Title: Data Note
Author: Darth Claire
Beta: argentdragon , ai ling
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: PoT/Death Note crossover. I don't own either.
Warnings: Crack and character death

I have only read one volume of Death Note so forgive me if I made any mistakes.Blame, eh, credit for the idea goes to lj user ailing 's and a cracky discussion of her fic Tezuka's Notebook.


"You wanna fight Mamushi!" Momoshiro yelled. Inui picked up his notebook, dismissing the unusually dark color as a trick of the light, and started recording the fight.

"Go to hell you bastard!" Kaidoh growled, grabbing Momoshiro's shirt in both hands. Momoshiro reached for Kaidoh but froze. Inui stopped halfway through writing Kaidoh's name as Momoshiro went limp, his face twisted in pain and shock. Kaidoh stared at the body of his dead rival for a moment before letting go of Momoshiro's shirt and backing away, tripping in his haste to get away from the body.

"Momo-chan!" Eiji screamed, running toward his friend with Echizen on his heels. Inui recovered and started taking notes on his teammates reactions. With twin cries of pain, Echizen and Eiji fell to the ground.

Tezuka looked at Inui, silently asking for an explanation. Inui shrugged. "Must be the burgers."

Ooo The End ooO