Volume 10 is out…and I have no idea when volume 11 comes out. I want to cry…or scream, or beg and plead for the author to finish the story! Such a cliffhanger!!! WAH!

Does that comment make you realize that I DO NOT OWN DAZZLE…I'm only beginning to think I might have some of the story figured out….


Alzeid was sick of this. Lately it seemed he was constantly being seen as a little kid, who was completely uncool! He was an ADULT! And how exactly was a little boy claiming to be his big brother? Grr! Ever since he had met that boy, he had been looking stupid.

At least, Alzeid reassured himself as he underwent the clone girls' training, he was a spectacular cook. Presently he was in the kitchen preparing a meal. He almost scowled to himself as he realized that this used to be stupid-chick's job.

A thought occurred to him: maybe this was part of how she had gotten so strong?

He put renewed effort into slicing the vegetables. The carrots, he had been pleased to chop. Using very quick cutting techniques the carrots had been chopped so small that, he hoped, they would not have any flavor or texture left in the meal.

When the soup he was making was finished, he discovered that his plan had failed, utterly.

Perhaps he was completely uncool in the kitchen…

The carrots had gone soft and mushy. Now the whole soup tasted of carrots…


Rahzel was eating a lovely snack during practice for the play. Her lovely best friend had made it for her: a cake with strawberry filling. It was very very good, and gave her plenty of energy to renew her performance on stage.

When her cue came, Rahzel jumped onto the stage, a feral grin on her face. The sugar had gotten to her. "What are you idiots thinking? That I'll come home without a fight! Ha! I'm not coming home without her!"

As her voice continued to say her lines she began to ad lib. Rahzel hadn't quite memorized the script yet. But she knew her character, so it was okay right?

She was glad that she'd gotten to bring Alzeid and 'Heat home with her. Father wasn't very happy though, with 'Heat's behavior. And he seemed to actually completely dislike Alzeid.

He really was picky about what men she spent time with. But for now, she'd finally come home and she'd brought her Keepers with her!


Baroqueheat had gotten slapped five times in an hour that day. By women he hit on. It was a new record. He returned to his older brothers house, to find the door locked, pouting. There weren't any women around that were willing to let him ea—err, play with them.

What was the world coming to?

Unbeknownst to him, sitting in a café across town was his dear older brother, smirking into his coffee cup, as he chatted up a woman.

"Oh dear yes. This man, I wouldn't want him to hurt you. He followed my daughter here! She's fourteen, and he's hitting on her!"

The woman gasped, looking horrified. "I'd heard from my friend about that man. He's always smoking isn't he?"

Serateed nodded his head. "Yes, unfortunately my brother…. You know I take the people in this town seriously. I wouldn't want him to hurt anyone. Do pass the message around won't you? My brother is charming, but really, he likes all women. I wouldn't want him to break your heart."

The woman, sipping her coffee opposite Serateed nodded her appreciation, and slipped away from the man shortly later. My, if even his own brother was warning the town, then this chain-smoker, must positively eat women alive!


In conclusion that day: Rahzel ate cake, Alzeid was forced into eating a soup that tasted of carrots, Rahzel's father drank coffee, and Baroqueheat set a new record for being slapped by women. Two people came home that day happy, and two were moody and fighting each other all night.