Hospital Europeen Georges Pompidou

I don't know…

Maybe I can be a 16 years old Japanese girl, but I don't know…

Maybe I can be a girl without parents, but I don't know…

Maybe it be that my name is Yumura Kirika, but I don't know…

I don't know lots of things, but after our 'pilgrimage for the past' I know three things:

-We are noir.

-I don't want to be a killer anymore.

-And. I'm in love.

I can hear the doctor talking, I don't know how many time I was in the ER room, but I don't care, after our return from the Manor she brought me here, the bullet is probably now in the trash, after been in my body for a few hours. I feel that the doctor and the nurse leave. That's good, I don't what to be here, and I don't want to be with people I don't know. I thought that I could survive without go to the hospital, but I was wrong.

I could die, I wanted to die, but she ask for live, so what could I do? I want to be with Mireille, the person I love. But if I can, I prefer to die.

I WANT to die!

I can see her. She is sleeping in the bed, so quiet, she looks so innocent. She doesn't deserve this, after all her work she still don't know nothing about her. About her past. I love this girl, I love her with all my heart, and I know she love me, but it this right?

"Ms. Bouquet?" Doctor Fromont asked me.


"I only want you to know that she is fine, but the next time be more careful, she is very young, she has a lot to live." And with that he leaves me alone.

She has a lot to live; I know she has a lot to live! but with whom? Returning home I'll ask her, if she wants to stay with me or if she prefers to leave. I don't want her to leave, but what can I do to stop her?

She was injure, she's strong, but I know that she can die, so I called some friends, they gave me the address of Doctor Fromont. The doctor that don't ask, only work.

I love Kirika, even if that is not her real name, I love her, but I feel bad, she is my parents murderer, I have to kill her, but I don't want. I do love her.

I can see her waking, she is trying to get up, but a wave of pain makes her to stay in the bed. Better enter and see how she feels.

I see Mireille entering; she is wearing her usual outfit: red top, black skirt and black boots. She's so beautiful. She stops next to me.

"How do you feel" she ask me a gentle smile in her face.

I bow my head, so she can't see my face "I'm fine" a lie, I'm not fine, I want to die, I'm feeling useless, I'm feeling guilty for kill Chloe, I'm afraid of what Mireille will do. Is she going to kill me? I mean this is over, and she has a promise to keep. I don't want to live anymore. I don't know if she loves me, I don't think so. Who can love a demon that kills without feeling guilty? I don't have to ask, nobody can, nobody would and nobody will.

No. Wait. There was who loved me. Chloe, she loved me. And I kill her; the only person that ever loved me is death now, and all because of me! I'm so stupid, but if she didn't die, then Mireille would be death right now. So, its okay, if Mireille can live, then it doesn't matter. But is she loves me?

"I want to ask you something" Mireille voice cut my thoughts, she is now near the window, she is staring at the rain "why did you stop that bullet?"


"No I'm not finish. Why did you kill Altena? Why did you kill Chloe? Why did you try to save me?"

What is she thinking? I can't answer these questions; even I don't know the reason. No, I do. I did it because I love her.

"I did it because…" I'm trying to get up of this bed, but the pain in my side makes me feel horrible. I can't rise, so I'll tell here even I can't look at her. " I did I it because… because I love you" is a whisper, but I feel Mireille tenses. I know she knew, and I also know that she don't feel the same.

"You need to rest; I'll come to see you tomorrow. Please rest and health, I need you to be fine, if you are injure, you can't kill in our next job." She stares at me for somes seconds, the she leaves.


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