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The New Princess

A cascade of tears fell on the freshly dug graves in the cemetery. A willow tree was planted over these graves and a lone figure sat upon them. Her turquoise eyes were red and puffy from crying and her red hair danced in the caressing wind.

"Are you going to be okay?" another figure, with chocolate brown skin clad in a red jumpsuit touched the red-headed girl's shoulder. She nodded. "Let's go back home."

"I want to stay here a little while longer," she whispered.

"Okay," the red-clad girl turned away, "Be back by nightfall."

A little girl dressed in purple flew in the night sky above Amity Park. In her tiny arms, she carried a basket of flowers. Her purple eyes scanned the city until they landed on the red-haired girl in the cemetery. She landed softly behind her.

"Are you Jazz?" her cherub voice broke the silence that hung about the cemetery. Jazz looked at the girl. Her purple eyes glowed with an ethereal tone and her black dress clung to her small form. But what really caught Jazz's attention was her snow white hair.

"It's been that long already?" Jazz whispered, "What is your name, child?"

"I'm Lilith," she replied innocently. She handed the basket of flowers to her. "My mommy told me to give you these and she also told me to do this." Lilith stood on her tip toes and kissed Jazz's cheek.

Jazz sat there, shocked before smiling and hugging the small child.

"Thank you," fresh tears fell on her cheeks.

"Bye bye, lady," Lilith took flight, "I hope I see you soon."

Jazz watched the little girl fly away before turning back to the graves.

On one was written:

Daniel Fenton

Death: By ghost

Loyal son, brother, and boyfriend. He will never be forgotten.

On the other was:

Samantha Manson

Death: By Hanging

Loyal girlfriend. Gave love and was loved.

"You have a beautiful daughter," she smiled as the tears continued to fall on the graves.

Lilith flew back into the portal at the Fenton house. She never knew why she had to take that exact route but her mommy had pleaded her to.

"Mommy!" she spotted a woman with short black hair and the same purple eyes as hers on the threshold of their castle.

"Lilith," she smiled, "Did you deliver the flowers like I asked you to?"

"Yep!" she giggled as her mother picked her up.

"Lilith?" a man came out of the castle.

"Daddy!" she squirmed out of her mother's grip and into her father's. Lilith traced the DP symbol on her father's suit. She never knew what it meant.

"Did you see the woman?" he asked. She nodded.

"She was on the grave, just like you said!" Lilith smiled, "She hugged me!"

"Good job!" Phantom smiled, "Now go inside and play, okay? I have to talk to your mom."

"Okay!" she flew inside.

Tears leaked out of Sam's eyes as she looked into the green sky.

"What's the matter?" Phantom encircled his arms around her waist.

"I feel sorry for not seeing Jazz in person," she murmured, "After all, it's been six years."

"She'll understand why," he kissed her cheek.

"To Jazz and Daniel Fenton," she whispered quietly to the sky, before turning around and returning to her life, as a ghost and Queen of the Ghost Zone.

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