I do not own Dazzle, the manga by Minari Endoh, nor am I affiliated with it in any way. This is merely a fanfiction, written to amuse others and myself.

This takes place shortly before they meet Rayborn.

Rahzel lay in her bed, snoring slightly because she had a cold, again. She kicked out and the wall next to her bed retained a dent. She'd fallen asleep with her platforms on. The guys' she traveled with knew full well how hard those boots hit. Now the wall did as well.

Baroqueheat, who was sitting outside the door smoking, heard the pound against the wall and slid up against the wall and peeked in. Smirking, he wondered what the teenager was dreaming about.

Rahzel kicked the wall. "They're late, they're late they're late! You'd think that they'd be on time, since Baroqueheat isn't picking chicks up anymore," she growled.

Then she jumped up and down. "Oww! Dumb doctor had to be correct…" The still-petite woman (Only five foot one!) was suffering something many women did: osteoporosis. It meant her bones hurt when she kicked things, and with Alzeid coming home with Baroqueheat in tow…she needed those bones!

Hearing the door open she shuffled over to it. "Hi Baroqueheat, still want to marry me? I'm willing now!"

His face went from confused to breaking out in a grin, a nasty scar crossing his cheek looking all craggy and grizzled. "Why Rahzel m'dear I thought you'd never ask! I may be a little older than I used to be (somewhere around 70!) but I'm sure I can still show you a good time!"

"Baroqueheat, Rahzel, who do I shoot first?" Alzeid had pulled his new gun out. His old one, which was old even in his twenties, had run out of bullets and he couldn't get any more.

Rahzel grinned. "Oh you aren't jealous, are you Alzeid? I can marry you too!"

Both men started spluttering and staring at each other. Then Baroqueheat's grey hair turned back into his brown hair, and Alzeid's hair came back in thickly, but still white since he was an albino.

Baroqueheat stared at Rahzel. She was giggling in her sleep! Suddenly he jumped as a hand landed on his shoulder.

"Why are you spying on Rahzel," asked Alzeid's annoyed voice.

Rather than answering aloud, Baroqueheat held the door open wider and Alzeid's eyes widened accordingly. She was practically gleaming with evil thoughts in her sleep! Her fingers twirled her black hair and she giggled. For all the world it looked like she was flirting…

He hadn't seen her be flirtatious since that first time he'd seen her. Rahzel had walked past the alley where Alzeid was holding a gun to a young man's head and not seen the gun and called out that he was good-looking… Just remembering that he felt like squirming. Feminine attention wasn't something he found he wanted very frequently. He didn't trust women much, but most of the time he found Rahzel different. Right now, she didn't seem different at all!

"Boys, boys, boys, do you have a problem with me marrying both of you? You were always a dirty old man Baroqueheat, so it must suit you perfectly. I'm still quite a catch you know. My hair went silver!" Winking she reminded them that she didn't' have to wear glasses and her blue eyes shone out merrily.

Alzeid thrust his gun against Rahzel's head. "I shot at Baroqueheat a few times when you were a girl, is it your turn to be shot at?"

"Oh, no," she declared giving him a hug! "Do you two fine young men have a problem with me? I did say I wanted us to be old together, and I'd be a dirty old woman!" She pouted. "Only you two aren't old, how unfair!"

Both of them received kicks, but they barely noticed them for how much they hurt-but rather for how little they hurt. Suddenly both men walked forward and grabbed an arm. "Come with us Granny. It's finally time we forced you to see a doctor about your head. You're not sane!"

Alzeid and Baroqueheat watched as the dream on Rahzel's face dissolved into thrashing in bed and a pillow being thrown at them.

Only Baroqueheat, used to Rahzel being woken up, since he enjoyed doing it so much, managed to avoid the missile. Alzeid took it square in the face.

"Don't you ever say I'm insane!"

The men stared at each other and wondered what the teenage Rahzel had dreamed about…and wondered if she WAS insane. Both answered her though, "I'd never dream of telling you you're insane."