"What's taking him so long to fire on them?" Beckett whined, reminding his soldiers of a child that is impatient for dinner or a new toy.

"He's supposed to be firing cannons and killing them all!" the man explained, looking at all of them as if this were obvious. "Why isn't he doing it?"

"Sir…" Groves tried and he was promptly shot in the throat by Beckett.

"I didn't say you could talk!" he told the dead man. He then turned to Greitzer with a smile that made the man's blood turn cold.

Greitzer knew that they were all going to die the instant that Beckett smiled like that.

"Move forward!" Beckett ordered and with nothing else to do, they obeyed him and moved.

As soon as Beckett's ship was away from the rest of his armada, Calypso lashed out and screams rang out into the sky as the sea seemed to just open up and swallow Beckett's entire armada, dragging them all to the bottom of the sea.

"Look what you did!" Beckett accused Greitzer and before the confused man could offer up any kind of excuse to the madman, he was knocked overboard as Beckett swung his cane and struck him across the face with it.

"I want my toy back!" Beckett growled, narrowing his eyes as he stared at the two ships intently.

He failed to notice that they were standing next to each other and that the way they were going; he would be sliding right between them.

"Would ye care to have yer cannons go first?" Davy shouted over to Ragetti as Beckett headed their way.

"Age afore beauty, mate!" Ragetti laughed and as Beckett's ship moved right into range, the Flying Dutchman tore it a literal new one with her cannons. The Pearl soon followed afterwards and Beckett's ship was slowly ripped apart piece by piece.

Beckett's mind seemed to snap back to sane as the cannons ripped into his ship and he couldn't believe how everything had turned out wrong.

He had lost his slave, his armada, his hopes and dreams of ruling the seas, and now he was going to die.

As soldiers went flying everywhere, torn apart by debris and the gunfire rained down on them from both ships, Beckett just stared out into nothingness, slowly walking onto the deck of his ship.


Looking up, Beckett stared at an armed Ragetti.

"This is fer Pinters!"

For someone missing one eye, Ragetti was a good shot and Beckett crumpled to the ground just as a cannonball found the room with the gunpowder and blew the ship completely apart.

For a full week the pirates of Shipwreck Cove held a celebration in honor of Ragetti and the fall of the madman once known as Cutler Beckett.

Davy Jones of course was unable to attend, but he did send Koleniko with a message for Ragetti; explaining that he had only helped because he hated Beckett more than he hated them and that now that Calypso had forgiven him and taken him back, he would go back to his duties ferrying those lost at sea to their final resting place.

Ragetti had smiled at the news and nodded, offering his congratulations to Calypso and Davy for coming back together, saying that the sea was most likely never the same without the two of them together and taking care of it.

He also allowed Koleniko to take Jack back as payment and the party became all the more louder and happier without the insane and always scheming drunk Lord.

Norrington was made Lord of the Caribbean Sea instead; appointed by Ragetti himself.

Even though the celebration was mostly for him, Ragetti refused to take part in it all that much. He instead stayed onboard The Pintel, staying with the cannons and his thoughts as he looked down at the neckerchief Calypso had given him.

He could have asked Her to bring him back…

Shutting his eye, Ragetti pressed his lips to the neckerchief that had once been Pintel's and he knew that even if he could, he wouldn't have. Pintel had been dead for more than half a year's time now and the man deserved his rest after so many years of pirating and killing.

He imagined warm hands resting on his shoulders and he smiled as a soft giggle escaped him.

Pintel looked down at his matelot and cocked an eyebrow slightly, wondering why he hadn't reacted to his touch the way that he had hoped he would.

"I miss yer, Pinters." Ragetti whispered. "Bu' I kin…"

"Kin wot?" the short man demanded, resting his hands on his hips. "Stop bein' a daft bugger an' kiss me all ready?"

Ragetti gasped and got to his feet at once when he realized that he had not imagined Pintel's hands on his shoulders at all.

"Pinters!" he shouted and he wrapped his arms around him tightly, tears of joy running down his cheek.

"Yer given a chance ta ask fer anyfing ye wan' an' ye say nuffin'?!" Pintel snapped, smacking him upside the head sharply. "Ye could o' asked fer me!"

"Ow! Pint! Et's no' righ' ta ask a Goddess fer anyfing! Their gifts kin be cursed!" he tried.

"A bloody likely story!" Pintel growled. "Ye probably jus' wanted ta go wi' Norrington!" He kept the scowl for a few more seconds before smiling up at him, wrapping his arms tightly around his middle.

"Fiddler's Green wasn' the same wi' ou' ye lad." He said softly.

"Ye go' in then?" Ragetti asked happily.

"'ad ta make a lo' o' apologies bu', aye!" Pintel nodded. "Calypso go' me ou' jus' a while ago, said She needed ta gi' ye a gift fer freein' 'er an' no' makin' any demands o' 'er."

"See? Askin' fer somefing aint good! Yer supposed ta wait an' le' the person choose wot ye git!"

Rolling his eyes, Pintel took back his neckerchief and tied it around his throat once more.

"Jus' shut up an' le's git back ta the party, Pirate King!" he snorted.

Ragetti giggled, covering his mouth with one hand as a thought suddenly came to him.




"Ye kin be me Pirate Queen!"

When Ragetti and Pintel showed up again to the party, Ragetti sported a fresh black eye.