I'm your bitch

"Well?" Xena asked. Ares appeared looking down not wanting to even look Xena in the eye afraid that she would attack him just for doing so.

"He's on his way," He said in a submissive voice.

"Good, now say one thing for me, I need cheering up and calming down if I'm going to succeed."

"Say what?" Ares asked tentatively hoping against hope it wasn't what he thought he was.

"Oh I think you know," Xena said as she looked at the map in the book.

"Xena please don't make me," Ares pleaded looking up at her. She was looking down to his relief. "Haven't you taken enough from me. Can't you at least leave me my pride for God's sake, my manhood is gone." Xena looked up at him.

"Say it."


"Say it." He mumbled and whispered something as his father and sister looked on. "Louder I couldn't hear or understand you."

"I'm your bitch," Ares said in a sort of whine as a blue light flashed. To his relief his manhood returned, but now another God had entered the room.

"Welcome father we've been expecting you." He noted she didn't use father in a respectful or loving tone.

"You wanted me."

"Yes, you're going to help me get my son back you all are even if I have to castrate every last one of you."

"Well I'm excused," Aphrodite said.

"Oh no there's a such thing as female castration," Xena reminded her.

"Okay guess I'm in."

"You are," Xena told her.

"I don't have to help you." Xena felt her anger rise again and she was upon her father at once beating the shit out of him. He was surprised at her strength. Twice he avoided her blows to his head and the floor on either side of him had deep perfect holes of her fists. She threw him into the wall before she walked over and lifted him by the neck.

"You're going to help your grandson if it is the last thing I do got it?"

"Got it," He replied in a strained voice. Xena dropped him.

"Good now say it."

"Never." She punched him in his throat.

"Say it."

"I'm…your…bitch," He said as his airway slowly popped back into place.

"Good boy," She turned to Zeus.

"I'm your bitch," Zeus said quickly.

"Glad you know it." She didn't turn to Aphrodite, who she considered a friend. Aphrodite merely nodded to her realizing just that, which Xena returned.

"Ares say it again for old time's sake."

"I'm your bitch," Ares replied.

"Good job Ares you're learning." Xena walked back over to the book. "Zeus are you sure this map is accurate?"

"It has always been accurate in the past," Zeus answered a little hesitantly hoping the map was right.

"Does Hera know about this book?"


"Than we have to move, if she's as smart as everyone thinks she'll have planned for you helping me." They didn't followed except Ares. She stopped walking and turned around. "I said let's go!" They quickly followed her out of the room.