Meanwhile, sitting beside Emma and Jay was Ellie at a wedding table on the side of the dance floor.

"Hey, look who came" taunted Emma to Ellie.

Ellie turned to what Emma nodded to and saw Craig, her cheeks flashing red.

She then turned to Emma "You, Emma Nelson are making me go talk to a guy?"

"I know, weird huh?" joked Emma as Jay looked over his shoulder to grin at her, she gave him a playful look.

"Fine I will" Ellie looked to see where he went to yelp a little seeing Craig standing right in front of her.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you" laughed Craig.

"You didn't" squeked Ellie.

"You-you wanna dance?" Craig asked and she smiled to nod and he led her to the dance floor, wrapping his arms around her tiny waist. "You know... I crushed on you since the first day I saw you"

Ellie stared at him, did he just say that?!

"Really?" Ellie's heart skipped and she smiled looking off teasingly "I didn't notice you"

Craig smiled shaking his head and pulled her chin to his, crashing her lips to his. "You look beautiful" he admits to her and she smiled even more.

Over by the back, Darcy went towards Emma's table to be grabbed back.

She gasped a little "Sean" she states

"Lets get this straight" Sean said "The things I said to the other day. Only half true" he admits, putting a finger up.

"It hit me pretty hard" admitted Darcy, "You were right, I'm a sad, lonely, ugly gi-" she was interrupted with his lips against hers, her eyes widened and she kissed back slowly, closing her eyes and sighed into his mouth

They pulled away and Sean smiled "I knew you couldn't resist me"

"Whatever! You kissed me!" she exclaims

"And you kissed back, so you clearly like me" Sean shrugs simply with a grin.

"You caught me off gaurd. This is a VERY vulnerable night for me. I'm not some stupid girl you can mess around with-"

Sean grabbed Darcy again cutting her off and kissed her. He smiled against their kiss and pulled back "By the way..I called you a pain in the ass but never ugly." he said seriously, looking hr over like she was some angel and her heart skipped.

Inlove with another, Sean and Darcy, who knew..

Later that night Emma and Jay walked hand in hand

"Okay" Jay smiled proudly "My work here is done" he teased walking the other way "I just wanted Emma Nelson to drop head over heals for me"

"Jay!" yelled Emma with smile, shaking her head

He smiled walking back and kissed her "Kidding" he said to receive a hit in the stomach "Ow" he laughed rubbing the soreness.

She went to leave and he grabbed her arm turning her back into him wildly and she gasped for him to lean down, passionatly kissed her.

They pulled apart, smiling and she panted, looking up at him admiringly, "I love you."

He smirked, carressing a piece of her hair behind her ear, "And you, my beautiful girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" Emma teased, walking to his car, "Do I get a say in that?"

"Nope." he teased.

She laughed but nodded. She'll take it. Maybe one day he'll also force her to be his wife? Hmph.

They ended up smiling against anothers lips and walked over to Jays car