Previously on Shadowed Soul...

A wave of his hand stunned the man, "I think that's enough for now. I'll leave the rest of the investigation for the Aurors. Suffice to say that the Kiss on Sight order for Sirius Black needs to be revoked, immediately. And I want to see the trial transcripts for his trial; I want to know how this slipped through."

"I'd appreciate it if you kept my little deception to yourself. I have my reasons for it and they're still important until I graduate," Neville gave Blaise a serious look. If Dumbledore got word…

Tonks whacked Kai on the back of the head, "You bastard he's been here the whole time?"

Chapter 20: A Drunken Raid

Kai and Tonks, or rather the death eaters that they were impersonating, stumbled down a back road in London together, looking like they'd had a bit too much to drink.

Having captured a pair of relatively new recruits to the Death Eaters, the lovers had taken their forms to once again gain access to the club. After Pettigrew was captured, the club had suspected Nott and had found that he had been missing for weeks. Now protocols had changed.

"Wand please," the gruff doorman growled, opening a tray in the door. The two dropped the wands of their captives into the box, grinning cheekily.

"Come on chap, got some galleons to win tonight!" Tonks chirped. Her act was to be the drunker of the pair.

"Yeah yeah," the drawer opened and their wands were returned, "Give me the password then."

"Dumbledore is a goat... lover," Kai got out through chuckles. It really was a funny password. Every week it apparently now rotated to some other insult against the old wizard.

"Alright, get the hell in," the door swung open and the two stumbled inside.

It was now 10:23. The raid was set to happen at precisely midnight.

Pulling up a chair at the bar, the two ordered what would be the first of many drinks they'd be seen to 'drink'. Both Tonks and him were more than competent in wandless vanishing.

At 11:55 they were losing badly at a game of cards with some other young recruits when Tonks nearly 'fell' out of her chair.

"Oh jeeze chap, you've had too much to drink. Let's floo you home," Kai slipped a shoulder under Tonk's arm and heaved her to her feet.

"Nah I'm so good. So good!" she muttered drearily. She could really play the part.

He dragged her over to the floo. As they approached the fireplace Tonks took a swing at him, "Let me be ya dirty bastard," and fell down, much to the amusement of the room. With that swing though, the jar of floo powder was knocked from the fireplace and smashed on the floor, most of the powder flying into the fireplace.

"Oh look what you've done now," Kai said, sending an apologetic look to the barkeeper. "My apologies, he'll pay for the jar. Do you have any more floo powder?"

"No, that was all we had tonight," the barman, who was the owner, scowled hard at Tonks.

Kai kicked Tonks in the ass, "Fecking idiot. Here's 20 galleons for the powder and another 40 to buy a drink for those now apparating home now. I'll take it from this idiot's hide tomorrow."

He laid the money on the counter to the cheer of those at the bar. Then he hauled Tonks off the floor and to the door. As the doorman opened the door Kai dropped himself and Tonks quickly to the ground and activated a timed smoke bomb he'd planted in front of the door on their way in.

In the smoke Kai quickly dropped the doorman and hit him with a timed portkey. Spells flew over his head as Order members slid into the room. Death Eaters ran towards the floo before cursing and trying to apparate out. The bar's own anti-apparation words kept them trapped.

The drunker Death Eaters fell quickly, Kai hitting each with a portkey to transport them out before they could be revived. Things started to become nasty as the smoke began to clear and the wheat was separated from the chaff. Killing curses began flying across the room. Tonks conjured a table in front of them to take curses as they darted off the floor.

Kai slipped into a shadow at the back of the room and jumped out on the other side. Wrapping his hands around the neck of a death eater he snapped it then dove back into the shadows. When he appeared again he was in his natural form. He took the legs out from under a death eater at the back of the pack, knocking him out and hitting him with a portkey.

Spotting another fighter throwing killing curses he pulled a knife from his leg holsters and threw it, burying it in the back of his skull. As some of the group turned to fight him he disappeared back into the shadows, appearing behind the Order team. At this point the Order members were corralling the final 3 combatants, all having surrendered after watching their brethren fall.

After the prisoners were all portkeyed away, Kai scanned the room. Pulling his knife from the back of the fallen Death Eater's head he cleansed the blood from its surface and slid it back into its holster.

"Well that went pretty smoothly," Tonks said walking up behind him.

"Indeed. You make a great drunk," he chirped.

She looked down at the dead Death Eaters before him and frowned, but didn't say anything. He knew that she almost pretended that side of him didn't exist.

Some day there will be a reckoning, but for now, this was enough.

"You and Tonks seemed distant after the raid," Sirius broached the topic gently as he, Kai, and Remus walked towards the Shrieking Shack.

"I think she tries to pretend that I don't carry a certain amount of darkness in my soul. And I pretend that she doesn't. It works for now."

"How much of who we see is a facade pup?" Remus asked, concerned.

"The part that seems cheerful, most times. I don't sleep properly now, except sometimes when Tonks is over. Though sometimes I just don't sleep at all when she's here, for fear of waking her up with nightmares."

Maybe it was the calm of the approaching night, or the sounds of the wind and the animals surrounding him that made him feel like being so honest; he didn't know.

"Have you considered talking to her about it? Telling her who you are?"

"No. My ghosts are my own. They always have been and always will be," he gazed off to the rising moon. "Now transform. Tonight, we run."

A thestral appeared where he stood and galloped off around the two men. As one cried to the moon and began to grow the other shrunk and ran off as a grimm. An unlikely trio gallivanted through the woods, each running from their own demons.

Blaise and Hermione walked through the hallways on the way back from the library. The two of them had been studying together in the library for a week now.

Blaise couldn't believe how easily they got along. Hermione wasn't used to studying with someone equally intellectual, so it had initially been an adjustment for her. After that conversation flourished so easily. She was so smart and damn she had the prettiest eyes.

She caught his eye and smiled at him. The tall Italian felt something flutter in his stomach. Would she go to Hogsmede with him? Gods he needed some Gryffindor courage of his own.

"Hey Hermione, would you…"

"Well look who we have here. Two know-it-alls in a pod. How perfect," Blaise recognized the Slytherin 6th year Gareth LeMerchant.

"I suppose that we'd seem all knowing to someone like you, Gareth," Blaise sneered back.

The 7th year wasn't intimidated by the younger boy, though his pack of 5 goons could cause trouble.

"Shut your mouth blood traitor. You'll get what you deserve soon enough, " the boy hissed.

Zabini barked a laugh, "I'm a blood traitor? When my family is the one that stays closest to the pureblood traditions? When we sacrifice to the old gods? When we stand on our own and keep our family strong, instead of inbreeding and bowing to a half blood fool? You have no idea of what you speak," his voice was hard at the end.

The goons began to advance on them, angry.

Hermione more clearly drew her wand, her feet shifting into a subtle but functional defensive stance, "As head girl I am required to warn you to return to your house, else I'll be forced to issue you a detention. Continuing with what you appear to intend could result in expulsion. Do you understand this warning?"

The other boys laughed at her warning and continued to advance.

She smirked, "Then I have no choice."

They easily dodged the first curses from their assailants. Blaise moved as he called to Hephaestus under his breath.

"Hephaestus, God of the builders, soften what you have hardened. Stop what would use your creations for harm."

The younger boys cried out as the floor beneath them began to melt, sucking their feet into the stone. Hermione lashed out quickly, hitting each with an incarceration spell. As their chests hit the stone Blaise stopped the blood magic spell, hardening the stone around their limbs.

"That effort was a joke LeMerchant," Blaise said as he approached the restrained boys. He grabbed the leader by the chin, "If I hear about your crew out here again I'll make sure it's your face that goes in first. You hear me?"

The boy shook his head yes, terrified of the stone swallowing him whole.

"We'll be watching assholes," Hermione surprised herself by saying.

Blaise gave her a proud smirk.

Then they walked away, leaving them there.

"When should we let a professor know about them?" Blaise wondered out loud once they were a good distance away.

"After I'm done with you," Hermione turned to him and pressed her lips on his. Adrenaline still rushed through her and gave her a forwardness she'd never had on her own.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, warmth pouring through him.

When they came up for air he looked down at her with a genuine smile, "I didn't expect that ., though I've been dreaming of it."

She blushed, then tried to channel Blaise usual nonchalance, "I'm a know it all, and I needed to know if you were a good kisser. "

"Oh? And are you satisfied by your research?"

"No, I think it'll require repeated study."

Just a short one here, but I felt these three went together well :)