Emma's point of view:

Get over it.

3 simple words, right? No.

My name is Emma Nelson. I use to live in Toronto and here I am now moved to the states, the lovely Connecticut. Where's that? Sort of around New York/Brooklyn. My parents just divorced and my sister just got engaged so they forced me to move with them into her fiances house. Her, her fiance, my mom and me.

My sister being Paige who had just met her fiance THIS year, by the way. I mean, how far in love can you be? Way too soon to be getting MARRIED.

Oh and the guy she's marrying? His name is Matt Orlander. And they fight 24/7 when they aren't sucking anothers faces off and calling another the most clingy nicknames like pookie or bunbun.

And I thought Mom and Dad were bad. I mean, their nicknames are even Spike and Snake. Really is Christine and Archie though. But now my mom has divorced and moved on, already...I know, how quick...and to a guy with an even worse name.. Tracker. He's younger than her too! By 6 years. Mom was 32 and Tracker was 26.

Anyways, I'm sixteen, I had my whole LIFE back at home and they ruined it.


Life sucks.

Oh and guess what? This morning is the first day of school. No friends and no boy friend. I'm the new girl. Great. Just Great.


"Emma come on" Matt yells leaning on the staircase, and Emma skipped down the stairs wearing jeans with rips in the knees and a white tank top, her long blonde hair naturally straight "Finally" he jokes clapping his hands together "Lets get you to school"

"Emma!" shrieks Paige on the couch and coming over before they went out "Your not wearing that your first day" she sized her jeans and white tank top on. It was too casual!

Emma rolled her eyes and Matt shrugs "What's the matter with it? Looks fine" he confirms.

"Um, graduated high school just a year ago honey" Paige pinched his cheek and turns to Emma "Go put a skirt on"

"no" snaps Emma getting her black bag and put it over her shoulder, it was small and leather, so cute! Only thing that made her happy here.

"Finished high school a year ago?" Matt repeated his soon to be wife "Paige! I'm a teacher in high school" he reminds and she waved her hand in front of his face ignoring what he had to say. She was a GIRL she knew better!

"UGH!" Emma stomps up the stairs "Fine! I'll go put a skirt on" she snapped and ran to her room, slamming the door shut as Spike came down pointing the way Emma went to Paige and Matt.

"what's wrong with her?" she questions and Paige points at Matt who scoffed, rolling his eyes.

He didn't do anything!?

A bell rang and Emma looked up at the huge school building with HARVEY HIGH written at the top. She got in and looked around. School just began, classes were in 10 minutes. She had to find her locker and all that jazz..

Meanwhile, a group of guys were around a locker she was headed to. There stood Jay, Sean and some of his other friends. He laughed about some party they were talking about as a guy whistled "Check out the new girl" Towerz points.

Jay looked over his shoulder to Emma and wondered who she was. She was pretty damn hot though. Peter Stone was coming up to her as she stopped at locker a few down from then, and Jay rolled his eyes, that freak and his camera scared off all the new girls. Stupid idiot. Jay turned back to his friends.

Back with Emma..

"Oh" came a voice "fresh meat" the guy had blonde hair and held a camera to her face, recording Emma roll her eyes at him.

"Haven't heard that one before" Emma snapped, focusing on the paper in her hands, trying to do this lock right and get into her locker

"Awe come on, don't be that way" Peter shut his camera off and smirks "Just trying to give a warm welcome" he told her. In the back ground a girl with long black hair stopped at her locker a few down from Emma's and eye'd the scene too.

"Warm welcome?" Emma asks while taking Peter's camera slowly and putting it on with his silent permission.

Jay's friends seemed to look back to the new girl and even pointed at Jay to turn and look.

"How do you like this junk of a camera filming so close to your face a 9am?" Emma asked, recording the camera to view down to Peters pants "Your zippers down and your shirts peeking out of it um...what was your name?" she questions sweetly, but not being so sweet.

Jay's friends laughed hard at that and looked to Peter to laugh and point. "It looks like a sack of dimes" laughed Spinner pointing and Sean laughed harder, even Jay chuckled watching Peter curse under his breath, grab his camera and go.

The long black hair girl a few lockers away laughed, tiling her head curiously at the new girl and watched Peter run away.

Emma rolled her eyes turning back to her locker and got it open. Finally!

"Hey" came a voice and Emma turns to the girl and gave a small smile "That was great, back there? With Peter" she states and rolls her eyes, "He's a slime ball."

Jay noticed his friends go back to their own thing, but his eyes slowly viewed the new girl up and down slowly. She practically glowed.. she was somethin', he could tell.

Emma nodded to Manny and said, "Thanks, I go through it at least once a year. I hate being the new girl" Emma admits with a frown and looks at her time tables to see her classes and looks back to her "I'm Emma"

"Manny" she giggles "and I know what you mean...well, I've gone to this school all my life but I get it, you stick out, people stare. But you fit in nicely. You can definitely handle yourself too. What's your classes?" she took it anyways and shared a laugh with Emma as they went to the 1st class they had together.