Presenting something which likely has never graced in this prequel for a great new series written by me!

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story. Flintlocke, Bloodrose, Lowping, Kathrena and Schweitzer are all creations by Dave "Fargo" Kosak. I also do not own World of WarCraft Blizzard Entertainment does.

A massive explosion rocked the once peaceful city of Stormwind, igniting everything within a 16 mile radius in flame. How could anyone have possibly survived such a devastating catastrophe? Is this the end of Flintlocke!?

After the explosion ended and the debris had settled an eerie calm had settled over the ruins. This calm was quickly broken as a dwarf with a black beard, green goggles, and a guild tabard with an emblem of a kitty's head on it emerged from the dust. The first words out of his mouth were "Where's this Burning Crusade I keep hearing 'bout?".

The End… of the prologue.

As I have said this is only the prologue. I will need a review to make episode 1: Breaking Stormwind possible. For those who are not framiliar with the characters Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth was a hilarious webcomic which can be found by searching Flintlocke on google won't let me wright the adress.) When the comic was canceled just as a new plot was going to be introduced I decided to keep this idiotic Dwarf and his equally insane party alive with Flintlocke's Guide to Outland. (But it'll be a few episodes before he actually gets there.) So please review.