Disclaimer: All characters and things from ANGEL and BUFFY belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. If they aren't on the show they belong to me.

Summary: Takes place after "Waiting In The Wings". What if Angel and Cordelia hadn't been interrupted, and how would the outcomes of that one event change the lives of the Fang Gang forever? A/C pairing


Angel woke up and noticed two things immediately. One, he was naked, and two, something warm was lying next to him. He opened his eyes to find Cordelia's naked form lying across his chest on a cramped couch. Immediately, Angel panicked, jumping to his feet and sending Cordelia's body onto the floor, waking her up.

"What the…" Cordelia woke up, seeing Angel's form towering over her as he scrambled to put his boxers back on. "Angel! What the hell is going on? Why are you in my room and why the hell are you naked?"

"Take a look around!" Angel motioned his arms as he buttoned back up his shirt. "We aren't in your room and your naked too."

Cordelia looked down, realizing she had more clothes on then Angel had at first, but not much. The only things covering her were her underwear and bra. She then looked around the room, realizing they were not in her room but in fact they were in the dressing room at the ballet. Suddenly, Cordelia began panicking, throwing her gown back on. "Angel…"

"I know, I know." Angel had his back to her now, allowing her to get dressed. Things were already clearly awkward; he didn't want to make them worse.

"Angel, look at me." Cordelia commanded, and he replied, turning to see her completely dressed. "Did we…" She eyed up the couch, already knowing the answer. She remembered it all, every kiss, every moan.

Angel nodded, swallowing hard. He remembered it all too. "We did."

"Oh crap. You're evil." Cordelia scrambled behind the couch, so something was now in between her and Angel. "You stay away from me!"

"What? Cordy…" Angel moved, but Cordelia countered his steps so the couch was still between them. "Cordelia, I am not evil."

"You have to be." Cordelia told him. "Because every time you…" She looked over at the couch. "You know…every time you do it, Angelus comes back. Well except that one time with Darla and all but you were no way happy about that so. And anyway, we…well we did it so…"

"Cordelia, I am not Angelus." Angel said.

"That's exactly what Angelus would say." Cordelia reasoned.

"He also would have ripped your throat out by now." Angel said.

Cordelia thought for a moment. That statement was true. If it were Angelus she would probably be dead now. "True…"

"Cordelia, it's me." Angel told her. "Angel."

After a moment, she nodded. "I know." She sounded a little disappointed.

"Well don't be too happy I am not a blood-thirsty killer." Angel replied.

"It's not that, Angel." Cordelia said quickly. "You know I am happy you're not Angelus, its just…"

"It's just what?" Angel asked, folding his arms across his chest. Things were getting more awkward with every passing second and he had a feeling that wherever their conversation was going, things were about to get even weirder.

Cordelia was silent for a moment, as if contemplating her words. Then she spoke. "Was I not good?"

Yep, things just got ten times more awkward. Angel cleared his throat. "Uh, sorry? What?"

"You know." Cordelia stood up straight, rubbing her arm as if she had a chill. "Was I not good?" She looked down at the couch for emphasis.

Angel looked at the couch and then back at Cordelia. "No. You were fine. From what I can remember." And that was the truth, in fact, she was better then fine, but Angel didn't want to make things any weirder.

"So then why aren't you evil?" Cordelia asked insecurely.

"Because it wasn't us, Cordy." Angel said. "I mean, it was us, I remember it, all of it, but we weren't in control. How could I get a taste of bliss knowing we couldn't stop what was happening to us? It was those spirits."

Cordelia nodded after a moment. It all made sense is you thought about it. Still, she wasn't sure if Angel was just trying to make her feel bad about the uncomfortable situation they were in. "Look if we ever get out of here, can we keep this to ourselves? This is totally weird as it is."

Angel nodded quickly. "Completely. Just between you and me."

"Good." Cordelia said, and not a moment later Gunn, Wesley, and Fred came busting in the doors.

"Damn, you guys missed the whole show. What are you doing back here?" Gunn asked.

Cordelia looked at Angel for an answer, finding herself speechless for once.

"Just checking things out." Angel said. "I've seen the show before."

"Find anything weird?" Fred asked.

Angel shook his head. "No. Whatever was happening here, we fixed it."

"Are you certain?" Wesley asked.

"Positive." Angel winked at Cordelia. He didn't want to embarrass her, and he just wanted things to go back to normal between them. He didn't want to lose his best friend over possessing spirits, but he was hurt that his first intimate moments with her were not at her will, but a spirit in her body. He knew he was falling for Cordelia with each passing minute, and tonight's events had not helped matters.

"Why don't we head back to the hotel?" Cordelia suggested, trying her best to make things between her and Angel not as strange as she knew they could be, as she looped her arm in his. After all, best friends did things like that, right?

But Cordelia couldn't help her heart beat pick up as her skin brushed up against Angel's, nor could the vampire help the fact that he flinched as her arm touched his. The next few weeks were certainly going to be awkward at the Hyperion Hotel.