies roaming in her stomach "from a long time ago. I- I can help you." Logan looked between the two girls. He shook his head, 'I can't believe this.'

"The witch can come, but strips stays." He ordered.

"What? That aint fair!" Rogue shouted. "Yer not going." Logan ordered again, opening the door for Wanda.

"Why not?" she asked stubbornly, hands on her hips

"Stark still pissed at yah." He closed the door behind him.

------------------Avengers Mansion------------

"What the hell is he doing here?" Logan growled at the sight of Pietro, his arms covered with bruises and scratched, along with parts of his face.

"She called me." He nudged his chin at his twin sister as he leaned against the iron gates. He looked wistfully at the mansion, punching the gates lightly as if remembering…."How the hell do you know about them anyway?" he asked, he completely forgot to ask Wanda before they came. His mind to focus on the return of a friend.

"We used to live here." Wanda whispered. Logan stared the both of them, "How? And when?"

Pietro sighed, brushing his bangs away from his eyes. "Before Magneto found us, before he…" He looked at his sister, both remembering the day when their 'father' gave up on her. "We used to live here, Hawkeye, Wasp… all of them. We were with them."

Logan was absent mindedly twirling his keychain, absorbing Pietro's story. Before he could ask the question going around his mind the gates opened. They all looked at each other before Pietro mockingly asked.

"Shall we?"

-----------Xavier Mansion-----------

Xavier had patients, but it was wearing rather thin. Between anti-mutant campaigns getting stronger in New York & Washington DC and Senator Kelly demanding Mutant Registering, the last thing he need was to go through a stack of papers for students applying to the school.

He pinch the bridge of his nose, he didn't have time for this. A soft knock at the door brought him of his funk.

"Come in."

The door opened, "Yes, Ororo?"

"Charles, two students are here to see you. For the interviews?" Storm reminded him.

'Damn.' He was supposed to interview new students for the mansion, after what had happened at NYU, he had completely forgotten.

"Bring them in Storm."

Storm opened the door wider, and signaled for the students to follow her. A boy and girl, in their early twenties walked in, twins. Both with a mix of black and white hair, tanned, and eager looking.

"Charles, this is Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie Beaubier from Montreal."

"Nice to meet you."

----------------Brooklyn, New York-----------

Gambit tapped his foot impatiently and looked at his watch again. An hour ago, he got the call to meet here. He looked around, down town Brooklyn was busy. Full of people walking around; getting coffee, lunch, or just running to get somewhere. No one was paying attention to him, as he idly stood in an alley watching everyone else.

He still felt anxious; the story about what had happened at NYU had spread. Gambit was sure that every radio and news program was reporting about what had happened in the morning.

"Looks like I am the one late."

Gambit was ready; a charged card flew out his hand to the direction of the voice. The person dodged it the last minute and the card exploded against a wall of a coffee shop. Scorching the brick, but not loud enough to gain attention.

"It's me, you idiot." The man stood up from the floor, dusting of his pants and hands. Gambit looked at him, he hadn't changed, much. His hair was still long, even longer than his. "What do y'want Scalphunter?" he asked wearily.

Scalphunter smirked, "Heard what happened. You alright?"

'You alright?' Why does he care? Gambit thought. "Oui, I'm okay. Why did y'call me?" Gambit wanted to get straight to it.

"You owe him." He answered him simply. Gambit's eyes widened, "Non! I paid him already. No way in hell dat man got anyt'ing on me!" Gambit shouted.

Scalphunter just shrugged, watching people pass by the two with out a glance 'Humans, so naïve and blind…' He turned his attention back to Gambit "You know how he works; you're finished when he says so."

"And what if I don't want to?"

Before Gambit could blink, Scalphunter was behind him, holding a knife to his neck. Gambit could feel the blade rest softly against his skin.

"Then you know what happens." Scalphunter whispered in his ear.

"Hey!" A small crowd started to form around them, everyone either watching or on their cell phone. Scalphunter smiled, he pushed Gambit away and slipped the knife back into his pocket. "He'll call you, so be ready." The crowd made way for him as he walked down the block and out of sight.

"Do you want us to call the cops?" one spectator asked Gambit. He ignored the person asking, and wordlessly left while massaging his neck.

-------------------Xavier Mansion--------------

"So Lorna, did you decide if you're gonna stay?" Alex casually asked her while they were doing their homework in the library.

"No not really. I haven't made up my mind yet."

"Oh," he idly tapped his fingers against the table "well if you're scared."

"I'm not scared. Do you know anything about compound interest?" she asked him, passing her algebra textbook to him.

Alex knew she was avoiding the subject, but he let it go. He looked at her math problem, he hated math.

"Sorry, never was good at this kind of stuff."

"I can help you." Bobby took the seat next to Lorna, and brought the book between them. Alex watch as his Bobby walked her through each step of the question. "Wow Bobby, you really know your stuff."

"It's easy… once you get the hang of it." Alex saw Bobby pull his chair closer to the girl. "Hey Bobby, don't you have somewhere to be?"

Bobby shrugged, already knowing what Alex wanted from him. "No."

"Well, Lorna and I were talking so if you could…" he titled his head towards the door. Bobby didn't budge, he just crossed his arms. "Well, you guys aren't talking now."

"Dude, well we were until you butted in." he snapped.

"Alex, it's cool. I don't mind him staying." Lorna smiled at him. Bobby smirked "See, Lorna doest mind."

Alex stood up, his hands were glowing lightly "Yeah, well I do." Bobby stood up too, his fist already iced up. But before he could talk back Storm interrupted him, "Alex, Bobby." The two snapped their heads towards her; Storm's hands were set on her hips, a tepid look on her face. "I think the both of you could use a study break. There's a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, why don't you two work on those for a while?" She suggested in a cool voice.

"Yes, ma'am." They said in unison.

Once outside of ear shot and eye range, Alex violently shoved Bobby. "What the hell is your problem?" Alex asked. Bobby held his shoulder tightly; the shove threw him off balance and into a wall. "My problem?! What the hell is yours?" he growled. "Lorna and I were talking, and you had to interrupt. Why couldn't you just freaking leave when I said so?" his hands were glowing with energy. Bobby was not intimidated; he walked close up to Alex until there was a mere inch between them. "I don't have to listen to anything you freaking say." His entire arms were already iced and ready to punch the surfer teen right in the face.

The sound of chimes rang through the house, interrupting their fight. Neither one of them moved or made any attempt to move. The doorbell continued to ring while the boys tried to one up each other.

"Don't everyone rush to the door at once." Said Jubilee sarcastically, she walked past the boys, paying no attention to their stance.

The door bell rang one more time, "I'm coming, I'm coming." She opened the door wide and let out a muffle scream. Bobby and Alex both ran to the door to see what the commotion was about, when they saw who was at the door, they both turned pale. "I think we need the professor."

--------------Avengers Mansion------------

The mansion hadn't changed much since the last time they had been there, which was almost ten years ago. Wanda felt a bit better once she was in the place, old memories started resurface, memories she loved.


She looked at Pietro who looked as if he were going through some of his own memories. "I'm alright. It just feels…weird, you know?"

Pietro traced his fingers around a portrait of the Avenger team. A portrait that he once loved to look at when he was young. "Yeah, I know."


The twins jumped at the sound, but Logan smelled her coming from a mile.

"May I help you?" asked a raven haired woman in a thick Russian accent. Her tone sounded friendly.

Logan grunted, "I need to see Stark or Barton, hell Danvers would be okay." He barked. The twins cringed horribly at the two, the woman eyes turned to slits. "I am afraid that is not possible, Stark and Barton are busy."

Logan arched his eyebrow, "And Danvers?"

"She's out."

"Aint that right. Listen lady, you better-"

"I better what?" her voice dripped with anger at being threatened by a man who was half a foot shorter than her.


"You better show me to someone, otherwise…"

Pietro and Wanda thought the woman would be scared or at least worried, but she was neither.

Instead she pulled two guns out of now where, and in a blink was behind Logan. Pointing a gun at Logan's temple and stomach.

"I know how to wipe the floor with men like you. So unless you want to leave with your organs intact I suggest you leave. Before Wanda and/or Pietro could intervene someone beat them to it.

"Natasha. That is enough." Two men stood not too far away from them. One was tall and wearing a red armor mask and a yellow and green suit also made of armor. His eyes glowed an eerie red color; it took a while for Pietro to realize that the man actually resembled a robot. The other man was tall too, and completely covered in black from hear to toe. His mask was that of a cat, and his eyes glowed too.

Natasha reluctantly stepped away from Logan; her eyes though were still glued to him though. "He asked for Iron Man and Hawk Eye."

The two men looked at them in confusion, or at least it looked as if they were confused. "And you said our costumes were geeky." Pietro whispered to Wanda.

"What are your names?" asked the man wearing the black mask. My name is Wanda," She gestured towards Pietro, "And is my brother Pietro, and that's Logan." She cocked her head at Logan.

"Follow me." The man led them up stairs.

Pietro watched as the man/robot bowed to his sister mockingly and say "Beautiful ladies deserve to go first." Wanda, to his surprise, blushed furiously and even smiled.

When he was able to catch up with his sister in the hallway upstairs, he couldn't help but ask "Did that android just flirt with you?"

------------F. O. H HQ, Washington, DC---------

"You're not real! You're not real!" Graydon screamed to himself, as he held his head together, rocking himself back and forth to stop from seeing and hearing the two worst people (if he could call them that) he ever knew.

It was useless though, the two were real and standing right in front of him in his office. Blood was still pouring from his mouth from the kick Mystique delivered to stop him from screaming.

Sabertooth threw him against the wall, holding him by his neck. "You piece of shit. You're going to start a war that you won't be able to handle."

Graydon laughed through the choke hold. "It's you and the other freaks that won't be able to handle it. The war is coming, and when it ends all of your kind will be gone."

Sabertooth, disgusted with his son's reasons, dropped him to the floor. Graydon continued to laugh, while he coughed up some more blood all over his suit and the floor.

"You should be proud, Creed. You always said I should be more of a man." Graydon struggled as he tried to stand up. "But you see I always found it ironic," He staggered for a bit but held himself together to stand face to face with Sabertooth "That an animal like you would tell me to be a man." He smiled, his teeth stained red.

Sabertooth let out a low growl. His sharp claws tore into the side of Graydon's face, blood sprayed everywhere. Graydon went down but still was conscious.

"The funny thing is he's the one who's least mad." Mystique smirked as she watched Sabertooth lick the blood from his claws. She pulled out a gun from her back pockets; and pointed it at the center of Graydon's chest. "Do it." He laughed again "I dare you. As soon as you pull that trigger my men will bust right in here and kill you two on the spot."

Mystique cocked the gun "Small price to pay for getting rid of something like you." But Sabertooth held her wrist tight, "No, not now."

"What? Are you insane?"

"Now you ask." Graydon commented under his breath, the scratches on his cheek were turning an ugly brown/red color now. He touched the side of his face, the wound was deep. Graydon was not surprised that he could feel a chunk of his skin hanging off his face. 'Damn animals!' While Sabertooth and Mystique continued to argue, Graydon slid his hands under his desk and pushed the emergency button.

"If we kill him now then we won't have to worry about the others finding out." Mystique barked at Sabertooth.

"Once we kill the kid we won't be able to get what he asked for."

Before Mystique could respond a horrible screeching noise rang loudly through out the building. The two looked down to see Graydon smile, "You filthy animals have exactly one minute to leave before my team comes and kills you."

The two looked at each other and smiled. Sabertooth waited by the window that led to their escape vehicle.

"Then we better make it a good minute.

Mystique pointed her gun at her son and fired.

------------Xavier's Mansion---------

"Stormy? Y'in dere?" Gambit had been waiting for the weather witch to come downstairs and help Warren and him with training the new x-men in DR sessions. But she was a no show.

He knocked again on her door, louder this time. Gambit thought to lock pick the door to see if she was alright, but decided against it. That is until he heard her scream in horror.

He blew the door open by the hinges. "Stormy!" He found her on the floor, curled in a fetal position.

"Storm?" He crouched down next to her and took her into his arms. Her face was stained with tears, and her whole body was shivering even though she was sweating. "Gambit?" she groaned. "I-I…I saw him again. He-he was here." She stuttered into his chest.


Gambit helped her over to her bed, and sat down beside her as she tried to pull herself together.

"Stormy. If dere's someone after y'den y'gotta-"

She looked at him coldly with her blue eyes. "I did not ask for your advice Gambit. You may leave now."

"But Stormy?"

She pointed at the door, "Leave! Now!"

Gambit bit his tongue; he knew that leaving her by herself wasn't right. But what could he do? The woman had the power to electrocute him on command. He wordlessly closed the door behind him.

Storm though couldn't stop shaking. She knew that Gambit was just trying to help, but the images of her parents dying in the fire were all she could see.

------------Avenger's Mansion---------

"Come in." The door to Stark's office opened to reveal Blank Panther.

"Sorry to bother you Iron Man, but you have visitors."

Iron Man set his papers down on his desk, "Who would visit me here?" Blank Panther shrugged "I do not know, they say their names are Wanda, Pietro, and Logan. Do you wish to see them?"


Blank Panther walked out, and let the three in. Wanda couldn't believe it, there he was. Tony Stark, the guy that used take her and her brother to the park and teach them how to ride bikes. He was like a father, a real father to them.

She could have laughed; his office had changed much since the last time she was in here. Sure he had a flat panel computer and some sleek modern looking office furniture. But she could smell those nasty cigars that she hated when she was little. Hell, even the floor was still the same. Wanda could still see the scorch mark that Stark made when he once dropped his cigar on the floor.

"Tony?" she gasped. Pietro gulped down the urge to scream at the man for letting them go back to Magneto the day he came to pick them up.

"Wanda." He gave her a hug "It's been too long my dear." He looked over at Pietro, "Pie, how've you been?"

Pietro crossed his arms over his chest, "Lets see…you let us go to a maniac father who put my sister in an asylum, ran out on me, finds me and then tries to kill us numerous times. So yeah, I've been good." He answered sarcastically.

"Pietro!" Wanda yelled in outrage. She was about to hex her brother to the wall till Stark put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "No, he is right. I heard what happened in Bayville. I am sorry that you two had to go through it."

Pietro was about to retort, but Logan was already getting pissed. For different reasons.

"Cut the sentimental shit Stark. Your sob story aint the reason why we're here."

"Logan, so good to see old friend." Iron Man said sarcastically as he sat behind his office desk, going through his papers again

"Aint it? Where's Danver? Was hoping to talk to her too." Logan took a seat in one of Stark's comfy office chairs, while Pietro and Wanda stood uneasily behind him.

"Danvers is in conference." Stark replied with out looking up at him. "So it wasn't her and Captain America that saved two of my students and two other students this morning at NYU?" He could smell Iron Man lying through his teeth, but decided not to mention that.

"I heard about that, so sad to hear. I do hope that your students weren't hurt."

Logan banged his fists on the table, "Cut the crap Stark, I know Captain America and Miss Marvel saved them from the sentinels. Now you tell me how the hell you all brought him back!"

Stark closed his eyes for a moment, and got up from his desk to look out of his window, his back turned to them. "It wasn't supposed to happen, we were all surprised."

"By what?" Wanda asked.

"It was a simple mission, S.H.I.E.L.D sent us, Wasp, Giant-Man, and me to Antarctica to find and bring back nuclear missiles stolen by an underground Soviet Union group. That's were we found him, frozen in ice for God knows how long."

"Rogers's body is at undisclosed location hidden by S.H.I.E.L.D. I saw the body my self!"

Stark finally turned around, he too had seen the body. Or so he thought.

"The body Nick Furry has is a fake. Apparently no one knew where Steve Rogers really was." He loved the look on Logan's face, as if someone told him that Sabertooth was now the president of the United States.

Logan could the feel the blood flow straight to his ears, the buzzing sound began to tenfold as he took his time to digest the information that Stark was feeding him.

"You got to be kidding me." Logan combed his fingers through his hair as the sick feeling in his stomach started to increase.

"I wish I was." Stark handed him a shot of vodka which Logan drank down in heartbeat. The liquor burned his throat, it stung, but not as much as knowing his friend had been frozen in ice for so many years.

"We brought him back here, his vital signs were normal. Brain patterns were normal; it was as if he was never frozen."

"You should have told me." Logan groweled.

"I honestly thought you knew."


Stark sat in his chair again. "X-23."

Logan, Wanda, and Pietro's eyes widened at the man.


"She and Captain America had a run in a few times. The first one was when he was called to the scene of a mass murder. Forty people were killed, ten where injured."

"Oh, God." Logan moaned into his hands, he never knew this. He could smell the fear coming off Wanda and Pietro behind him.

"X-23 was assigned to kill all of them. Along with her targets, she also killed two EMTs. They thought that she too was a victim off the attack since she was dressed in civilians clothing. The Avengers and S.H.E.I.L.D had a field day with that case."

Logan got up from his seat, he had heard enough for one day. "Where's Rogers now?" he asked.

"On a mission, if you want I'll tell him you came by."

"You better, you owe me that much." Logan spat as he and Pietro walked out.


She turned around, "Yes?"

"Do you know a girl, about this tall maybe?" he held up his hands more that five feet of the ground. "Has brown and white hair. Fought with your father?"

"Yeah, I know. Why?"

Stark smiled, and handed her an envelope. "Tell her those damages weren't cheap to fix."

----------------Xavier Mansion-------------------------

The ride back home was a quiet one, once inside Wanda decided she should give Logan some space.

Logan walked into the kitchen and took out a bottle of beer from the fridge, he leaned his head back against the fridge door. Wondering what had happened to his friend. What had been done to him after the rebirthing project.

Logan, can you please to my office? The voice echoed horribly in his head.

"Not now Chuck. Cant it freaking wait?"

No, you really must come down here. Now!

Cussing up a storm Logan made his way downstairs to Xavier's office, where the bald man was waiting for him.

"We have a problem. The student that Storm suggested to invite is here." Xavier explained as he massaged the side of his head.

"If this is the kid that Storm wanted to bring here, then why isn't she here?" Logan asked agitatedly.

"This isn't about who Storm invited; it's about whom the young girl will be sharing a room with."

Logan knew that the only person yet to have a roommate was Rogue, which got his attention.

"Does this girl got a problem with Rogue's power?"

Xavier shook his head, "Does she have a problem with Rogue being Goth?"

Xavier shook his head again. "Then what the hell is the problem then?"

Xavier bit his lip, not knowing exactly how to explain the situation with out sounding insane.

"The last time Storm saw this young woman was when she was ten, the girl was apparently to Storm, a very pretty young blond and blue eyed girl. And now…"

"She has three heads and nine eyes?" Logan asked smiling; Xavier didn't see any humor in the situation. "I wish it was that simple."

"Chuck, what the hell is going on?"

Xavier led him to his office, "You need to see this for yourself, my friend." Xavier let Logan open the door to his office, where a young woman stood up and greeted him.

The girl was tall, about five feet and eleven inches, with long purple hairs piled high in a bun on top of her head, she was Asian with very pretty purple eyes.

"Hello," the young woman stuck out her hand for Logan to shake "My name is Betsy Braddock."

Logan though couldn't speak, and when he finally could the first thing that came out of his mouth was "Shit!"

Xavier nodded grimly. "My sentiments exactly."


Saw the new poster for wolverine and the x-men. Three things came to mind: 3) emma is the new psychic! no more jean, 2) they are one member short of the astonishing x-men cast, and 1) since did cyclops wear a trench coat

and did I mention that they were only going to show the cartoon in the UK?

The damages mentioned where from the "On Angels Wings" when Rogue crashed into Iron Man's office building.