Previously in 'Old Relationships Renewed'…

She smiled as she walked back over to the couch and began to eat her dinner again as she watched a commercial for a new movie coming out. It was called 'A Perfect Life'.

I bet you mine is better She thought.

Old Relationships Renewed

Chapter 11- The Other Reason

Chad just hung up from a phone call he received from Troy and Taylor. Troy told him something very important, something that he couldn't even tell Gabriella about. Chad knew that Gabriella would be ecstatic about what Troy said he was going to do.

Gabriella meanwhile was getting ready for school. Once she was ready, she walked to school expecting a normal day. Oh how wrong she was. Today was going to be a very special day.

She walked to her locker in the morning and got her books.

Chad walked down the hall to Gabriella's locker and spotted her rooting through her locker picking up her last book as she shut it.

"Hey." Chad said as she turned to him.

"Hey Chad, how's your morning going?" she asked him.

"Wonderful! And yours?" he asked her.

"Ok. I just wish Troy and Tay were here." She said as Kelly ran up to them.

"Hey! Where were you yesterday?! I never saw you during school!" Gabriella exclaimed.

"I was hanging with a friend." Kelly stated.

"More like her boyfriend." Sharpay piped up walking along side Gabriella.

Gabriella raised her eyebrows.

"He's not my boyfriend! He's just a friend." Kelly said. She started to daydream off. They all knew who it was about. It was about this mystery person.

"Mmhmm! That's what I said about Troy when we first met!" Gabriella said suddenly wishing that Troy was right by her side.

They walked into homeroom together, Chad being the only guy, taking their seats.

Chad was overly relieved when he saw Jason and Zeke walked through the door. Kelsi followed in after and gave Jason a quick kiss before she sat down with Kelly, Gabriella, and Sharpay.

Homeroom went by quickly for everyone except on certain brunette. Gabriella wished so badly that Troy would walk through the door of her current class, which was Science…her last class of the day, and wrap her in a hug.

She stood at her locker, slowly setting her books in it. She gently closed her locker and started to walk out the doors when she heard Chad call her.

"Hey Gabs! I need help with something. Can you come here for a sec?" Chad asked her. She nodded and followed him into a classroom where Troy stood with his right hand in his pocket fingering a little velvet box.

Gabriella's face broke into a huge grin as she ran to him and wrapped her arms around him tightly.

"I missed you so much!" she exclaimed taking in his scent as her tightly embraced her.

"I missed you too." He said.

After a few minutes of hugging, Troy remembered what he came here to do. He took a deep breath as he took out the box from his pocket.

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He handed Gabriella the small black box and she stared at it.

"Open it." He whispered.

She took a deep breath and opened the box. There surrounded in silk…was a promise ring.

Troy watched as she put her hand over her mouth as she continued to star at the beautiful little ring.

He gently took the ring out of its box and took her hand. She allowed him to slowly and gently push it onto her finger.

"Gabriella…nothing in the world could ever sum up my love for you. And today I give you this promise ring as a token of my love for you. And today I make a promise to you, that we will send the rest of our lives together. That one day...hopefully…you will become Gabriella Bolton." He said. Tears were now creeping down Gabriella's face. Happy tears of course. Troy wiped them away with his thumb. Gabriella leaned up and gave him a wonderfully passionate and happy kiss.

"B-but what about your family? Did you leave them? "she asked him once they broke away.

"Um, I kinda left a part out when I told you the reason I was going away. You see….I did go to my aunt's baby shower. But also went to get you this ring." He said.

Gabriella turned around once she heard a sob behind her and saw Taylor there in tears. Chad hugging her tightly trying to calm her.

"Tay? Are you okay?" Gabriella asked her.

"Yes! I-I'm fine! I'm just so happy for you guys. I mean, I know how happy I was when Chad gave me my promise ring." She said as she glanced down at the ring on her finger.

Gabriella smiled. She felt Troy wrap his arm around her waist. They left school and went their separate ways. Unfortunately, Troy had to go pick up his parents at the airport and wouldn't be able to see Gabriella until tomorrow.

Later that night, Ms. Montez walked into her daughter's room to find her asleep on her bed. She pulled the covers over her sleeping body quietly when she noticed a small velvet box on her nightstand. She opened it and saw I was empty. But when she saw her daughter's finger with a beautiful ring on it…she smiled broadly and she turned her light off and left her room.

-The End-

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