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Chapter 3:

As Will was contemplating having to explain her being a guardian to her mother, two bright comets were streaking toward Cybertron. One of them was colored black, red and orange while the other was colored pink, blue, and white. As they approached Cybertron, they split and circled the planet once while throwing out scanning waves. Once they found what they were looking for, they resumed their course and passed through the atmosphere.

Command Center:

Wing Saber was keeping a lookout for decepticons when the atmosphere sensors went off. He turned to the monitors and saw the two strange meteors heading for the infirmary. He jumped over the communication relay and shouted, "Guys, we got two unidentified signatures heading for your location. They're coming in fast and hot. Repeat, fast and hot." Having warned the others, he turned back to monitors and gave a tired sigh, wishing that everything was going to be good in the end.


Everyone heard Wing Saber's warning and quickly grabbed their weapons, preparing for battle. Will looked shocked as the Autobots grabbed everything from giant laser guns to whips and swords. She looked over at the scrapmetal that she knew was hers and made a decision and jumped off the table and ran over to the unit and jumped into it. Everyone looked shocked as the small unit came online and began to move toward the autobots. Will's voice came from its lips as she said, "It's alright guys it's just me. I figured that maybe I could help out since I got this suit to use." Optimus nodded and turned to the door with the others. Suddenly a section of the roof collapsed in as the two comets came flying in and landed several feet from everyone, blinding them temporarily. When they could see again, they could see an 83 mercury cougar colored black, red and orange and a ford super duty truck colored pink, blue and white staring at them.

Then a voice was heard from the cougar, a gravely male voice that yelled a very familiar phrase. "Trigar, Transform." The cougar leapt up into the air and began to transform into another giant robot. Heavily armored with twin vibration shield units, a giant green katana strapped to his side, along with a large energon bazooka and an energon sniper rifle strapped to his back. The truck shouted the same phrase in a bright female voice. "Arcee, Transform." The truck began a similar transformation as she showed herself to the autobots. Less armored then Trigar with three energon shield units on her back, a giant violet thunder master blade, along with a large single barrel black energy gun which looked very similar to another autobot's gun (original Optimus Prime's gun). The pair stood tall and proud and without any fear as they surveyed the autobots in front of them.

The autobots were tense and ready to open fire at a moments notice. The two newcomers stared at them with some apprehension at all the weapons pointed at them. Trigar spoke, "Stand down you guys. We're autobots from the planet Rylgar and we came to offer our aid." Optimus looked at Trigar and Arcee for a minute, the signaled for the others to stand down. They slowly lowered their weapons and waited for the newcomers to speak.

Will looked at the strange autobots, ready to fire a shot from her energon cannons.

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