Well, I've been going through this story and am finding all kinds of little things that irk me. I'm going to re-write several scenes, so I'll keep you posted. Just keep an eye out!

I do have bad news, and I'm so, so, so sorry to say…I am pretty sure that I am going to cancel the sequel for this story. I have other pieces I'm working on, and you can view their summaries in my profile. Be sure to vote which one you like best! I'm personally more into the currently untitled one. Also make sure you check out my Fictionpress account – I'm going to be posting all kinds of my own personal works soon. I feel like I've finally found my own "voice" in writing, which makes me happy. I'm actually liking my own pieces, so…yeah. You can read summaries my fictionpress site – on my profile, it's my homepage.

Anyways, I'm so sorry. I eventually may write the sequel to this story, it's just I've been so busy with other things. I'm sure you guys understand, haha.

Happy reading!

Emily, AKA Churchill Vampiress.