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Chapter 1: Where Am I? OMG! He Got Hit By A CAR!--

I was sitting quietly beside my mom on the dark blue couch in our living room watching the TV when suddenly something felt really wrong. A large shiver shook my entire spine and I snapped out of my TV induced trance to glance around the room worriedly. My hands began to shake more than usual and my body went cold.

'What the fudge was that? It felt……like energy……' I thought in confusion as I rubbed the back of my neck. I moved my long hair out of my face and stood up from the couch somewhat shaky on my feet.

"You ok baby girl?" my mom asked in her protective tone.

"Yep, I'm good mom. Hey listen I'm going to get a head start on my reading for the summer. Peace," and with that I bolted across the room and up the stairs to hide away in my lair. I threw open the door and charged in to collapse onto the bed watching my door slowly close behind me. I sighed and rolled over to look up at the ceiling in the darkness of my painted room. I was actually about to calm down when suddenly I felt something else run through my body and my blood seemed to freeze in the veins.

'Why don't you take a break and visit a world of untold possibilities?' a strange voice echoed through my mind. I opened my mouth to shout but only found that my voice was gone. I tried to thrash around but suddenly my entire body wouldn't obey me and I was stuck lying there like a sitting duck. A bright flash erupted from my ceiling and I tightly closed my eyes to keep myself from going blind and began wishing for someone to walk into my room right then and there. I felt my entire body lift off my bed and I did the only thing I could think of. I screamed.



"Owowowow," I moaned rubbing my now aching back. I sat up opening my eyes and nearly screamed when I found myself in a trashy looking alley instead of my dark red room. I jumped up quickly dusting myself off and looked around the place filling up with curiosity. My hand strayed up to my neck where I then began turning my locket over and over in my fingers. I always did this when I was excited and nervous. The locket was my safe guard…after all, my mom gave it to me at Christmas and its protected me ever since.

"Where…am I?" I muttered to myself quietly as I began to move for the street just beyond the alley. I stopped by a broken mirror and nearly passed out in complete surprise upon seeing myself standing there. I no longer looked like my normal self! I had longer dark brown hair that feel past my waist and my eyes were dark red and pupil-less. I still had my normal jeans and a red tank on but I wasn't my ordinary self anymore.

"I'm Rin!" I deducted in surprise. I nearly exploded in excitement as I jumped up and down, "Sweet! I'm a kickass demoness who is rivaled by few and never worries about the consequences! This is so awesome!"

I was going to continue my fangirl-like rant but suddenly I heard tires of a car screeching, a boy's voice screaming something, and finally a dull thunk of something slamming into something else that was much smaller. I could feel the color drain from my face as I ran towards the entrance of the alley but I stopped myself remembering my eyes. I can't go walking out in front of a bunch of humans with red pupil-less eyes. That would be so freakin' suspicious and I'd be labeled as a freak in no time. Out of instinct, I shoved my hands in my pocket in thought and nearly scraped my finger on a pair of glasses. I blinked in confusion and pulled out a pair of dark sunglasses.

"Cha-ching!" I yelped happily as I shoved them on and ran out of the alley…nearly crashing into an elderly couple. After nearly getting my ear lectured off I pushed through the crowd of people to see a bright red car stopped before an unmoving boy clad in bright green. The 'oh shit' reflex kicked in and I ran forward to the guy's side. He was around the same age as me with jet black hair and bruises all over his bloody face. I checked for a pulse to find none and sat there gaping like a complete and total idiot as I realized, I knew that corpse, "Y-Y-Y-Yusuke?"

"You know him young lady?" a man asked behind me. I glanced over my shoulder to see the police had made the scene along with the paramedics.

"Yes sir, I do. His name is Yusuke Urameshi and we have to tell his family what's happened," I quickly answered remembering how to get police officers to work extra fast on getting news spread. After all I know plenty of police officers and detectives and I know exactly what to say to them, "His mother lives on Fourth Street. Look for the sign on the door that says Atsuko and Yusuke Urameshi. Please hurry."

"Right!" the police officer moved aside for the paramedics and I also jumped back. Since the police were taking care of his mom, I'll be the one to and go tell the one person who will be completely heartbroken about all of this. Man……I'm going to have to comfort her while she cries her eyes out……I'm not looking forward to this but it'd be best if someone was there.

--Ten minutes later--

"Damn!" I griped nearly tripping over myself as I entered the school grounds. I placed my hands on my knees and gasped for breath. 'I can't rest now damn it. I have to find Keiko!' I straightened up and looked around the grounds to see that it was completely full of students. I ran forward and pushed past all the uniform wearing students to see if I could find her, "It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Or vice versa. Where the bloody hell could she be?"

After searching and searching I decided to revert to the one thing I knew would get her. It was the one thing that always got people's attention back home. My voice when I was shouting at the top of my lungs. I inhaled deeply and prepared to shriek at the top of my lungs but suddenly a voice snapped from behind me, "Who are you and what are you doing on school grounds."

I know that voice, "Keiko Yukimura!"

"How do you know me?" she questioned as I spun around to come face to face with the brown haired girl herself. Yes! I was a little taller than her! What now Keiko! Uh………moving on now.

"Uh……how I know you is of no concern! Listen you need to come with me and I have some bad news for you, alright," I quickly started before she could go off on me. I leaned closer to her and whispered, "The news has to deal with Yusuke Urameshi. Please, I can't go into detail here but it's really important you come."

At the mention Yusuke's name Keiko grabbed my wrist and dragged me from the school grounds in a matter of seconds. No wonder why Yusuke said she smacked so freakin hard. The girl was strong! What the hell did I get myself into now?

"Ok spill it! What happened to Yusuke?" Keiko suddenly asked spinning around releasing my arm. She looked at with me with such pleading eyes that I stepped back slightly caught off guard at the look. 'Oh man…this is going to be so hard on her,' I thought in guilt. I looked down at the ground and sighed before looking up at her with a hurt look. She looked at me and her eyes began to shine in worry, "What's going on?!"

"Earlier today……Yusuke skipped school after someone struck his last nerve. He came across a young boy who was playing with his ball near the street. The boy's ball went into the street and as the boy ran after it a speeding car turned the corner and headed straight at him……Yusuke……Yusuke saved the boy's life……at the cost of his own," I whispered looking at the ground.

"No……no……Yusuke's…dead?" Keiko stuttered in hurt confusion. At first I thought she was going to make me say it again but she suddenly fell against me and started crying her eyes out. I was so stunned and since I'm not the kind of person that's used to comforting people I just patted her head giving soft kind words, but Keiko wasn't stopping. She kept crying, and crying, and crying until I thought she was going to dehydrate herself. How much can one person cry at a time anyway?

The rest of the world seemed to fly past us until finally I found myself at Yusuke's showing. I swallowed hard and stepped forward into the house to see Yusuke's teacher Mr. Takenaka muttering his two bits about Yusuke and it finally sinking in to Atsuko that her son was gone. Just like that the water works began yet again and this time she was wailing about her son and everything else. It must've been so devastating……for a mother to lose the only thing she really loves……even if she had a funny way of showing it……I wonder if my mom even knows I'm gone……does she know and if so, where does she think I am……mom……Crap here come my tears! Snap out of it!

I moved forward to bow to Atsuko but suddenly a horrible shiver was sent down my spine and I spun on my heel to come face to face with Yusuke's spirit. YIKES! They looked a lot freakier then they did in the Manga! He had this weird glow to him and he was even paler than my albino skin! Man, just looking at him made me shake. He just looked so freaking creepy! Even his black hair looked lighter and his eyes shone in a very strange way that sent shivers running through me. "Yusuke," I breathed sort of surprised.

"You can see me?" Yusuke stuttered as he realized I wasn't staring through him.

What do I say? What do I say?! Crap! How do I get out of this?!

"Now pay your respects to the nice boy…" I heard a female voice whisper from behind me. I spun around to see the little boy Yusuke saved and his mother. She moved aside to console Atsuko while I moved away from Yusuke in his freaky form and knelt down in front of his corpse. I bowed and whispered a prayer and then stood up to face Atsuko. She looked at me and I bowed yet again before speaking to her.

"You're son is very special. I know you're going through a very hard time right now and if you ever need any help I'll be wiling to do it. I didn't have the honor of meeting Yusuke face to face but I know him well enough to know that he's trying everything he can to make things right," I whispered quietly to her. I looked up and froze at seeing the look on her face. I didn't know what to do so I did the only thing my instincts told me to do. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her and let her sob on my shoulder. Just like Keiko she went on and on and it seemed like she'd pass out from dehydration before she stopped. It was long after everyone left that she finally stopped and after escorting Keiko out she soon began to drown herself in booze. Jeeze……how the hell is that gonna help? Sometimes I don't understand people.

I stood and walked out of the house without her notice and using the powers I gained in my new form, leapt up to the roof nearby and sat down. I guess I'll just wait for Keiko to come and them have another tear fest. I looked up to the sky and began thinking back to my home. Does my mom know I'm gone? What'll she do when she realizes that I may not come back? What'll happen to me here? Will I end up living here for the rest of my life? And……what brought me here anyway?

I was just about to nod off when suddenly, "YUSUKE YOU IDIOT!! So freaking tough……and you die in traffic?! That's a wimp's death! I didn't raise no wimp!"

Right on time. Atsuko's drunk and Yusuke's probably talking to Keiko right now. Which means that soon they're gonna realize he'll come back and blah, blah, blah, tears, blah, blah, blah, happiness and then they're going to go to bed……good for them!

WAIT! I don't have anywhere to sleep! I don't have any money or anything! No! How am I gonna live through this! AHHHHHHHHHH!

Ok……enough of being a drama queen. I guess I'll just have to sleep in a tree or on a bench or something. As for food I'm sure I could always jib someone. I might even mooch off of Atsuko……that should prove to be entertaining. Get all her food while she's drunk and then……um…never mind, moving on.

"Atsuko! Open up! It's me! Please, Atsuko, open the door! Atsuko you won't believe this! Yusuke came…I mean, I saw…" Keiko began stuttering as I heard the door open. About time they got here! I sat up and saw Atsuko staring at Keiko with a dumbfounded look all over her face and her finger pointing over her shoulder. Her face was tear stained and it was only going to get worse. Joy, I get to see more tears. God, why did the beginning have to be so freaking heart wrenching? It's like one of those damn soaps my grandma used to watch back home.

"Yusuke…" Atsuko whispered as more tears began to form.

"What's……What's wrong?" Keiko asked with wide eyes.

"I don't…I mean, I opened the casket to bop him on the head one last time…and his face…it was rosy…His heart…I heard it beating…Yusuke…is alive…That shiftless no good…milestone around my……Dear god my boy is alive!" Atsuko finally collapsed to her knees in tears and Keiko bent down to cry beside her. They began sobbing together and I was beginning to wonder if they cried long enough if a river would start…What I don't do tears people!

"Y'know. It might be funny to break the egg on purpose, so I fail and my soul never returns," I heard Yusuke laugh from above the scene. I felt myself get a vein in my forehead and I grabbed a stone off the roof and chucked it up knowing full well it would phase through as if nothing happened. And yet…it smacked it so hard upside his freaking huge head that he fell onto the same roof as me. OH SHIZNE! What did I get myself into now?!

"It actually hit him?!" I cried out worriedly as Yusuke jumped up ready for a fight. He glared at me and Botan flew down beside him to look at me like I was something out of this world…well technically I was but you get what I mean.

"What'd ya do that for?!" Yusuke snapped and then remembered that he was a ghost, "Wait! How'd you do that and how come you can see me?! BOTAN!"

"I would like to know as well. Who are you?" she asked floating over me.

"Uh…well…um…gotta go!" I jumped up and attempted to run off the roof but I hit a lose tile and……slid off……right onto the other street……face first, "OW!"

"HEY! GET BACK HERE!" Yusuke shouted causing me to jump up and cut out. I ran for the street and bolted across the cross walk even though it said not to walk. A pair of headlights shone on me but I kept running as fast as I could and closed my eyes hoping to pass the car in time. No such luck, in fact the very front side of the car clipped my side and sent me flying forward into the sidewalk. I lied there in a daze for a moment before realizing that the only thing that hurt was the arm I fell on. I looked at my arm to see scratches all over it and it was bleeding pretty bad. Just my forsaken luck. Damn it.

"I've gotta get outta here and find somewhere to rest," I muttered quietly as I stood and bolted off yet again in some strange direction. As I ran I suddenly realized something fairly important…I had no freakin clue where the hell I was going! Great…Here I am running around like a total idiot with no freakin clue where to go and I have a soul trying to pulverize me for information. Man, even as Rin Ishida, my luck isn't any better than usual!

I spun around a corner and found the building that would save me. If I were watching this as an anime it would have a gold aura around it and a chorus of Hallelujah would be going. I smiled and ran into the one place I used to avoid back home.

The hospital.

I walked in and was immediately met with that clean, sanitized smell and feeling that always threatened to swallow me whole. I sighed and moved towards one of the nurses but she quickly caught sight of my arm before I could even open my mouth. Crap, here we go.

"Oh my gosh! What happened to you?!" she nearly gushed as she ran over to me looking over my arm.

"I fell," I answered calmly. This was true. I just won't tell her about getting clipped by the car……that might cause me to get in debt with the hospital…I really don't want to spend the night here. I just needed to get the arm taken care of.

"Stay here," she answered calmly before disappearing. If I hadn't know any better I would sworn she had to be a demon to move that freakin fast but then again, all nurses disappeared that fast. It made my head spin just thinking about it……then again that could be the blood loss. I sat down to wait and overheard something very interesting that you never heard in the Yu-Yu Hakusho Manga.

"Yes, Shiori Minamino doesn't seem to be getting any better. I just can't bring myself to tell her son, Shuichi, that there just doesn't seem to be any hope. He loves her so much," a doctor muttered before taking a sip of coffee.

"Shiori is a strong woman. She may make it out of this," another much younger doctor argued softly.

"She is indeed strong but she just doesn't seem to be able to call on that strength. If we keep her on meds maybe her strength will come but it might very well take a year. She says she feels better but she's not anywhere near it," he said rubbing his brow. I was so engrossed in their conversation that I didn't even notice the nurse had come back until I felt my arm burn with the cleaning stuff she put on it. IT BURNS!! Um…cough…ok enough of that.

"How do you think her son would take it if she did indeed die?" the second doctor asked the first. He whispered something that caused both of their faces to fall and the quickly strode away at hearing their names get called to an emergency room patient.

"Poor Shiori……" I muttered quietly.

"You know her? She's well known for her caring son. Shuichi loves his mother so much. It's such a shame that such a young man should have to worry so much about his mother," the nurse sighed in a dreamy state. I finally took the time to look her over and realized she was only a year or two older than me……and the fact that every time she said 'Shuichi' she looked like she was in a dream.

"You……do you like him?" I asked slyly.

"N-no!" she stuttered blushing ten different shades of red.

"Sure," I smiled as she finished wrapping up my arm. I looked around and then whispered, "Could you take me to Ms. Minamino's room? I won't wake her up, I know its late but I would like to see her."

She looked around for a moment and whispered, "Ok. Follow me and stay close."

The nurse stood and I ran after her as we went through the strange halls of the place. I carefully watched where we walked storing it in my memory in case I would have to come back. Soon we came upon a door that had her name on it and we walked in to see her fast asleep in the bed.

"Please be quiet and do not wake her when you leave," the nurse whispered leaving me and closing the door. I walked over to her and immediately saw the scars all along her arms because of that incident with Shuichi (or Kurama).

"Man, why is it everywhere I go I see things that make me remember my mom," I hissed and walked over to the chair by the window. I sat down and yawned as I stared at the stars. My eyes began closing and I curled up falling into an unwilling sleep.

--Hours Later--

"Ack…sun," I muttered as I opened my eyes to look around. I quickly took notice of three things that made my mind began reeling for reasons. One it was day, how long had I been out? Two, there was a blanket over me, who put it there? And three, Ms. Minamino was staring at me with a smile…SHE'S AWAKE AND LOOKING AT ME!

"Good morning," she said with a smile. I yawned and sat up rubbing my eyes to realize my sunglasses were gone. Crap! My eyes! I tried to hurried cover them from her sight but she only laughed and said, "I already saw your eyes dear. Don't worry. They don't scare me. How is your arm?"

"Um…good I guess," I answered slightly confused, "Aren't you wondering what I'm doing here?"

"Yes, but I thought it would be better to let you open up yourself," she smiled.

"I already like you," I whispered standing up. I quickly folded the blanket up and walked over to her, "So…My name is Rin Ishida. I'm……kinda a friend of Shuichi. I heard about what's happened and thought that I could come and say hi or something."

"I see……Shuichi never told me that one of his friends might drop by," she said quietly looking over me. Then she smiled and said, "Something seems to have happened to you. Where are your parents?"

With that question in the air I just began to gush at her. I couldn't very well tell her I came from a world where she was just an anime and manga character so I told her I was a foreign exchange student and that I didn't even get to say goodbye to my family and well…everything in an edited version. She listened so well and after that we began talking like we were old friends. My mom and teachers always said I related to adults easier than my peers. Soon we were laughing and talking and so engrossed in conversation that it wasn't until she looked away that I knew someone else was in the room with us.

I slowly turned around and felt my stomach flip at seeing a tall boy with bright red hair and deep green eyes. Shuichi Minamino……or better known to me as Kurama. He stared at my eyes in surprise and I quickly swiped the sunglasses of the table and put them on. I also was quick to grab a sheet of paper and a red pen that was lying next to them. I stood and bowed to Ms. Minamino for the pleasant conversation before walking over to Kurama and whispering so quietly that his mother could not have caught, "I wonder if Yoko would like to talk. Meet me on the roof. Fifteen minutes."

With that I strolled out of the room and quickly made my way to the roof using the halls that I watched as I followed the nurse. I walked out on the roof and walked to the very edge to look at the street below me. So many people were walking all along the street and so many of them were living blissful lives. I sat down on the edge and kicked my feet as I looked at them all. Before it slipped my mind I quickly began to write something down on the paper. I read it over and signed it to Hiei and couldn't think of a way to say who I was so I left it blank. When I finished I pocketed pen and folded the paper into my hand so I wouldn't drop it. I sighed looking up at the sky and began singing the song that my mom taught me. It was one that filled me with joy and it seemed as if the world didn't matter anymore. I was so far off that I didn't even notice Kurama behind me until he spoke.

"Nice song," he said calmly almost causing me to jump out of my skin. I jumped away from the edge and stood up looking at him breathing hard. He was looking at me really seriously and it almost looked like he was glaring at me. Time to calm down and barter with him. I looked at him as he continued, "Two things. What were you doing with my mother and how did you know about that?"

"Calm down! I'm not here to fight or put your mother in danger. I had to say something for you to listen ok? It's not you I'm interested in, ok!" I began stuttering under his look. He looked so freakin murderous! That's not the Kurama I know! Well…except when his mother is involved……momma's boy……I sighed and continued a little calmer, "I just want you to pass a message onto one of your partners. I do believe his last name is Jaganshi?"

"You want to talk to Hiei?" Kurama asked completely caught off guard.

"Yes. I know he won't be willing to talk to me right off the bat but I would appreciate it if you would give him this note. Since after all you are one of his thief partners," I say extending my hand with the note to him.

"And if I refuse?" Kurama stated in a cool tone.

I sighed and rubbed my right temple saying, "You're mother is such a kind woman that loves her son. Do you think she'd be able to last long if her son suddenly ended up in a horrible situation and untold stress was placed on her?"

"You wouldn't dare bring her into this?!" Kurama nearly shouted. He was pissed.

"I honestly wouldn't want to but if you don't help me I might have to. But your mom was the first person I trusted and opened up to. I really wouldn't want to hurt her but as you clearly saw in the room I'm no normal person," I calmly replied looking him straight in the eyes. I wouldn't really hurt Ms. Minamino because she's really the first friend I've made but I needed Kurama to get the note to Hiei.

Kurama balled his fist and glared at me but finally gave in and said, "Fine, I'll give him the note. He'll get it today. Where will you be?"

The note quickly exchanged hands and I thought about the meeting place for a moment, "Do you know the Café run by the Yukimura family?"

"Yes, I've gone there a few times," Kurama answered calmly.

"I'll be waiting there," I said as I began to walk past him but he suddenly grabbed my arm and prevented me from leaving.

"Is it true what my mother said? That you have no where to live and you have no money? Is it true you have no one?" he asked in a tone of indifference but I could tell that he was genuinely concerned.

"It doesn't matter if it is. I can handle myself," I could only speak in a whisper. I shrugged him off and walked straight past him to get out of the hospital. Damn my pride. He might've helped me if I opened my mouth and asked for help. But no I couldn't do that. It would go against everything I've become. And now I'm a fifteen year old who doesn't have anyone to help her. Dang it!

I was so deep in mentally kicking myself that I didn't realize I was in the Yukimura Café until Keiko came up and nearly scared me into the next millennium. I looked at her through the sunglasses and she quickly realized I was the girl who told her about Yusuke, "Hey! It's you! We weren't properly introduced. I'm Keiko Yukimura."

"I'm Rin Ishida. Nice meeting you," I answered in monotone as I sat down.

"What would you like?" Keiko asked with a smile.

"I can't buy anything. Besides I'm not really hungry at the moment," I answered with a soft smile. Yet, suddenly my stomach let out this long growl that caused my face to burn like crazy. I looked away from Keiko as she bust out laughing.

"Not hungry. Sure. Listen order whatever you want. It's on the house and if you get into trouble you can come back here kid. We'll take care of you," Keiko's father came up hearing the conversation, "Do you have a place to stay?" I shook my head. "Well then you can come and stay with us."

"That's so generous," I smiled and ordered their special. Then they both went back and I laid my head on the counter to rest my eyes. I didn't even realize I fell asleep until I felt a hand firmly place itself on my shoulder. I jumped and whipped around to see Kurama standing there, "Whoa! Jeeze. What the heck?"

Kurama motioned over his shoulder and I looked out the window to see him. He was standing their clad in his normal black outfit and his spiky black hair. My eyes were instantly drawn not to his sword that hung at his side but his eyes. They were mesmerizing and looked……perfect. The only thing that slightly disturbed me was that I could see his third eye through the cloth. Yes through the cloth! Hiei was staring straight at me and the look on his face was a mixture of a glare and worry.

"Whatever you wrote in that letter really set him off. He demanded that I take him straight to you so he could 'question' you. I've never seen him like that," Kurama coolly stated as he watched me swallow.

"Ah hehehe," I said feeling sweat bead at my forehead. 'His third eye is glaring at me……I'm going to get my voice box ripped out. I can sense it,' I thought as my hands began shaking slightly. I sighed and stood up saying, "Alright, I'm ready to go."

"You're food is ready!" Keiko's mom said from behind me. I looked through my sunglasses at her and noticed the staring contest going between her and Kurama.

"Great, more obstacles," I muttered pinching the bridge of my nose.

--Until Next Time--

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