Chapter Five

The actual getting out of the bed part of getting ready was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I mean, it's not physically challenging to swing your legs over the side of a bed and stand up. But Roark and I took our leisurely time in doing so, and with no shortage of fooling around in between. When we actually do the standing up part it's kind of like (to me anyway) sealing the deal. Like we'd left the new relationship awkwardness and new, confusing feelings behind and were ready to begin our lives fresh and new.

As a little side note, Luxio and Cranidos had been on the floor the entire night and had by then securely latched themselves onto the idea of Roark and I being a couple. And they—devious as ever, thought it would be funny if shy, embarrassed Roark 'accidentally' fell over into me, effectively knocking us both over. And a strategically placed burst of speed which robbed Roark of his balance was all it took.

He and I wound up in a tangle of limbs on the floor. And if anyone had by chance walked in on us like that, the conclusions drawn from the position alone would be conclusions that were very, very far from the truth (but very turn-on provoking all the same…).

We stared at each other for a second before both bursting out laughing. And I still don't quite know what either of us found so funny, but it felt good being so light after the stress of the passed few days.

After several minutes and one less-than-elaborate game of Chase The Devious Pokemon Around My Bedroom, Roark and I were awake and dressed. And as much as I hated to leave the blissful unreality of my room, we had to be going.

I held the back door open for Roark and bowed deeply as he passed, and it made him giggle which was cute and it made my heart soar…which felt good, I gotta' admit. As I let the door shut again, I watched him taking a few steps out onto the deck and look out on the seaside that was my backyard. It was the kind of scene that I wish I could have taken a picture of. He and I breathed in the refreshing salt smell and sighed, almost at the same time, and we both exchanged smiles because of it. Finally I reached for Staraptor's pokeball in my pocket,

"Ever flown before?" I asked and Roark turned to meet my eyes, his expression was a mix of apprehension and innocence,

"No, never." He said. Well, if that was the case then this would be fun to see…

I silently released my bird onto the sand in front of us and he flexed his wings to their full span and Roark stared in awe. After the condensed version of the why-its-bad-not-to-put-your-pokemon-in-their-pokeballs-before-flying explanation (and with Cranidos safely tucked away in his ball) I climbed on Staraptor and held a hand out to help Roark up too. He looked at me, unsure,

"Is it safe?" he asked and bit his lip. All together now…Awww!

"Of course it's safe," I tell him, taking his hand and helping him up as well, "If it wasn't safe I wouldn't be letting you do it."

Staraptor unfurled its wings and bent lower to the ground, readying itself to spring into flight. In the split second before he did so, I turned and whispered back to Roark,

"Hang on tight."

He looked so adorably startled then, and quickly threw his arms around my waist and hung on for dear life. Staraptor lifted off in a grand display of feathers and sand. Luxio (who was sitting on the porch) I would later find very irritated and covered in dust.

Flying is an amazing experience which is heightened if you let go with your hands and ride like a rollercoaster. I looked back when we were over Mount Coronet and couldn't help smiling when I found Roark squeezing his eyes shut. I wasn't much better the first time I flew, so it wasn't like I didn't have sympathy for him or anything, but…for the love of all that's good and holy, that's frikkin' adorable!

We touched down behind the Oreburgh Gym after a few minutes, and I practically had to pry poor Roark off of me. Flying probably isn't going to be the preferred mode of travel next time…

I help steady him on his feet as we stand at the base of the steep flight of stairs to Roark's apartment and share a small comfortable silence. Finally Roark looks up at me and smiles,

"Thanks for bringing me back." He said, and then added softly, "That was fun."

I grinned and tossled his hair,

"Any time, love." I whisper, and kiss him softly. He was the one who deepened it, but I was the one who prompted the breaking up of it, after making Roark jump as in the midst of the kiss, my hand just happened to wander down. He pulled back and caught my hand, stammering a protest,

"V-volkner, don't-!"

I withdrew my hands and draped them around his shoulders instead,

"I know, I know, you aren't ready." I say, and kiss his forehead before flashing him a grin, "I can wait."

He smiles at me, conveying apology as well as thanks through it and leaned in to the embrace. It was quiet again for a little while and my mind wandered back to only last night (its hard to believe so much has happened since then) when Roark and I kissed for the first time. I resumed my stay in reality when Roark looked up at me and spoke,



"When will we meet again?" he asked softly, pleadingly. I smiled at him, reassuring him as I tightened my arms around him,

"I'll come and visit you whenever I can." I said, "And there's always the Underground too, much easier to walk around there, than up here where you'd have to climb over a mountain, right?"

Roark smiled and snuggled closer,

"Promise you'll come see me on the weekend?"

"I promise." I said and backed up, putting my hands on his shoulders, "But you'd better not go gallivanting off with somebody better-looking than me before then, got it?"

Roark laughed outright and tipsily promised that he wouldn't.

We had a little goodbye kiss and I watched him climb up the stairs to his apartment's porch, then turned and hopped back on Staraptor. As we took off I glanced back and saw Roark waving goodbye to me and did my best not to fall off in returning the gesture. When Oreburgh was only a smudge on the horizon I turned back around and looked up at the cheerful blue sky. It looks just about as happy as I feel right now. I daydreamed about the handful of memories Roark and I had already made, and about the ones that we were yet to share, all the way back to Sunnyshore.

After we touched back down and Staraptor flew off to sit up on the roof and preen its feathers, I sat down in the sand and looked back up at the sky. I can't wait to see my Roark again. One week is all I have to wait, but I'm in too much of an ecstasy to sit still for that long. I doubt I'll be able to concentrate on Gym Battles until then…it's going to be so nice to kiss him again. Being loved feels amazing, no kidding.

The sky is so blue and in contrast with the crystal teal of the ocean below it seems to make the color all the more bright. Halfway across the continent I know that my angel is looking up at the same sky I am, and it makes me feel closer to him,

"Thank you, God." I whisper, close my eyes and smile.


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