He'd locked and bolted the windows, but at this point, what did it matter any more? The curtains were closing on this world, and that was that.

The pork bun hadn't even given them enough time to sell the house or rent it out to someone, so Kurogane had assigned himself the task of securing entrance points in case of future use. He thought he'd seen the magician give him a strange look, like he was on the verge of saying something but then decided not to at the last moment. Kurogane frowned. What, that his locking the windows was useless? That, if everything went well, they'd never see this place again?

Hell, it wasn't as though he had a driving urge to come back. Seeing Tomoyo-hime fawning over Sakura all the time was just weird and made his stomach a little queasy. Yeah, he'd miss the dragonflies; he had made himself scarce when the time came for Syaoran to talk to the guy from the parts shop about selling their models and had sulked on the roof, watching riders glide lazily through clouds while the transaction was completed. He didn't like not having a back-up plan, something for them to fall back on when everything went to hell.

The manjuu didn't even seem to be its normal annoying self. Granted, the kid had fed it all the clothes they'd bought from this world, which was a lot more than usual, as they'd been here a while and some of the proceeds from their dragonflies had gone toward purchasing a few more outfits to sell at the next world. They could always have Sakura gamble for them, but it was good to have a second option.

Just in case.

He latched the roof door behind him and scaled the outer walls of the house back down to the ground. What was wrong with him? His instincts didn't usually give him this much crap when everything seemed so solved: the saboteurs were caught, the feather was back--why the hell was he still feeling like something was waiting in the wings, something dark and sinister looming ahead in the not-so-distant future?

Kurogane tried to shake it off as he walked back to rejoin the others, but the feeling still nagged at him. Somewhere, a small voice told him, something is happening and it's not good.

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