For the first time in a long time, Beckett started to second guess one of his decisions.

It had been two weeks since he had sent out one of his fastest ships to go after the two pirates he had released because of a foolishly made bet, and they had not yet returned to him with the one called Ragetti and the dog with the keys.

Standing in front of his window, staring out at the sea, he mentally chided himself for how he had carried himself and allowed those two to escape.

How could he have been so stupid as to accept the bet in the first place? He should have known that something was up with the way that the bald one had been smiling at him; like he knew something that Beckett did not.

As for the eye; Beckett had done some research on his own after letting them go and he had learned that one of the pirate lords from old had been missing one eye. The wooden eye currently with Ragetti was this pirate lord's own wooden eye, and Beckett had just sat there and let Pintel take it from him!

And then there was his idea of letting them have a three day lead. It shouldn't have been enough for them to make it anywhere, and there was no way that a simple rowboat could escape from the HMS Hunter either.

So what could have happened?

Softly, Beckett clicked his teeth together in annoyance, and he turned away from the window and headed for his desk, lightly brushing a hand over his harp as he walked past. He had the instrument cleaned everyday, the strings changed and made ready for when his new harp player would be brought to him and forced to play his beautiful music for him and only him.

He had commissioned a new stool to be crafted to go with the harp, one with a shackle connected to one of the legs with a very short chain.

Ragetti's song played out in his mind as he looked at the harp and the stool, and he closed his eyes and in his mind's eye, he watched him playing the harp. His slender fingers had worked over the strings so easily…Like he had been born to play the harp.

Beckett smiled at the image, and he picked up a small box from his desk, opening it and looking inside.

He had ordered one of the best glass workers to make the eye as real as possible. The lanky pirate's one blue eye had also caught Beckett's attention, and he knew that the blue of the glass eye would easily match his real one.

Now all he needed was the one eyed man to give it to him.


Flipping the box shut, Beckett turned to face the soldier standing at attention in the doorway.

"What is it?"

"It's the Hunter, sir." The soldier explained with a salute. "She's been spotted headed this way."

A smile spread across his face and the soldier gulped and took a slight step back despite himself. It was never a good thing when Beckett smiled at you.

"Good." Beckett said simply, stepping out without another word, a kind of bounce in his step as he watched his ship sailing towards Port Royal; hopefully carrying precious cargo of the one eyed kind.