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Chapter 7

As soon as we pulled up to the house, I was right, this is definitely a large house. It is more like a mansion with huge wide-open fields on each side surrounded by beautiful trees. This will be great, it's definitely big enough that I will be able to avoid everyone, I thought as we unloaded the cars.

I was shown to my room, which is right next to Alice's. The room is huge. I have a beautiful queen size bed bathroom and a view. It is so great; I am definitely going to have a good weekend.

Alice must've noticed the smile on my face, "See, I told you this was going to be fun."

"Yeah, I think you're right."

"Well, hurry up we're meeting everyone downstairs. I think Jasper wants to take us all horseback riding! Can you believe it?" Alice was so excited.

"Wow, I didn't know he had horses."

"Oh yeah, they have an entire stable and the grounds are big enough that we can make a day out of it."

"Well, I haven't been since we were little, so it will be an adventure."

"Great!" Alice said, "I'll meet you downstairs."

I'm glad I packed a variety of clothes; I pulled out a pair of comfortable jeans and a T-shirt with a black v-neck sweater. After throwing on a pair of tennis shoes I headed downstairs.

When I met everyone in the "sitting room," can you believe they have a sitting room? I mean it's a room dedicated to sitting. I shook off the thought when I noticed that everyone with the exception of Alice and myself were wearing proper riding attire. Feeling slightly underdressed I tried to make a joke.

"I wasn't told we were wearing uniforms." This got a laugh out of everyone except Rosalie.

"This is proper riding attire, but you wouldn't know that because…" Rosalie wasn't able to finish her sentence because Edward stood up and interrupted her.

"What you are wearing would be just fine to ride in."

"I agree. That's why I'm wearing it," I curtly replied. Yeah I know that he was just trying to be nice, but he didn't have to do it in a condescending way.

An hour later we were all on our horses riding around the grounds of Netherfield. I didn't know that they still named houses, but apparently they still do. Alice and Jasper went riding off by themselves, which left me with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. I tried really hard to ignore Rosalie's constant chatter. She is definitely trying to wrangle herself a prince, I thought to myself. Instead of sticking around I found a trail that looked inviting enough, but in reality I was just getting tired of riding. It's fun and all, but it really was starting to hurt my butt.

Once I was able to get away, I found my way back to the stable. Giving the horse back to the stable attendant, I headed back to my room and into the shower. Feeling refreshed after my shower I noticed that the house seemed empty and still. Granted it is a pretty big house, but I found my way to the library. I was amazed at the extensive collection. Peering through all of the books, looking for one that I would like to read, I didn't notice someone sitting in the corner chair with a book.

I was startled to see someone in here; I thought that everyone would still be out riding.

"Find anything you like?" the deep smooth accented voice startled me. I could see the slight smirk on his face.

"Not yet," I smoothly replied. He tried to hide the smirk on his face.

"Don't look at me like that," I snapped at him. He looked up curiously, like he doesn't know what I'm talking about.

"Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about," I voiced my thoughts.

"On the contrary, I am quite confused as to what you are talking about," he replied with his stupid accented voice that sounded so exotic to me I was mad at myself for enjoying the sound.

I just rolled my eyes and continued to search through the stacks. We continued like this in silence until Jasper came into the room inviting us to lunch. After a maddening lunch with Rosalie prattling on about some sort of new fashion trend, Jasper and Alice talking quietly amongst themselves, and Edward being as arrogant and annoying as ever I decided to go to my room for awhile. I needed some peace and quiet.

The book I had with me held no interest, I couldn't get Edward's emerald eyes or his stupid smirk, for that matter, out of my mind. I pulled out my Powerbook to see if they had wireless Internet here. Of course they do, the Google page was staring back at me. I decided to do something that I've never done before, I googled Edward. I've never googled anyone before so this was new. Wow, that's a lot of links. The first couple of links were just news articles, then all the entertainment and gossip articles. I clicked on one that had a headline, which said, "PLAYBOY PRINCE OUT ON THE TOWN." The photograph that went along with the headline displayed Edward with his arm around a beautiful brunette, they were laughing in a restaurant window. Another photograph showed them in several other locations including a club. Of course he is a playboy, and I fell for him the stupid arrogant prince. I thought as I read through the captions explaining each image. I had enough. I went back to the search page and clicked on another link.

This link had a different headline, "PRINCE EDWARD GETS AROUND WITH BEAUTIFUL BLOND." This time there were several more images of Edward with Rosalie. She did look beautiful and very stylish. Edward, on the other hand, looked like he was having fun, but at the same time slightly annoyed? I brushed it off and realized that he is so conceited and self centered, I don't care how much money or prestige he has, I could never be with someone like him.

The discussion that I heard that day came screaming back to me.

"Don't you just love this place? I mean there are so many beautiful girls, especially my Alice." Jasper said in such a loving tone.

"This is not about girls Jasper. I am here to get an education, to prepare for my future, not fritter away my time with some girl," Edward sternly replied.

"What about Bella, Alice's sister?" Jasper asked.

"What about her?" Replied Edward.

"That's a little harsh even for you man," Jasper said with irritation as he walked away leaving Edward standing there.

As soon as Jasper walked away Edward put his head up against his locker and sighed heavily. That is when he noticed me, I looked at him to say something, and he just ignored me giving me a look of indifference.

Remembering this just made my insides ache with hurt, anger, and disgust. How can so much arrogance and selfishness be in one person? He has such a distain for others that it makes me sick.

I shook these thoughts from my mind to click on another site. This one popped up with even more pictures of Edward with yet again another beautiful blond. Only these pictures were more varied like they were taken over time. He really spent a lot of time with this one. The headline read, "PICTURE PERFECT: PRINCE WITH HIS SOON TO BE PRINCESS." Does this mean that they are together? I can't believe this arrogant jerk has a girlfriend yet spends time with other women. I was one of them and it makes me sick. He is not going to play with me anymore. I am done with his stupid smirk, his irritating accent, his piercing green eyes, and his infuriating messy bronze hair.

If it weren't for Alice I would leave right now. I don't care how nice this place is or how extensive the library is I don't want to risk seeing him again. I am going to ignore him.

Sighing I shut the laptop. How am I going to get through the next two days? I am just going to have to avoid Edward like the plague. I curled up on the window seat with a book I found while I was in the library and looked across the extensive land that surrounded the house.

A while later Alice came in to look for me. "Where have you been all day?"

"I've just been sitting here reading and enjoying the view, " I replied.

"It's a beautiful day, why don't you come and sit on the porch with all of us?"

"I don't know, I'm pretty comfortable where I am."

"Edward is on his best behavior, he's so quiet anyway I doubt that you will even notice that he is there."

I wasn't so sure about that, but I decided that I wasn't going to let him control my life in anyway.

"Okay, sure, I'll come down with you. Just don't be mad that I am going to keep reading my book," I told her.

She got excited and we made our way through the expansive house together towards the porch. When we got there I noticed everyone sitting on really nice furniture talking. Well, Rosalie was talking, Edward was typing on a laptop, and Jasper was just quietly sitting there. I found a really comfy looking loveseat and with my book sat down to enjoy the really nice day.

"Edward, you type incredibly fast." Rosalie's voice broke into my enjoyable evening.

"I believe you are mistaken, I type quite slow," Edward smoothly replied.

"Who are you writing to with so much fervor?" Rosalie asked obviously trying to keep the conversation going. I just rolled my eyes and tried to concentrate on my book.

"I'm writing Georgiana," Edward shortly replied.

"Oh! I love Georgie. Tell her I said hello. How is she doing? I just adore her so," Rosalie prattled on.

Edward sighed, "I've already sent her your greetings and she is doing well."

I couldn't tell who this Georgiana was but I could tell that he was close to Edward and was obviously not a suitor because she was apparently no threat to Rosalie.

Rosalie started to talk again and I couldn't stand listening to either of them anymore. I noticed a seat further down the porch/deck thing that expanded the length of the house.

"Where are you going?" Alice questioned as all eyes were suddenly trained on me.

"Uh, just over there," I said pointing to my intended destination, "is that a crime?"

"Well, no. I just…why do you want to go sit all the way over there by yourself?"

I just looked at her like she was missing something. Then it clicked and she gave me that questioning look of hers. "It's not like you'll miss me, you and Jasper are in your own little world. If you need me, it's not like I'll be that far away," I told her as her faced became tinged with pink. I didn't mean to embarrass her I just wanted to sit alone for a while.

I had been reading for so long that I didn't realize that everyone had gone inside. The twilight is so beautiful out here.

"Twilight, my favorite part of the day." An accented clipped voice broke through my thoughts.

I looked up and noticed Edward's stupid green eyes staring out into the distance. Not quite sure how to respond, I just sat there looking out to where he was looking. Sensed his movement but didn't look at him, I couldn't, it hurt too much. I still feel like an idiot for trusting him and for almost falling for him. It wasn't until I felt his warm body slide into the seat next to me that I tore my eyes away from the sky to look at him. My heart sank, why is such a good looking person such an arrogant jerk. Well that was stupid of me I just answered my own question. He is that good looking that is why he is an arrogant jerk, on top of all of that, he is ridiculously wealthy and has an entire nation adoring him. Well, I will be one less person adoring his beautifully arrogant face.

"What are you thinking about?" His annoyingly attractive accented voice broke into my thoughts once again.

"Wouldn't you like to know," I tersely replied.

"Actually I would, that is way I asked," he said with that stupid smirk on his face.

"Well, that is the beautiful thing about America, you don't always get what you want even if you are a spoiled prince." Yeah, that shut him up.

After several minutes of silence he finally spoke, "What have I done? Why have you been either ignoring me or treating me like I'm the last man on earth you would choose to be around?"

"Maybe because you ARE the last man on earth I want to be around," I told him.

"I just thought…"

I cut him off before he could finish his sentence, "Well, that would be the problem now wouldn't it?" He just looked at me, confused. Then he pulled himself together enough to start firing back at me.

"So that is all I am to you? You figure you can just use me so you can go off and tell all of your little friends that you went out with the prince."

This pig headed arrogant jerk! "Oh, you would like that wouldn't you? Well too bad the only people who know about it are the ones that witnessed it. They got no information from me. You think I want people to know? Well, you are sorely mistaken. There is no way I would want anyone to know that I was foolish enough to spend any sort of time with you. I mean what would people think of ME, going out with the playboy prince?"

Yeah that got him to shut up. Well, at least for a second. "If you are dim witted enough to believe those stupid gossip rags then you are definitely not the woman I thought you were."

"Good thing then, because you are not the man I thought you were." And with that I got up and walked away. I decided that it was such a nice night and I didn't want the arrogant jerk to ruin my night. I went inside briefly to find a blanket to take out on the expansive lawn where I laid it out. It was such a warm beautiful night. Lying down on the blanket I could see all of the stars. Out here under the stars with the warm breeze is so relaxing it actually made me glad that I came this weekend.

A little while later while I was just staring at the expansive heavens above I felt someone lay next to me. I thought it was Alice until that deep accented voice sounded, "Why do you hate me? I thought we were really getting along?"

It was a few moments before I responded, "I thought you were smarter than that."

We weren't yelling at each other, just subdued, it's more fitting for the atmosphere.

"I still have no idea what you are talking about. I mean one day we are having a lot of fun enjoying one another's company and then the next it is like I am a pariah."

"Well let's see," I said dragging it out. "Does this ring any bells?" In my best impersonation of a deep manly British accent I said, "This is not about girls Jasper. I am here to get an education, to prepare for my future, not fritter away my time with some girl." Then in a slightly more light voice I said, " what about Bella, Alice's sister?" Back to the deeper voice, "what about her?"

He stopped moving, stopped breathing, and just stared at me like a deer caught in headlights. Yeah, it's my turn to smirk now.

It took him a few minutes to compose himself. Stuttering he asked, "yo…you heard….that?"

I just looked at him pointedly giving him his answer. He opened his mouth like he as going to respond then closed it again. Smirking, I just laid my head back down and stared up at the stars again.

"I am such a jerk," he said.

"No duh Sherlock," I told him.

"After everything and then I was dumb enough to say something like that I do deserve everything you were throwing at me."

Well, this is new, Edward apologizing, well sort of.

"Isabella," he said my name with so much passion that I couldn't keep myself from looking at him. "Is there anyway that you would or even could forgive me?"

He turned his eyes on me with such force that I knew he was being as heartfelt and honest as could be. I still had the question of all of those women that I saw him with. "What about all of those other women?"

He looked confused, "what other women?"

Now I am going to have to reveal something that I was completely embarrassed about. As I sat there contemplating my next move he seemed to get impatient.

I noticed him holding the bridge of his nose, "please do not tell me that you have read and believe those ridiculous gossip columns. I thought you were more than that."

I'm really glad that it was dark because I'm sure that my face was beat red. I sheepishly looked at him. He just stared disbelievingly back. I just shrugged, "After what I heard you saying to Jasper especially after that weekend we spent together what do you expect me to believe." I started to get a little defensive. "And further more, you completely avoided the question about the women."

"Well, you should know me better than that. It is not like I have ever lied to you."

I didn't notice until now that we were getting closer together.

He continued, "Besides those things," I'm assuming he was referring to the gossip rags, " are always completely ridiculous. Their only purpose is to make money."

"Well, I still don't hear you denying any of it," I replied. To which he said, "I should not have to."

I just looked at him and he me. Then all of a sudden I felt the warmth of his lips on mine. A shiver cascaded down my spine as he deepened the kiss. His lips are incredible. I'm not sure what is going to happen now. There are three things that I know for sure; one, that he is an unbelievably good kisser. Two is that I can argue with him better than anyone else. Three is that he is a prince. Would we ever have a normal relationship? Do I even want a relationship? What is going to happen now? I do know that it just feels so right to kiss him and I like it.