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Obsession, Desire, and Possession

Desire and Obsession are very strong feelings. They are the basis of sin and destruction. They could tear down friendships and true love but still build a strong foundation for Greed and Lust to walk upon. Samantha Manson was one of those people that could resist both feelings, but all humans have to give into it once in awhile.

Amity Park was not a normal town. Far from it. It was the base and capital of all ghost activity and it was the home of a certain Ghost Prince. The town had been overrun with ghosts after an invasion by Pariah Dark, the Ghost King. It was a time of destruction where his skeleton warriors were allowed to run around and pillage the town. Soon after, a new ghost overthrew him that went by the name of Danny Phantom. Nobody knew who he was or where he had come from but their town had been ruled by ghosts ever since. Life was no different in Amity Park except that the residents were not allowed to leave the city and that ghosts guarded all entrances to the town. It was peaceful if not somewhat creepy. The ghosts did not disturb the residents and in turn, the residents made no move to remove the ghosts.

Samantha Manson was what many people could call a rebel. She commanded that everyone call her Sam even when her parents argued that Sammy or Samantha would be more suitable. She wore black clothes and makeup when her mother persuaded her that pink would be a more suitable color. She hung out with the 'loser' part of the crowd when her father told her she needed high-class friends. She insisted that she work for her clothing money when her parents were clearly loaded. So why had a certain ghost boy taken a liking to her?

The residents of Amity Park didn't know why but every year the Ghost Prince would send his soldiers down to request that twelve maidens were to be sent up to his castle to keep him company. If any of the maidens refused, the town would be plundered by ghosts that wrecked havoc on its citizens. At the end of the year, the maidens would be sent back with no recollection of what had happened at the castle. All they could remember were the haunting green eyes that the ghost boy possessed. Anything else was wiped out. Since it didn't seem like anything had happened and that all girls came back safely, parents of girls between 16-18 considered this privilege a prize to be earned by the most beautiful or the most richest girls. And this year Samantha Manson was lucky enough to be chosen.

"MOM!!!!" Sam screamed as she stomped around her room while her mother sat calmly on her bed, "HOW COULD YOU SIGN ME UP TO BE A WHORE FOR A GHOST?!?!?!" She instantly blew up after hearing that her mother-her own mother-signed her up to be one of the twelve to be sent to the castle. How could her mother be this inconsiderate? She didn't ask her for her opinion!

"I didn't, Sammy-kins," Sam's mother, Pamela, sighed dejectedly, "They picked you this time and you know what happens when one of you don't go." Sam knew this wasn't true. There was now a waiting list of who would be going to the castle or not that rich parents would sign their daughters up for. She contemplated the thought before deciding that her town was more important than her own needs.

"So when does the carriage arrive?" she grumbled in defeat. Pamela smiled before getting up and pulling out a few luggage bags from Sam's closet. Sam winced visibly; they were pink and she hated pink. No doubt there were dresses and frilly things in there.

"Tonight," she answered, obviously more giddy than her daughter, "I've already packed your bags and everything else! Now hurry up! You don't want to keep royalty waiting."

"Mom, he's not even a real 'prince'," Sam mumbled before picking up a large case, "Don't you remember that he's a ghost and he enslaved us to this town?"

"Yes," Pamela remarked lightly with a wave of her hand, "But he is a prince nonetheless and you will not embarrass this family." Sam groaned before pulling out her cell phone. She dialed the only person who could understand her.

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